Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Don't worry (Be happy) ... Chin Peng's dead!

Why Chin Peng can't return. Source: Anwardi Jamil's FB
"Good. No need to worry anymore." - Widow of Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim, our IGP who was gunned down on June 7, 1974, when told of the death of Chin Peng, the man who ordered the kill, in  It's a divine gift that he died on Malaysia Day
It is quite clear that no one's death has been welcomed and celebrated by so many Malaysians with quiet joy and thankfulness as much as Chin Peng's. There were some folks (like Tian Chua, Hisham Rais and Bawani h e r e) who mourned Chin Peng's passing. These folks should read the piece written in the NST today by Najib Rahman.

17 September 2013| last updated at 12:02AM
It's a divine gift that he died on Malaysia Day

By Najib Rahman 

LEARNED Muslims believe that the Angel of Death visits and stares at the face of every living mortal on earth 70 times a day, or every 21 minutes, to be exact, to check out and execute a person's death warrant.
There is no stay of execution. Not even for a second when your "number is up". Meaning, a Muslim has to adhere to the full demands of the faith round the clock, for death will come anywhere and anytime.
That is why, when my son Naj-muddin, a news editor at the New Straits Times, called me up just after noon to tell me that Chin Peng had died, it left me quite numb, very numb in fact.
Not that I cared for the state of faith that Chin Peng was in when his life was snatched. Just that I was plainly astonished and dumbstruck at the timing of it all -- Sept 16.
Chin Peng, who (according to the official version), had ordered for my father, Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim, the third inspector-general of police, to be gunned down like a vermin in the streets of Kuala Lumpur in the morning hours of June 7, 1974 -- died on Malaysia Day!
Having asked the basic questions and gotten the answers from my son, I sat back in my chair to let it all sink in.
You know, given that Chin Peng had met his Maker a couple of decades ago, when my blood would still be boiling, I would have whooped, thumped the table and spewed forth a stream of expletives deserving of the critter.
But, today, at a somewhat more mellowed but not necessarily hallowed 65 years of age, I simply soliloquised: "Today is Monday, Sept 16, Malaysia Day. The significance of it all. This is surely a divine 'gift' for me, my mother, my siblings, my children who never got to know their 'wan' (northern term for grandfather), relatives and friends for 39 years of heart tugging, wrenching hurt."
Then, I think about the families of the 10,000 Malayan and Commonwealth troops, policemen and civilians killed during Chin Peng's 12-year murderous, bloody campaign (1948-1960) to establish a communist state in the country.
I think of them all. Fellow Malaysians who had lost fathers, husbands, brothers and sons to Chin Peng's murderous streak.
Theirs is an anguish that I could easily relate to and share with. And because we are of a kind, Chin Peng's death is also divine justice for all those tortured souls.
Jumping from my reverie, my mind raced towards my mother. Mother! I felt quite guilty. How can I not call her first?

She, who never fretted whenever father, during his Special Branch days, would pack his pillow and blanket to sleep in the office; she who seemed bemused when father came home one evening driving an old Austin 7, wearing a false beard and mustache capped with an over sized sunglass -- as disguise for a raid on a communist cadre-churning Chinese school; she who was always watchful whenever father dined in public places, and she who had mourned very quietly on the day a 9mm bullet took his life.

Over the phone, I broke the news to mother. Her reply, in a voice that clearly belied her 88 years, was simply, "Baguslah. Tak payah risau lagi." (Good. No need to worry anymore).
The "no need to worry anymore" part sort of stumped me a bit. Worry? Worry about what?
But she just left it at that. End of conversation.
I could come up with a hatful of theories to decipher mother's Dan Brown-like labyrinthine puzzle, but that would cloud the clear message that Chin Peng's death delivers: that there are lessons to be learnt from the past, a bloody and painful chapter of history has been closed, that there is absolutely nothing to be gained by extremism of any kind in this country, that we need to learn to trust one another again, and that it is time for us to move on.
Achieve that and there will be nothing for us Malaysians to worry about. (Click here for the original article ew Straits Times

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  1. "Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem."

    Joseph Stalin

    Good riddance Chin Peng. You'll not be missed.

  2. Anonymous1:27 pm

    UMNO Muslim must be bigots. The Japanese also killed more Malays than the communist and yet the no one crook Dr M taught the Malay on Look East policy.

  3. Anonymous1:42 pm

    ooohhh.. what a joy. the m*****f*****R is dead at last. pity they cannot buried him here. or else i could have dance on his grace and pee and shit on it too..

    may the devil be with you. chin peng.

  4. Anonymous1:54 pm

    "Divine gift"????

    We are not presuming to know the mind and the thoughts of The Almighty, are we?

    Wouldn't that be a sort of blasphemy?

    Anyway, Chin Peng became a historical anomaly long ago.

    Yet we happily do business with the People's Republic of China, which is as communist as they come in political ideology, if not in the capitalist pursuit of making money.

    Much like, if you come to think of it, like Umno, with it's own particular agenda of superiority, preferences and the nexus between politics and business.

  5. Anonymous2:22 pm

    The rhyme should be ...

    Don`t worry, be happy

    Chin Peng`s dead already.

  6. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Selamat Hari Malaysia!
    Chin Peng is dead!

  7. Anonymous4:24 pm


    I read with glee not because of the joy that this news brought about to the Malaysian public in general and the victims of the Old Terrorist in particular, but by the couple or so vermins commenting herein regarding the old goat's demise, trying so hard to inflate the issue by associating "you don't like Chin Peng why do Business with China" infantilistic non-sequitur.

    And regarding that trick to deflect the issue of "Malays Hate Chin Peng" to the new "UMNO hate Chin Peng" call so as to call in more supports, well it doesn't work. Soon as one realizes that the Champion of Communist-Terrorist bashing is UMNO, people will rally behind.

    Unless, of course, the idea that Old-But-Not-Yet-Expired Faggot Hisham Rais is more credible than than the ordinary malay on the street is the main idea of the day.

    Specifically, the 12th Day.

    Of Never.

    Marking Bagpie

  8. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Anon 1:27

    Jap appologize and surrender immediately in 1945, Chin Peng fingting YDP Agong from 1957-1989, the highest order of treason and only punisable by death in Malaysia and constitution,did Jap create highest order of treason to YDP Agong? You sure are blide and dont get your facts right

  9. Anonymous6:11 pm

    at last!

    the communist scumbag has died!

    may he burn in hell for the agony that this scumbag brought upon Malaya!

  10. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Whats the huraah about Chin Peng. He's a nobody. You want to declare 16 sep as Malaysia day and A very Happy Death Day of Chin Peng?
    The not even a need to write Chin Peng death in news let it be mouth to mouth. When he in the News that means he somebody. Since he in the news let say, Chin Peng repent and embraced Islam, what will it be? Nah.. its ok he did not do that and we don't have to think about it.

  11. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Chin Peng the baruah dah mampus? Bagus! I can't wait for other baruahs Lim Kit Sial, Lim Iguana Eng and Kapal Sink to mampus. And also sibapuk tua Hishamuddin Rais and Tian Chuak so that Tanah Melayu akan kembali aman damai.

  12. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Marking Bagpie

    Hit a sensitive spot, izzit?

    Why object to the China angle?

    After all, Chin Peng got his inspiration from the CCP, didn't he?

    Did he acknowledge any other ideological inspirations?

    The same CCP is still in power now in the PRC.

    We are doing business with the PRC.

    Granted that the PRC government may have abandoned the idea of bringing Asia under the sway of Marx and Lenin, and they may now be worshipping at the altars of capitalism, but in terms of ideology they are still much the same as they were in Chin Peng's time.

    Do you see the CCP moving to a system of parliamentary democracy any time soon?

    So, Bagpie, what exactly are you trying to put across?

    Apart from being infantile, that is.

  13. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Najib father is even trained by Japanese and Muzuem Negara even got the photo of Tun Razak's wearing Japanese military uniform with the comrad of penjajah Japanese who kill their fellow british and Malaysian.

  14. Anonymous12:37 am

    I think for Chin Peng to died on Malaysia Day, is indeed a blessing. So come every Hari Malaysia, Malaysians will always remember him.

  15. Chin Peng & Lee Hsien Loon12:55 am

    China aggressive claim of the Phillipines seas and island and japan and vietnam and sarawak shows that the chinese will be an evil force if allowed to be.
    The Chinese are mild if they are weak but if they have the power they would try to overcome Japan, Taiwan etc.

    So the USA is right when they consider Chinese the Fu Manchu the biggest threat. Poor they may be meek. But given the chance Chin Peng and Lee Hsien Loong is a perfect example.

    Trying to exterminate the natives Malays in Malaya and now Singapore.

  16. Anonymous3:10 am

    Chin Peng babi itu sama makna dengan pondan. Hanya seorang pondan akan bersembunyi dalam hutan atau dalam kemewahan di negara lain dan suruh balaci penghisap batangnya macam Abdullad CD, Rashid dan Shamsiah berdepan dengan tentera musuh.

    Sepanjang kariernya Chin Peng seperti Cina babi tipikal menyembunyikan diri di Beijing dengan Mao sambil mencocok lanchiaunya kedalam puluhan Puki babi betina bermata sepet. Itulah hero namanya bagi kaum mata sepet pantat tak bercuci. Depan cakap besar tapi bila berdepan dengan maut lanchiau kecut macam daun kering. Samalah macam suruh balaci PAS dan pariah PKR lawan Melayu. Depan tak berani tapi pandai main belakang aje kaum pukimak ini.

    Ada pernah dengar Chin Peng mengetuai gerombolan komunis berdepan tentera?ada dengar dia bertempur di medan perang? habuk pun tarak. Perwira Melayu seperti Mat Kilau, Bahaman, Rentap, Mat Salleh, Dato Naning, Tok Janggut dan banyak lagi turun gelanggang berdepan musuh macam jantan dan gugur sebai wirac tapi ChinPeng macam pondan menyorok. Inilah yang diluangkan sebagai hero oleh bangsa tak ada maruah atau jati diri.

    Hero Cina Babi pujaan Mat Sabu, MI, MKini serta yang sesewel dengannya hanya layak menyorok belakang buntut Mao. Waima Mao sendiri pun ada angkat senjata dan lawan. Chin Peng Babi takut mati ada buat gitu? .ada ikut jejak revolusioner lain macam Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Khieu Samphan, Fidel Castro, Che Guevera dll? Tak dak pun. Malah Osama sendiri ada bertempur dengan tentera US pada akhir hayatnya.

    Aku rasa Chin Peng sorok dalam hutan dan Beijing sebab dia takut mampus. Agaknya pegang senjata pun tak tahu. Dan lagi Chin Peng pondan pengecut sibuk konke pelacur Cino sambil jilat pungguk Mao. Nasib baik Mao bagi suaka kat kepala butoh bernama Chin Peng kalau tidak dah lama babi Cino ini merengkuk dalam penjara.

    Dan bila Mao mampus dan Deng tidak ada guna lagi untuk Chin Peng, hero pukimak Cina dihantar ke kampung orang tua di Betong untuk mampus. PRC tahu Chin Peng pondan tapi akibat dia kesayangan Mao, mereka diam diri. Tetapi bila Cino sedar kawan dengan Malaysia lagi bagus, Chin Peng dihambat pergi macam babi hutan.

    Inilah hero kertas yang dipuja mata sepet punggung bertahi. Pukimak pengecut pondan yang menyorokkan diri dan berlagak gengster. Syukur alhamdullilah, babi kaniniamah ini dah mampus. Sekarang tunggu giliran pondan pondan lain macam Kit Sial, Anwar, LGE, Tian Chua, Tony, Kapal Sinki dan yang paling utama Harry Lee kepala butoh mampus.

  17. Anonymous9:03 am

    Dear Stupid Bangang "Too-Coward-to-not-hide-behind-Anonymous" 7:37...

    "So, Bagpie, what exactly are you trying to put across?

    Apart from being infantile, that is."

    Well first of all I would appreciate it if you can think up catchy catch-phrases of your own. People who use other people's creativeness in the art of insults only show their lack of command, absence of gab, and a general dearth of cerebral strength: that strength which is needed to put forward credible arguments in meaningful debates. But the points that you put forward, of which I will presently highlight, really show this scantiness that I am talking about, doesn't it?

    (Yes, it's DOESN'T IT. Not IZZIT. I mean, the Chinglish corruption of this particular mode of grammar sometimes is sooooo .... despicable. Like...

    "Ling Mei isn't so sure of herself, izzit?"
    "You UMNO blokes don't know a thing about politics, izzit?"
    "Chin Peng our hero hit a sensitive spot, izzit?"

    Anyway, I will, for the time being, just let you be happy with your inefficacious grammar veins. Now to get to the matter:-

    "The same CCP is still in power now in the PRC. We are doing business with the PRC."

    Do you people realize this guy's insipid point? It is this:

    "Why hate Chin Peng? After all doesn't Malaysia do trades with China?"

    You see, what he is trying to do is drag in the non-sequitur argument of "If A=B and B=C then it must necessarily be A=C" of the old Aristotelian dialectics. (I take that back. Probably this guy can't even spell Aristotle).

    So if we take in this guy's fallacy, Dato' Lee Chong Wei shouldn't be contesting against Lee Dan because the latter's communist.

    We shouldn't be importing goods from China because China is communist. We shouldn't be buying Su-37 and MiG-29's from the former USSR because they were communists.

    Only uninitiated dunces like Anon 7:37 craving for red herrings in the mid of clear fallacies above would glee with pride over the old argument of "All men are mammals, some mammals are bears, therefore some men are bears" Undistributed Middles.

    Woiiitt Ah Seng!

    Chin Peng killed people. Lee Dan didn't!
    Chin Peng massacred innocents, the factory workers procuding iPhones in Xuan Cheng didn't!
    Chin Peng ambushed and slaughtered the Police, the farmers of Shao Wu didn't!
    Chin Peng did atrocious activities that could only be described as waging a war with the Yang diPertuan Agong, a crime punishable by Death. The Steel workers of Qing Yang didn't!

    Which brings me too see what a sheer advantage it is to have this "Anonymous" facility. Else, if this guy had used his real name, we would have known the SJK he had gone into when he was a kid, his lot number when he will be buried in Nirvana Center, Nilai. And most of all, the name of the family clan that had given birth to such a belligerent dunderhead.

    Marking Bagpie

    1. Excellent & brilliant argument! A great piece of work. Really enjoyed the wiittiness yet meaningful at the same time. Kudos to you Marking Bagpie!

  18. Anonymous12:06 pm

    By the way, next week, we will be chartering a small aircraft and distributing Chin Peng's ashes over Putrajaya. Don't worry, we will make it a Facebook event, and you can see the plumes of ash float over all of Putrajaya.

    Make sure you stay indoors next week. The fine ash may even go through the aircon ducts.

    Chimpeng Relative

  19. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Marking Bagpie,

    If that is your real name and you aren't hiding behind a veil of anonymity, then you truly are a produce of in breeding and best that dumno can delivers. If that is not your name, then you must be truly stupid. Either ways, you can go fuck yourself and take your bullshit racist beliefs with you. This country does not and will never belong to bigots like you.

  20. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Why not scatter the ashes over Georgetown, where all CP relatives are residing.

  21. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Marking B

    How many people died during the Long March and the Cultural Revolution?

    Maybe more than died during the Emergency in Malaysia.

    And equating Lee Chong Wei with Lee(sic) Dan is infantile.

    Why not bring in Chinese leaders from Mao Tse Tung onwards till the present day?

    And duck and dodge as you may try, there is no escaping the fact that the ideology of the CCP then and now is substantially unchanged.

    So, it's ok to do business with them, regardless of security and strategic considerations?

    That's like the freaking mother of all cop outs, if you ask me!

    Chin Peng may have been Shaitan incarnate, in the eyes of some people, but he was no different the hard men who pushed the CCP to power in China.

  22. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim....how rich was this IGP?

  23. Anonymous6:28 pm

    aiyo retard @ 7:37 pm

    PRC did not kill Malaysians, chimp peng did. Malaysia has no quarrel with PRC.

    When you associate chimp peng with PRC, it shows your own personal solidarity with PRC

    the only secret is that PRC has no space in their minds, hearts and land for chinese stuck in Malaysia

    these pendatangs are unpatriotic and UNWANTED in PRC


  24. Anonymous6:30 pm


    tokong has disappointed the south sifu for being soooo stupid

    now his idol and inspiration also DIED on him

    kahh kahh kahh chin peng is DEEEAAADDD

  25. Anonymous6:35 pm

    braindead anon @ 12:26 pm

    hahahahahahaha, when you lose an intellectual argument, you just need to turn boringly and predictably VULGAR

    what a garbage product of SJK - pirated copy

  26. Anonymous6:37 pm


    just scatter chimp pain's wasted ashes into tokong's tea - may just help improve his IQ

  27. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Yeah how about at nik aziz or mat sapi house in kelantan. The penyokong pas in kelantan will b happy to open wide their mouth or nose and goes way back into their lungs. How about at ai resident. Him wife n nurul will b happy bathing wit his ashes...

  28. Anonymous9:28 pm

    i think it disturbs some people that even though he's ashes now, chin peng is seen as a hero/ freedom fighter by some.
    let's move to the future and leave arguments like this behind. no one will win because it's opinions.

  29. Anonymous8:53 am


    But amidst all the witticisms, Marking B didn't make any convincing points, did he/she?

    Try as he/she might, there's no refuting the fact that the CCP may have donned business suits and developed a taste for caviar and champagne, but their basic ideology remains intact. To this day.

    If Chin Peng posed a security threat in his day, how much more of a security threat is an irrenditist and expansionist PRC?

    A threat that we seem to blithely ignore by assuming that Uncle Sam will be around to pull our balls out of the fire?

    By the way, a report I read recently placed Chin Peng amongst the ranks of Asian freedom fighters like Aung San, Ho Chi Minh and Sukarno.

    Wouldn't that be one for the books?

  30. Anonymous11:07 am

    It’s great to hear both sides of the story. I didn’t know Chin Peng killed so many people. And however much the Anons here in various permutations (or perhaps they are just one person, judging by their same inerudite arguments) try to put up some defence for CP, they all fail miserably. Unless, of course, you consider vulgarity, ad-hominems, pointing spelling mistakes and some general Loudness Hiding Wants-Of -Points as valid arguments.

    Anon 8:53 ---> “Maria, But amidst all the witticisms, Marking B didn't make any convincing points, did he/she?”
    On the Contrary! That Bagpie fellow made LOTS of convincing points. Which parts of his points do you not comprehend, or refuse to comprehend? He put it very clear: we are not against the PRC because they are a sovereign nation: trade-able, business-able, diplomatically-approachable. Chin Peng was a rotten terrorist killing innocent civilians. Now you mean to say you STILL do not understand that?
    But when you pull in other names like Sukarno, Ho Chi Minh and try to widen the Lowest Common Denominator to include Chin Peng as well, then I know you are devoid of points and do not have any sound judgments left. I tell you what. Stop here and now, lest you make further fool of yourself.

    And Anon 9:28 said ---> “i think it disturbs some people that even though he's ashes now, chin peng is seen as a hero/ freedom fighter by some.”
    Well it disturbs people least of all. I am more disturbed by a mouse entering my kitchen and then sapu my roti sardin than think the dangers posed by a dead communist are serious enough. But don’t tell my grandpa though. If he has his way, he’d like CP’s body to be brought in so he could pee on it.

    Bagpie Tuan:
    “Stupid Bangang” is a repetition of the same meaning.
    Also, I can spell Aristotal. That puts me in the same league as you, IZZIT?

  31. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Anon 11:07 am

    Anyone remember Rashid Maidin?

    Apparently he was an anti-imperialist anti-colonialist anti-British "rebel" back in the day.

    He was also the first Malay (according to Wikipedia) to join the CPM, and was a member of the CPM delegation to the Baling peace talks.

    Why did Rashid Maidin join the CPM?

    Was his anti-colonialist anti-imperialist feelings so strong that there were no other outlets for his sentiments in then British Malaya?

  32. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Anon Rashid Maidin:

    So? So what? Rashid Maidin was a communist, and like Chin Peng, was barred from entering Malaysia even until he died.

    In your mind, it is always malay versus chinese IZZIT? People talk about CP from MCP and you bertungkus lumus go and search in the internet about malay counterpart.

    You know that CP was unfortunate enough to be a communist origin of chinese descent. So to you, attacking chinese, IN WHATEVER PERMUTATIONS OF EVIL, is tantamount to attacking chinese PER SE. Ergo, bringing the malay thing inside.

    Let's tell it here unequivocably: if Rashid Maidin a communist becomes, Rashid Maidin will be chased away, and his corpse would be prevented from coming home too.

    And yes he became, and he did, and his corpse was.

    Anon Aristotal

  33. Anonymous10:18 pm

    this anon retard @ 8:53 am is making us DETEST all cinabengs more

    after chinese tsunami, whenever we see one yellow face we also see babi

    and retard @ 8:53 am is making us feel JUSTIFIED