Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Umno Election 2013: Is Shafie Apdal safe?

Two out of three ain't bad? NST Sept 11, 2013
There are three elected vice presidents in Umno, the party that dominates the ruling BN coalition, but only two out of the trhee VPs - Zahid Hamidi and Hishammuddin Hussein - are featured prominently by the New Straits Times in its Umno election run-up interviews today (pages 8 and 9 plus a front page blurb).  
Where is Shafie Apdal?  
Shaife says he, Hisham & Zahid team up like a "sleek football team" 
I'm sure a lot of people are asking the same question and reading into this. The New Straits Times is a newspaper that's closely linked to Umno top leadership and its editors rarely leave any editorial content on the party's top brass - the President, Deputy President, and Vice Presidents, especially - to chance, especially when party election is just around the corner. 
The interview with Hisham was done by Jalil Hamid himself. Jalil is the NSTP group managing editor, meaning he is the boss for NST, Berita Harian, Harian Metro, their websites, etc. The interview with Zahid was led by Rashid Yusof, who is Jalil's Deputy Group Editor for NST. Nope, they do not leave such things to chance or minions. 
Musa Aman: Delivered Sabah in PRU13
Ok, for all you know Shafie Apdal's interview has been lined up for tomorrow's NST. Maybe Jalil's planning an across-the-gutter, pages 8 and 9 with Musa Aman, the Sabah Chief Minister, who is expected to contest for a VP slot. I sure hope so. If Musa does go for it and Shafie decides to defend his post, there will be two candidates from Sabah. "Only one of them will remain standing," a veteran editor told me. Read Musa Aman vs Shafie Apdal.
 So I'll look out for tomorrow's NST. 

One last term. In the meantime, I hear that Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Jalil and Azalina Othman had a heart-to-heart recently. A compromise on the cards. Azalina, the former Puteri chief, will not challenge Shahrizat. In return, Shahrizat will spend her final term as Wanita chief to put in a succession plan, which may feature Puteri but not necessarily Azalina herself. Also heard, Isa Samad may pull out of the Veep race; still too soon after the money politics affair. Mukhriz Mahathir might also want to focus on Kedah, it's his first term as Menteri Besar. Ali Rustam was still keen, as of yesterday, but many are hoping that common sense will prevail and the 64-year old former Melaka Chief Minister would be persuaded in the name of transformation to pull out for younger blood to start taking over the party. Wallahualam bisawab.


  1. Anonymous1:04 pm

    "Also heard, Isa Samad may pull out of the Veep race; still too soon after the money politics affair."

    Meaning, Shahrizat is now fully "rehabbed", yet Isa is not?


  2. Anonymous1:50 pm

    But Syed Ali is prodding Mukhriz to contest, though Mukhriz seem to be reluctant. For the good of UMNO I believe that Syed should just butt out, regardless whatever private agenda he has.

  3. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Den of thieves. Same old, same old.

  4. Kelihatannya seperti calon syok sendiri orang-orang UMNO dan pencacai-pencacai politiknya.mereka kata bagus dato, bagus dato --- bagi majoriti rakyat Malaysia yang berdiri di atas pagar -- mereka akan berkata --oh rupanya najib masih sayangkan syahrizat...

  5. Kamal5:29 pm

    UMNO leadership from President to three Vive President are rotten fruit.
    All of the should go.
    We need new UMNO leader if UMNO want to survive.

  6. Anonymous7:01 pm

    her final term as Wanita chief to put in a succession plan?????. 3 million Umno members non can replace Shahrizat now??
    UMNO is democratic, but can persuade candidate to pull out? Apa ini? So President,Deputy and VP no contest? APa ini? 3 million ,members and non qualified or got no balls to contest? Mr Rocky for the last time i said: UMNO may RIP. GOODBYE.

  7. Top UMNO brass has no balls,start persuading ppl not to contest in the name so called"UNITY".

  8. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Shafie Apdal should be dropped. Corrupted and inefficient. Politically problematic.

    The problem is orang UMNO bukan tahu going ons with Shapie Apdal. Syok sangat dapat hadiah

  9. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Saya membaca satu blog Sabah di SINI.

    Walaupun saya orang UMNO dan harap kempen memburukkan calun tidak dilakukan tapi pendedahan mengenai Shapie oleh blog tersebut memeranjatkan.

    Sebagai Menteri Luar Bandar, dana yang diurus adalah untuk bantu orang miskin dan luar bandar.

    Shafie ni banyak kontroversi, kurang cekap mengurus, dan berkemungkinan tak amanah. Dia terlalu mewah menabur wang ...dari mana dia dapat?

    Elok dia ditolak ahli UMNO yang mahu perbaiki parti. Kalau tak nak baiki UMNO, pilihlah Shapie

  10. KnowNuts1:09 am

    Datok Rocky,

    Humbly, my 2 sen's worth, just to liven up your day, in case you are drinking diet coke:

    Is Shafie Apdal safe? Answer: yes. Why? Bcoz the top 5 UMNO leaders(Prez, deputy, 3 veeps) have DECIDED to retain themselves. They hv decided status quo (possibly with Youth & Wanita chiefs, Pu3 chief having to vacate the seat having passed the age limit). 3 incumbent veeps have coordinated their campaign machineries & are moving together as a team (contravening the umno election ethics which prohibits candidates contesting in teams). Their propects will be strengthened when the president's boys start moving soon.

    If i read your posting correctly, you are also batting for the incumbents. Not a sin, i say, each unto his own grave. But lets not bring umno to an early demise shall we?

    To wit, lets walk the talk. The umno elections are supposed to be more democratic & inclusive, the process having been widened to 150,000 delegates. Why then make it a mockery? Why subvert the aspirations of grassroots members who may want a change? Dont get me wrong: I'm a staunch supporter of Najib, always have been & always will be, barring any unforseen circumstances in the future, of course. But at least the VPs?

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad used to remind umno members that age is not the only determinant to a leader's success. And how old is President Obama's deputy, Joe Biden again? Is a younger but non-performing leader better than an older but proven workhorse? How come many Malaysians long for Dr M's firm stewardship again? And he is what? 88 this year?

    Alas, the incumbents maybe retained after all. Talk is that prospective candidates will be advised to withdraw. In return for some position or other. Why did Azalina abort her bid for the Wanita chiefship?

    Ah well, perhaps twas too good to be true. Like many good umno leaders and members, then, i shall merrily return to biz as usual. Make hay while the sun shine, to paraphase a member of PM Najib's esteemed cabinet (during a dirty weekend ooopss i mean R&R abroad after ge13!!!)

    But then thats a story for another slow day, old chap!

  11. trifling-jester2:00 am

    your favorite party is littered with scandalous crooks. i guess it doesnt matter when your livelihood heavily depends on it

  12. damansaraman9:48 am

    Dear Rocky

    UMNO delegates must send a strong message to fellow Malaysian on their seriousness to rejuvenate the party and their strong commitment to carry on.

    Thus I personally fancy the combination of Ahmad Zahid Hamidi - The Effective Man; Musa Aman - The Borneo Man; and, Mukhriz Tun Mahathir - The Future Man, as the three Vice Presidents of UMNO.

    Hishamuddin has let us down once too many, his credibility has been badly battered. He is, frankly, a liability to UMNO.

    Shafie the Bajau Warrior has very unfortunately being virtually'absent' from many national scenes. He is more noticable in the artist gossip column than the nation building discussions.

    For Ali Rustam, tqvm sir for your excellent service to Melaka, but we now need new blood to carry us to the future.

    For Isa Samad, while you are still relatively young but we need visionary leader to stay strong.

    BUT I do welcome the inclusion of The Proven Leader and Administrator in Idris Jusoh. If not as the Vice President, then as a Top UMNO Supreme Council Member would be great.

    For Wanita, it is a sad reality that they have to choose between The Tainted Shahrizat and Equally Tainted Azalina. We the Rakyat have long been told that to be a leader, you must not only be clean, but you must also being seen as clean. But I guess that only applies to people like us.

    On Pemuda, while I have long not being in favour of Khairy because of his cockiness as the SIL of Badawi, but in reality we do not have a choice. Just hope Khairy have learn from his past. He do fits the Image of a Ketua Pemuda.

    On Puteri, having a new leader taking over from Rosnah is a great blessing already. Nothing against Rosnah, I am sure she is a great person, but her image does not represent a vibrant Puteri.

    This is not a SYOK SENDIRI VIEW, but rather a Reality Check from the ground.


    But again, UMNO delegates has always being great in puzzling us.

  13. Anonymous12:18 pm

    dahsyat lu pun source dalam NST bro

  14. Anonymous12:19 pm

    bye bye shapie... najib doesnt want you

  15. I'm all in favour of new 'young' blood coming in to contest...
    - current VPs who have done jack all in past few years still sticking around and blocking the new blood...
    - Wanita Chief is a liability but yet gets promoted as an 'advisor' (How many advisors does Ah Jib Gor need?????)
    - KJ spins one way and another - no body knows what he really stands for....
    - WHO are the new young blood???

  16. Cyber Thinker Melayu8:04 pm

    All haprak.
    Mukhriz son of haprak Mahathir must be haprak.
    Safie who?
    What has this sabahan done? what is his economic panacea for the poor malays and sabahan? Nothing.
    Jadi vp terus nak dating aktres melayu.
    Bung Mokhtar terus dating aktres melayu. Affendi terus dating aktres melayu. hello... ko orang ingat pangkat dalam UMNO mcm dalam PAS ke? Untuk pikat perempuan dan konkek?
    Bnyak cantik.

    KJ dapat pangkat terus dating aktres. cina.
    Sekarang ni bro. Pemikiran Melayu dijana oleh parallel cyber thinkers melayu. Lebih bnyk computing power maka lebih tepat keputusan yang dibuat.

    Tiada siapa dalam barisan UMNO sekarang yang boleh dipercayai. Tiada yang telah membuktikan tahap pemikiran yang terrer. Makin lama menjawat jawatan makin jadi pegawai makan gaji bukannya pemimpin politik.

    Sebab itu tiada politikal renewal dalam UMNO.

    Presiden UMNO didatangani Cina dan India dipejabat mcm Syed Mokhtar atau di rumah mcm Uncle Lim dll. Mereka dikelilingi oleh orang Kristian dan Hindu dan India.

    Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden terputus dari orang melayu dibuai dengan kemewahan duit Petronas.

    Kita orang Melayu boleh lebih maju lagi jika pemikir Melayu seperti bro dan gua diambil kira. Tapi tidak. india dan cina juga jadi rujukan.. di Pemandu.

    But our time will come

  17. Anonymous10:25 pm

    3 million UMNO members and none dares to challenge Najib and Muhyiddin and yet UMNO claim to be democratic serupa MIC jugak. UMNO you may R.I.P as I have lost faith in you.

  18. Anonymous10:40 pm

    for me bro! i prefer Zahid....a lot of rubbish and Zahid can ask to clean it up.

    Buguih Lamo
    West Coast Boy

  19. Mr Brown7:44 am

    Is Shafie Afdal safe ?
    Untuk selamatkan dirinya.Dia telah kerahkan Penyelia kemas,Guru kemas,Risda untuk berkempen padanya.
    Terkini dengan tak semena-mena GIAT MARA pula kelem kabut masuk kampung kempen pada Shafie Afdal.Pengeruis Giat Mara dulunya SETPOL Shafie Afdal.
    Yang syok para jemputan ialah Ketua UMNO cawngan dan perwakilan sahaja.
    Sepatutnya sebelum ini lagi kena pro aktif.
    Nampak sangat guna kemudahan kerajaan untuk politik.

  20. Anonymous3:09 pm

    There are only 3 categories of UNMO leaders...
    More Corrupt
    Most Corrupt

    Feel free to add the names of the Crooks .....

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