Sunday, November 03, 2013

The poor Sg Limau folks ...

Final 6/11: 70% Chinese votes for UMNO, what does it mean? Sin Chew, in its news analysis, says the "return" of Chinese support for BN needs further study ..
Updated: Old men's wish is what our politics should be about: the people. It is about Umno's Mukhriz Mahathir and his predecessor, the late Azizan of PAS, how he'd told him to look after Kedah as best as he could ...

Sg Limau: Blue vs Green. Pix Agenda Daily
Original article: 
Tomorrow, 4 Nov 2013, the eve of the new Hijrah year, the people of Sg Limau go to the polls in the first by-election after the country's 13th general election. 
As usual, the campaigning gets more desperate as the hour draws nearer. Anwar Ibrahim, the de facto leader of the Opposition, blames Umno for Sg Limau folks' socio-economic predicament. Read How can you vote for Umno, they kept you poor - Anwar tells Sg Limau farmers.  And there you were thinking that Sg Limau had been under PAS all this while ...  
Wait a minute ... Sg Limau has indeed been under PAS rule for a while. For the last FIVE terms, to be exact. So how can the de facto leader of the Pakatan Rakyat still try and blame others for their own shortcomings? Because he can ...
And because the truth would hurt their chances. Read A Voice's  Sungai Limau: The Lost Message of Poverty
Five terms too long?
The significance of the 351. The pro-Umno Agenda Daily has already counted the votes - BN dijangka menang dengan majority 700 undi. I'm not convinced but it doesn't matter what I think because the people on the ground over there are telling me that "it's going to be tight". Especially after yesterday's decision by 351 PAS members to quit their party and joined Umno. Sure, there are political frogs everywhere but someone pointed out to me the 351 have been allowed to form five new Umno branches in the Sg Limau constituency and assuming that each of them has his own little following, the swing in favour for Umno at tomorrows' polling may just create a major upset.  
In the meantime, this is one rare photo of KJ and Mukhriz together, working hard for a victory in Sg Limau. Mmmm ...
11,000 young voters in Sg Limau ...
GST and the price of padi ...  
GST must hinge on padi prices
By the way, I can't help noticing that the de facto is still desperately trying to tell people that he does not support GST while wanting to go on record at the same time that the GST is actually good. 
Reason: I think he knows GST is going to greaty ease the burden of millions of Malaysian tax-payers and, therefore, he does not want to be on their bad books for opposing it. So for the benefit of the Sg Limau rice farmers, Anwar Ibrahim's message is: GST is good, you poor sods, but do not allow this Government to implement GST until it increases the price of padi. 


  1. Dear Rocky.
    Just in-case it does not get through, I resend.

    The Rear Admiral can always get away with anything he says of do.

    Just let me give an examples.
    He spend 6 years in jail. Just ask your neighbour, why he was in jail.

    Many people, especially the young and those PAS supporters in the rural areas who are unable to own or too old for the internet, think that he was framed by Tun Dr.M and UMNO.

    They do not know or too young to know, that the jail term he served was due to miss-use of power as DPM, by instructing the police to force Ummi Hafilda into retracting that letters to Dr.M, his boss, the PM, 1998.

    When Dr.M first ignored the letter, it got into Karpal Singh and Mat Sabu's hands who first accused him in Parliament, 1997. That's when Mat Sabu first called him Al-Juburi due to his pious outlooks and ABIM's roots.

    Apart from sodomy, that letter also said he was also engaged in a threesome orgy with young women. That the real facts.

    On both Sodomy I & II, he escaped on technical glitches. In the Judicial Report, Judges mention that sexual activities and penetration did occurred but only the dates/DNA specimen were mixed-up/mishandled.

    When he was caught bonking China doll, the law could just not find any criminals grounds to bring him to book, due to political reasons..

    He sure is a great man of no shame. No other politician in the world has gone to great feat as this man.

  2. Anonymous8:22 pm

    It's about a den of thieves called UMNO who will steal in broad daylight through overpriced contracts purportedly for the rakyat.

    UMNO does not know the meaning of the word "shame"

    Zheng Ho Abdullah

  3. Can see clearly now9:00 pm

    There is a saying in Chinese " you got mouth to talk about other people, but you don't have mouth to talk about yourself " so allow me to be LKS's mouth " Lim Kit Siang has a bad influence on Malaysian Chinese, he is the one asking the Chinese to Kill Off another Chinese ( MCA) for his own Ego. Lim Guan Eng is Lim Kit Siang, Lim Kit Siang is Lim Guan Eng

  4. The Rear Admiral's corrupted logic: SLimau had been under PAS for the last 20 years. SL had not progressed. The lack of progress in SL is due to UMNO. Therefore, for this coming election, vote PAS.

  5. Anonymous12:33 am

    UMNO has lost sg limau. So now what ? Blame the Chinese ?

  6. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Reason for failure : chinaman continue to support PAS. Ameen.