Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pictures don't tell the whole truth, either

Almost didn't recognize the face. Story at OutSyed The Box.


  1. Anonymous5:04 pm

    senak perut aku...

  2. I want to puke.

  3. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Laaaa piee jahit kulit muka ko...frust la kak wan nanti pak nuar nampak muda cari puncok lelaki mudaaa ishh ishhh

  4. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Dah-dah la tu personal attack..banyak lagi benda lain yang leh kita diskus kat sini.

  5. Anonymous10:21 pm

    eeekks ... queue number up after chimp peng

  6. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Itu bukan Anwar, muka Anwar kempis....said Jijah.

  7. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Goddam, thats a terrible botched job... uggggglllyyyy.

    Get your money back Nwa.... oh yeah... you got lots of em. In the billions still??

  8. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Effect after Botox injection.

  9. Anonymous8:19 am

    nuar nuar.. apa nak jadi ngan ko ni?

    penyokong nuar penyokong nuar, apa nak jadi ngan korang ni??

    anon 8.38,
    kalau pencacai pakatan buat personal attack kat muka dan rambut rosmah, ok ker? haha...

  10. Rocky, I believe he is at the advance stage of HIV+ the latent side effects of the cocktail drug taken over a long period of time, puffy face, damaged liver, and kidney and eventually will lead to renal failure.
    Another side effect of cocktail is,according to Mayo Clinic the US, is singing and rambling because the coctail drugs make you happy....before you die!!!

  11. Heiiiii Mat King Leather, kenapa muka kau putih macam tepung gomak?

  12. Was about to say the exact same thing about this bloke. But pasquale beat me to it. Yeah, I agree with him 100%. Penyakit dah naik ke muka. Hahahha.

  13. Anonymous5:55 pm

    anugerah tuhan????

  14. Pautan tidak menunjukkan gambar? Saya rasa ia telah dikeluarkan ..


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