Saturday, November 30, 2013

I deserve my triple-digit pay hike: Hannah Yeoh

Final update: Result of poll

Have your Say: Do you agree with Selangor lawmakers' decision to give themselves that massive pay hike?
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"Britain's legislators currently earn the equivalent of around 2.7 times the country's GDP per person, on a par with many rich countries ... Lawmakers in poorer countries in Africa and Asia in particular enjoy the heftiest salaries by this measure. Kenyan MPs, known for their largesse, were recently stymied in an attempt to increase their salary from $75,000 to $120,000 a year." The Economist, before Selangor's decision to raise its lawmakers' pay by 300 per cent

Are your babies doing business with the government, guys?
Hannah Yeoh probably has the most to lose if Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim buckles under mounting pressure to abort plans to give himself and fellow assemblymen including Hannah eye-popping, mind-boggling salary increases. According to blogger Helen Ang in Stooping to exploit babies now, YB Yeoh stands to take home some RM45,000 with the new scheme, many folds more than before.  
The pressure is not coming from a bewildered public only but also lawmakers from BN and Pakatan. Even the Selangor economic adviser and Pakatan de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim was apparently reportedly not supportive. Incidentally, we just learnt that Anwar was never paid RM1 for his services as economic adviser, which was something many had been led to believe. In fact, he's been paid substantially more than that - RM150,000 a year! One has to wonder if the Selangor government has anymore surprises in store for us.
Lawmakers like Khalid and Hannah, who probably believe we all owe them our entire living, are displaying some of the traits of lawmakers in the deeper democratic recesses of Africa. If they had their way, Malaysia would soon join the likes of Nigeria and Kenya, 


  1. trifling-jester2:51 pm

    as usual barking up the wrong tree. instead of being so overly concerned about their legal salaries, why not ask how nazri's kid drives around in a porsche, buys 7 million ringgit home and lives in luxurious penthouses?

    but ofcourse, that obviously doesnt interest you as much, seeing that it questions the party of your paymasters.

    serving up bullshit on behalf of your bosses again i see.

  2. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Khalid should back down on this issue. The quantum of the increase is just too much in one shot.

    In fact, I think across all states there needs to a consistent set of guidelines that are adhered to. If this needs to be voted into law federally, then so be it.

    Never let people be judge, jury and executioner. The conflict of interest is too great.

    A company I worked for was once asked (indirectly) to pay a sum to a (former) Minister that far exceeded even Ms Yeoh's new salary figure. That was for one contract, not for a year. I think Cabinet ministers and others have ways of achieving prosperity that have nothing to do with their salary on paper.

    The Malaysian culture of business getting jiggy with politics and politicians is going to propel us into financial ruin faster than anything else.

    "Some of the traits of lawmakers in the deeper democratic recesses of Africa?"

    The Africans may be looking at our beautiful, clean, transparent and corruption-free land with equal disdain.

    Maybe they only pay the equivalent of RM10K for an A4 scanner and RM2K for a wall clock.

    That's an improvement over us, for sure.

  3. Anonymous3:38 pm

    PR did the right thing, way to go.. the correct direction. Is the BN trying to cheat the rakyat showing a small pay but behind the corruption huge until the dentist MB can afford a bangalow worth RM7million.

    MB Kahlid can also afford a bangalow but i think is going to be a RM2million... PR is the way forward for Malaysia. We love you PR, we vote for you and will continue to vote for you.

  4. Anonymous3:46 pm

    If you pay peanuts you get monkeys..

    If you pay good money you get the brightest people to work for you.

    Singapore have shown that by paying over the top salaries to their leaders and you get good brains to work for your country and discourages corruption..

    SO far the Selangor government is doing well with their spending and making money for the state government unlike the old BN government.We will have to see if they can do better after the pay rise..If not we can always change them in few years time.

    On a lighter note..I remember an old joke about working for free with no salaries at JPJ or DBKL and a few government agencies because the side income is much better..what's the point of paying low salaries but you have excos and state officers grabbing side incomes everywhere..


  5. Kamal5:51 pm

    I think Khalid make the right decision.What is $22k salary.
    I just interview the HR manager for my company and her asking salary is $25k
    Generally our CEo of GLC earning between $80 k to $100k a month.Head of the Bank like CIMB or MayBank earning around $500 k a month.

    Khalid was formerly head of PNB and he knew the market price of CEO.
    He is 100% right when he said the reason why so many corruption amang the lawmaker because their salary is vary low.
    You pay peanut you get monkey.

  6. A 30 year old with big ego indeed.
    NO ONE deserves a triple digit pay hike!!!

  7. Anonymous6:31 pm

    ala Rocky brute, gaji menteri UMNO walaupon sikit tapi wang yg di curi dari rakyat berbillion ringgit !
    Takkan dengan gaji Najib Rosmah dapat beli berkin bag yg beratus ribu ringgit !!

  8. drMpower6:38 pm

    so what these guys are saying is 'shut up,i need more money and there is nothing u can do'

    or 'i do what i want, after all we have 2/3 in the DUN. rakyat can complain all they want'

    or 'rakyat, this is the perks of being ADUN. u think it is easy? get a life. move on. i love 2/3 in DUN'

    or 'rakyat, this is the power of 2/3 in DUN, we can screw whoever we want. but dont let BN got 2/3 otherwise they will screw u confirm. we, u have to give 2/3'

    or 'ala rakyat, last time different this time different. we promise u sun and moon before but u also know there is no such thing.'

    or 'u open mouth i sue u'

  9. Bedul7:30 pm

    Shut up lor Hannah Yeoh. You are my age. If you work in the corporate sector the most you can earn is RM 8, 000. Dont boast about your so-callled M'sian babies , you racist Nyonya..
    What is so great about you. Only preside the State Legislative Assembly 4times a year. And you got the cheek to have a pay more than our DPM.
    Who are you and who is Muhyiddin. No basis of comparison at all.
    We didnt vote for you. Only the Chinese did.
    Shut your trap. Just take the money and go shopping.

  10. Anonymous9:16 pm

    I thought PR's slogan is UBAH. Now they are doing the same thing as BN that is robbing the rakyat. Khalid gagap needs to reward himself with hefty pay hike as he owes Bank Rakyat millions of ringgit. Once he's out of office, he will be declared a bankrupt. As for this Hannah 'banana' Yeoh, it's justified for DAP cHINA cibais to do it but it's corruption if it were to happen to UMNO. Husband is Indian pariah but her children are classified as 'Chinese'. Can you trust this kind of person?

  11. Anonymous9:28 pm

    The pay hike is peanuts compared to the amount obtained illegally by the likes of Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin ali, Muhammad taib and Khir Toyo.

  12. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Salam.rocky bru ...pls tell me for last 35 years we're did tan Sri Khalid went wrong be honest

  13. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Bedul 7:30 pm

    Maybe the DPM deserves the pay that he is getting.

    Who knows how much he could earn in the private sector?

    He has never put that to the test, has he?

    So, who are you to begrudge Khalid, Hannah Yeoh and the Selangor State Exco their salary increases?

    So, you didn't vote for them. Tough s**t, brudder.

    Maybe you should go work in Singapore and see just how far you can go job-wise and salary-wise in a meritocracy.

    So, spare us the crap thinking that everyone must be reduced to the lowest common denominator.

  14. Khalid said motion passed, so salary hike will go on. Than, he should also honour the Ulu Klang Recreation Club (UKRC) motion, tabled by YB Saari Sungib, which was passed in the State Assembly on 1st April 2011 to issue the Land title to UKRC. Why did he steal the UKRC field through MPAJ? This MB is a bull!! Heard he is also trying to steal some land in Ijok as well. That's why he ran to Port Klang to be a ADUN. Look like PR under Khalid will lose Selangor in the GE 14.

  15. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Pabila warga2 PR di persoal, cepat cepat cybertrooper mendivert kan isu dengan memetik nama nama pembesar UMNO.

    Sila faham teknik lapok mereka. Nampak bijak tapi hrmmmmm

  16. Hannah must be totally disconnected or extremely arrogant. No one instances exists where you can raise 300 percent salary using public money without opprobrium. Her take away pay of more than 40 k is very high by any Malaysian standards. Worse those who work for them carrying out the so call additional responsibilities for them are paid pittance. Look at teachers loads of responsibilities and selangor couldn't allocate more to incentivize good teachers with billions of surplus. Instead it rewards itself. To be frank I'm ok in principle for a gradual increase. But can't stand the hypocritical argument and selective distribution of income. So if bn uses the same argument to increase their salaries (added responsibilities) would they support it. Tak pula kan. Pure hypocrite. Don't ever claim you're better than bn.

  17. Anonymous6:13 am

    I remember just some time back there was an increase (or was it a proposal) of an increase in MP's remuneration.
    There was a big hooha by the bloody Pakatan. Say duit rakyat and all. MPS are more important. They are legislators.

    Anyway, private jet for PM and wife is not a big deal. You must have a cetain level of decency and security as PM n the family. Just like you argue RM3k salary vs RM20k a month.

    Hypocrites of the highest order.

  18. Anonymous6:33 am

    As always, Rocky can only see what the opposition do but always blind to the corrupt practices of those in BN. He should be asking why so many BN elected representatives can live beyond their incomes instead of attacking the opposition over trivial matters. Selangor reps deserves a pay increase as the state is well managed with less or zero corruption.

  19. Anonymous6:49 am

    Hu hu my babies only got toyssssss.....

    Hu hu their babies got this snd thatttttt....

    WTFFFF...fucking kuku

  20. Anonymous8:24 am

    Its better than the BN style where the ministers earns peanuts but ;
    - his kids gets delicious govt contracts
    - the minister gets delicious govt contracts
    - his wife gets delicious govt contracts
    - his brother gets delicious govt contracts
    - his sister gets delicious govt contracts

    And so on so forth...


  21. Folks,

    Macam biasalah, YBs in Sarawak earn mor; the media stays quiet like a mouse but anything under PR gets disproportionately highlighted.

    Why don't ask the ADUNs from BN and PR why did they vote yes to the proposal in the first place?

    Journalist and media practicioners in Malaysia should really just stay at home, not need to crack their heads thinking, reporting and debating real issues for the good of the public.

    Shameless people they are....

  22. Anonymous11:50 am

    Khalid misses his Guthrie pay and perks, huh? Itu lah .... masa sokong UMNO dulu, tak berterimakasih. Sekarang, nak bawak tradisi UMNO ke PKR. Silakan ...

    Folks, if you still unclear about Khalid's motive for the pay increase, just look at his background. He was UMNO-appointed chief executive of a huge government company called Guthrie. Paid himself millions every year and millions more in stock options, holiday passage, insurance etc. So this is gangnam, UMNO style lah ...

    Macam tak paham!

  23. Anonymous11:56 am

    Anon 8.24

    Lu ingat our KJ itu macam kah? Tak ada lah. Lu ingat our Tok Pa like that? No lah.

    Anwar tu yes. He like that from last time. Guan Eng, just watch carefully he digs tunnel to bury himself. Those corporate leaders behind Pakatan, you think they don't want to makan, ah??

    And that Ronnie Liu ... eh, where is he, ah? Who's taking care of the slot machines and rumah urut in Selangor now?

  24. Anonymous12:01 pm

    You mean Hannah Yeoh was tried and tested in the private sector??

    You can hire a CEO of a sizeable company with RM40k these days. I heard the CFO of Tenaga Nasional gets about that much.

    Was Hannah Yeoh CFO of a company as big as Tenaga before she joined politics? No? Of course not.


  25. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Let play a DAP game.

    Start campaignin 'Let Hate Hannah Yeoh"

    "ABDAP'-Anything but not DAP


    and so on.


  26. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Good for Selangor. I think Putrajaya should follow suit. No, really.


  27. Anonymous1:54 pm

    I would suggest putting this through parliament, but I doubt that bunch of apes would get very far in discussing it rationally.

    Certainly not with their trained umno-monkey Speaker.

    In some democratic countries (we are not in that club, BTW) parliamentary select committees are put in place so that lawmakers don't simply pass laws to reward themselves.

    We need a similar safeguard.

    We also need a spell of sanity and a break from nasty politics / politicians. The national dialogue is in a sorry state, when everyone and everything becomes a politicised and/or racialised pawn in the politicians' games.

    In the cracks, the people and their real needs are left to languish. And so is Malaysia.

  28. Anonymous3:13 pm

    All these talks and counter arguments!! Isn't it so glaringly clear both sides of the divide are equal in their dos and gets. Anwar and Azmin will criticize but that is just to deflect probes into their own earnings and I agree our BN ministers are having extra percentages from the sides. So... what is so strange?

  29. BADUT NASIONAL5:46 pm

    Banyak Lalat Latuk tarak salak-menyalak kecoh-heboh pasal gaji maharajah Putih Sarawak dan banyak "menteri di JPM" makan gaji buta pun!!!

  30. Anonymous7:41 pm

    I tell you what hasnah yeop needs. She needs to tell the world that her two babies are indians and not chinese. Some more want to have children called "Malaysian" by race. Anak indian oso ashamed. Dont worry the father might be harijan or not. This is one mal---oops i mean malaysian malaysia lor. Why so shame shame one to call babies indian? Why must follow mother one?

  31. Anonymous7:46 pm

    So sebok nak compare with singap***mak. Mmg la gaji d sana tinggi currency pin sudah double msia. Mcm siot....
    Kerja hapa yg si banana yeoh ni dah dan akan buat. Piee layan laki dan anak2 kau kat rmh tuh. Backstabbers.

  32. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Woo kalau PR semua boleh.. kena bagi naik gaji la kalau tak corrupt, kena setiimpal la, bla bla bla.. alasan tu atuk aku pun boleh bagi

  33. Mrs NA3:18 pm

    I'm was raised n schooled in Subang jaya. Can Hannah yeoh help to make the government schools in Subang as beautiful and modern as the one and only mighty chinese school in ss19?so jealous lorrr