Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Abdullah says he didn't say he would launch book

Updated 18/8/2013. Jebat Must Die was awakened by Abdullah's book to write a lengthy piece on his blog that surmises, "... (the book, Awakening) is just an effort to change what really happened during (Abdullah's) years as Prime Minister. 
The Five Pillars of Abdullah's Years, according to JMD, are:

1.  Ineptitude and stupidity are disguised as inability to reform Umno (Umno members are to be blamed here);2. Mismanagement and corruption of his cronies and family members are disguised as “Mahathir’s pet projects will make this country bankrupt”;3. Cronyism, nepotism and total control of mainstream media editors are disguised as ‘democratisation of society’;4. Wastage and unwise decisions are disguised as national projects; and5. Dictatorial tendency where nobody within the party can criticise the Prime Minister is disguised as proponent of democracy 

Original posting: 
Nurul: Msian launch will be presided
over by Abdullah himself and Musa Hitam
Last Sunday, Bridget Welsh, one of the countless Singapore-based experts on Malaysian political affairs, issued a long statement published by the Malaysian Insider in which the co-editor of Awakening: The Abdullah Badawi Years in Malaysia took to task the Malaysian media and bloggers for their book review style and quality. 

Buried deep in the statement (para 16) was her announcement that the official KL launch of the book had to be postponed "given the politicization of (the book) and in an effort not to promote further misunderstandings". 

Although the statement didn't say it, by then the Malaysian public had understood that the KL launch was to be done by former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and former DPM Musa Hitam. Two newspapers had quoted Nurul Izzah binti Anwar Ibrahim (who's launching the book in Singapore on the eve of Merdeka) on this: the Sun h e r e and the Star h e r e.  

Now Abdullah, I think in an attempt to stop the misunderstandings, has come out to say that he was never scheduled to launch the Awakening in the first place. Excerpts from the Bernama report: 

Abdullah said he did not know of, was not informed about and was not responsible for any invitation to launch or discuss the book. He said he had no plans to attend the launch of the book for it could be then assumed that he wrote it and sponsored its publication. "The news that an opposition leader has been invited to launch the book in Singapore, even if it is true, is the decision of the publisher, not mine," he said. 
Someone's taking us for a ride ...

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  1. MP Nurul3:06 pm

    Rocky your picture of the YB MP Nurul Izzah is flattering indeed from this angle.
    I like the picture in the SUN which was bigger and closer.
    She sure looks like an Indian boy in drag haha...

    BTW what does MP means?...Main Pelir muahaha....

    Bapak MP anak pun MP..

  2. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    Pak Lah didn't write the book, he didn't say he was going to launch the book in singapore or KL. It's small Dog and Latuk Locky all making the usual grunts and squeals.

    What Pak Lah did was to tell his Gside of the story with regard to Mamakthir, and why the openless to public discourse has to remain open.

    Say anything bad about Mamakthir and you guys just jump around like monkeys on a hot tin roof.


  3. Anonymous3:49 pm

    anon 3:31,

    Are you godfather to some sort of beast we'd rather not know? Slandering others with ridiculous names is downright monkey business and from the vantage point of our ordinary intelligence, it probably doesn't take a hot tin roof to stimulate you to perform .....

    1. Anonymous7:51 pm

      Mahathir tu bukan mamak ke ? Bila orang mamak tu jadi melayu tulen ?

  4. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Badawi knew himself a non-performer. Why did he keep the job?

    1. Anonymous8:03 pm

      Tu lahh. Dah tau diri mempunyai masaalah 'tak leh bukamata' y n y accept the job in the first place. Piee laa jaga cucu main cak cak dgn tun serani tuhhh....ego besar weiiii.

  5. Anonymous4:26 pm

    what's happening ? nothing is true or false or whatever with this book anymore,now we are not even sure this book exists...just forget it

  6. MrAngry14:38 pm

    I'm just wondering now if Pak Lah will be launching this book under the fiction or biography section? I mean...he might have slept whilst writing the book. Gotta make sure.

  7. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Mr. Badawi must understand that even if he disclaims explicit approval of the Awakening by not being present at its launching, he has tacitly blessed the Pakatan politicians with a polemical salvo that will be abrasive for the work of the present cabinet of the Prime Minister. How could he be so cavelier in the name of "openness" as to provide ammunition to a sodomizing lecherer in league with neocon zionists and is under a cloud of suspicion for his role in the Sabah invasion? Whence the prudence of a loyal statesman?

  8. Anonymous10:05 pm


    How about just sleeping?

    Syed Akbar Ali

  9. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Tun Dollah should have spoken up about Tun mahathir earlier. But still, better late than never to tell off the Tun who can do no wrong.

    sri hartamas

  10. Mustapha ong12:02 am

    Malaysians are interested to know the truth of the controversies of the book "Awakening blaah, blah..during Tun Abdullah Badawi's administration", edited by James Chin and Bridget Welsh, two prominent and controversial academicians, based in Australia and Singapore respectively.

    In this point in time, the majority public seem to label Pak Lah as the bad guy, who had admitted that he didn't write the controversial book, though he was interviewed by both the Editors concerned in 2011. Some sensitive issues were highlighted for which the blame was directed at former PM Tun Mahathir during his administration. However, having obtain some reliable background information and research on the issue and also googled for personal information on the James Chin and Bridget Welsh, I hthink the whole issue is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Many names had been implicated behind the scene including Anwar, Khairy, Kallimullah, Nurul Ezzah and some invincible hands behind the curtain in Australia and Singapore.In a nutshell, Pak Lah is only the victim of circumstances and the whole episode is to prepare for a power grap from now until the next PRU14. Pak Lah should not be blamed for the bigger agenda which is unknown to himself. Pak Lah is not quilty of any wrong doing to sabotage UMNO and Najib's administration.

    As for Tun Mahathir's attitude and recent reaction to the matter, he should read the book first before condemning Pak Lah and made his former successor look bad and thus will also implicate Khairy as Sports and Youth Minister in Najib's Cabinet. In this context, Pak Lah should speak and come out with more detailed information, etc in order to clear the air in the local and foreign media. As far as James Chin and Bridget Welsh are concerned, they should be thoroughly investigated by KDN/PDRM immediately without further delay.

    1. Anonymous11:30 pm

      Wake up lah...Pak lah's too sleepy to come up with more statements. ..

  11. Anonymous2:28 am

    Pak Lah has been taken for a ride by this Bridget Welsh. That's what happens when you doze off all the time. How can this woman announce that he is launching the book unless he has agreed. Or did he agree in his dreams? Or did some puppetmaster agree on his behalf?


  12. Anonymous7:23 am

    He Says....She Says...We Says....

    Leave the Old Guy Alone!

    He can't even give an Interview without Militant UMNOITES like yourself Bullying him for speaking up!!

  13. Anonymous11:42 am


    can anybody write a book on say person ABC or using his /her name without him/her agreeing?

    Can anybody profit on another's name, without his or her approval?

    what does the law say on this?

    how about royalty fee etc?

  14. Anonymous3:48 pm

    This just proves that Abdullah Badawi was a lousy leader, who was flip flopping then and now. He has no leadership material and it was the fault of Mahathir to misjudge and give him the reins of power. Even now his indesiciveness is glaring and says he give interview without the knowledge that it will be published. Such a one do we rarely see in this times and day.

  15. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Mamak hati melayu n islam

  16. SemperFi5:59 pm

    I wonder who has actually read the book, seeing as it hasn't been released yet.

    Have you, Bru?

    Yet a lot of people seem to have jumped on the bandwagon, criticising Pak Lah and the editors of the book.

    I haven't read the book. I haven't seen an advance copy. All I have read are excerpts, which may or may not be in context, if the book is read in it's entirety.

    But, to my unlettered mind, there's a substantial difference from a book by someone and a book edited by 1 or more persons.

    Thus the book "One Man's View of the World" shows Lee Kuan Yew's name on the front cover.

    But in the Acknowledgements page, he wrote "This book would not have been possible without the help of an editorial team from The Straits Times comprising Han Fook Kwang, Elgin Toh, Zuraidah Ibrahim, Chua Mui Hoong and Shashi Jayakumar......."

    Clear and explicit.

  17. Anonymous12:08 am

    Whatever it is, I think Pak Lah really cocked up big time (again) this time.
    Lesson learned: Do not let the old man comment on anything... He has truly lost it.
    Pak Lah should just stay home and get Jeane massage his "bengkak" feet...

  18. Anonymous11:16 am

    how lah...my mummy told me that if i don't have anything good to say to not say anything. but today i have to disobey my mummy...

    Haiyaa..Pak Lah Pak Lah... why you get yourself in this mess-lah. you were a useless PM...so sad I have to say this but in case you dont know. i'll be brutally frank, you know...those people who interviewed you and one of whom edited the book -- you know they dont have any iota of respect for you-lah. i have to say this because i know you are easily fooled. You know how you got BN to perform badly, huh, Pak Lah...because people thought your running the country SUCKED BIGTIME...you and your son, your son-in-law,your tingkat 4 boys...why you resurrecting the ugly past? the horrors of your admin? People already sleeping better now.

    you already kowtim with PM Najib whaat... give your wife (x-sis-in-law) Tun some more ...you know whether she was deserving bcos many Malaysians think she was not deserving....Najib gave you land in Carcosa, some more...

    Pak Lah ..you should do yourself a favour...stop talking to people whose agenda is to ruin this country...you were part of the problem...don't make a comeback lah...people begining to forget your sleepy and unproductive adminsitration...

    trust me, Pak Lah...the opposition would love you to be back only because they can cincai bring down the govt..


  19. Anonymous11:17 am

    dulu sleepy... sekarang delusional..