Sunday, November 03, 2013

Umno treats Chinese like 2nd class citizens, DAP treats Malays like 3rd class, Lim Guan Eng treats us like ...

... first class fools. Luckily we have Malaysians like Life of Annie and Helen Ang who are not not only not impressed by Lim Kit Siang's Jr but can see through the DAP man. 

In her latest posting Sowing Hatred, Guan Eng style, in fact, Annie cuts to the chase:
"That's how Guan Eng and his DAP gang build up the GE13 Chinese tsunami. They drummed it into the Chinese psyche that they were being systematically discriminated by the BN government by painting the picture as if the Chinese community is being treated at the same level as the blacks of South Africa during the apartheid regime. 

"The fact that the Chinese as a community being the most successful and prosperous in the country were never mentioned. 

"This style of inciting hatred had created legions of fanatics among thie Chinese community."
Helen Ang, a one-woman anti-DAP evangelistas movement, is telling Guan Eng to look in the mirror:

Shamsul Akmar the columnist and Editor of the Mole, detects a new modus operandi adopted by some non-Malay politicians to and create a rift between the Malays/Bumiputeras and Umno: 
"An easy way for anti-Malay and Bumiputera elements to couch their racist intent is by directing their vitriol at Umno.  In doing so, they insist that their hatred and anger are not against Malays or Bumiputeras but the supporters, members and leaders of the political party. Never mind the fact taht Umno's raison d'etre is based on a Malay and Bumiputera agenday and that its struggle is defined as such ..."
 Read his latest article for the NST, Defining Umno; a Malay-Bumiputera deliverance.


  1. trifling-jester2:46 am

    another reverse logic special by logic special by rocky bru : accusing DAP of drumming up support by being anti-UMNO.

    Dei, how the hell has umno been drumming up grassroot support for the last 60 years?

    Pathetic journalism as usual by the chief editor of a malaysian newspaper. Rocky is an example of what you get when you allow anything but merit to ascend up the ladder.

  2. Anonymous5:06 am

    1st Class Malays are in Umno! They treat other lower classes as fool!


  3. Anonymous7:09 am

    It would be an embarassment to the government if they were to reveal that Chinese get the most of benefits in terms of government aid.

    Rocky you can have an MP ask question in parliament, just take a sector, say, agriculture, which is to supposed to be Malay's bread and butter.

    Or ask this in parliament too, what is the ratio of chinese : non-chinese entrepeneuer who receive government grants to undertake high impact agriculture projects? GRANT = FREE MONEY. Yes, like BR1M, but only 10 thousand times bigger.

    What is the ratio of chinese : non-chinese business licenses (in many form) approved by the G. How many appeal for reduction of corporate taxes approved to Chinese vis-a-vis non-chinese? How about business grants and incentives approved by MIDA or SMIDEC?

    The next question is even more embarassing to the government. Why is it that there is a monopolistic nature of chinese as opposed to non-chinese in terms of government supplies and contract, particularly in commodities, food chain, healthcare, retails, when government's intervention could've had a big impact on the wealth sharing among the races. Is this the deliberate intention by the government to sideline the non-chinese?

    As the Malay saying goes, diberi betis, mahukan peha pula. Buat bumiputera agenda sedikit, dia sudah bising.

  4. charleskiwi8:54 am

    willetenYou are right the Chinese are the most successful race in business and I might even add to say not even in Malaysia but elsewhere in the world. Why ?
    It has nothing to do with their innate intelligence but sheer hard work. Yet after so many decades the Malays have not learned from that and you know the real reason behind ?
    The chinese never have special privileges and rights and yet have become so successful not only in Malaysia but where ever they go ! The special privileges and rights will always keep you in poverty, except the Umno warlords who can steal and enrich themselves at the expense of the Malay.
    Just look at egregious Mahathir and his family they are so rich, not because they are smart but because they are able to steal, in the name of being Malays. That is the very reason why they adamantly claim to be Malays when they are not. Now that they have stolen enough they are in the process of becoming Chinese and well on the way there. No matters what their plans are and what they do, they will always be Indians from Kerala. The chinese do not need them to call themselves as Chinese because we have better and none polluted or toxic blood than the
    egregious Mahathir. Only the race that is unable to come up with someone as cunning as the Mahathirs to call them as their own. Got it ?

    It is people like you always asking for more privileges and special rights hence never able to learn how to become wealthy and most of all the ability not only to walk and run ,without the aide and support of tangkats and wheel chairs !
    The sooner the policies is discarded the better for the Malays, in other words start learning how to walk before you can run, the sooner the better for you. What the warlords are doing is to keep you on the tongkats and wheelchairs forever so they can continue to be the tenants in Putrajaya !

    1. Anonymous4:41 pm

      Lol! Speaking from the 5,000 year old @ss, i'm sure

    2. Anonymous8:04 pm

      Hardwork hahaha. Penipu dan tikam org dari sbb nak business nak jadi kayaraya. Kaya raya sbb ramai yg buat illegal activities. Pegih la lu... nak muntah aku

    3. Anonymous4:22 pm

      Sheer hard works? Eg of illegal activities; perompak disel subsidi, lpg decanters ( yg kena tangkap bangla), print dan jual cd rompak, underworld economy, rompak balak dihutan, employ pati untuk construction dan kilang, buat kilang haram, curi letrik dan air, buang sisa toksik dalam sungai, maintain several aca elak cukai, business tak pernah untung tapi tokay duduk rumah besar dan tukar merc every 3 yrs....dan macam2 lagi. Tapi cina tak dengki cina 1 pemberi rasuah......bukan rasuah maa sama sama cari makan.....

  5. Anonymous9:12 am

    Wind of change blowing in Sungai Limau. Just wait in front of your tube tonight.

  6. Anonymous10:10 am

    Babi betul cina-cina yang komen kat sini.

    Oi pergi makan babi la!! Bila YTL and geng-geng cina babi dapat kontrak berbillion billion dari government korang tak bising, bila Syed Mokhtar Bukhari dapat kontrak besar batang penis cina yg near to non-existence tu kau bising macam nak rak.

    Aku sarankan government hapuskan segera amalan Ali Bab dan kalau pun desperate nak berali baba... pra-syaratkan, sub-contract hanya patut diberi pada orang melayu sahaja, kalau takder kepakaran dikalangan melayu, bagi kat bangsa-bangsa lain kecuali cina babi pukimak ni.


  7. Anonymous10:15 am

    For thousands of years, the Chinese have gone through famine, wars, disease, so what's discrimination from the apartheid regime here ? The Chinese know how to work the system, because the system is corrupt, and can be used to their advantage. Behind every successful chinaman, there is usually a Melayu.

    What now for the Malays ? According to Charles Darwin, evolution suggests that the Malays will never learn to walk again after 40 years of crutches. Those Malays who can walk without crutches, and I am talking about UMNOputras, won't give them up because it is their way of perpetually making money from the poor.

    Yes, the pyramid system works amongst the Malays. 5 pct of the Melayu control 95 pct of Malay wealth, and they will keep it that way.

    Zheng Ho Abdullah

    1. Anonymous4:44 pm

      Hahahaa! Another 5,000 year old speaking from his @ss!

    2. Anonymous8:06 pm

      Lagi sekor pakai abdullah kat belakang...sakit betul

  8. Anonymous10:53 am

    Oooooo.....instill fear into the Malays.....make sure they jump into UMNO's arms despite all the looting that goes on.....sign of desperation indeed.

  9. MAHAthir yang perkasa11:06 am

    Mamaks are 1st class... Hidup Mahathir!

    Jangan Kacau Jangan Cabar Ketuanan Mamak!!!

  10. Anonymous11:32 am

    Malaysia will have a brighter future if UMNO is disbanded with the Mamak, Ibrahim and Rocky all in jail.

  11. Anonymous11:54 am

    raja, melayu
    majoriti, melayu
    penduduk asal, melayu
    bahasa rasmi, melayu
    geografi, nusantara or malay archipelago

    macam mana yang si cinabeng boleh kata melayu ni pendatang?
    macam mana kita boleh benarkan cinabeng ni memerintah negeri2 kita?
    macam mana kita boleh kasi duit kat cinabeng ni untuk bukak sekolah cina?

    1. Eh engkau pun pendatang lah dari indon

  12. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Let's be real here folks and STOP twisting like idiots, remember there are many overseas readers here who are laughing us down for our stupidity arguing over smallish matters while the whole world progresses. The Chinese m'sians generally have already disengaged themselves from the government except of course those botek kakis in political parties hoping to be thrown a leftover position/contract while those big shots bizmen are only fronts for big time amno powers.Those middle-class and poor don't care anymore how umno/dap/mca want to classify them, they know they must work mad hard to bring food to the table, send their kids away with hard savings,die old here-bcoz they have given up hope for better days. In 30 years time the Chinese msians should be lesser than the foreign workers and all hatred towards this race will hopefully be ended.They don't need government help,only the tycoons and politians do, they only asked to be left alone and be free as bogeymen by default for decades.

  13. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Kenapa cina boleh berjaya bukan di china?

  14. Anonymous1:38 pm

    What the Chinese is doing is to brand anyone who does not subscribe or agree with them as UMNO and thus justified to be scorned and vilified.

    Take for example the recent Allah issue. There are many non-partisan and PR supporters disagree by the evil intent move, but when they voice it, they will be branded as UMNO and then scorned.

  15. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Ketuanan Mamak!!!!

    Gua sokong.

    Although Mookie Botak's mamak blood is a tad diluted, it's still there. Once he becomes PM, once again an Indian will have lordship over this great nation.


  16. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Oi Rocky:

    You seem to be hell bent on dividing the races further and further. Worse, you have dumb readers like Anon 10:10 who doesn't understand that YTL is a Mamakthir crony and uses YTL as an example of Chinese winning contracts by the billions. Yes, nobody denies that SOME non-Malays make it big by being UMNO cronies - Francis Yeoh, Vincent Tan, Ananda Krishnan.

    Of course Rocky now feels happy that he has woken up a stupid goreng pisang seller who has started to rant at the Chinese and use the cina babi moniker.


  17. I think Malysia will be more peaceful without racist politicians like Lim Kit Siang and sons

  18. Anonymous5:00 pm

    China adalah Negara yang mempunyai paling ramai orang Cina. Tapi GDP per capita lebih rendah dari GDP per capita do Malaysia yang dipimpin oleh orang Melayu, walaupun memenangi kemerdekaan hanya 55 tahun dahulu. Tidak seperti orang Cina yang bergaduh Dan membunuh sama sendiri semenjak beribu tahun dahulu. Patutlah ramai yang lari ke tanah air orang lain, lepas tu tak sedar diri, mengaku Negara lain adalah tanah asal orang Cina

  19. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Untuk Raja, kita sokong sepenuhnya
    Untuk Negara, kita sokong sepenuhnya
    Untuk Bahasa, kita sokong sepenuhnya
    Untuk Bangsa, kita bangga sebagai rakyat Malaysia.
    Untuk UMNO, lebih baik ia lemas bawah tahi binatang.


  20. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Without financial contributions from Chinese Malaysians, Southeast Asia’s third largest economy would likely go bankrupt, former minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim suggested.
    The outspoken politician said the country would land in financial turmoil even if the taxes paid by the minority race today was halved.

    “I am ok with Chinese as 2nd class but they should not pay as much taxes. Maybe half of the Malays. This will bankrupt the country though,” he wrote on his page.

    1. Anonymous7:59 pm

      Without legal contract from UMNO, Zaid Ibrahim would still be begging for loan agreement from chinaman banks.

  21. Anonymous8:58 pm

    @ Godfather:

    Ya, but 10.10am came up with this:

    "Oi pergi makan babi la!! Bila YTL and geng-geng cina babi dapat kontrak berbillion billion dari government korang tak bising, bila Syed Mokhtar Bukhari dapat kontrak besar batang penis cina yg near to non-existence tu kau bising macam nak rak."

    You gotta admit, that was pretty funny. Credit where it's due, bro.

  22. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Kelakarlah anon 6.08 ni. Who the hell listens to that swinging pendulum zaid ibrahim anyway

  23. joe ngang11:50 pm

    Terang lagi bersuluh..

    Guan Eng tipu komuniti cina bahwa mereka tertindas secara sistematik.

    Apa yang lee kuan yew sudah bikin sama melayu singapura tidak sistematik?

    Sekarang giliran pulau pinang untuk di bebas sebagai negara berdaulat. Hartanah rancak sampai melayu terpinggir keluar dari pulau.

    Sejarah akan berulang. Siapa nakal? Bukan cina kah?

    1. Anonymous9:50 am

      Kumuniti Cina ada pegi sekolah lah. Tidak ade siape yang boleh tipu orang cina. Hanye Melayu yang ditipu oleh UMNO.

    2. Anonymous1:42 pm

      Cina yang tak sedar kena tipu tiap2 hari dengan DAP. Pergi sekolah pun tak pandai lagi.

    3. Anonymous8:10 pm

      Hehehe melayu kena tipu dgn pas=parti agama syiah.

    4. Anonymous10:44 pm

      Dan Bila PAS menang, hudud Akan hidup! Habislah Disko, pub, bah kut teh, arak, kandang babi, kedai unisex, carlsberg, pakaian sexy. Cina yang kena tipu sebab support PR. Heheheh

  24. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Ridhuan T at least ngaku Cina. Zairil DAP tu berlagak macam Melayu tapi keturunan Cina. Siapa yang hipotamus .. eh, hipokrit?

  25. Anonymous12:23 pm

    30% controls over 70% wealth. Yes, Apartheid, Malaysian style

    - Nelson Mandeliar

    1. Anonymous1:40 pm

      Some people are hardworking, some people are just plain lazy. Need crutches. Malaysian style.

    2. Anonymous10:47 pm

      Some people live in monkey land, can sell relatives for money

  26. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Rilek lah 12:21 pm.

    Mukhriz Botak 25% India, bapak dia 50% India, dua-dua berlagak macam Melayu, so apa hal? Kita terima hippopotamus jugak.

    1. Anonymous8:16 pm

      Apa yg sebok mebok dgn mamak2 nih. Kan mereka ni org muslim pon nak gadoh2 pasal mamak la. Janji mereka ini muslim yg ikhlas nak menolong melayu d msia. Dr m buka klinik d kg nya dulu pon tidak charge org kg selepas merawat sbb pri hatin kemiskinan org kg. Apa la korang ni. Kita muslims tidak kira apa bangsa la. Intel lebih lagi.

  27. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Ridhuan T babi tak ngaku Cina. Si sewel tu sudah lupa, dia ingat dia itu Melayu sangat sebab masuk Islam. Maklumlah dia tu mau bodek UMNO untuk dapat pangkat & promoted lebih cepat ya. All bcos of duit.

    1. Anonymous8:20 pm

      Dia mengaku dia seorang muslim. Kamu berdengki apasal ...buangkan titik hitam dlm dada tuh.
      Seperti juga melayu yg dah ramai kawan org cina atau org kafir mereka dah mengaku liberalis. Perasan...

  28. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Ridhuan tee tu cinababi yang cuba nak jadi bumiputra. Dia nak 7% diskaun harga rumah. UMNO dah setuju beri cinababi ni taraf bumiputra.

  29. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Anon 4:22pm

    Memang you bodoh sekali.

    Jika benar orang cina pemberi rasuah, kenapa negara yang majoritinya orang Cina macam Singapura dan Taiwan mempunyai ranking yang lebih baik dari Malaysia atau Indonesia.

    Yang dong, serupa bangsa Malaysia dan Indonesia, bersama2 kuat makan rasuah



  30. Anonymous1:13 pm

    -Cina hebat dalam bisnes di lain negara. Tapi mereka juga dibunuh kejam oleh lain negara maksudnya cina memang racist.
    -Singapore/Taiwan tak makan rasuah kat negara dia tapi datang Malaysia bagi "duit kopi" macam orang Pas kat Kelantan, dok dalam Kelantan baik suci je, keluar Kelantan semua benda jahat dia buat...

  31. Anonymous1:54 am

    Penduduk datang dari nusantara Jawa, Batak, Bugis, Acheh dll.
    Bertukar berbahasa melayu apabila berada di Tanah Melayu
    Tempat asal, geografi nusantara Indonesia, Champa kempujia, Yunnan, China. Ditambah pula Arab, Hindu.
    Malay archipelago cuma gelaran British ke atas Malaya.
    Jadi Melayu sebenarnya tak wujud.
    Malay melayu hanya sebutan penjajah British. Kenapa nak diikut dasar British macam apartheid? Lalu perangai Yahudi di ikuti..
    Apa dah jadi? Rakyat biasa Melayu, India, Cina dll tempat miskin.
    Tak yah lah bertekak.