Friday, October 25, 2013

Conquering the GST fear

Budget 2014 ushers in GST - by The Mole
Salute to the Prime Minister for boldy pushing ahead with the GST - effective 1 April 2015 and lowest in Asean at 6% ( see table) and one of the lowest in the world (Canada and Taiwan 5%) - despite threats of massive protests by the Opposition. 
Most impressive is the "offset package" (reduced personal and corporate income tax, exemption for some 300,000 low-income tax payers, list of goods and services exempted) that will accompany the implementation of the GST. I think it was very well thought of. 
But it was his simple explanation of why Malaysia must implement the GST, why this is the best time to do so and why 160 countries (that have implemented GST, including nearly all the developed economies) can't be wrong, that, to me, totally destroyed the Opposition's fear mongering about the GST. 
Now, who was it that said GST was regressive? Mana sekolah pergi?
Malaysia's GST lowest in Asean. Source: MoF 
Other countries with GST:


  1. Anonymous9:43 pm

    including nearly all the developed economies..

    And time rove that Europes and USA fully developed country with GST going bangkrap.

    This meant without GST is no issue, it PRUDENT spending is the ISSUE

  2. Anonymous10:54 pm

    the problem is..boleh ke percaya kat musang-musang(BN POLITICIAN) yang berjanji untuk menjaga anak2 ayam(HARTA NEGARA-BUKAN MAK BAPAK UMNO PUNYA)tu?

    1. Anonymous12:55 pm

      Anon 10.54 pm - Thank you for voicing the peoples fear.

  3. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Kanada ada provincial tax 7 or 8 % + federal gst of 5%,

  4. Anonymous1:12 am

    GST lebih baik. sekarang ramai tak tahu mereka bayar "cukai" cara tak langsung. Kebanyakan barang import ada cukai kastam 20-30% dan cukai ini akan turun bersama-sama kos barang yg dijual oleh pengimport ke pengedar, keperuncit dan akhirnya kita yang beli tanggung cukai tu. GST 5 % je. Kalau tak silap pengimport yg bayar GST boleh claim balik. S'pore buat macam tu. Jadi pengimport sebenarnya tak kena cukai. Peruncit je jadi perantaraan untuk kutip cukai ni bagi pihak kerajaan

  5. Anonymous7:23 am

    I hope Najib will not flop like Mr Flip Flop before. Be brave man!

    Another thing, please make sure the businessmen actually pay the Gomen the tax that they collected on Gomen's behalf. We know how "honest" some of them are. The penalty must be really stiff.

    Please also ensure that the retailer will publish the final price (inclusive of GST and whatever else that we have to pay in the end) instead of the ++ price. The tour companies, fast food, restaurants, hotels, airlines have been getting away with it for so long.

    Make sure they publish the price of payment via credit card. Those who pay by cash should be given discount.

  6. Anonymous9:38 am

    Anon 10:45

    Memang negara in bapak depa punya. Semua dia orang kebas. Daging di makan , tulang bagi kat Rakyat. Lepas itu suruh kita syukur pula!!!
    GST hanya untuk poket mereka. Yang jadi Kaya, UMNOPUTRA bukan bumiputera.

  7. Anonymous10:18 am

    cukai kastam 20-30%
    maka GST 6% akan turunkan cukai kastam betulke?
    Walau macamna pun, Milo 1KG hari ni harga bila sale RM16 take de sale 18-20RM maka dagan GST samake harganya atau lebih. Probrably lebih adalah besar. Yang kena kita juga sebab kalau tak minum milo tak leh jadi sihat dan kuat.

  8. Anonymous11:53 am

    bagus ni berita... lapisan rakyat mesti tighten belts lagi ! semenjak badawi dulu pun nasihat kita tighten belt sampai sekarang.selepas ikan bilis tak ada lain ikan yg kecil lagi kita mampu makan.

  9. Mat Bon1:39 pm

    Once decided, I hope the government will as the political will to see this thru. Follow thru with pronouncement on the mechanism, to educate rakyat. The biggest risk is confusion, arising from disinformation. Surely Pakatan is going to capitalise on this. BN would do the same, if BM is in their shoe. Deep inside, the Pakatan also know that GST is the way forward. They are relieved now that BN had made the move. So should they win one day, the matter will no longer be a big concern.

  10. Cuma aku musykil bagaimana kerajaan akan pastikan GST yang dikutip oleh peniaga dari penggguna akan dapat dikutip semula oleh kerajaan. Kita bukannya tak tahu puak2 peniaga yang majoritinya kiasu memang terkenal dengan menipu akaun untung rugi dan Kunci kira2 untuk elak dari bayar cukai.

  11. Badut Nasional3:07 pm

    Dulu 1 paket nasi lemak biasa RM1.30, kini dah RM1.50,
    GST 6%... Sekolah mana pergi???

  12. Abdullah4:59 pm

    Either you are dump or stupid.

    Are we really pay 6%GST.
    Yes our rate is the lowest in the world.

    Let look at the following example in a day how much you have to pay.

    i buy a book for my children i have to pay 6%GST

    Ibuy them a meal at Pizaa Hut I have to pay 6% GST, i stop over at Mydin and buy a groceries i have to pay 6% GST.
    If the are sick,i take them to see a doctor I have to pay 6% GST.
    If Doctor prescribe a medcine and i buy from phamacies,I will pay 6% GST.
    I fill,up my car with petrol,i have to pay 6% gst.

    At the end of the day i may have to pay up to 20% or 30% of GST depend how much I spend.

    If imspend $1000 a month my GST will be $60 rgt.
    If I spend $3000 my GST is $180 rght.
    Thatnis one minth,if one yaer the GST payment will be $700 or $3000 depent on your expenditure,
    This is more than payment of income tax.

    Just wonder if our farmers,teachers or job labourers of lower ranking civil servant understand the implication of GST.

    Good Luck Rookie.

  13. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Not bothered much with GST as it is a bit too late by 995 or 1460 days especially when the bird of prosperity has flown the cage:

    and for those idiots bent on creating a kerfuffle over a non-issue, i.e inflation, here is a primer:

    Leaving aside the GST, the budget etc, what I found deeply repulsive or lacking in class was Muhyiddin’s take on Azizan.

    If true, it would show how some Malays have descended to the gutter to scrap the pondscum. Tan Sri Azizan may have been PAS but he was a class act of dignity and graciousness. Didnt he break ranks with the PAS scum to fete our revered statesman, Tun Mahathir many times over, refusing to say a bad word against fellow Muslims and refusing to be vindictive post GE 2008.

    In more ways than one arwah Tan Sri Azizan did more than any PAS turban ever did to at least bring the ummah closer,politics aside. Now thats simply not Malay nor in good taste for Tan Sri Muhyidddin to blurt that garbage especially when Azizan has passed on to barzakh and beyond. And that does not reflect well on adab and sopan santun either.

    I do not know about you or others but I find the sheer arrogance and contempt deeply befuddling, troubling and nauseous. Just wonder whether this was done to nix UMNO and by default Mukhriz in Sungai Limau.....just my two cents.

    Warrior 231

  14. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Bro, i support the introduction of GST, but i would like to correct you on one point. GST is indeed a regressive tax.

  15. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Anon 11:53 am

    Aalah hang ni, kan ke ada ikan lagi kecik dari ikan bilis. Pas ni hang makanle berudu.. lagi murah mana mana boleh dapat. Boleh goring buat nasilemak ikan berudu. icityq34111

  16. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Oppos r all d same. Worse r beardo oppos. They alwys believe their god wld shower them wt blessings & wealth from the sky. Jez a bit of tithe & kaboom....heaven wt rivers of flowing honey & wine. C'on tis is not sm kind 1001 nites story of old Baghdad. After all most of tis beardos dont pay taxes at all. Jez mkg noise like they alwys do in suraus & mosques.

  17. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Aiyo ini rocky bru , Najin punya kentot dia pun cakap harum punya.

    No wonder you gettin fatter !!!! Your fat will eat u up one day .

  18. Anonymous10:19 am

    Rocky, You must be ass licker to write supportive of this move, what about currently when you stay in hotels the tax ++ which are 10% and 6%. To me the BN & UMNO ruling must come to an end in order to ensure transparent governance, they have been sucking Rakyats blood far too long. Go to hell BN & UMNO together with you.

  19. Anon 1019am,

    You know what motherducker, you lot can go to hell and rot. You have lived in this country evading taxes and making tonnes of money cheating other people and now you complain because you know you and your motherducking bosses can't escape GST.

    You lot will suffer. And when the RPGT kicks in, that's it. No more making tonnes of money scamming house buyers. For years you lot are the reason for property prices to skyrocket. Now you will know langit tinggi atau rendah.

    That's why it's a great Budget. Die!!