Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bumi-no-quality analyst says "I was out of the country ..."

Why he took his time to clarify his Bumiputera-no-quality statement, according to Lim Mah Hui: 

"I was out of the country when the article appeared in early October and it was only brought to my attention on October 17 after my return. I immediately contacted the journalist to correct the misunderstanding ..."

The article was published by The Malaysian Insider On Oct 2 (see screenshots below). Lim's quotes offended a lot of Malays and Bumiputeras - from the PKR Wanita Chief who accused Lim of stereotyping to former PM Dr Mahathir - and Lim's best, belated response is his office in Kuala Lumpur only informed him of the bad, bad press back home only when he came back!? 
 "Weird," writes seasoned writer Shamsul Akmar.
Weird or not, I'd expected more from Lim and his think-tank. This I'm-out-of-the-fucking-country excuse is so lame, No different from the traffic-jam excuse that people give when they are late for an appointment. You call that quailty, ah, Mr Lim?

Screenshots of the original article:


  1. trifling-jester1:56 pm

    Bumiputras are looked at as weak, unable to compete, and constantly needing help. thats the justification of the NEP itself. it is not a policy for the poor, its a policy to support all bumiputeras.. that is the impression one gets before even looking at the facts - its actually quite unfair to bumiputeras.

    Although if you do examine the facts, bumiputeras are as a whole regarded as inferior. many of them did not jump the same hoops non bumiputeras needed to jump to arrive at the same platform. cant speak english, lazy, incompetent etc. you cant expect someone who only trained half the time to have same performance as someone who put in all his time/effort into it.

    that being said, there are plenty of exceptions to this. there are a few young bumiputeras that are competitive, able and hardworking. unfortunately, due to the image portrayed by the ongoing policies, as well as the weakness of many other bumiputeras, these able ones get lost in the crowd.

    you can blame the private sector for not picking it out, but the problem is less to do with the private sector, and more to do with the other forces that drive this to happen.

    you cant have your cake and eat it too, rocky. you cant at one hand say we are too weak to fight it out for ourselves and need to be spoon-fed, and on the other hand say we are good enough to be considered equal among those who have to fight for their own keep without favours.

    in a truly capitalist market, the market is very efficient. you can force it to behave a certain way to a certain extent, but it will always correct to the most efficient way it needs to to move forward.

  2. Anonymous2:32 pm


    Is Najib saying those voting for BN are idiots?


  3. Apa peluang yang mereka beri ? Jika ada pun sekadar jawatan yang tiada fungsi !

    Lihat bumi dalam sy. multi international. Jika pihak atasan bukan cina, peluang berjaya lebih cerah. Mereka lebih hebat berbanding bekerja dengan sy. cina. Di jamin menjadi mangsa cauvinis dan rasis.

    Cina Malaysia semakin mencaduk ! Memang benar kata Awang Selamat.

    Angkara siapa ??

  4. and by that excuse, what this poor chap actually said during that time? That there is a quality in Malay but discrimination very much prevailing in the private industries? Would that be outrageously nonsensical in the whole context of that article?

    This Dr surely have low quality in dealing with issue as they said in dap low class..

  5. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Just imagine if they become the majority of the country?

    The Malays in Singapore has been the receiving end for a long time...until the govt of Singapore open its door wide and embraced "foreign talents" from India & mainland China and others.

    Now the locals Chinese along with local NON...has suffered the same job discrimination. Talking about KARMA!

    If TUN Mahathir is still the PM racist comments like this won't be left unanswered...he would counter it unlike the present PM....lame and a clown!

  6. Anonymous4:28 pm

    These Dapster evangelical- professional types are overly cocky about their spoken English proficiency. Sometimes this advantage of theirs is used to "goreng-goreng" to give themselves a veneer of "quality" over Malays (a sad reality about our generally poor English communication skills)... but other lacking Chinese or Tamils are also discriminated against.
    For the political polemics of individuals like this Mah Hui guy it's just much easier to STEREOTYPE all Malays with one fell swoop mah!

  7. tebing tinggi5:00 pm

    If that the true thought of the Chinese regarding the Malay ,would it be convenient for the Malay if the Chinese say otherwise .
    If the Chinese never say it ,its not a secret how the Chinese look's at the Malay all these years ,but alas Malay as always are ignorance .

    Melayu bukan sahaja mudah lupa ,tetapi dalam masa yang sama buta.

  8. Anonymous5:21 pm

    "you can't blame the private sector for not picking it out...."

    "you can't at one hand hand say we are too weak to fight it out for ourselves and ...., and on the other hand say we good enough to be considered equal among those who have to fight for their own keep without favours"

    Actually, the few young bumiputeras that are competitive, able and hardworking who are in the private sector are being discriminated against, salary and work is an open secret among the malays in the private sector that malays are being paid much less than the non malays for the same workload and the same job and in many cases, even with the same qualifications...and the malays have to swallow it for fear of losing their jobs..

    Are you, trifling-jester, saying that since the bumiputeras have been getting help to further their education, in the form of scholarships, grants and so on, they do not deserve to be treated as equals in the workplace? Or they don't deserve to get paid as much as the non malays for the same job done? Likewise, they do not deserve to fill the posts in the executive or administrative positions in the private sector?

  9. Anonymous5:35 pm

    "This I'm-out-of-the-fucking-country excuse is so lame".

    In contrast to what?

    The 44 guns that fell into the sea, the lack of excuse (let alone explanation) when 15K of taxpayer $$$ are wasted on an A4 scanner?

    Ya, we're all full of shit.

    So rather than point fingers, why not get a solid, authenticated transcript of what this guy said?

    Or just jump to the conclusion first, why not.

    Easier, rite.

  10. Anonymous6:08 pm

    hOHO.....let the cinabeng hire only cinabengs. let this policy of self-isolating, hard-core racist kiasu .....because they knew it - it is only self destruction.

    skillwise- malay bumiputra is far ahead and advanced than those it graphic art, accountancy, architecture, engineering,ITC.....

    Look at those MMC, Prasarana, Sime Darby,Petronas,and other big corporate central workforce - i mean the engine rooms.....they are majority malays intelectural and creative workforce.

    But they are also crooks among them-all sort of crooks- who destroy the company.

    The cinabengs are just 'Pak Pacak".
    They just 'holding the lamp' for the show.

    The problem with malays is ..... 'emotional stability'. But it can be handled and cured over time.

    Let them practise full isolation and start self-deteriorating mode.

    That is why Malaysia is Unique. Our seuccess lies with combination of all races.

    But CINABENGS being so kiasu want to bolot everything to themselve. They want more and more at the expense of MALAYsia.

  11. Anonymous6:20 pm

    This Fellow statement is incomplete, he was out of the country and went into the deep amazon jungle that is the reason for no communication available. He had a date with the anaconda and loves naked jungle party.

  12. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Off topic and far from the madding crowd:

    Sincere congrats for hitting 20 million, dude. Some amazing hits stats that one more so in local so-po. Some blog you have going here , what with all the weirdos, sickos, braindeads, zombies and shitheads trolling these parts day in day out. Must be testing to your patience but I reckon all that aggro and nonsense must be water off a duck's back to you.

    Keep it up Rocky, you were, have been, are and hopefully will be simply da best, even though I have not been active lately.... malas dah.

    Warrior 231

  13. Anonymous7:01 pm

    almost two weeks to have the matter brought up to his attention!!!!...All due to him being overseas. Apa ini tak ada kualiti punya office communication? there's whattsapp, bbm, sms, facetine, skype, and the good ol' telephone call available for use today.

    sack the entire office...

  14. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Selagi PM yg Melayi yg dok ada skrg..dan lain lain pemimpin Umno dibwhnya yg tunduk kpd tekanan..selagi itulah bumi dianggap lekeh...sewaktu Tun Mahathir memerintah..bkn bumi blh hormat bumi..iktiraf dan akui konsep kongsi dan bantu bumiputra..sbb Tun Mahathir tidak takut dan tidak tunduk pd tekanan...kejayaan Tun Mahathir ialah membina keyakinan bumiputra..Pak Lah menghancurkan keyakinan Melayu..PM sekrg...DS Najib..seperti tidak peduli terhadap pentingnya membina dan membangun keyakinan bumiputra...beliau lbh membina keyakinan bkn bumi..tidak seimbang..hairan mengapa tidak belajar dr org lama yg berjaya dan masih hidup...

  15. Anonymous7:12 pm

    My nephews and nieces have no problems finding job after graduation. One nephew is a manager at a well-knowned bank, another nephew is an IT manager in UK, one niece is a drilling engineer at a jv company between Petronas and a foreign company and another niece was an assistant manager at Maxis (she quit her job after having her first child). They are all Malays. So the claim by this bastard Lim about Malay candidates have no quality are all BS to make us feel small.

    The cHINAs are not that smart. If they are, they would have control of the government a long time ago. See where are they now? Still the opposition and let them be the opposition until they can tolerate no more and migrate elsewhere en masses.

  16. Azman7:23 pm

    This chinaman is really a very low quality material. I am a Malay working in the private sector. When I go out of the country I start surfing the net almost from the moment I get off the plane. As with about everybody, my focus is naturally the home front. The excuse he gave is more than lame. It's outright dumb!

  17. akubukanblogger7:31 pm

    Salam semua.

    Lihat singapura yang pernah suatu ketika di bawah jajahan takluk kesultanan johor. Apa sudah jadi sama melayu singapura? Di sisih secara sistematik dan halus.

    Sekarang lihat Pulau Pinang. Agak- agak apa akan jadi?

  18. Anonymous7:36 pm

    bukan takder kualiti tapi takder AMANAH

  19. Anonymous8:05 pm

    As much I would like to disagree with this guy but I can't. The reason is when bumis come for interview see how they dress up.even degree holders some time just wear slippers. Worst still most of them can't speak English but still very demanding

  20. Anonymous8:09 pm

    working in the cinabeng control multico. is really sux. They do the discrimination and racism to the max...if u r brightest malay, they will find way to oppress u.

  21. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Xyah lyn la TMI (liar) ni..xde teloq editor dia. Lately ni tiap2 hari mintak maaf (semalam SC, hari ni Khazanah)...klu make a false report berani take responsibility buat cite bohong lepas tu mintak maaf..alasan takut kene sue la tu..hahahaha..

    Abg Rocky gak berani masa kes ngn Kalimuthu dulu.

  22. Anonymous9:54 pm

    aku kerja dengan swasta dah lebih 20 tahun..sebenarnya bangsa cina rasis ni lebih teruk bahasa inggerisnya dari bangsa melayu..jgn tipu la cina rasis ooii..kau baper tahun kerja ni haa..kalau boss bangsa cina mmg akan ditekannya bangsa melayu ni..cina adalah satu bangsa yang paling bangsat dalam dunia..perangai lebih buruk dari anjing..akan menggigit tangan tuan yang memberi mereka makan..

  23. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Statement paling sial yg disajikan saban hari supaya semua rakyat Malaysia percaya. Begitu ramai pekerja Cina tidak berkualiti yang saya temui sepanjang kerjaya. Ada yang berjaya melingkupkan sebuah syarikat Melayu berbilion ringgit akibat ketidakcekapan dalam implementasi system komputer baru. Tapi yang anih, tiada hukuman dikenakan terhadap pesalah. Malah dinaikkan pangkat lagi. Ada CEO bangsa Cina tidak berualiti di tempat kerjanya, hingga terlingkup, tapi GLC melayu ambik dia jadi CEO. Apa cer? Sedih bila orang Melayu juga percaya dengan momokan berbentuk fitnah dari manusia seperti Cina tu. Sedih bila orang Melayu atasan lebih percaya Cina dari Melayu sebab banyak sgt baca cerita seperti ini. Layanan yang diberi terhadap Cina tetap berbeza dari Melayu di syarikat swasta sebab bangsa mereka memang mengutamakan bangsa sendiri. tulah hakikatnya, tiada kena mengena dengan kualiti atau tidak.

  24. Anonymous10:41 pm

    To all GLC boss jgn bagi co. cinabeng projek la..or any bosses dia yg cinabeng..comfem menipu..klu comfem co bumi lebih baik bagi jer job kat Yahudi..Yahudi sometimes much better than cinabeng..


  25. Dear Warrior 231, Thank you for your kind words. I will see you around mate, now and then.


    Warrior 231 wrote:

    Off topic and far from the madding crowd:

    Sincere congrats for hitting 20 million, dude. Some amazing hits stats that one more so in local so-po. Some blog you have going here , what with all the weirdos, sickos, braindeads, zombies and shitheads trolling these parts day in day out. Must be testing to your patience but I reckon all that aggro and nonsense must be water off a duck's back to you.

    Keep it up Rocky, you were, have been, are and hopefully will be simply da best, even though I have not been active lately.... malas dah.

    Warrior 231

    6:31 pm

  26. Anonymous12:20 am

    This Lim Mah Hui used to have such good opinions about environment and transport. But not anymore since his fortunes became tied up with Dap politics. Not a squeak out of him because he has become so infatuated with Lim Guan Eng. undersea tunnel. Yes yes. Develop Penang hill. Yes yes. He has become a yes man for Dap.

    Penang needs NGOs to look after the people's interest so that projects harmful to the environment and social well being can be evaluated and monitored.

  27. Anonymous8:56 am

    Anon 5:35 ---

    "This I'm-out-of-the-fucking-country excuse is so lame.

    In contrast to what?"

    Well, actually---in contrast to the following VERRRRY, VERRRY high quality shenanigans:-

    (i) Announcing the cost of tunnel to be 6 Billion ringgit whence actually it is 4 Billion, conveniently shifting blame to faulty Microsoft Excel (and perhaps aiming to siphon about 2B, no?). No malay bumiputera can EVER hope to be anywhere as near as this ...err... very effective and high quality mistake (read: conning)

    (ii) Announcing that one is Knighted by the Queen and goes around attaching "Sir" to his already western-sounding Jeffry Wong. Turns out later that if any malay bumiputera could be anywhere as EFFECTIVE and HIGH QUALITY in the usage of Photoshop, there will be no Datuks left, only Sirs!

    (iii) Conveniently "forgot" to message about 700 members to come and vote in the recent DAP thingy, resulting in the winners would be who a few handful would like them to be, blaming fiasco on something (Microsoft Outlook, perhaps?) but then shifted all that blame to UMNO and ROS, and shedding a few crocodile tears to support plea.

    (iv) Announcing that Christopher Lim is "Melayu" for political-image purposes whence, in actual fact, there is nary a drop of malay blood or a tint of bumputera DNA inherent in said chinaman.

    (v) Peeing on flagpoles, Protecting China Dolls, using outdated and outclassed "declassified" documents to justify flimsy May 13th origins etc etc...

    ...Now THAT's what we are in contrast with.

    Warrior 89/4096

  28. Anonymous10:44 am

    It's not the Malays that are not good in general. It's the sick UMNO government that oppressed them until they appeared to be low standard.

    For the sake of our country, for the sake of our Malay brethrens, for the sake of our sanity and dignity of all Malaysians, our nations can only move forward in harmony and unison once the corrupted and decadent UMNO party is voted out from the government.

    God bless us all

  29. Anonymous11:33 am

    Dato', I want to relate an incident I had when I was studying in London. I had overheard a fellow "Malaysian" Chinese student from Sabah telling another student that what they do is "just to keep the Malay quota met" they would employ the Malays as drivers, office boys, menial workers and such like.

    This clearly goes to show that a certain ethnic group in our country do not want to give the Malays the opportunities and exposure that they would offer their own kind. Largely due to they sense of being a superior race.

    Dr Michael Lim is only voicing what this particular ethnic group in Malaysia have always held about the Malays.

  30. Anonymous4:54 pm

    ....a nice morning wake up for the Bumis......indeed they need someone like this idiot to say it directly so that they will realize 'tinggi langit dengan bumi' about themselves.....cheers

  31. Anonymous7:38 am

    When working in multinational company, the chinabeng have only one quality, ampu bodek the foreigner boss like hell especially to the Caucasian and Japanese.Seems like the Chinabeng have inferiority complex to the foreigner same like Bangla or Nepal.The Japanese know very well the attitude of this bodek, because they want to cover their low quality skills.For Malay they treat the expatriate like colleagues regardless their title(Kau Siapa..). but still have due respect solely based on organisation ladder. No ampu bodek attitude.

  32. Anonymous9:59 am

    Someone should check where he got his qualifications from. This discriminatory practice has been going own for... before we even achieved Merdeka. Susahlah mcm ni. Dia nak kata org Melayu Umno saje ke, ataupun termasuk pas, pkr dsb.? Mmg classic dap, baling batu sembunyi tangan.

  33. Anonymous1:23 am

    Sitting on wheelchairs for 40 years, sure got no quality lah. If got quality, you would have learnt to walk without the tongkat lah.

  34. Jom BBCD10:37 am

    Bagi diorang tak berkualiti sebab takleh cakap cina, tak nak terima rasuah, pakai tudung tutup aurat, susah nak ajak minum arak, kalau parti takleh buat kat kelab malam sebab setengah Melayu tak nak ikut. Cinabeng betul.