Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PEMANDU speaks out, finally

With updates at the end of this posting...
Better late than Never. This PEMANDU press release is dated last Thursday, 5 Sept 2013, the day after my posting Hot Stuff at PEMANDU drives bloggers nuts. The Mole published it H E R E only yesterday, 9 Sept 2013. I was wondering why the time lag ...

Well, apparently, the release was mailed to The Mole on Sunday. My own copy reached my Inbox late that day, forwarded to me by a fellow blogger who got it via a third party. Ah, PEMANDU works in mysterious ways, I thought. Or that's what you get when you think engaging bloggers is a waste of time, or in rempit lingo ... "buang karen".

In any case, this para in the press release contains serious factual error:
Recently a Pemandu employee, Farah Intan Burhanudin, who is a senior analyst with the Reducing Crime National Key Results Area (NKRA), came under direct attack from bloggers. Wayward allegations both on a professional and personal level were made on her work performance and her character.
Read my posting about the Hot Stuff ... again. The bloggers did not attack* Farah. They merely published a mail that was sent to our inboxes. I can't speak for the other bloggers but I was hoping that PEMANDU would be prodded to speak up and defend its integrity and track record. Pity they chose to shoot the messengers.

*Updated 11/9 - On the question of blogger attack, Answer This, Pemandu just came up on my radar at 1245pm.


  1. They are doing what do (it seems) they do best. Process the info and deflect.

  2. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Show us her report card la PEMANDU..Be transparent with your claim maa!! Eh why ahh if govt servant, despite their good track record, caught for any tatatertib offence, action would be taken but if it is a PEMANDU's very own, it can be dismissed? Cheh!

  3. Anonymous1:48 pm

    They are feeling the heat.

  4. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Pemandu feels the heat Bro.


  5. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Well for starters, the trash in the limelight gave up her "divine" rights to writing immediately after the hot stuff melted so-po blogosphere last week:


    This after numerous photos highlighting her enviable repertoire of "skills" littered cyberspace.

    Some organisation on damage control spin mode? Go figure, hahahahaha

    By the way,I would love to sit for those tests supposedly designed to evaluate my analytical skills. And the press release is littered with errors, both grammatical and content and I am not an English teacher by any stretch of the imagination.

    Ok, back to the beach..........

  6. don't drink & DRIVE...

  7. Anonymous3:37 pm

    When Pemandu chose to shoot the messenger - it shows how 'un-brilliant' they all are. Professionals don't go around shooting the messenger but they address the issue directly. 'Merit' in terms of academic doesn't mean a thing without adequate experience. And this is evidence in the way Pemandu handle the whole thing. I predicted that they will start shooting just to make a mess out of Farah Intan so that PM would have no idea of the details. My advice to Pemandu, stop shooting. Just try to erase our doubts...if necessary, provide details and background of each of you for everybody to scrutinize. That may sounds crazy but it would solve problems rather than turn the cyberworld into a bloodbath. In the end, we all want to save Dato' Najib, don't we?

  8. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Defence is more on KRI or KPI, or on integrity of Pemandu selection criterias (which nobody knows about). What the people can see is that `a picture says a thousand words' and that it does not reflect the integrity and maturity required of a person in an important position...

    I think the messenger's message is not welcomed here.

  9. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Eh, you think messengers don't have responsibility ? Just because Pemandu has become fair game doesn't give you guys the right to post "anonymous" emails disparaging someone's character.

    The person who sent the Mole the email anonymously could be Farah's ex-boyfriend with an axe to grind. Did you or the Mole check on the facts first ? Did you ask some senior person at ZICO if she was fired ? Did you ask the Bar Council what the offence was ?

    You folks are simply irresponsible, and deserve to be shot for trying the break the rice bowl of an innocent individual. And I am sure you have daughters too.

    Zheng Ho Abdullah

    1. Dear zheng ho abdullah,

      You are an"Anonymous" yourself and I notice that you don't seem to mind that I publish your comments on my blog without verifying. In fact i am sure you have come to expect me to publish them as part of a process to find out what's false and what's true.

      As for those pictures of Farah, they aren't obscene, no nudity's involved and it looks like the photographs, or at least some of them, were placed online by Farah herself. If PEMANDU and PMO's work culture allows staff to post anything they like online or behave in any which way they please during their off hours, by all means.

  10. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Aiya, why do fast one? PEMANDU should wait another month or two to respond.

  11. Anonymous4:47 pm

    zheng ho abdullah

    nama muslim

    shud know hukum muslim minum arak

    not trying to break rice bowl

    but making sure decisions made FOR THE COUNTRY is not made during hang-over lah

    easy to understand...yes?

    cheng ho abdullah

  12. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Aisay ...

    Tulis surat paragraph tak justify. Nampak comot la.

  13. Anonymous5:06 pm

    @Zheng Ho Abdullah = ouch!

    You see mr nutcase Zheng, the pics were freely available courtesy of the trash and not via any triple sealed quadruple content package delivered by Deepthroat in some grimy dark car park in downtown KL.

    So go back to your sailing lest you junk rams into a rock courtesy of your stupidity. And please don't touch a real gun in your deranged state of mind.....er....your gun never mindlah.

    Wish I had a driver err....minder.......like the DRIVER.....when I post my fuck videos online......hahahahahaha

    Oh what a day at Bondi!

  14. Anonymous5:38 pm

    PM is backing them. They told PM the bloggers are playing rough for attacking her private life. and that's it..PM agree that the bloggers have crossed the line. That, and the word 'sewel', close the case. Pemandu wins.

  15. Anonymous6:41 pm


    i personally a number of these fledgling gen y talents in pemandu and talent corpse.

    brilliant they are, honours students but many suffer frm the ivory towers syndrome.

    also, most are anti government. some may argue that ones political leanings should not be a factor but i feel it is relevant, as well, i know some of them do bitch about some of the govts dealings and happenings and i dont think thats very professional of them to do so. oh well..

  16. Anonymous7:57 pm

    R u sure they are appointed based on merits not politically affiliated or connected to certain politicians?

    If they were appointed truly based on merits, why are we in a mess?

    That is the whole point.

  17. Anonymous8:12 pm

    attack all the pemandu@pemandul until they give up...roti jala cicah kuah kari...hahahah.

  18. Anonymous10:11 pm

    The moral problem of Farah is not explained and denied....so it is true that PEMANDU got no moral in their requirement !!!

    How can Najib forget about moral issue?

    Anyway, just few years from school have enough experience to hold as 'adviser' for PM and hold KDN kpi...WOW it is simply STUPID!!!

  19. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Wonder why our Police is turned ugly....budak tak ada maruah yang jaga KPI.

    Thank you bloggers...you are doing a great job... expose more until PEMANDU disolve and somebody got punish for doing stupid job.... Mana pencegah rasuah...?

  20. What's interesting about this press release is the fact that they never refuted the claims of her actions on social media and her social activities. All they did was defending her credentials and her placement in Pemandu. Which brings us to the question of what kind of people are representing the government. One of the blogs I follow correctly pointed out that she has to maintain a certain decorum at her position. She is, at the end of the day, a civil servant, representing the government, serving the people. She may be good at what she does, but whose going to take her seriously if she is caught in compromising positions like on her facebook.

  21. Anonymous10:56 pm

    why najib need pemandu when there are 1000 of professors who had established themselves both locally and abroad and being paid under JUSA scheme... just asked or instruct them to think on behalf of pemandu... surely those 1000 minds are greater those pemandu whose qualification and experience and motives are questionable

  22. Anonymous12:06 am

    Pemandu is technically damn stupid..siapa yg suruh harga minyak naik..Pemandu la...n then u have a HOT STUFF to think about our national security...WTH...they spend hundred millions of tax payers money with stupid consultants..towards the end they are many shooting here and there...sucks la Pemandu..mcm budak tingkat 4 zmn pak lah..

    Pemandu F3

  23. Anonymous12:11 am

    Still believe PEMAMDU is wasting public money. It is mere trying to justify their existence. PEMANDU is no more relevant as evidenced by the PRU13 impact of PEMANDU so-called KPIs. DSN must disband PEMANDU to save more public money. The PEMANDU media release evidence how shallow and hollow they are. PEMANDU are a bunch of suckers. And DSN should not get too obsessed with Idris Jala numbers of MAS. Look behind the numbers to see whether how truthful the numbers represent.

  24. Anonymous12:45 am

    Still, the letter does not include any explanation on the pictures and does not address the bloggers concerns on her lifestyle that may compromise the security of the nation.

    Fooling around with foreigners and getting drunks does not look to good. Especially if her portfolio involving national security.

    There is also no explanation on the merit. What merit are you talking about PEMANDU? Experience? She finished her Chambering at ZICO and that is good enough to justify their Jusa C paygrade??

    She is commendable you say? All we know SERIOUS CRIMES is all time high and PEMANDU seems to have a knack telling us as if they are performing with a flying color result. Go-fly-kite! What a waste of tax payers money! Puiii!!

  25. Aku rasa Farah ni, is a returning political favour,same as Idris Jala,Koh tsu koo.Briliant sangat ke dia?

  26. Anonymous8:38 am

    "Farah Intan Burhanudin, who is a senior analyst with the Reducing Crime National Key Results Area (NKRA"

    So.. I suppose, she was one of those who advised on removal of EO and ISA. She was so "syok", drunk and partying that the negative "elements" coaxed her and her fellow PEMANDU Party animals to recommend EO and ISA's removal.
    When you party all night long at those clubs or some other joints, you will surely be "exposed" to THE elements...
    PEMANDU hires based on paper and tests instead of paper,test, AND EXPERIENCE? No wonder la takde quality...


  27. Anonymous8:51 am

    anak sedara siapa lah yg dapat peluang emas tu demi friendship atau budi. Memang kepala otak tak bergeliga sangat bila ingat kewajipan dan akhlak tidak ada kena mengena. Perasan is a widespread disease among them, skewed image of themselves when they look in the mirror. Alahai.. kalo si Legam-Lebam Sembab, idung penyet nak jadi mat saleh sangat nampak lebeh macam sundal then anything else. Buat nak muntah.

  28. Anonymous8:54 am

    Oh yea...

    Look at the bottom of their letter.
    They let an Analyst to handle the Media on queries. This is lower level than Farah's Senior Analyst title.

    They either don't know how to engage the people or the media head or Directors takut. This is a reputational issue.

    Reputable Corporations use somebody Senior to manage this. All comunication gurus will say or write about the need for senior management visibility with regard to reputation related management.

    Baca buku and pegi conference banyak, tapi tak practise.

    Habis lah Malaysia. Run by junior analysts because directors tah buat apa tah...


  29. Anonymous9:16 am

    I agree with profit.

    Selalunya kalau macam ni punya perangai, parents dia mesti somebody who is politically connected. Cannot be someone from Jelai kat Batu Kurau nu.

    The problem with the Government (I'm talking about Umno-almost 100% supported by orang-orang kampung), when they appoint these people as consultants (the urbanites) how can they implement policies that would affect the lives of the people that they were never part of? (well, probably sekali sekala balik raya kat Baling to a rumah atok nenek yang ada aircond will not qualify, IMHO).

    They are good in writing and mostly, depa pandai speaking berabukla, that's why they are picked in the first place. The script is normally prepared by a researcher, who probably just a local grad and whose hometown is in some rural areas.

  30. haha......pemandu really kena pandu(not farah but in handling this issue)...sungguh memalukan....

    when i published an articles or comment 99% of malaysian will only comment on the "non important small issue" not the important main issue....as a malaysian im sad how malaysian choose to see and hear what only their eyes and ear would love to hear.....

    as PEMANDU to a country specifically to prime minister diverting not driven this main issue is really humiliating...not only to PM but to whoever elected him as PM....dont waste my vote najib or i and many more might consider otherwise in next election

  31. Anonymous9:43 am

    The 'defence' is akin to passing off painbrush water for coffee.

    OF COURSE an organisation will say their selection is based on merit. Got degree, got 2 years 'relevant' experience as machai lawyer can 'memandu' the countrylah!

    Is it suprisng at all that the political leanings of PEMANDU is such when its communications mantra is

    'They can say what they want about the government, but PEMANDU is good'?

    Saff's team in spin overdrive. Put any washing machine to shame.

  32. Anonymous12:34 pm

    And that justifies the humongous salary that they are getting.
    Where can I apply?

    - ajimsan

  33. Anonymous1:19 pm


    PM is still missing the point. It's not Farah that is a problem or her drinking and partying.

    It's about her ability to maintain confidentiality since she is obviously immature and immoral. No leaders in the right mind would risk having such personalities around the office.

    It's about having a team of with mostly anti-government mindset to help 'pandu' the country.

    It's about having a team where most of the members have only few years experience.

    It's about having a team who don't really embrace the culture and the life of real ordinary Malaysians to help draft policies for us.

    It's about the team having another team of consultants and who knows how many other team of consultants that cost millions of ringgit when you are telling people that the economy is in a mess.

    It's about paying them so much and take away our subsidy.

    It's about the country's economy not being in a good state despite paying all these so called brilliant consultants to help lead the country.

    It's about we havent seen any brilliant thing happened while they are there.

    Could it be any clearer?

  34. Anonymous3:17 pm

    If all employees in Pemandu appointed on Merit, how the hell this fella, Ahmad Suhaili, with NO PROVEN track record on public transport and can become the Director of Urban Public Transport and Greater KL. His failed short stint in IRDA or his disaster contribution in SKS Venture or his happy time with Idris Jala in SHELL?

  35. Anonymous4:24 pm

    "i personally a number of these fledgling gen y talents in pemandu and talent corpse.brilliant they are, honours students blah blah blah." - anon 6.41pm

    Response; Fuck U. I have slept and fucked some...thats even closer than you can ever get. And mind you, I had to chaperone them through the moves from A to Z.

    The truth is these are dolts whether in bed or elsewhere, period. All they do is produce glossy garbage littered with error strewn English. The press release says as much, both in terms of grammar and content. And they cant even argue logically nor cogently to save their cock or cunt, enough said.

    1000 professors, DRIVERS etc? Fuck them all, give me one Tun M anytime and he will make our days and years for eons to come.But sadly, being the gentleman statesman he is, he will not even deign the thought.

    So sadly my choice for a fit and proper PM would be Zeti Akhtar Aziz, a class act if ever there is one around now. All the rest are fit for the pig pens. And tell Nurul Izzah that she would be better off hair-drying her cunt growth for the next 1000 years rather than dreaming about the top job. She is not even fit to wash Zeti's undies.

    Off topic.

    Niki Aziz is back rattling about the need for an ulama coup with his endorsement of Hadi and with his plea for an ulama no 2. This bangsat pukimak is as sly as any filthy wolf.Pukimak ini kata demikian demi strategi dan nafsu.

    1. Strategi: NAjis tahu bahawa orang Melayu telah berpaling kembali kepada pemerkasaan agama dan bangsa. Dia tahu yang mati hidup PAS dalam PRU 14 bergantung kepada sejauh mana PAS menjejaki semula agenda konservatif agar undi Melayu dapat diraih kembali oleh PAS. Dia lebih arif bahawa dari dok jilat pungguk kapiak macae dalae PRU 13 lebih elok PAS memusatkan tenaga kepada memperjuangkan agenda Melayu Islam pasca PRU 13. Jika keadaaan politik semasa berkekalan, saya ramal yang PAS akan kembali segar bugar dalam PRU 14 nanti sebab Nik Aziz dan geng bangsatnya dah baca dengan tepat sekali akan naluri dan rentak politik oghe Melayu. Jelas para strategis PAS sedang bersiap sedia dengan senyap agar membuat kejutan terhadap parti-parti lain yang masih terpinga-pinga menjilat pungguk dan menghisap batang kapiak bak kata pepatah; "yang di kejar tak dapat, yang dikendung berciciran sementara oghe Melayu kian tersisih jauh bak pepatah " anak dibuaian mati kelaparan dek kera/babi dihutan disusukan"

    2. Nafsu: strategi baru Najis juga seiring dengan nafsu syaitannya yang ingin menaikkan anaknya, Nik Abduh (geng ularmak) agar agenda PAS senantiasa di bawah telunjuk keluarga Najis laknatullah.Dia juga sedar tidak gunanya lagi golongan liberal PAS kerana akar umbi PAS telah meluat dengan usaha liberal berjemaah dengan babi. Maka kenyataan najis adalah ibarat, "habis madu, sepah di buang". namun begitu, saya berpendapat Pakatan Setan tetap wujud, cuma ia akan mirip BN suatu waktu dahulu.

    Oghe Melayu yang pandai membaca rentak politik iblis perlulah berwaspada agar tidak tertipu dengan tipu muslihat keparat kepala butoh bernama Nik Aziz.

    Tetapi adakah mereka akan sedar,
    wahai mentari pantai Bondi???

  36. Anonymous11:35 pm

    they need to blame something....of course, bloggers.

    Majlis NGO

  37. Anonymous11:11 am

    Malaysia doesn't need such character holding higher office...this is NOT tolerable...what is to become of our beloved Malaysia???

  38. PEMANDU' s KPI ? No mid-year or at least annual report ? Dont see stats or figures published in newspapers. How do we audit them ? Only PM Najib approves their proposals ?

    This group belongs to the public. They are not private inc.with high order enjoying public taxes and fund. They are answerable to the public too. Answerable to BNM in terms of money matter.

    Layman's talk. I thought only "seekor kerbau but later they are all similar- habis semua terpalit lumpur"

  39. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Simple solution. Any KPI reports or dubious policies laid out by PM to the public, we should ask ' Does this come from PEMANDU? ' If there's any trace that it comes from the incompetent and inexperienced PEMANDU overpaid boys and girls, then it is not to be believed as workable for Malaysia. No question asked. PEMANDU outfit is totally unnecessary for a nation that has the civil service and cabinet colleagues who could act as PM's advisors. Don't try to act like the US ala Presidential style with strings of advisers.

  40. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Anon 4.24pm

    You missed your last appointment at TR. Get your head out of rockys arse and get it checked. Asshole

  41. Bubar PEMANDU!!2:22 am

    Kita tidak memerlukan Agenda Bumiputera. apa yang kita perlukan adala Agenda Kemerdekaan Nasional yang akan mengekangk ketamakkan golongan kapitai Cina dan India. Ini sama laha mcma New Economic Policy ia merangkumi hal ehwal nasional.
    Agenda Kemerdakaan Nasional akan menetapkan
    1. hak-hak orang Cina tidak boleh melebihi 20% aset negara
    2. hak-hak orang India tidak boleh melehbehi 10% aset negara.

    Ini adalah Persekutuan Tanah Melayu jadi kita perlu ada polisi nasional untuk mengawal kekayaan kaum pendatang cina dan India.

    3. Gas dan petrol dan diesel petronas perlu diagihkan sama rata untuk semua kaum asal, Melayu dan bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak.

    4. Chinese exclusion clause seperti di US perlu di adakan untuk menjaga sekuriti Persekutuan dari pencerobohan kerajaan Cina dan Cina Singapura.

    5. Tanah dan hutan tropika adalah hak Persekekutuan dan pendatang Cina dan India tidak boleh memiliki tanah in perpetuiti.

    6. Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu perlu diambil sebagai peramble kepada pembacaan Perlembagaan di mana di sebutkan 50% tanah adalah untuk orang Melayu. Dan bakinya dibahagikan dengan kaum lain.

    7. Pembentukan PEMANDU adalah salah dari segi Perlembagaan dan wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu kerana di anggotai oleh majoriti orang Kristian dan India dan Cina yang kononnya lebih pandai (merit konon) sebab itu mereka di pilih oleh Presiden UMNO. Bahlol!

    Ramai lagi Cina dan India yang pandai (merit konon) atau orang Rusia dan Inggeris yang kita boleh bayar. Jadieder ini adalah pariah yang tidak boleh dipakai oleh orang Melayu untuk menetapkan arah jalan Tanah Melayu.

    Bubarkan PEMANDU!!!

  42. Sebenar nya PEMANDU atau lain2 GLC, kalau ketua jabatan bukan bumiputra dan gerak geri nya tidak di pantau olih no 1 atau Company' president / chaiman akan musnah lah harapan kerajaan . Contoh DBKL, PETRONAS, etc.

  43. Just stumbled onto this, I am so out dated :)

    I am commenting based on my facts and what I know (we studied together in the said university).

    1. Idris Jala is a friend of her aunt. So there is a possibility that she got the job with the help of the family.
    2. She is a party girl but she is not someone that important to the PM that can jeopardise the nation's secrets.
    3. She is a very smart lady but yes she needs a little control - being in a government body, it comes with the job package.
    4. The release was written by her bestfriend, Ashwin whom happen to work in PEMANDU as well. That should explain the defensive tone.