Sunday, September 22, 2013

An online love letter to Chin Peng

Excerpts from the reviled Farewell, Comrade Chin Peng - Abdullah CD
... He had loved very much his country — his place of birth. He had the wisdom and courage to bring peace to our country. He had done his part and yet he had been denied return to his beloved Motherland. History will point the finger of indictment at those who break the promises. Let it be, the people are not blind.
Farewell, Comrade Chin Peng — our beloved leader, our comrade, the courageous freedom fighter! 
* Abdullah CD was the chairman of the Communist Party of Malaya. 
** This is the personal opinion of the writers or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malay Mail Online.

Chin Peng worshippers in the newsroom. There is only reason why Abdullah CD's love letter to Chin Peng got published in the Malay Mail Online: there are people at the Malay Mail Online who sympathize with Chin Peng, who do not know or care about the history of his atrocities against the people of this country, who idolize the Butcher of Malaya. 

I would not publish Abdullah CD's letter in my portal. The Star did not publish it. The NST didn't, either. Nor would Sinar Harian, Utusan Malaysia, the Mole. Maybe the Rocket would but I believe it didn't. Heck, even the Malay Mail print editor didn't publish it.

Why? The armed campaign led by Chin Peng against Malaya killed more than 10,000 Malayans. Those Commies didn't kill just the soldiers and the policemen, they tortured and butchered ordinary citizens, orang-orang kampung, women, children and old men, anyone who did not support their struggle for power, anyone they suspected to be a talibarut, anyone who stood in their way. No, I will not disrespect the children and grandchildren of Chin Peng's victims by giving someone space to glorify the monster. I will not insult those who gave their lives defending this country against a terrorist, a murderer.

Chin Peng was no freedom fighter. He waged war against us long after we, as a nation, had achieved our freedom. He was no patriot. If he was, he wouldn't have waged war against us when Malaya became Malaysia.

p.s. The Malay Mail Online's disclaimer is a joke and should read: 

** This is the personal opinion of the writers or publication and does not necessarily NOT represent the views of The Malay Mail Online

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Propagating Communism by Zakhir Mohamad.
The blogger Big Dog calls on the authorities to arrest the editor of the Malay Mail Online, who used to head the anti-Najib political news portal The Malaysian Insider, "for allowing room to propagate the Communism ideology". 

In 1974, CPM incorporated target assassination as part of their rebellion. As such, IGP Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim was assassinated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur on the way to work on 7 June 1974. Perak CPO Tan Sri Khoo Chong was shot on 13 November 1975 on his way for lunch.

Raising the Chin Peng spectre for a selfish political end by Shamsul Akmar
The editor of The Mole, writing in the NST, attacks Anwar Ibrahim and Tian Chua for trying to score political points with the Chin Peng issue.

... to promote "yang sudah, sudahlah" to those who had become Chin Peng's and CPM's victims, and suffered the atrocities with their families, is excessively presumptuous on Anwar's part.
The fact that most of these victims and families had chosen to not demand vendetta for the atrocities is a magnanimity becoming of believers of any faith.  
As for declaring Chin Peng a patriot; the retired teacher now realises that there is no cure for imbecility.


  1. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Chin Peng and gang killed, maimed a lot of people. Sabotaged the economy for many decades.
    Even after signing the peace treaty, they NEVER apologised. Let alone express remorse.
    And now some people want forgive and forget? What the fu*k? Pls stop the nonsense. Yes, people like Tunku Abidin et al, pls stop. Tunku, if you have any balls pls join the army.

    1. Anonymous12:19 pm

      He is right. The people are not blind for they can diffierentiate truth n lies from this communist and his baruas.
      Ketika berlakunya 13mei akak saya yg berumor 15 berada dlm bas d roundabout jln pahang. Satu group cina2 dlm lori dgn speaker menjerit2 memanggil melayu babi klr lu sudah kalah melayu monyet melayu babi etc...dia tidak lupa...cina2 yg hidup lagi yg terlalak hari itu sudah lupa kah?

  2. Anonymous5:29 pm


    I think this country, on both sides of the political divide - both a re equally at fault - is spending way too much time and effort on this.

    There are far more urgent issues to be resolved. I find it amazing that people can even write about "the spectre of Communism" re-invading Malaysia. There are enough insidious forces here already without chasing extinct phantoms.

    Modern Malaysian politics. A few grams of cremated chinaman, dog trainers, suraus, old flags and old poets, school toilets, crappy propaganda films about a 44-year-old incident, and finger-pointing all around. These drive the so-called "national debate".

    The superficial elevated to important, the artificially racialised, the sabre-rattling. Both sides are at fault.

    Get a grip, people.

  3. Anonymous6:14 pm

    we also know one leader who was a jap stooge that killed millions of people...

  4. Indians in Malay Mail6:30 pm

    These are anti Malay and anti Malaysia indians editors in MalayMail. Catch them and sent them to whereever hole they came from.

    These indians are masquerading as Malays.

  5. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Chinpeng's body should have been soaked in caustic soda. This will prevent unnecessary controversies regarding the management of the ashes.

    Anyway, I am talking about method of disposing roadkills. No hard feeling readers out there..

  6. Anonymous7:58 pm

    To those who think Chin Peng is a hero...

    Imagine if anyone esp Afghanis glorified Osama bin Laden as a war hero (he did fight the Soviet invasion and help drove them out), would you not squirm at the man that caused 3000+ people to die on 9/11?

    So, why in any common sense would you glorify Chin Peng?

    And stop comparing it to the Japs, the Japanese government had to apologies, pay out compensation, and their leaders were convicted of war trials, executed or hanged to death.

    Yet you get CPM leaders who partake in maiming and killing of Malayan and Malaysian who walk away freely, and Chin Peng not regretting anything...put things in perspective before calling him a "independence hero".


  7. Anonymous8:43 pm

    chin peng is a brutal genocide devil who should be burnt in hell.
    so who the fuck glorified chin peng? are they waiting for another riot?

  8. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Two rules in History either you are Bad (villain) or you are good (Hero). Wiston churcill is Hero while Hitler is Villian. Chin Peng is bad a Villain who choose a wrong path to free the country while our forefathers in History are the good (Heroes) ones as they choose the right path to gain independence. SO forget the bad ones and let buried it. History is for the next generation to learn lesson. We have learned our lesson so no issue on Chin Peng. He died and let his soul rest in peace at the place he died. Full Stop.

  9. Anonymous10:40 pm


    it's not a bad idea to allow the vile CP's ashes to be brought back.

    the Opposition is going to capitalize on Chin Peng's death by getting a gigantic memorial to be built in Thailand - either Bangkok or Chiangmai to commemorate the late MCP's numero unos passing.

    The will then make sure Malaysia's name is tarnished by putting in a stone plaque which states :-

    "Here Lies The Remains of The Late Ong Boon Hua aka Chin Peng Because UMNO Government of Malaysia Broken The Peace Treaty of 1989 Signed By The Then PM, Thai Government & MCP"

    We should not allow the Opposition to cast such a shame to Malaysia.

    If his ashes are brought back; at least a memorial/shrine can not be had.

    I shudder to think this will allow Communists Sympathisers to use this moment to attack Malaysia.

  10. Anonymous10:50 pm

    There were quite a number of chinese butchered by the PKM. It wasnt just to the Malays although majority of the victims were Malays.

    Haven't heard him apolologized. Besides, he was not a citizen of Malaysia, is he?

  11. Anonymous4:16 pm

    This is PROOF that PR is a LAME coalition - they have nothing positive to bring to the nation.

    A dead commie is best buried as a mass murderer, no need to harp on his rotten soul.

    PR has no proactive programmes for the rakyat's welfare, all they are actually capable of is drama only.

    Imagine glorifying a FAILED and perished commie, as if they have no other figures for inspiration.


  12. Anonymous4:39 pm

    The Japanese, in their occupation, also killed their fair share of Chinese folk.

    Why no outrage against the Japanese?

    But, I think some of you think that is ok because Chinese blood is dispensable.

    Why only limit your outrage against Chin Peng?

    The Malaysian Government signed a peace treaty, and from what I read, Chin Peng was allowed to return to Malaysia as part of the "settlement."

    If that was true, then, indeed, the Malaysian Government cannot be depended to hold up their end of an agreement.

    Just my two sen.

  13. Anonymous7:00 pm

    anon 4:39 pm

    you know nuts abt the real history, you deserve to be exploited by lim dynasty to consolidate their grip on power to enrich lim & cronies

    yellow face means babi

  14. Anonymous8:12 pm


    I wonder why the Brits don't have the same hatred for the Germans, despite the suffering and traumas of the two World Wars?

    I mean, there was the Battle of Britain. British soldiers becoming casualties of the beaches of Dunkirk.

    Yet, today, Germans live and work freely in Britain. Britain and Germany are defence allies and members of NATO.

    And the Americans? They fought against the Japanese in the Battle of the Pacific. They came through Pearl Harbour to the battles of Bataan and Corregidor to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Yet, today, the US and Japan are treaty allies.

    Against a China that Malaysia thinks is not a threat to it's security.

    I wonder if the Americans, Brits, Germans and Japanese have a different perspective on history.

    Or whether Malaysians have a different psyche?

  15. Anonymous12:48 pm

    bozo @ 8:12 pm

    what makes you so sure they are now pally pally with one another?

    These westerners are racists too. Read what a CINA has to say:

    "Racial stereotypes don't die; they don't even fade away. Though Asian Americans today have "achieved" model minority status in the eyes of the white majority in America by "pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps" through our supposedly quiet, dignified demeanor and gritty, "overachieving" work ethic, the terms of the racial discrimination we face remain the same today as they have since the first Asians began settling en masse in the United States more than a century and a half ago. At the root of this discrimination is the idea of a "Yellow Peril".


  16. Anonymous12:51 pm

    He is a patriot to Communist China during the cold war era
    The American lost 58,000 soldiers to stop the Communists hegemony in South East Asia
    As a pawn,embarking on a ploy in deceit to free Malaya from Japanese and British rule
    CPM even solicited fund here in aid to China during the Sino Japanese war
    If,he has suceeded in his endeavour,Malaya will remain as what Cambodia/Vietnam today
    There are peoples out there trying to paint his legacy with honey

  17. Anonymous1:07 am

    Saudara Brew,

    You helmed that tabloid once. Then, it left the fleet (no pun intended to that famed Fleet Group - TDMs Melayu mudah lupa comes to mind!) Am told you also left with no necktie on collar - cause you were never a conformist - but in pocket many dollar. So whats your beef about hows' MMonline being run and editors there exercising their discretion... You like many others, am told, had your chance but it would seem everybody knew what happened. So now, are you trying to instigate or propogate McCarthyism here? Seriously... lest we forget even the badly riddled by gunfire bodies of Ashar and Nordeen are purportedly buried somewhere down South. To date, nobody commented how their bodies were desecrated by excessive rapidfire nor is anyone whispering hero worship. The duo too were terrorists you know! So why don't you and your merry men/women (whose comments you exercise your discretion to have uploaded) leave Chin Peng be lah...let him rest in peace, ashes or no ashes!

    Sekadar diPinggiran

  18. Anonymous8:02 am

    Malay mail online should not have run Abdullah CD's letter. They should have left Chin Peng be. Let him rest in peace, ashes or no ashes.

    Aces High