Sunday, August 04, 2013

"I am not anti-Government ..."

"... not even anti-Mohd Najib". Those who know A. Kadir Jasin well would frown upon even the hint of a suggestion that the former Group Editor-in-Chief of NSTP is capable of being anti-government.  
Tokoh Wartawan Negara 2011
AKJ has always been supportive of the government, even when Pak Lah was the Prime Minister. Oh yes, he is damn critical of many things that the Government does - in his writing, in his speeches and, I suspect in his dream, too - but there's nothing new there. Back then, his column Other Thots dared to even question Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his administration on matters he strongly disagreed with the Prime Minister. As one of his editors during the 90s, I have witnessed Kadir put his job on the line for being critical.  
Today, among the more influential bloggers (including those who are supportive of the government, of Umno and of the BN), Kadir is by far the most consistently critical of the government. And people - in and outside of government and the party - pay attention to what he has to say; decades as a journalist and a thinker close to the powers that be have helped bestow upon Kadir the necessary gravitas to not be ignored.  
But in his own words: 
"I am not anti-government. I am not a subversive element. I love my country. I am not even anti-Mohd Najib ... But I am critical and I am against the wrong things he and his advisors had done or are doing." 
Lately, some individuals said to have the PM's ears have labeled Kadir (among several other bloggers) as being anti-Najib/government/BN-Umno. They don't have to know Kadir well. They just have to read the man's latest posting, It's OK for Rocky to be Angry (minus his response to my posting on The New Paper's mischief; which I will try to address in my next posting) and set the record straight with the Boss.


Anonymous said...

when he wrote something with facts and points out the obvious, that is critical.

when he wrote something that is baseless and based on assumptions and popular opinion, that is anti and seditious.

Anonymous said...

Dtk Rocky,
Inilah perkara yg menjadi salah satu penyebab Kjaan BN/UMNO semakin tidak popular di kalangan rakyat ( kalau popular undi dan bil kerusi bertambah atau mendpt 2/3 ). Pembesar pembesar BN / UMNO serta juak juak disekeliling "Pusat Kuasa " tak boleh di beri pandangan,teguran apa tah lagi kritikan.
Dtj AKJ pula dianggap Anti Kerajaan dan Anti Najib? Bersediakah mereka ini menerima anggapan sebahagian kecil rakyat bahawa Kjaaan dan Pemimpin Pemimpin BN/UMNO hari GAGAL membela dan berjuang serta mempertahankan hak dan maruah bangsa?
Kritik sedikit sudah dianggap ANTI.
Tanda tanda seseorang Pemimpin mengharungi kegagalan ialah tidak boleh menerima teguran dan dlm konteks Malaysia yg majmuk salah satu tanda awal kegagalan ialah Pemimpin kelihatan spt tunduk kpd tekanan drp sesuatu golongan kaum.
Sebagai rakyat biasa saya tidak pernah putus mengikuti tulisan tulisan Dtk AKJ dan beliau miliki pengikut tersendiri.
Anihnya,jika tidak memuji bererti anti?
Seorg Pemimpin Umno/Bn d Kedah dan Juak Juak sekelilingnya pun kelihatan spt miliki sikap yg sama. Kritik sedikit..tak sokong dan anti. Ingatlah...BN/UMNO menang bkn banyak mana pun..itu pun bila seorg rakyat cawangan nak berjumpa dilapor bahawa juak juak sekeliling bagi tahu TAK BOLEH sebab tiada appointment...begitu lah taraf rakyat bila sdh berkuasa.Sepatutnya juak juak Pemimpin ini ambil tahu dan layan dgn penuh hormat rakyat ini..apa masalah dia..kalau di berhajat nk jumpa pemimpin permudahkan lah...tak ingat kah sewaktu Pemimpin mereka nak ambil tempat dlm politik..jumpa pelbagai jenis pemimpin bawahan...masa tu tak kena buat appoinment pun...saya teringat salah seorg bekas Pemimpin Utama BN/UMNO di sebuah negeri yg jika dibilang kurang satu cukup sepuluh...ketika memrintah beliau khususkan dlm seminggu satu hari utk rakyat datang jumpa beliau...x perlu buat temujanji...ini cara yg menghampiri ciri ciri khulafak ar rashidin...jadi wahai pemimpin..sedarlah bahawa anda bukan lah popular sangat dikalangan rakyat. Menang sikit sahaja..dan berpesan pesan lah kepada orang sekeliling..jauhi sikap sombong dan berlagak...mesra lah dgn rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Same here, I am not anti govenrmnet just anti incompetent government.

Whylah these incompetent leaders feel insecure, because they should not be there in the first place.

The competent and reluctant leaders must fix this major screw ups.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rocky, your boss is an eunuch opinion, no decision, no leadership, every man for wonder Kadir is pissed off. I think he is really disappointed, as are all mainstream UMNO. only brown-nosers like you think the skies are blue under Bijan.

Rome burns while Nero fiddles.....

imlan adabi said...

Kadir... legacy!

Anonymous said...

It is wise if someone could propose Datuk A Kadir Jasin to become one of special adviser to our PM. Why not?
Danial Che' Alang

Anonymous said...

sudah lah tu orang melayu umno. jatuhkan aje Najib yang terlibat berbagai kes itu. Bukan seorang aje yang layak jadi PM. bagi saya Najib tu tak boleh pakai langsung, tengok lah Malaysia sekarang dah jadi negara Amerika Selatan , tiap hari ada kes bunuh dan gaduh. Di mana PM kamu tu. Tuih ....

Anonymous said...

He changed, from bad to good. You changed, from good to bad.

kluangman said...

Bukan satu dosapun menentang kerajaan Yang sombong, malah mungkin wajib.

Kit a boleh menolak tanggapan pemimpin pembangkang terhadap kerajaan tetapi apabila rakyat yg tidak berpartian, yg pernah soKong kerajaan kini bersuara itulah tanda kerajaan sekarang sudah useless.

Buku pamlet Dan vedio najib kinI pula diedarkan kpd rakyat kononnya najib ingin memberi nasihat kpd rakyat secara langsung seolah mendekati rakyat. Apakah rakyat sudah buta untuk melihat najib saban hari di media perdana, melainkan rakyat sudah termuntah untuk melihat sandiwara najib.

Anonymous said...

People, please don't forget many of these so called government servants= people's servants are actually die hard pas and pkr supporters. Don't believe me? Don't take my word for it. You guys can check their fb or Twitter accounts and see what I mean. And most of them are inept and irresponsible at doing their jobs. Doing little work but had the balls barking at the government for salary increase and bonuses every now and then. Now, that's the root of problems in government's delivery system!

Out Dated Kadir said...

My bone of contention with Kadir Jasin is that his views are as outdated as Mahathir.
These Malays of preindependence days had their chances and they fail.

All the NST Editors like Kalimullah, Munir Majid are multi millionaires polishing fella indian Mahathir.

These Indians biasness of NST is on going. Even today the NST editorial reflects the Chinese triads views that preventive detention is bad for the gangsters and therefore should not be allowed. We all know that the Chinese and indian migration brought some of the lowest class of people into malaya who will kill or rob at a drop of a hat. We can see that today. These are not civilised chinese and indians of China and India. To think that they are as genteel as the Malays is to be lulled into chaos.

Now the Malays can see that NST editorial are influenced by money, by chinese gangsters, indians interest.

What UMNO should do have a internal body to watch that NST remain neutral and professional and not promote gangsterims or indians or ivnestment robbers.

Ahli UMNO perlu sedar mainan bangsa lain di NST. NST memberi ruang kepada orang India memutar beli mengenai kerakyatan. Asal usul Tanah Melayu. Kau suruh India tulis mestilah dia tulis India dulu di Tanah Melayu atau India dah jadi rakyat sebelum merdeka.

What is regretable this is going even as we write.

Anonymous said...

Mr Outdated Kadir,
" ahli umno perlu sedar mainan bangsa lain di NST"
Anda hanya sedar di NST..ramai ahli UMNO yg sedar mainan bangsa sendiri terhadap bangsa sendiri atas slogan PERJUANGAN AGAMA BANGSA DAN TANAH AIR..bila berkuasa ramai pemimpin UMNO/BN mula jadi ejen koporat...bina kekayaan dan kumpul harta..

Anonymous said...

Like the former NST boss rightly pointed out, when they decided to do away with preventive laws, did they have people interest at heart?
It is actually a massive decision since it involves security and livelihood of the laymen people like us. They should have known better the repercussion of their decisions. You are not doing it just to be popular among the masses or to appear democratic in the eyes of foreign-funded NGOs, You're doing doing it after taking into consideration the interest and well-being of 28 million Malaysians.
Those big decisions don't affect them much like Kadir Jasin said as those VIPs and VVIPs move around with their bodyguards, outriders and live in secured environment and well-guarded residents. And the opposition too, those criminals won't go after them since they are their BFF. Should the enforcement agencies accidentally harm any of their friend, a couple of lawyers will show up out of nowhere, uninvited with a bunch of people shouting "Mengapa tembak dia? Mengapa bunuh dia??"
It is us eventually who doomed to bear the brunt from those costly decisions.

Anonymous said...

Ah jib gor dan kerajaan BN sepatut sudah arif membezakan bangkang dari pembankang dan bangkang dari penyokong parti sendiri. Kalau dah tak tahan kena tegur akar umbi sendiri,elok berhenti sajalah.

jtcs said...

Referring to the last comment, I wonder if the "Malays" of this country are any better than the so called lowest class of pendatangs brought in decades ago. Or perhaps the Bangladeshis , Indonesians and Filipinos can vie for that honour. Fikir mendalam dulu sebelum membuka mulut. Jangan sebut yang bukan. Itu akan menunjukkan betapa "bawah" kamu di bawah tempurung kamu.Hidup lagi dalam dunia khayalan, jangan bangun lah. Living in denial is practised by many, not only you.Discover an Indian settlement before the Malays and everything is hushed up and swept under the carpet. That carpet must be bulging by now, too much sampah to hide kan?I suppose the genteel lanuns are the most deserving eh?

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight.

According to you:
If Kadir critiques the government, he's not anti-government.

If non-Umno folks critique the government, they are anti-government.


Rockybru said...

Anon 151pm,

1. I didn't say Kadir isn't anti-government. Kadir is saying Kadir isn't anti-government. I am taking his words for it

2. If non-Umno critique the government, they are anti-government? Did I say that, Mo?


Anonymous said...
He changed, from bad to good. You changed, from good to bad.

8:17 pm

And you, Ron,have gone from bad to worse. Hehe

Anonymous said...

if we support government doesn't mean,we can't critic the current gov..the gov should listen,see&answer what rakyat want..

TamilTigerWannabe? said...

"Discover an Indian settlement before the Malays and everything is hushed up and swept under the carpet."

This must be written by an Indian man in NST hehe...

what indian settlement? brickfields? Little India.

Weiii they discovered Malay settlement in Mumbai and it was hushed and swept under the Taj Mahal.

Soon we wiil hear from the indians that Malaya belongs to Tamil..just like Sri Langka.

Well thats what Anwar want. his father is Tamil.

Anonymous said...

i-am-not-anti-government....not to worry bro! we are by your side, always Alif-Ba-Ta.

Bugih Lamo

Anonymous said...

If you are not with us then you are against us.. WTH? Sounds so dictatorial and when did we become a facist regime like america?

Being critical DO NOT make any of us anti-govt. If you tell us to terjun lombong we are are suppose to agree?

You want us to be unthinking buffaloes? That you bitch about we don't have enough talents and brains in the country? If that is the case why even bother having Talent Corp? Bloody waste of money.

The present leadership has lost its soul and self identity. You don't even know what you want anymore... at personal level. Each leader are in for your own self vested interest hence the insecurity is so glaring as to the inability to take criticism as a feedback for self correction.

I can only see one conclusion to the saga called Malaysian politics. Major showdown at High Noon In the next Corral called General Election and it WILL get ugly if the present leadership choose not to be wise from now

Keturunan Jebat

Mustapha Ong said...

This subject is zealously interesting to say that my fraternal blogger brother Datuk Abdul Kadir Jasin is an "anti government" celebrity writer and columnist. Those who lamented that our friend "Kadiek" is an anti government operator at the behest of some powerful political leaders in the big league of Mahathir, Musa Hitam, KuLi and Daim must be out of their simple mind and as a lousy analysts of this celebrity media figure in the MSM and other social media in this rapid world of IT.

Personally, I have known my brother Kadiek for a few decades since the mid 70s. If you do not know Kadiek, it is difficult to like or dislike him as he is a straight forward and shrewd journalist surviving today. Kadiek is a principle journalist and he has never abused his position due to his patronage with current and past leaders.

I recalled that during Tun Mahathir's visit to Washington in the mid 1900s, which was planned to give Mahathir a renewed access to US White House and Congress leaders which had been politically intoxicated by the disgraced Anwar Ibrahim. The CIA double agents operating in Washington and New York had indicated that they have to silent Kadiek because he was seen to be too pro Mahathir which the US detested that may derail their plan to install Anwar as their future designated PM for Malaysia after Mahathir. Former US Ambassador John Mallot was the prime mover for the CIA in the bigger scheme of things.

The rest is history and both Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim, Kadir Jasin and defamed Mustapha Ong are still around the scene, although they are out of the political telescope to protect Current PM Najib. Now they have turned their guns to Omar Mustapha and they are deeply obsessed to openly condemned OM as a DAP Cinbeng in the scheme of things to eroded UMNO's position to preserve Malay political power.

Anonymous said...

What indian settlement? Try BuJang Valley. Btw bujang is from Bujanga in sanskrit = serpent. So is the word Raja, merdeka, negara ( & the list goes on ).

A.M. Atuer Historian

Anonymous said...

Dear Out Dated Kadir

"What UMNO should do have a internal body to watch that NST remain neutral and professional and not promote gangsterims or indians or investment robbers."

For you, my good friend, I recommend a little paper called "Utusan Malaysia". It's both neutral and professional, and they need extra readership desperately.

Ask for it by name, ya?

You're welcome.