Thursday, August 01, 2013

Malaysia, "Where death is cheap and staying alive costly"

Updated: It's OK for Rocky to be Angry - The Scribe, 2/8/2013

Original Article:
A Malaysian visitor to Singapore snapped this pic at a busy interchange:

We know the Singaporeans are kiasus but surely there's a line of decency that good neighbors don't cross. You don't, for example, advertise your neighbor as a country where "death is cheap and staying alive costly". For The New Paper to publish a front-page story this way about our country is uncalled for. Perhaps they want to make their own people and potential tourists forget that Singapore is where a cop just brutally murdered a father and his son for a few dollars more [Singapore cop charged over double murder, July 17] but it should not be at our expense or good bilateral ties."
And guess who (again) helped them arrest their killer cop?! 


  1. Anonymous7:15 am

    aiyaa.. locky aaa.. why say bad thing about singapork.
    you know aaa.. LIM KIT SIANG and pakatan rakyat will get angry.
    remember aaa.. MP subang hannah yeoh from city harvest church will also get angry aaa..

  2. Anonymous7:43 am

    Aiyaaa Dato Rocky...where is that place call Singer Pork??? My grandma of my granda wrote once upon a time...there is one island full of Tongkang Immigrant lai...ill legal came u know..then they claimed that island is theirs...ooyoooo...what kind of creatures were they...hoooo no wonder now they happy to say bad thing of others...they are just BAD people...

  3. Anonymous8:33 am

    Yeah Rocky

    They want to demonise Malaysia because the chinese icon lky has failed in building a nation.

    The kiasu island leapfrogged thru money strategies and now that their 3 big banks were downgraded to negative with the peception of money laundering ...

    the kiasu island is sinking literally and economically

    the chinese boast of managing the island well is going bust just like china

    so they need to demonise Malaysia who is attracting all the foreign investments

  4. Anonymous9:08 am


  5. S.Corleone9:37 am

    well at least their cops are caught and jailed.

    ours are still alive and living wealthy lives so that says a lot about our country.

  6. Anonymous9:45 am

    Cit muka cam tambi tu mcm penjenayah..mafia tamil...tu sebab kene tembak..tiba2 nak salahkan Msia lak...putar alam putar alam putar alam...silap UMNO psl bgi putar alam naik kepala..

  7. But then from what it seems, life is indeed cheap and staying alive is indeed costly now. Any difference between me saying it and Singabloodypore saying it?

    1. Anonymous12:35 pm

      No different bocos you are one of them abd we know who...!

  8. Anonymous10:50 am

    This is such a true FACT of Malaysia. Other than people in bn in particular umno, the rest of malaysians would whole heartedly agree as bn and umno would only say crime is just a perception!!!!!!!!!!! Malaysia is so screwed as she is run rule by dogs!

    1. Anonymous12:39 pm

      Yes BN rules becos of the Malays support. Who doesnt like can cross over tha causeway. That doesnt do sby harm to this belove country

  9. Anonymous11:11 am

    its true moron.

    wake and and smell the anus

  10. Anonymous11:31 am

    Singapore paper slanting the news with reference to one of its own citizens.

    Did you read the full text to comment?

    And then you also said earlier, do not believe everything in the news?


  11. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Well, the truth always hurts....

  12. Anonymous1:28 pm

    With PM like Najib lembik the tiny red dot does not even care for any kind of decency at all.

    Najib has openly shown the world how he bowed down to every demands of a certain race and now actually is looking pretty stupid around the region.

    With a PM like Tun Mahathir...Singapore did'nt mess around do they? why? cos' Tun Mahathir commands respect even to Singaporean.

    It is a pity UMNO is led by a weak leader. Is there no other leader capable of taking over the top job? if there is is the end for UMNO.


  13. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Yup Rocky

    tokong excel error, the failed accountant also said Johor is unsafe but gun deaths is common in penang under his watch

    they accuse others but thy are more guilty

    ps old fart, your comment is accompanied by stinky stench - that's the difference

  14. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Is it possible for our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir to make a come back as the PM? We need him badly right now!

    Najib aka Mr Rosmah Mansor, please step down! Go and play with your cats (FYI, I love cats and I keep several of them as pets. Maybe we can exchange cat stories)

    1. Anonymous3:18 pm

      Org yg menyayangi kucing sebenarnya penyayang bukan lembek. Dont push it.
      Give dr m a rest la. Dia jadi pm blk nanti kena heart problem lak.

  15. Anonymous9:03 pm

    The hope and aspiration of the majority of Malaysians who voted for a better Malaysia, are cheated and ruined by those who are corrupted and racist humans now running the Gomen.

    We shed tears for our beloved country.

  16. Arimnestos10:25 pm

    AAA ratings, anyone?

    And how many Malaysians are working as auxiliary police officers in Singapore? Go to Changi Airport and take a quick survey!

    At least in Singapore, there is a dearth of car jackings, snatch thefts, people being gunned down by hired killers, house breakins....well, you get my drift.

    Heck, even our VVIPs swan around in Singapore with minimal protection.

    And expatriate parents in Singapore have no qualms about having their kids travel on public transport. In KL......?

  17. Arimnestos10:29 pm

    Anon 5:13 pm

    I didn't know that Penang has it's own police force....

    Silly me.....and here I am thinking that the PDRM's mandate to fight crime covers Penang also.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  18. let ak47 bang on this! he..he..

  19. Anonymous4:32 am

    Oh dear, how can they say these naughty things about bolehland. We never use C4 , we never erased immigration records, nobody died in police custody or MACC custody, nobody got shot. Stop imagining things you bloody singaporeans

  20. MrAngry112:06 pm

    Old Fart,

    I think regardless of where the message comes from, it's a cheap shot statement. However, it's coming from a country that pays SG185,000~ for a Toyota Camry that they get to keep for 5 years. I don't need to explain how crap of a deal that is, so let's move on.

    TRUE! Death is indeed cheap. A bullet costs, what, RM1 for your standard 9mm? Compare that to basic security measures, CCTV, Bulletproof vest, Bodyguard, it doesn't take a genius to see that.

    A surface level assessment would point to the conclusion that death is cheap, life is expensive IN MALAYSIA. What the editor of the news left out was "-BUT NOT IN SINGAPORE" perhaps?

    Ask any of Singapore's Taxi drivers what their biggest problem is, they will all tell you "Rising Cost of Living", their morning coffees went from SG0.75 to SG1.00...However, only a dumb-ass will take their word and assume it's a "Problem in Singapore". It's a problem here in Malaysia too!

    Also, to take Singapore's news seriously is ridiculous. How did Singapore respond to the slash and burn haze in Indonesia? Opening it's stupid flap, spilling all sorts of nonsense and trying to act relevant. What did Indonesia do? They gave them the 1-finger salute, and Singapore shut it's mouth. Singapore is a country filled with hypocrites, they burned their whole damn island down to build orchard road! Also, most of the damn companies performing slash and burning on their plantations were OWNED by Singaporeans.

  21. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Pls do read OutSyed the Box, it is more credible to the rubbish that you blog, especially his recent article on Singapore.

    1. Anonymous9:23 pm

      Outsyed the box. Really sometimes I thk he is a big time hypo.
      Prop you are a pap

  22. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Where else in the world got police shoot foreigners, witnesses jump from building, police murder detainees. Apalah Rocky, you tak malu ke ?

  23. norman fernandez6:55 pm

    Johor Bahru (JB) = Jenayah Banyak

  24. Anonymous9:29 pm

    1980 : S$1 = RM1
    1996 : S$1 = RM1.6
    2013 : S$1 = RM2.52

  25. Anonymous3:23 am

    Hai ada udang sebalik batu rasanya news macam ni from Singapore!

    Few months back my Apek neighbours, when they speak of Singapore their eyes will twinkle like twinkle twinkle little star.

    Now not a word, probably too nervous that their savings in the 3 downgraded Singapore Banks may turn from diamonds black stone?


  26. Anonymous9:16 am

    Norman Fernandez,
    JB = Jenayah Banyak?
    I suggest you go to Angsana this afternoon and then tonite to Pandan City.
    See for yourself the Singaporeans coming to get themselves killed at these places.
    That if you can get through the traffic queue to park your car la..

    1. norman fernandez5:14 pm

      You obviously do not know how endemic crime is in JB or how dangerous many areas in JB is. Only yesterday, in the car-park of Sultanah Aminah Hospital, a Malaysian with Singapore PR was abducted and bundled into a car, driven off and robbed and thrown out. These are not isolated cases but regular occurance. Remember the story of the escalator (yes escalator) been stolen from Pacific Mall and the police at the policestation just a stone throw away did not even know. I standby with my view that Lee Kuan Yew was right.

  27. Anonymous11:07 am

    Your bubble burst! Your good fren Kadir Jasin disagree all the way MI a way he was right on man!

  28. Anonymous5:02 pm


  29. Anonymous5:04 pm


  30. Anonymous6:27 pm

    REF: "BTW
    1980 : S$1 = RM1
    1996 : S$1 = RM1.6
    2013 : S$1 = RM2.52"

    Singapore and Malaysia 1980:
    Existence of vernacular school system

    Singapore 1985:
    Abandoned vernacular school system

    Malaysia 2013:
    Still practicing vernacular school system

  31. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Hey Latuk : let's not talk about shootings. Let's just talk of murder cases not by guns. How many have solved ? Remember the poor lady who was knifed to death in Gasing not too long ago ? Police was quick to announce the arrests of 4 suspects. What happened to them ? No announcement of charges, and also no announcement of the release of the suspects. In this country, there is no responsibility and no accountability. Singaporeans be warned.

    Iskandar will be a heavily fortified area for Singaporeans. The rest of JB can go to the dogs. And your political masters can howl whatever they want but reality hurts.


  32. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Whats so good bout singapore? Ive met alot of them singapork chingkies kissing my feet just to get consultancies works.. but me being a true malaysian would award to malaysian.. just the fact that I think we are better than them eventhough most of the malaysian chingkies consultant are so slow and have the tendency to cheat..

    1. Anonymous2:31 pm

      Spoken like a true racist!

  33. Anonymous12:15 am

    Rocky both TNP and the ST carried the denials today. Even though a senior offical of Singapore's MOFA cautioned TNP the paper itself remain unapologetic and stand by the story. TNP has a history of sensationalizing Malaysian issues and especially JB. They even reported the students in SM Pristina was told to eat at the toilet.

    The ST also carried the story and quoted your blog post. But it also carried Kadir Jasin's statement supporting TNP.

    ST, while being less sensational, always been subtly publishing negative stories of Malaysia and in the perspective of PR.

    ST been giving heavy coverage of the recent crimes some even made to front pages.

    - Calvin Sankaran

  34. Anonymous2:12 am

    The paper said so in Malaysia; but in Singapore vice versa! Care to talk about increasing number of suicides due increasing cost to keep living in Singapore?

  35. Dear Calvin Sankaran,

    I find The New Paper's "we never intended to insult Malaysia" line very condescending as it means to take all of us this side of the Causeway for fools.

    Even the great Lee Kuan Yew, after his infamous remarks about crime in JB back then, did not get off scot-free!

  36. Anonymous5:38 am

    1976 i was at sec 4 yusof ishak secondary school, i still prefer " polis malaysia " feel safe, bro!

    bugih solok

  37. Anonymous5:44 am

    Remember the story of the escalator (yes escalator) been stolen from Pacific Mall and the police at the policestation just a stone throw away did not even know. I standby with my view that Lee Kuan Yew was right.
    5:14 pm


    JB.ex jubilee pr school.

  38. Why so vocal, Bru?

    Isn't Singapore safer than Malaysia?

    How many people have been shot in Singapore from the beginning of the year till now?

    Apart from the sensationalist headline, The New Paper reported facts (which can't be refuted) and quoted Malaysians who were willing to be identified by name.

    And what TNP wrote about are the same issues that foreign investors and talent are considering before relocating or investing in Malaysia.

    Are you saying that there are no valid concerns about violent crimes in Malaysia?

    Have you asked the Iskandar people why security and safety are key topics raised at everyone of their selling missions?

    Or is it easier, like Awang Selamat, to blame it all on "jealousy" or unspecified nefarious motives?

    And hitting at LKY was a cheap shot. A man whom our own Tun Daim called "one of the greatest statesmen of his time".

    It's strange that I didn't read about Awang Selamat criticising Daim for those remarks.

  39. Anonymous6:29 am

    truly Malaysian, stay alive, be alert. you don't need any police to be around if there is no crimes.

    Plentong JB