Monday, September 23, 2013

War against Crime: Round 1 to Zahid Hamidi and PDRM

The Star has got some good news to start our week:

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Cantas is Bahasa Melayu to describe a swift, clinical and brutal act of hacking, cutting, chopping, severing, or dismembering (especially the legs of a person). It means you cannot deal with crooks by putting on kid gloves. You must be quick and merciless. The criminal lawyer-politicians can still have their space in the newspapers and portals screaming about their clients' human rights but the rest of us Malaysian have our human rights, too, and we want the Home Minister and the Inspector-General of Police to continue defending our right to a safe Malaysia.  
Thank you, PDRM. Don't let your guards down yet. Many rounds to go.


  1. Anonymous11:40 am

    Way to go PDRM and Tan Sri Khalid. Just beat the crap out of those crooks and thieves. Chase them out until they have no place to go. They can run but they can't hide. Do whatever you need to do. There's no use being nice to them. We are solidly behind you. If those crook lawyers and politicians go after you, we'll defend you. We are willing to be the human shield protecting you guys. Do your job and we'll take care the rest.

  2. charleskiwi12:50 pm

    That is what the scaramouch home minster has to say just to justify the various actions he has taken over the last couple of months. How come the people are not feeling it ? The restaurants are still being guarded by security guards holding automatic guns walking around ? Or is it because these restaurants are just paying too much taxes from the profit ? Until the country really feels safe the crime rates have become save for them to move around without any worry can the home minister claims the crime rates have come down, Typical of an Umno home minister who is out to claim, for the benefit of his contest for an Umno VP post. He should have a legislation passed for all those arrested to be forced to immigrate instead !

  3. Anonymous1:41 pm

    thank u home minister...should hv kicked former guy in the butt earlier. !

  4. Anonymous2:01 pm

    That's right, kill first and talk later, Malaysian style!

  5. 1. Back in track. Tahniah kepada PDRM.

    2. And there are lots of other CANTAS too, to be done next. No more " maksiat centers". No more online, offline bad remarks on racial / religion sensitivity.

    3. On top of all, No More Mobsters, No More Communist. No More Syiah. No More Pedatang Haram.

    4. No More Malays, Chinese, Indians or Others - extremists.

    What a Wonderful World( Malaysia)

  6. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Kudos..Zahid for being the force to move things which is long overdue. Bravo to our PDRM for the fast and furious commendable work done and PLEASE, not lapse after the water run still cos its false. All Malaysians want a peaceful and safe, towns, cities and back lanes to be rid of criminals. Thank you again.

  7. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Anon 2.01 pm,

    No, you go and hug them and kiss them first before the PDRM kill them. Like?

  8. Anonymous6:49 pm

    PDRM is for real...unlike PEMANDU cuma pandai buat slides konon jenayah turun...yg teruk buat kerja polis gaji kecil. yg cakap berdegar habuk pun tarak si pemandu mabuk ttp bonus berbulan2...

  9. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Good job PDRM!

    Nip it in the bud before kongsi gelap activities turn this country into Ciudad Juarez. The long arm of the law in Malaysia will get the criminals no matter where they are. Gangs and mafias dont belong to civilized society here. No such things as trigger happy cops in PDRM; those guys are obviously doing their jobs.

  10. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Congrats to PDRM for showing us they can do the job if they really want to. Shoot first ask later. That is the only way to treat criminals.

    If the criminals cannot cari makan in Malaysia I hope they can migrate and set-up syndicates in China, India or Indonesia.

    2020 is not far and to be a developed nation PDRM must not stop in their effort of terminating all violent crimes. Kudos PDRM the criminals WHO is IN-CHARGE!!

  11. Anonymous12:52 pm


    Yup be tough be firm and IGNORE the imbeciles who only know how to criticise.

    The REAL rakyat appreciates the committed efforts expanded.