Monday, November 04, 2013

Malay Rulers and Mahathir

Lagu dan Irama. Malay Rulers and Mahathir Mohamad are inseparable. If you want to be taken seriously when discussing serious stuff about the Royalty, you will have to touch on Dr Mahathir Mohamad's contributions. Similarly, when one discusses Dr M's failures and successes, one can't possibly ignore what the Statesman has done to, or rather for, the Rulers. 
Tun Mahathir
Dr Mahathir was the Prime Minister responsible in changing not only the way Malaysia's modern day kings, princes and their relatives behave but also in helping the Malays overcome their ancient "fear" of their Raja2. Some would argue that his response to the Gomez incident, which led to the amendments to the Constitution and the Raja-Raja's loss of immunity, was Tun Mahathir's greatest achievement as Prime Minister of this country. 
Which is why I am looking forward to getting a copy of Syed Husin Ali's (highly-acclaimed, at least by Anwar Ibrahim, h e r e,) book today. I am not the greatest fan of Syed Husin's but I appreciate his writings (although I think he should sack whoever runs his Twitter account because his tweets are often embarrassingly silly - 140 words are not for everybody). 
Of course, I can understand why Anwar avoided any mention of Dr M in his speech when launching the book. But Syed Husin isn't Anwar and I think he'd appreciate that even Tun Perak would have taken his tengkolok off to Tun Mahathir for what he's done for our Raja2.
Tun Perak
Offhand, I can't recall what his actual stand was during the Gomez or the Diablo incidents, but when PKR was making promises about returning Royalty immunity in 2008, Syed Husin coud not say much. This book, perhaps, will make him audible once again.
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  1. Just look how treacherous these PR politician are, in "making promises about returning Royalty immunity in 2008".
    Either they are try to insult Dr,M or they want the Royalty on their side.

    It's already stated in the Constitution that the Royalties must be apolitical.

    Well, we should not be surprised. For the Rear Admiral, depan boleh, belakang, lagi boleh.

  2. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Without financial contributions from Chinese Malaysians, Southeast Asia’s third largest economy would likely go bankrupt, former minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim suggested .

    The outspoken politician said the country would land in financial turmoil even if the taxes paid by the minority race today was halved.

    “I am ok with Chinese as 2nd class but they should not pay as much taxes. Maybe half of the Malays. This will bankrupt the country though,” he wrote on his page.

    1. Anonymous1:49 pm

      Without the Malays giving 500,000 Chinese the Malay reserve land to live on, the Chinese would have intermarried with Orang Asli on the jungle fringes and become Orang Asli, and the Malays would be paying taxes to feed their descendants

  3. Anonymous6:14 pm

    At page 27, Dr Syed Husin talks about the Federal Government taking action to introduce a Code of Ethics to govern the Rulers. Indeed, at this juncture I can add some perspective into this account. Yes, in 1993 I led the delegation of senior Umno leaders to meet with Sultan Azlan Shah who, as the Agong at that time, represented the Conference of Rulers.

    In my discussion with Sultan Azlan while drafting the Code of Ethics he expressed concern about the double standards of the political leaders. His concern was why were the Umno leaders harping on the Rulers being involved in business while they themselves were so deeply tied up in business and enriching themselves

  4. Anonymous6:20 pm

    A Muslim scholar has challenged political leaders to show some gumption in standing up to those who questioned religious practices such as the slaughter of cattle in schools for Hari Raya Korban and the use of the word Allah by non-Muslims.

    In a commentary titled "Mana telur kita", Ridhuan Tee Abdullah hit out at Muslim political leaders whom he alleged were not speaking out against those who questioned the rights of Muslims.

    He has now called for a coalition of Muslim NGOs, the likes of Isma (Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia), Perkasa, Jati (Jalur Tiga), Muafakat (Pertubuhan Muafakat Sejahtera Masyarakat Malaysia), Macma (Persatuan Cina Muslim Malaysia) and ACCIN (Allied Coordinating Committee of Islamic NGOs), to unite and become a greater force to defend Islam.

    Ridhuan in his weekly column in Sinar Harian today, also questioned the need of a "certain minority race" asking for a two-day public holiday to celebrate their festival.

    1. Anonymous8:05 pm

      OMG, now the Malays need a Chinese convert to show them the correct path. This after 30 years of a mamak leading the charge. Mana telur Melayu tulen ?

    2. Anonymous1:52 pm

      OMG. The Chinese are losing their people and becoming Muslims. Soon there will be no telur Cina in Malaysia.

    3. Anonymous9:07 pm

      Cina mana ada telur? Batang pelir pun pendek dan tak bermaya. Tulah sebab kenapa ramai Amoi Cina kahwin lelaki keling macam Hannah 'Banana' Yeoh.

  5. Anonymous8:07 pm

    As i said in Annie's blog, I say it again here. Today, the dapter's face will turn blue upon hearing 2 most frightening names. One is Tun Mahathir. another one is Annie.

  6. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Ridhuan Tee Abdullah? Wah, lari topic betul.

    Seriously though, "a Muslim scholar"? Reality check dah bounce ke? Basically he's a sly, crafty Cinababi who saw some bankable novelty value in becoming a mata sepet barua for Umno.

    He's right, tho: it's paid off pretty well for him.

    But let's not elevate this intellectual lightweight to the rank of "scholar", ya. And if he questions the need of a "certain minority race" asking for a two-day public holiday to celebrate their festival, he can go fuck himself most mightily.

    Why can't they ask? Remember when you were Chinese, Ah Tee chye? You got two days off, betul tak?

    The boy needs a kavadi skewer (preferably, pre-heated) inserted where the sun don't shine.

    Biadap betul.

    1. Anonymous1:53 pm

      Who's Ridhuan Tee?

  7. Anonymous9:02 pm

    "Some would argue that his response to the Gomez incident, which led to the amendments to the Constitution and the Raja-Raja's loss of immunity, was Tun Mahathir's greatest achievement as Prime Minister of this country."


    Tip my hat to the Tun for this one. Took some guts at the time.

  8. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Dr.M didnt want King Kong to roam freely around town because many would get hurt, so he put on a shackle on King Kong.

    What a great man he is to singlehandedly brought Mighty Joe Young the apes to its knees.hehe.

  9. Anonymous12:24 am

    Mamakthir, the self-styled king of the Malays. Mana telur Melayu ?

    1. Anonymous2:00 pm

      Cina langsung tak Ada Telor jadi pelarian merata dunia

    2. Anonymous4:26 pm

      Orang mamak, aceh, sulawesi, bukan pelarian merata dunia ? Ridhuan Tee tu bukan pelarian ?

    3. Anonymous8:22 pm

      Eh bongok. Aceh, Sulawesi tu Alam Melayu lah. Cuba buka buku sejarah. Tee tu Cina. Cina tu pelarianlah

  10. Anonymous7:20 am

    Mana telur Melayu? dont just talking the talk; walk the talk if you can sir..

    The Chinese convert guy is a chinaman after all, wannabe!!

    1. Anonymous2:08 pm

      Yang ni asyik sibuk cari Telor Melayu pulak. Pergilah ke Kampung Baru, bawak loudspeaker, tanyalah "Mana Telor Melayu?" Mesti ramai orang datang jawab. Kalau awak sendiri Ada telorlah.

  11. Anonymous8:56 am

    Melayu tulen?

    Jika ada, mereka semua sudah masuk Pakatan
    Jika ngak ada, mereka adalah palsu Melayu dari Indonesia, Bangladesh dan India
    Jika ada sisanya, mereka masih di UMNO tunggu durian runtuh atau curi durian orang lain.


    1. Anonymous1:47 pm

      Mamakthir, Nor Yakcop, Azeez Rahim, Shahreezat, ini semua nama2 Melayu tulen ? Ridhuan Tee ada telur Melayu ?

    2. Anonymous2:03 pm

      Palsu Melayu? Hahaha. Cakap Melayu pun terbalik. Sah Bukan orang Malaysia. Pergilah cari Chinese blog ke.

  12. Anonymous2:05 am

    The Opposition's strategy is easy:

    Oppose whatsoever is in favour of the government.

    If you look at their records, that's all they do. They're bankrupt of ideas. When given the task, they fail spectacularly - look at Kedah, Penang is a logistical mess, and in Selangor, don't tell me a First World state is one that's got potholes and spilling rubbish all over?

    Bangkang dari longkang, indeed.

  13. Anonymous9:26 am

    With the loss of his son and his prodigies from Perkasa in every election, the old mamak is now facing the ugly reality in life that he is not well supported by the Malays themselves. The good Chinese who have saved his skin many times earlier during his stint as PM, have finally abandoned him after being stabbed countless times by this self-serving recalcitrant mamak crook.

    MAMAK, YOU ARE NOT WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE. The truth is all written in your fate.