Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Finally, a moderate stand on Allah

Being moderate has been mistaken for being weak. Thus reading the full article h e r e, I am glad the Prime Minister has shown us that he can take the bull(shit) by the horns. If those galloping on the Allah controversy are not checked, Malaysians will be trampled under insurmountable chaos. We'd be dust in the wind in no time. And when that happens, Najib and his government will be blamed not just by those politicians and clergymen who started it all but also by all of us and our children who will end up the victims. Therefore, he might as well "moderate" the issue now before it's too late. As Najib told Christiane Amanpour, 
“My priority is to ensure peace and harmony in Malaysia. When the court decide on certain things, I have to respect the courts decision. To me, it is not about winning a legal argument. It goes beyond that”.
Respect that.

Also: Obama tells Najib,
"By hook or by crook, I will visit Malaysia next year."
Read Big Dog's Defending the Constitution.
Next year happens to be Visit Malaysia Year.
Watch the internview:


  1. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Well, if the PM were so rock-solid sure about his position on this issue, then why even bother giving an interview to Ms Amanpour?

    On CNN some more!

    Why the need to justify to an international audience which is what CNN has?

    Perhaps the PM is under more international pressure on this issue than people realise.

    And if Obama does visit Malaysia next year, do you think that his advisors will not include this subject in his briefing notes?

    The PM has to be seen to be hanging tough in public. Privately, who knows?

    Maybe the alleged NSA listening post in the US Embassy in KL would have picked up some spicy info on this!

    1. Anonymous5:48 pm

      Ever heard of publicity? Grow some imagination, please

  2. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Huh? Whose stand u referring to? Najib, Nazri, Kurup, Patail, or Zahid?

    There are kindergartens with better organization and discipline than our gomen.

    Important issue also cannot get story straight.

    Churchmen didn't start it, BTW.

    1. Anonymous1:21 am

      Churchmen were the ones who started translating bible into Malay and using the Allah instead of Tuhan. Even kindergartens can get their mental organization straight compared to you.

  3. We must be the first to prohibit usage of words.I think its never been done anywhere else in this world the previous anyone else had done was to ban publications or religion, ideology.

    1. Anonymous12:01 am

      Sickput 4:01,

      In some part of the world, not only the holly books were banned but its religion as well. Is this moderate or what?

  4. Though the court made the right decision, the kalimah Allah issue seems to be a never-ending story. Kalimah Allah is acceptable in Sabah & Sarawak but the same approach cannot be applied on West Malaysia due to a few reasons which the Christians must be honest with themselves. Look at a different perspective that West Malaysia & Sabah/Sabah are different. Unless they’re willing to malaynise/arabize the Bible. Don’t give lame excuses such as Jesus stays as Yesus instead of Isa a.s. Just because Arab Christians use Allah doesn't mean it's suitable in other parts of the world.

  5. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Apa lah Rocky, do u even know what you are saying ? The dumb PM doesn't know and you just follow blindly

    The court decision says only Muslims can use the A word. The court does not say east Malaysia is exempt. Najib says East Malaysia is exempt but if east Malaysians come to Peninsular,, they can't use the A word here. What type of position is that ?

    If you don't understand logic or the lack thereof, you should keep quiet.


  6. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Najib says : I will defend the use of the A word as exclusive to Muslims.

    Bijan says : I will honour the 10 point agreement made with east Malaysia with regard to the use of the A word.

    WTF ? You call this moderation, we call this stupidity.

  7. Anonymous1:13 pm

    No auntie,

    The "lack of organization" referred to is with regards to the conflict of statements regarding usage of the word among 4 senior ministers and the A-G, a confusion that was not sparked by the church. These people confused themselves without any outside assistance.

    Not translation issue.

    Not 100 years ago issue.

    2013 issue.

    Confusion issue.

    Cannot speak with one voice issue.

    That the issue.


    You may have to re-sit kindergarten, auntie, let alone your SPM (I'm sure you failed that, too.)

    1. Anonymous4:08 pm

      No lah uncle. If you learn to read, you'd understand no one made reference to your ramblings about your confused mind. The lack of mental organization refers to your lack of knowledge that churchmen started it by translating bible into Malay using Allah to make it palatable. Perasan pulak kita Cakap pasal benda lain. This auntie has top grade for spm bahasa, unlike you I'm sure. My 5 year old nephew has better mental organization than you. My advice, try to learn from a 6 year old. Might make you a little smarter, though I wouldn't have high hopes.

  8. Anonymous11:37 am

    This Allah issue was first tried at the High Court. Why was there interference take it to a higher court and why was there no respect given to the courts decision then? Perhaps because it didn't go in your favour? So you pick and choose when to respect and not intefere is it?