Monday, November 26, 2007

Why I didn't walk yesterday?

I won't walk for someone's narrow, racist political agenda.
I was out of KL. But if I wasn't, I wouldn't have walked. I would have covered it as a blogger and a journalist. I posted earlier that Hindraf supporters should be allowed to walk and protest and I stand by that, but I would not have joined hands with them.
Read Hindraf's memorandum to Gordon Brown, appealing to the British PM to refer Malaysia to the World Court and the International Criminal Court. After reading the memo, I realised that Mr P. Uthayakumar and Hindraf have misled many to support their own agenda.

I hope Mr Uthayakumar stays in the ring and not seek asylum again, as he did a few years ago, when the kitchen gets too hot.

Read it.

Hindu Rights Action Force
No. 135-3-A, Jalan Toman 7,
Kemayan Square,
70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Malaysia. Tel : 06-7672995/6
Fax: 06-7672997 Email

The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown
Prime Minister of the United Kindom
10 Downing Street, Fax: +442079250918
London, URGENT

Dear Sirs,




We refer to the above critical matters in Malaysia but which generally gets the least attention locally even by the Opposition parties, NGO’s, the Malaysian Human Rights Commission and the media for this community is generally regarded as politically insignificant, do not draw local or international funding and are deemed not pressworthy. To the contrary the Malaysian government has successfully projected itself to the world as a modern Islamic thinking country which is not true.

The ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia were brought in to Malaysia by the British some 200 over years ago. Since independence in 1957 the Malaysian Indians have been permanently colonialised by the Islamic fundamentalist and Malay chauvinists UMNO led Malaysian government.

Among the recent atrocities committed by this government are as follows:-

1.100 over Indians were slashed and killed by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government in the Kampung Medan mini genocide. Despite numerous appeals, the Malaysian Human Rights Commission has refused to hold a Public Inquiry. The UMNO controlled Malaysian courts struck off a victim’s public interest civil suit for a Public Inquiry to be held without even the said UMNO controlled government having to file in their defence. The UMNO controlled Attorney General and the Inspector General of Police refused to investigate and / or initiate an inquest into the death of at least six Indians in this tragedy despite.

2. Every week one person at average is killed in a shot to kill policy and in every 2 weeks one person is killed in police custody. About 60% of these victims are Indians though they form only 8% of the Malaysian population.

3. In every three weeks one Hindu temple is demolished in Malaysia.

The latest being the demolishment of the Mariaman temple in Padang Jawa, Shah Alam, Selangor early this morning (15.11.2007) and the next being the (Mutaiya) Hindu temple in Sungai Petani scheduled for the 29.11.2007.

A violent armed pre down attack at 4.00a.m this morning was launched by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government backed by about 600 police, riot police, Islamic extremist and armed terrorists which completely destroyed this temple.

In an attack two weeks ago, uniformed police, riot police and city Council officers hurled rocks and attacked unarmed Hindu devotees with knives, sticks and iron rods.

At least 20 Hindu devotees were seriously injured and 19 arrested including 4 of their United Kingdom trained lawyers in direct violation of Article 5 (Right to life) Article 8 (Equality) Article 11 (Freedom of Religion) Section 295 (defiling a place of worship), Section 296 (disturbing a religious assembly), 298A(causing racial disharmony) and Section 441(criminal trespass) of the Malaysian Penal Code.

These authorities are plagued by an above the law mindset and in fact liberally take the law into their own hands. These atrocities however does not happen to almost all Islamic places of worship. Please visit for further and better particulars.

4. State sponsored direct discrimination against the Indians in Public University intakes, Indian (Tamil) Schools, skills training institutes, civil service and private sector job opportunities, business and license opportunities and in almost all other aspects of daily life.

Despite our hundreds of letters, appeals and pleas to the Malaysian King and Sultans, the Prime Minister, Attorney General, Inspector General of Police, Ministers, Chief Ministers and the latest being our letters to the Prime Minister dated 29.10.2007 and 30.10.2007 and to the Attorney General dated 1.11.2007 the Malaysian authorities are only proceeding with greater ferocity and with impunity with very little regard for the Federal Constitution and laws of Malaysia. So please help us.


We fear that this peace loving Indian community of Tamil origin having been pushed to the corner and the persecution getting worse by the day may be forced to into terrorism in a matter of time as what has happened to the Sri Lankan Tamils.


On our part we are committed to a peaceful and lawful struggle and pray and appeal that the Government of the United Kingdom:-

1. Moves an emergency United Nations resolution condemning these state sponsored atrocities and persecutions of Malaysian Indians in Malaysia.

2. Refers Malaysia to the World Court and the International Criminal Court for Crimes against it’s own ethnic minority Indians

Thank You,

Yours Faithfully

Legal Adviser

Lost in Translation
Meanwhile, Uthayakumar and gang have been discharged due to the absence of a translation of what they were supposed to have seditiously said. [read here]. I tried calling him and I have sms-ed him to get a clarification on the tone and content of the memorandum above. He has not responded.

Read Haris Ibrahim's Sorry, I was wrong to ...


  1. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Fuiih....ini kes berat ni....bersih pun patut buat mcm ni jugak la...

  2. Hi Rocky,

    P. Uthayakumar has lost my support. I hope the Indian community in Malaysia will not lose my support. I'm afraid this memo will be used by parties to incite the Malays into believing that they are under siege.

    Some people do things without thinking of the greater consequence.

  3. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Uiiii.. Duri Dlm Daging!!!

  4. Anonymous10:11 pm

    I had some symphaty before, now after seeing this grovelling letter which contains lies and exaggeration the sympathy turns to anger. the govt did right after all...

  5. @I am for King and Country ... Full stop .SomeOne should remind me that i am Indian . He is misleading the volks ( as josef gobbles said )... in the land of the blind ,the one eyed man is king . The Moron should have let the lambs to Uncle's SAM's house . if anyone let the indians down, it is the indians themslf. Blame others not .

  6. Anonymous10:48 pm


    There is nothing wrong with the memo from a Indian point of view. We don't need your hand in this rally just moral support! If this is not possible then help us by not demonizing the rally and the lawyers. This is a last resort, as there are no other avenue for us. "work within the flawed system"? Ya right.....

  7. Tamil TIgers references? Rocky Dude, this is hopelessly dramatic and its going be be great fodder for me when I meet my Indian friends in the pub this week and we'll have a a grim laugh about it when we realise that some poor sods gave up their Sunday to get tear gassed and hosed down for someone's dumbass ego or worse, a hidden agenda.

    While I'm wondering if this could be a dramatic ambitious set-up to introduce new laws on sediton/public gatherings/etc, the Brits must be looking on in amusement.

  8. Anonymous10:58 pm

    I have read this memo on other blogs. It is extreme, i agree.

    Just a question I want to ask: I saw placards like "Queen E save us". Er, is she now the saviour?
    Call me anita lah ok, am not answering to neeta for a while. shy lah like this.

  9. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Rocky, any journalist who has covered court will know P Uthayakumar. Let's just say Karpal Singh, despite being a politican, is someone we court reporters have grown to respect and admire as both a gentleman and a lawyer. Need I say more??

  10. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Pemuda UMNO is speaking about the ketuanan melayu with the stupid gesture of waving the keris... why this stupid walk of uthayakumar would be any different?

    damn those chauvinist believer.. 2020 vision looks really bleak!

  11. Anonymous11:24 pm

    I am starting to think that Uthayakumar's works for UMNO because if he's not he's the biggest moron the country has ever seen. The Malays will unite like no end because Hindraf's action and Umno will become stronger because of Uthay's action. And the indian? Do we need them in the cabinet?

  12. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Hey Rock,
    Whatever the case may be the march did stand for something. Sure maybe they did it for the wrong reasons but the fact remains is that those who marched are still not being represented as they should be. The country is going down the drain and I see it. I am also very sure I'm not the only one who sees it as well. Double standards are clearly practiced and it is so disheartening to see. I was once proud to say I am a MALAYSIAN more so when my job takes me overseas and I often work with foreigners who do think highly of Malaysia. Now with all that has happened I shudder to think what questions they will ask and how am I to answer. I can only speak the truth as much as it hurts me to do so but the truth has to be said. Watching the PM stubbornly insisting that he is right and everyone else is wrong sickens me. More so when he mentioned that bloggers are getting out of hand. As I said truth does hurts more so when it involves yourself. With the government controlling the media how else are we privy to the truth. I salute the bravery of all bloggers who have exposed all the wrong doings of our so called elected ministers. They think they can do no wrong and are above the law. There is much which needs to be done and before we can even think about voting we must first and foremost deal with cleaning up the election process. How can we even think of voting when the voting process is a sham!!!! Sure they will say 'True Malaysians will make the right choice via the ballot box' but if the electoral process is a sham no matter what we do they (present government) will still remain in power. What I think or say is all but personal feelings and thoughts. To me until the electoral process is seriously cleaned up only then can we talk about 'proper' elections to be conducted. If not it will all amount to nothing.

  13. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Instead of harping on the letter why not you guys turn around and look how badly Indians were treated even during the rally. Locking them up and shooting water and tear gas into the temple vicinity.

    Just because of the letter some of you feel it's justified.

    Then what more can be said of all you. Looks like the problem is just not with UMNO goons alone it's with the entire community who had elected these guys.

    Why harping on a letter probably the world doesn't care off.

    And as for Rocky you have dirty linen too right. After all you were an nst man, the paper which supported 22 years of Mahathir's nonsensical policies which you never spoke out when you were with them.

    Looks like some malaysians can't accept the fact that their race not all but some did/still mistreat other races.

  14. I Am a Malaysian Indian. HIDRAF don't have many of my fellow Malaysian Indians support.

    BUT there was an all out support from all of us for the "HINDRAF Rally " on the grounds of freedom of expression and frustration against MIC & UMNO politics.We all knew about this guy.He is over.

    But these has united indians to come out brave and fight for the common cause.Just like an ice-breaker.

    This is what i would ask the opposition to do if they can come to power.

    Add these to your Manifesto:

  15. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Good reporting legwork Bro! Until and unless the contents of the memorandum to the Queen in England is revealed, one never knows what really is Hindraf's intentions. Would the mainstream media have these details Bro? I don't know. Today, they tried to improve their reporting with some pictures. Of course this is better than the Bersih rally coverage.

    You see Bro, if not for the blogs making noise about the unprofessional reporting of the mainstream media re Bersih, nobody would report about the Hindraf protest the way it is reported today. Even TV3 had lengthy footage! And we must thank Aljazeera for that.

    And your publication of Hindraf's memo to Brown goes a long way towards making your readers understand the perspective of the protest. We are now in a better position to make informed judgement! Thank you. Well done!

  16. Anonymous11:55 pm


    If that is really the memorandum... then I'm sure there are going to be a lot of very embarassed people. And this Uthayakumar is a lawyer? I can't believe he even got an education!

  17. All parties must work together to help improve the system, and show that Malaysians can run the country well, long after the departure of the British.

  18. You said: "I won't walk for someone's narrow, racist political agenda."

    Were they really racist just because their plight is for the Hindus?

    Rev. Martin Luther King was a racist too? Yo, Rock, please lah, if the Penans came out of the jungle and walk single file down to Putra-fucking-Jaya, they're racist too?

    Fuck you la.

    YOU are racist, that's why.

  19. hi rocky,
    which parts of his memorandum did you feel was misleading? the language has been spiced up but which are the factual inaccuracies that are misleading (intentionally or otherwise)? i think that would help clarify the issue. secondly, imho, i don't think it detracts from the essence of the struggle, notwithstanding that there are others from other races in a similar predicament.

  20. Wow! This is heavy. Even worthy of ISA!

    Btw, you sure this thing came from him? I thought this guy is a professional?

  21. Anonymous12:27 am

    Just as the Malaysian Judge wants to be correct and insist on a Tamil Translation, Hindraf's thuggees should send Mr Gordon Brown a Tamil translation and demand a Tamil-World Court and Tamil-Human Rights Commission to be centred in Chennai? or Pondicherry? or Nagapattinam? Maybe the the great leader of the nation that robbed and pillaged their motherland for over 200 years might feel guilty enough and welcome them to Great Britain and set them up as neighbours to the new immigrants from Eastern Europe in London, Bradford (oops sorry, that's where the nasty wicked Muslims are) or in Leicester where their Gujarati Hindu btothers might, mind you, just a teeny weeny, mightembrace them and give the Hindraf leaders jobs as cheap labour in their sweat shops where if the Hindraf boys feel the cold, their Hindu brothers might just tell them to put on more clothes and keep on working!!! On the other hand, why didn't they write to the Indian Govt with Tamil translation as well? After all India is booming and If the Hindraf Boys are unhappy here, they'll find lots of opportunities for them Indians, as long as they're not Muslims.
    By the way, where were the Hindraf ladies? Do they know something we don't by keeping out of the way. Or have they been purdahed or podaah?

  22. You ain't seen nothing yet.

  23. Anonymous1:11 am

    there will be no end to this. i am sure there will be heated argument at the workplace among friends. what happen next? only GOD knows. can't wait what will happen next. prepare ourself.

  24. Anonymous3:59 am

    Spot on rocky!
    Im curious, is that the actual memo sent to the Brits? word for word?

    if it is, then i find that these hindraf dudes have committed a fallacy in presenting their argument. I was hoping to find something more profound but I failed to be impressed.

    In fact, im not surprised if the Brits give the memo a trip down the shredder. Nothing but lies. There are no terrorists here! get that straight.

    The memo does not speak on the behalf of all MALAYSIAN tamil Indians, as much as there are rubber tappers in the estates, there are also disco diva's enjoying night clubs. No offence!

    Sure, the poverty of the Tamil Indian community needs to be addressed. Ideally, in these times, 50 years later, poverty shouldnt be a problem at all. Regardless of any race.

  25. Anonymous4:09 am

    If this is a trend- by the same token can we Malays seek compensation from the Brits too for moral damages.You see, nobody asked my grdfather (and yours too m sure) if we wanted 'indentured or laborers' or of any kind from faraway. Look what's happening now, I, my kids and grdkids are all traumatised. For one because although living in 'tanah melayu', we have to listen to broken Bahasa and being spoken to in English most of the time by 3rd/4th generation chinese/indians. Then they belittle our culture and tradition. Its surreal! Am I in my homeland, is this an extension of India /China? Actually I suggest the Brits shipped them out to the UK en masse. First world country dey. Er..we know how they just love you guys up there ;))Just leave this lousy, poor, no good Msia to us. We dont mind.I promise.

  26. Anonymous5:05 am

    now i wonder what is their true intention...

    and also with the court decision... if those memorandum presented by dap, pas, pkr... they organizer surely will be prosecuted!!

    may be it just part of the 'ini bukan budaya kita' propaganda.

  27. To submit the petition, why couldn’t the organizers just send a delegation to the High Commisison? Why organize a rally calling thousands of Indians to join?

    At the end of the day, they failed to deliver the memo. But the damage has already been done.

    Uthayakumar was asked in an interview on Aljazeera what he was going to do next. He said they going to send a delegation to London to see the Queen.

    Ayoh, why didn’t they think of this in the first place?

    The 10-Elevenen march was an entirely different fightd which I fully support and endorsed.

    But Hindraf Rally?

  28. Anonymous7:15 am

    Get real rocky instead of talking sbout the police brutality esp. the incident in Batu Caves ( for pix) you are harping on the letter and trying to paint the indians as fool.

    if you can't support at least try to emphatise. If even that can't be done just be neutral but looks like you are inciting others to hate the brave indians who walked out against all odds just to show their plight. Are you all also feeling insecured about it.

    What you expect people to feel when their temples are broken right in front of their eyes, the deities are smashed to pieces and buried right infront of them under the order of some malay muslim officers. Wouldn't you consider all this dirty tactic as extremist acts.

    What's wrong with you guys? Can't you accept the fact that khir toyo & umno goons do react like xtremist goons.

    Thank god you were out of KL becoz your perception about the rally itself has disqualified you from giving a neutral viewpoint about the whole rally. It's hard to be neutral when your own ketuanan is under attack by some other race isn't it?

    You were once pak bodek of Mahathiir till date you've never spoke of your own biasness in reporting in NST during Mahathir era. So much for your integrity and journalism.

    Who cares whether you had walked or not at least the world saw all dirty things that malays muslim umno goons did to the poor indians.

    You need to do some soul searhing man.

  29. Anonymous7:35 am

    Hey aneh ! wtf are you lying about ? Allow me to reproduce what I wrote somewhere - with slight changes..

    "Do these leaders of the marches believe that if the british didn't bring their great-grandfathers here they would be leading a fantastic life in India now ? that all all them would be prosperous ? that all of them would be employed ? that all of them would still get the education they have now ? or even make their millions?or becomelawyers ?

    Mind you, the British brought them in to be labourers -- meaning that they were not exactly leading a comfortable life nor belonged to the higher strata of society in India..

    Don't get me wrong---some of my best friends are Malaysian Indians who worked hard to get what they have - good ,reliable , hardworking friends,tested friends .

    8:24 PM "

    Ei uthar---I suggest you migrate somewhere else. But...TELL ME... IF INDIA (IF--THEY WANT YOU THAT IS ) IS WILLING TO ACCEPT YOU---WOULD YOU MIGRATE ??


    Aneh---pordah !

  30. Anonymous7:54 am

    wow, i m appaled !!

    being an indian myself, first i thought the whole approach of jus one race going up was wrong, everyone who is discriminated should hv gone regardless (i just kept coming over the word hindu loads of time, wat about the other religons i.e buddhists,muslims(to an extent),christians,atheist,so on n so forth). next, hindraf using the infamous "T" word, is simply jus unacceptable. thirdly is that him classing us (or should i stay out from this fight being a non hindu)indians as another "sri lanka" is jus plain stupid, (i take it as a personal insult).

    p.s n he is a educated feller, aiyoooooo thamby.

    there is always a better way of doing things!!!

  31. Anonymous7:55 am

    You think you have won the war?

    Think again.

    You've undone the good effort of those who are working towards a Bangsa Malaysia.

    You have given the BN Govt the justification to clamp down on future rallies like the walk for Justice and the 10-Eleven March.

    The BN is gonna win because the Malays who otherwise have leaned towards the Opposition are having second thoughts.

    You put fear in their hearts - in my heart.

  32. Anonymous7:58 am

    aiyaa..this guys should show some class in the demo.. just why u have to attack the cops.. this will be a good reason they will clamp down any demo after this.

    im sorry.. but those involved on sunday's march,some of them are just a bunch of english football hooligans..

    as for letter to Q E.. well..i think most of us made up our mind.. its back to the indian community to make the final decision.

  33. It's not only Hindraf is Wrong, Besrsih and Lawyer walk for Justice is also wrong. Bersih have given the green light to others to follow suit. My be you claimed Bersih walk in peace but do they? In todays world there no such things as rallies without violents. Love Malaysia for the peace and harmones thay all malaysia had enjoyed till today. Many peacefull and efficients way to voice you grievences but not rallies!. No such thing as peacefull rally. Rocky now you must be cursing yourself for the massive jams. There's no differents between Hindraf and your Bersih Rally. Both will get UN to embargo us. Hindraf is more transparents. They wrote the memorandum and urged UN to take action while Bersih, your actions provoked UN to take action. What's the differences between you and Hindraf.? Either way both of you are destroying the peace and harmony we enjoyed. Next what? Laywers will walk for justices? Aint they supposed to protect the innocent in court?.

  34. We have enough troubles in this country without Bollywood movie writers like P Uthayakumar trying to get into the act. Its the director and lead actor like Samy Vellu who has brought down Act 1-10, whilst he pocketed the ticket money. The irony of it all. I cannot say much for some of our MCA leaders as well.Should the Chinese plead and beg some other government such China who are obliged to make good all their historical fiasco and forcing our great grand fathers to come here and even to America to work like slaves and die nameless.If so then the Indians should make claim against the Indian government for doing such a bad job that their countrymen have to leave their homeland and be subjected to other races. Aiyoh, the shame of it all. Malu us!

  35. We have enough troubles in this country without Bollywood movie writers like P Uthayakumar trying to get into the act. Its the director and lead actor like Samy Vellu who has brought down Act 1-10, whilst he pocketed the ticket money. The irony of it all. I cannot say much for some of our MCA leaders as well.Should the Chinese plead and beg some other government such China who are obliged to make good all their historical fiasco and forcing our great grand fathers to come here and even to America to work like slaves and die nameless.If so then the Indians should make claim against the Indian government for doing such a bad job that their countrymen have to leave their homeland and be subjected to other races. Aiyoh, the shame of it all. Malu us!

  36. Anonymous8:42 am

    Bro, I have long been a supporter of blogs and all things fair. In this case, and in the interest of fairness I urge you to publicise this memorandum (which imho is seditious and baseless) as widely as possible and let Malaysians decide.

    The same goes to Jeff Ooi and other blogs, if they are really interested in justice and peace.

  37. Anonymous8:55 am

    when U Go Black U dont go Back!!!!!

  38. Anonymous8:58 am

    Opportunists and politicians are aplenty. I fully understand your standing on this issue. In fact, majority shares your view. Nonetheless, the local communities are definitely angry with the increasingly blatant insensitivities of the current government policies toward her critizens. So much so, that even when we do not agree in principle, we will show support nonetheless. Blame it on the Gman for igniting this passion of unity. w9

  39. Anonymous9:13 am

    He is officially an untrustworthy person in my books now, regardless of what he says, anyone even suggesting that threat of terrorism should be put away

  40. Anonymous9:26 am

    He want to be granted political asylum and seek refuge and live in UK laa...aiyoo macha....
    Lawyer sudah lama jadi, wang sudah banyak simpan..satu kali sudah try tada dapat. Ini macam bikin misti boley dapat laa...Apa macam itu ribu2 kawan lain ..semua mau ikut pegi UK ka..ayoyo wang tadaa la kawan.
    British gomen kasi wang boley pigi laa semua...

  41. Anonymous9:30 am

    It's time for the whole world to see how the Indians in Malaysia (Truly Asia)are being treated. I believe you don't know what it's like to be pushed to the corner and continously being marginalised. If you do not believe that Indians are treated badly in this country then you must the ones who benefits from UMNO big guns.

  42. Bro,

    This is both damning and serious.

    Uthayakumar's unsubstantiated allegations in this memorandum to the British government has grave consequences for the following reasons:

    a)Has he renounced his Malaysian citizenship and now consider himself (and by consequence of his own action, the supporters of Hindraf too) as a Commonwealth refugee?

    b)If so, will the Brits accept him as one and therefore, grant him (and his followers) political and/or humanitarian asylum? How will that affect bi-lateral ties then?

    c)If he's still a Malaysian, can he not be cited for TREASON to the Agong by virtue of his forefather's pledge to be loyal to King and country when granted citizenship on Merdeka Day?

    Forget the crap about his seditious remarks coz this memorandum alone will get his butt nailed to the wall while the core issues of Hindraf will fester forever if its supporters continue to be guided by this half-wit pipsqueak.
    My fervent plea to right thinking Hindus and Indians, please re-consider your stand in light of this memorandum. Please choose a better leader amongst yourselves and together, I will WALK WITH YOU to seek remedy from injustice and rid ourselves of hypocrites within and outside the government.

  43. In my opinion, P Uthayakumar is a liar, a cheat and a coward.

    If those atrocious allegations were true, where is the proof? Witness testimonials?

    I mean, this country may be fucked up; our leaders may be sleeping and giving money to their family.

    But I do not believe that even KJ Kalimullah or Nazri Aziz would do those things Uthayakumar has accused the Malaysian Government of.

    I mean, they might be evil and shit, greedy and whatever else, but they would not tear down temples, man.

    That's sanctuary. Holy Ground. The only place where immortals like me can't fight.


    And to call the Malaysian Government a terrorist Muslim coalition? In a letter to Gordon Brown?

    Too much la dey!

    I'll show you a Muslim terrorist coalition, motherfucker.

    And for what? So that Uthayakumar can seek political asylum in the UK where he can pretend he's English. What a retard.

    I call for FU Ah Kiow, Nazri Aziz and Samy V to arrest this little motherfucker P Uthayakumar under the ISA.

    Cause if anyone deserved the ISA, it would have been this guy right here.

    I support freedom of speech. I don't support freedom of lying. And this guy's a motherfucking liar.

  44. Anonymous9:39 am

    Let's not react with anger. Rather lets demand transparency so we can all sleep soundly that Malaysia still upholds justice. LETS DEMAND TRANSPARENCY. If anyone has err, lets put it behind and correct the current policies or abuses before it numbs us to accept them as part of our culture of being corrupt and unjust.

    1. A public inquiry to any killings done and official figures of dead bodies if any and the emphasis of the need for security and impartiality by the police.

    2. Official figures of how many mosque, churches, temples are demolished, the official count and how many permits allowed from Independence to now.

    3. Official figures of the NEP, the capital held, what contracts are given to who at how much and if this is getting worse by the day with certain groups of people getting more impatient and greedy.

    4. Official figures of government spending - how it is spend and how to get the abuse of funds to be paid back.

    5. Royal inquiry into judiciary, police, ACA, Election Commission if proper procedures are followed and if there are independence from the executive (government admin) and parliment.

    6. Emphasis on the continuation of affirmative action towards the Bumiputera for training and education and careful scrutiny of how money is spent to those deserving - not to those who could afford holidays around the world. Emphasis that the culture is to reward hard work and efforts and no race is above another. All this is enshrined in the Constitution where no race is treated at the expense of another.

    7. This can all be done methodically and peacefully if done early. It will then be the greatest example of reform wanted by the RAKYAT in a peaceful manner and hopefully agreed by the government.


    Greed is very common. And we can only nod that we all learn from mistakes. Yet, we need to make right what is wrong before it gets way to difficult to redress it when we have been numbed by evil.

    ITS OK TO BE CORRUPT and UNJUST. (mentioned by many in better wording)

    Should not be in the minds of the future generation. LETS START WITH THIS GENERATION.


    Forward this to as many blogs as possible and print it out. We need greater awareness to want change in a peaceful manner.

  45. Anonymous9:53 am

    this guy is dangerous....rightfully he should be put behind bars for misleading innocent indians for his own gain...people just dont like seeing we malaysians live in peace.

  46. Anonymous10:07 am

    I blogged about this letter of appeal last week as well here.

    One thing I am still trying to establish, as I did in my blog, the origins of this appeal letter. Was it the actual memorandum that Hindraf was trying to submit to the High Commission, or was this appeal written just after the temple was demolished.

    Or could it have been written by someone else to raise tension between the Hindus and the Malays? Judging from the comments in my blog, this has clearly worked.

    Does anyone here know if this letter is authentic?

  47. Anonymous10:10 am

    I had stated on Elizabeth Wong's blog that I would not stand with this rally, being a Malaysian Hindu Indian and all...

    But after seeing Devamany's 360-degree flip in parliament yesterday, I've been thinking...this Hindraf seem to hasve more to it than meets the eye. One CANNOT align them to a particular political party despite the presence of the opposition at the rally last Sunday. Most who turned up are likely to have voted for the BN at least once, and may do so again.

    It may not be so surprising then that many BN Indian politicians are fence-sitting in as far as their stand with Hindraf is concerned, and again like me, being Malaysian Hindu Indian and all...

  48. Anonymous10:10 am

    the points brought up isn't too far off what.

    all e races are under religious persecution actually, not just e hindus.

    lol and as for "racist, political agenda", pls la malaysia practices institutionalised racism so tts one to talk

  49. Anonymous10:11 am

    perhaps a more valid point would be to look if the statements in that letter are true.

    if so then i cant find no quarrel with that.

  50. While I respect them for their rights, but I think this is a wrong message. I really think the below words/sentences are not correct:

    Islamic extremist

    ethnic cleansing

    crimes against own ethnic minority Indians

    armed terrorists

    I may not support fully on some of the stuff our Government are doing, but I certainly do not think they are doing "ethnic cleansing", this is a very strong statement and very racist. We are not Islamic extremist, and I certainly do not like the words "armed terrorists".

    I am not defending any party, but these choice of words are the wrong representation of our country too. You see "ethnic cleansing" in Rwanda, but we are not even close to Rwanda.

    The cause could be politically or morally correct (strictly my opinion), but the presentation makes it all wrong. Such statements are dangerous as it incite unnecessary tension among us. It is a misrepresentation on what actually happens. Sorry, but I do get offended when people use racial issues to fight a cause. We are way over racial tolerance, we are way into acceptance and respect. We are actually integrated and united as Malaysians. If I have to "walk" for a cause, it must be for all fellow citizens, for Malaysia by Malaysians - as one entity, one group, one nation.

  51. Rocky, I was reading the papers that were filed in the suit against the British Government. There are statements there that are so unbecoming. Certainly propriety and a sense of human dignity has been shuntted aside in order to set out their anger. When that happens they undermine their own sad situation.

    Sure the Indians who came out to protest had a valid reason to be there. But sadly just like MIC leaders have betrayed the Indians Uthayakumar might be betraying his own cause.

  52. Anonymous10:54 am

    You said that you had not received any confirmation from Uthaya on the contents of the "memo". Are you 100% sure then, that it was from the Hidraf Committee? In this situation, it is wise for you to publish it?

  53. Anonymous10:55 am

    the letter is not an exaggeration.
    this is what the poor indians feel is happening to them.

    you forgotten the highest deaths in police custody happens to be indians?

    you forgot the high handedness of authorities while dealing with indians?

    you all forgot or u all just dont bother cos they are indian?

    so what do u think indians should do? 'work within the system ka?"

    poodah la dei..

  54. Anonymous10:59 am

    The causes that he cites are all true - but that memo could have been worded better - the language used was a little too extreme.

    However, regardless of the way that memo was worded, the reason so many turned up on Sunday was because the reason was there - yes Kg Rimba happened, yes Indians fine it difficult to get jobs and have no support for education, yes temples are being destroyed and the freedom of religion challenged (remember Moorthy). It was all those reasons that struck a cord in all Indians and made that sheer number of Indians turn up that Sunday.

    The reasons were enough to walk that Sunday - I doubt any Indian cared that much that the memo could have been written more moderately. There were there to say by their numbers that their community was being marginalised. It was enough reason to walk - who cared if you support Uthayakumar - it was enough to ask people to support the 30,000 Indians that turned up to represent the plight of their community.

    Go read why Nathaniel Tan walked.

    And if not for any other reason - will you not defend a people's freedom of expression?

  55. Anonymous11:00 am


    You are one chicken shit coward! If you got no balls to fight for your right, let those with balls to do it. You were not even in KL, hiding somewhere else! Do not sit in your comfortable house and try to act innocent. You have no idea what we are fighting for. Screw you and your thoughts!

  56. Anonymous11:02 am

    I'm not a Malaysian who lives in Malaysia,

    Honestly speaking, I was with the Indians and supported their Hindrf rally saying let them speak, injustice whether real or not is not good and let them be addressed. But after seeing this seditious letter, they (or he) lost my support. Bergi Jahanam! I really feel hurt, and one thing that me makes feel hurt is that though I’m not a Malaysian, I’m a Muslim and his hatred towards Islam is beyond board. From his letter, unequalled hatred to Islam is very clear. He went ahead and lambasted Islam in his own language as he seeks sympathy. I supported Hindraf because of my Islam which says stand by justice even if it is against your mother, but now that you hate Islam, then the equation changes friend. In fact, you have given UMNO enough ammunition to sustain their crackdown on you. From now on, I will support UMNO. Shit!

    Your bunkum and hatred like “Islamic extremist” means Islam itself is evil. Don’t go that way lest you will drown. It is very ironical that you fight injustice in your purported struggle but are unjust to Islam and whoever cherishes Islam. You have lost my support, and I wouldn’t give shit if UMNO beats the pulp out of you. How can I when you square out with Islam as a faith? “Ethnic cleansing” God the Almighty! You have gone overboard also! He wrote: “The ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia were brought in to Malaysia by the British some 200 over years ago. Since independence in 1957 the Malaysian Indians have been permanently colonialised by the Islamic fundamentalist and Malay chauvinists UMNO led Malaysian government.” Apart from his English being wrong, the man has shown characteristic hatred to Islam. Why should he put in every sentence “Islamic?” Did UMNO do this or that in the name of Islam? How do the Malays or non Malaysians like me who have supported you feel or felt when they (have) read your letter that has exhibited unparalleled hatred toward their faith? Man, you have lost our support, I swear! I supported you because of Islam, which says be fair, but if you hate that Islam, then I’m inconsequential and the equation changes dramatically. Why not blame MIC too? Aren’t they are part of the BN evil or injustice? Doesn’t it take two hands to make a clap? He wrote: “The atrocities don’t happen to all Islamic worship place”, when is talking about demolition of illegal temples, what about the mosques that were demolished? Were they demolished by “Islamic extremists?” Why are you fighting? For the rule of law, right? So if a temple is illegally built on irregular/illegal land, then it has to be demolished for the rule of law. Even a mosque! As simple as that. I’m not going to address you, but I can see that you have angered everyone and lost their support. Now we see where you go to from here. I withdraw my moral support from Hindraf.

  57. Anonymous11:04 am

    NB: Abang, correct the earlier one. It should be like this:

    "I'm not a Malaysian but live in Malaysia,

    Honestly speaking, I was with the Indians and supported their Hindrf rally saying let them speak, injustice whether real or not is not good and let them be addressed. But after seeing this seditious letter, they (or he) lost my support. Bergi Jahanam! I really feel hurt, and one thing that me makes feel hurt is that though I’m not a Malaysian, I’m a Muslim and his hatred towards Islam is beyond board. From his letter, unequalled hatred to Islam is very clear. He went ahead and lambasted Islam in his own language as he seeks sympathy. I supported Hindraf because of my Islam which says stand by justice even if it is against your mother, but now that you hate Islam, then the equation changes friend. In fact, you have given UMNO enough ammunition to sustain their crackdown on you. From now on, I will support UMNO. Shit!

    Your bunkum and hatred like “Islamic extremist” means Islam itself is evil. Don’t go that way lest you will drown. It is very ironical that you fight injustice in your purported struggle but are unjust to Islam and whoever cherishes Islam. You have lost my support, and I wouldn’t give shit if UMNO beats the pulp out of you. How can I when you square out with Islam as a faith? “Ethnic cleansing” God the Almighty! You have gone overboard also! He wrote: “The ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia were brought in to Malaysia by the British some 200 over years ago. Since independence in 1957 the Malaysian Indians have been permanently colonialised by the Islamic fundamentalist and Malay chauvinists UMNO led Malaysian government.” Apart from his English being wrong, the man has shown characteristic hatred to Islam. Why should he put in every sentence “Islamic?” Did UMNO do this or that in the name of Islam? How do the Malays or non Malaysians like me who have supported you feel or felt when they (have) read your letter that has exhibited unparalleled hatred toward their faith? Man, you have lost our support, I swear! I supported you because of Islam, which says be fair, but if you hate that Islam, then I’m inconsequential and the equation changes dramatically. Why not blame MIC too? Aren’t they are part of the BN evil or injustice? Doesn’t it take two hands to make a clap? He wrote: “The atrocities don’t happen to all Islamic worship place”, when is talking about demolition of illegal temples, what about the mosques that were demolished? Were they demolished by “Islamic extremists?” Why are you fighting? For the rule of law, right? So if a temple is illegally built on irregular/illegal land, then it has to be demolished for the rule of law. Even a mosque! As simple as that. I’m not going to address you, but I can see that you have angered everyone and lost their support. Now we see where you go to from here. I withdraw my moral support from Hindraf.

  58. Anonymous11:18 am

    Hi Rocky
    After reading the contents in the letter, i would say uthayakumar is treading on hot water playing on racial sentiments. Uthayakumar is taking advantage of the whole situation I think some ppl in hindraf is also blinded by uthaya's "comouflaged personal agenda".

  59. I have been suspicious of the man's motives from the beginning.Please read my posts
    1.A Fool's Errand

    2.The 4 Trillion Dollar Man

    The man could have caused civil unrest in this country.Racial issues should not be taken to the streets.
    We should only participate where all Malaysians irrespective of ethnic background and creed stand on common ground with regard to issues against the government.

  60. Anonymous12:00 pm


    What's the rants?

    Where's the beef?

    P. Uthayakumar's historical run-downs on Indian Malaysians is theatricals - a political plays! Clearly indicated by his 'personality'!

    The monetary claim should be looked at as a typical Bollywood plot!!!!

    By ranting about the Hindraf's memorandum, you lost the forest for the trees!

    We're talking about MALAYSIANS here - a neglected & very marginalised sub-group.

    Just like the Orang Asli! Wasn't the WHOLE of Orang Asli a VERY neglected lots? Can anyone understand their grievances & despairs in M'sia despite their number & non-news reporting?

    Can we say the same thing about the Orang Asli's petition as to the Hindraf's? The petition written by an 'awaken' Orang Asli to whoever would run the same length as Hindraf's!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Would you walk for the Orang Asli? ??

    Can anyone FAILS Nelson Mandela for voicing the injustices done to the Black S African JUST because his starting point was the Blacks & NOT the S Africans in general?

    Wasn't the Black S African also?

    INJUSTICES & MARGINALISATIONS are dirty words - NO ONE should turns a blind eye on their implementations - no matter on WHAT GROUNDS!

    By looking into the histrionics flying around, coupled with the play of historical facts CAN you honestly believe that all those horrible acts that go around among the disadvantaged sub-groupings are justified - irrespective of the starting points & motives of its protests?

    Can we ignored the Humanity Distortions & Ill-treatments going around us just because of the 'personality' of the initiator?

    History has taught us many a time that CHANGES are seldom sparked by righteous grounds. Its the subsequent persons/events that drive the direction to its fruitfulness.

    Look at USSR after Gorbachev, China after Deng.

    So you HAD missed your walk!

  61. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Nauzubillah!! Ya Allah Ya Tuhan ku, Selamatkanlah Malaysia, satu satunya Tanah tumpah dariku. Selamatkanlah bangsaku, Serumpun Melayu. Tanamkanlah kesedaran dijiwa kami untuk bersatu demi Bangsa, Agama dan Negara.
    Ya Allah Engkau Yang Esa, kau berilah kesedaran betapa pentingnya bangsa Melayu Bersatu, Ya Allah kau peliharalah Akidah Umat Islam Malaysia. Janganlah kerana kepentingan politik Akidah dan Iman kepada mu tergadai. Janganlah mereka tersasul dan tergelincir kepada Syirik kerana memperjuangkan berhala berhala yang kaum sekutu mereka sembah demi kepentingan politik dunia. Betapa sesatnya segelintir mereka!

    Ya Allah, nenek moyang kami telah bekerja kuat untuk apa yang kami nikmati sekarang. Kami Bersyukur Ya Allah. Janganlah kau tarik balik apa juga nikmat yang kau berikan kepada kami dan Ampunilah kami jika kami amat kurang bersyukur kepada mu. Ampunilah kami jika kami kurang berTerima Kasih atas segala nikmat kemewahan keamanan yang kami kecapai kerana titik peluh pemerintah dan mereka yang berkorban apa juga supaya kami dapat menjalani hidup aman tenteram.

    Ya Allah, pelihara dan Selamatkan lan Pempimpin pemimpin kami. Lindungi lah mereka. Tabahkan hati mereka supaya terus bersemangat sebagai pemerintah kepada Bangsa, Agama dan Negara Tercinta.

    Perliharalah Keamanan kami, Ya Allah, Perliharalah supaya kami boleh berIbadah kepadaMU dengan tenteram dan kyusuk. Janganlah diporak perandakan kami dan cabut nikmat ketenteraman kami hanya kerana segelintir mereka yang tidak cintakan keamananan.

    Kami bukan Sri Langka yang Allah swt. Mungkin kami tidak akan dapat menghadai dugaan dan cubaan yang sebegini. Ada segelintir mereka yang kafir dan tidak berTerima Kasih yang terlintar difikiran mahu menjadi musuh seperti dalam negara idola mereka.

    Kau halangilah Ya Allah niat jahat mereka ini. Kau tutuplah hati mereka, kau bantutkanlah langkah mereka Ya Allah.

    Ya Allah, ampunilah dosa kami, Ampunilah kelekaan kami, Ampunilah kami kerana terlalu mengikut emosi dan hawa nafsu yang membuat kami selalu membuat dosa yang tidak perlu kami lakukan.

  62. Anonymous12:16 pm

    all these while, i was thinking that the hindraf rally was about suing the British Govt for forcing the dragging the indians into malaya and since then they've been leading a tortorous life.

    Despite for a fact that i hate rallies as it disrupts other people's life and was never a peaceful one and doing rally in order to serve a memoramdum on the day the embassy closed was kinda....hmm..not well planned; the reason above was ok. i do hope they won and british govt would granted each of em $2 million each and maybe the Brit Govt is nice enough to send them all back to india to lead a non-tortorous life (i'm not being sarcastically racist here).

    but reading this "new" memorandum, i'm afraid. The leaders (majority of govt and half of the opposition) of our country are stupid enough. i do hope us, the rakyat are not following their footsteps and hate each other.

    ~ anon 11.55

  63. Anonymous12:21 pm

    put hindraf aside...

    what about those 30-40k marginalised indians that took to the street who put their faith & trust in samy... kena screw by that bugger for last 28 years.

    as jeff ooi says :

    "I was thinking aloud, instead of skirting the real issues -- and continuing to treat marginalised Indians as purely an Indian issue and not a Malaysian issue -- can we have some concrete ideas to solve a 50-year-old malaise?"

  64. Anonymous12:26 pm

    The Only victor/winner is UMNO. Umno might just win a bigger majority, especially in the rural areas. Now the Malays, especially the simple rural folks feel threatened at the sight of 20,000 Indians on the street fighting for their rightful place in the country.

    They are going to unite, I tell you. There is no way they are going to vote for the Opposition.

    There goes down the drain the work of BERSIH and those championing the creation of Bangsa Malaysia - with just one stupid rally.

    Mistake. Big mistake!

  65. Anonymous12:45 pm

    we that do nothing for fellow downtrodden malaysians - are the worst racist among the lot.

    pls go and have a look or make a visit to any rubber estate/oil palms plantation workers' dwellings...

    stop spewing criticisms and like they says:

    "those who can, do; those who can’t, teach"

    ~~~ arTong

  66. Bros and Sis,

    Allow me to interject at this point to clarify a couple of things raised by all of you dear posters as well as state my stand on a couple of other things:

    Firstly, I am all for freedom of expression. I participated in the Penguin Walk and the Bersih Rally even though both events were officially "illegal". I maintain this blog as liberally as possible to promote that freedom.

    2. I am against the destruction of houses of worship because that makes people unhappy, as I am against people building them illegally because that makes people unhappy, too (plus it will inevitably lead to the destruction of these houses).

    3. when I said I won't walk for someone's narrow, racist political agenda, that "someone" is Mr Uthayakumar. The appeal letter to Gordon Brown smacks of that.

    4. i tried calling Mr Uthayakumar and I also sms-ed him to get his confirmation about the letter and his views on its content.

    he did not get back to me. in any case, the letter had been published in Hindraf's official site.

    5. i don't subscribe to the ISA. Mr Uthayakumar's views should be challenged by the concerned parties through the various media/propaganda tools. Mr Samy Vellu has a lot of explaining to do. Mr Uthayakumar has a lot of explaining about the tone of the letter.

    6. i am a melayu malaysian (some minang blood here, portuguese gene there, chinese along the way, and certainly a bit of jawaness) and i am not a racist, which is why i hate racists, be they in Umno or MIC or DAP.

    And I won't fight the racists by trying to be more racist than them, bros and sis, and that's my belief.

    Thank you always for the support.

  67. Rocky, way go bro!

  68. Anonymous12:54 pm

    If this memorandum is accurate, it is then very likely that the HINDRAF movement is a counterintelligence measure against the civil society movement of Malaysia, which I might add is getting very organized and effective.

    If this memorandum is inaccurate and not sourced from HINDRAF, then it is also a counterintelligence measure that was planted online and thus being unwittingly picked up by several bloggers (who was the original source of this letter?).

    I'm more inclined to believe the former scenario. Think about it for a while and it should dawn on you.

  69. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Oh, and might I add that shortly after UMNO goes to town with this memo and the "threat" by the Indians in inciting foreign powers to interfere in the affairs of the nation......the general elections will be called.

  70. Anonymous1:00 pm

    you disagree with uthayakumar, so you decide to turn your back on 30,000 other indians? nice....

  71. Even before reading that memo, I find it hard even to give the waekest form of support - a spiritual support that is. I have been very2 skeptical with the objective of the gathering. As much as I disagree with BN on major issues, I dont like giving my vote to opposition by default. Opposition leaders must be genuine, and must be seen genuine in championing the well being of rakyat.

  72. Even before reading that memo, I find it hard even to give the waekest form of support - a spiritual support that is. I have been very2 skeptical with the objective of the gathering. As much as I disagree with BN on major issues, I dont like giving my vote to opposition by default. Opposition leaders must be genuine, and must be seen genuine in championing the well being of rakyat.

  73. some people here are spewing racism while criticising you as a racist.

    well... in my humble opinion, Mr Uthayakumar is an ultra-right wing racist.

    just because i do not agree with him does not mean that I do not care for the plight of my brothers and sisters (in the indian community or any other community).

    No, i do not agree with mr uthayakumar's letter that is laced wiht factual errors and exaggeration.
    it is deliberately misleading.

    yes, i know of Indians living in poverty. i also know of malays living in poverty. some chinese too.

    i also know of many successful and rich Indian lawyers and doctors... oh...many successful indians.

    my sister's gardener is Indian. He converted to Christianity.. he said the christian mission has helped him a lot.
    he works for the malay families in the neighbourhood and gets quite a bit.
    but the indian (Hindu) family in the area will not allow him to work their garden. (he is of a lower caste.)

    aah... this is just one example and is probably negligible. i'm sure this Indian family is an exception.

    I am all for steps, measures, effort to help the marginalised people in this country - indians, malays, orang asli. i support the cause to eradicate poverty.

    but Hindraf and Uthayakumar are right-wing racist.

    i don't support racism or racist policies -- from any side.

  74. Anonymous1:31 pm

    The truth is actually simple.

    Hindraf is a miscalculation by a desparate Tamil movie director wannabe named P. Uthaya.

    In doing so, he successfully done something that the Malay political leaders have failed - unite UMNO/PAS and all the other Muslim bases under the Islamic banner.

    P. Uthaya also managed to fooled thousands of Malaysian Indians to support his stupid theaterics with such a heavy price.

    Thus, his action open up a potentially volcanic fault line between the Malaysian Muslim and Hindus - a common scenario in India itself, of which P. Uthaya true intention lies.

    But his miscalculation would costs the Hindus dearly - with the Malaysian Chinese ever ready to pick up the pieces left behind.

    P. Uthaya the wannabe Tamil movie director has not taken account the foreigners on Malaysian soil i.e. the Indons, Bangladeshis, Phillipinos etc - now the UMNO led BN will open up the gates for these foreigners to take up the Malaysian Indians places - to the extent of being wipe-out.

    Just like how it happened to Chinese hawkers in Chow Kit and the Malay hawkers in most pasar malam.

    There is no need for such bombastic term such as "ethnic cleansing".

    It can be done without much of a fuss.

    Tragic ain't it. This P. Uthaya is the one who lit up the fuse.

    and the Indians get blown away.

    by one of their own.

    so said Rajinikant.

  75. Anonymous1:48 pm that the real memo???????????? genuine memo??????????? or you just copied from other people hate web?????

  76. Anonymous1:50 pm


  77. Anonymous1:52 pm

    We can't and wont be another when we didnt think what he(hindraf) did was rightful for his own people, WHICH was for a fairer place that can ALL equate to!!!

    We are or not racist ourselves being protective of the current state of affairs and events that have shown not the universal values and human rights attitude???

  78. Anonymous1:56 pm

    The memo is just another long Tamil story, full of exaggeration and possibly over-dramatising the Indian situation in Malaysia. This is not to say that there is no basis to the Indian grouses of active discrimination and passive neglect by the authorities. Lest we forget, the main aim of the Hindraf memo is to embarrass the Malaysian Govt... and that has been achieved by the massive turnout on the streets. I believe Hindraf should seize the advantage gained and cease its cheap, humiliating and prostrating posturing to the British Govt. We are a sovereign nation and for Hindraf to appeal to our former colonial masters for restitution is nothing short of treachery and treason. The Indians of Malaysia have every reason to stand tall after the rally. That whining memo is a disservice to the downtrodden Indians in this country. And the threat at terrorism ala Tamil Tigers should not be allowed to go unpunished. Terrorism is terrorism no matter what race practises it.

  79. Anonymous2:02 pm

    I aint no indian but i can understand their plight. They get their estate land taken away, temples demolished, opportunities have been shrinking since independence, marginalised etc...all because of their color.tabout doctor or lawyer indians, they are the minority. The majority of indians have few options. As for Sammy Velly stating that the protestors should go thru "proper channels", like what, MIC? what a freakin' joke! What is happening to the indians will happen to the chinese in the future.
    Everyone knows there is inequality in this country (thanks to the british bastards).We have a government that protects a racist policy because it keeps them in power. So we don't need to hear from some VIP politicain that "opportunities are afforded to all races", "everybody is treated equal" bla bla, better they keep their mouths shut than give us blatant lies.

  80. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Wow reading some of the comments here made me quite edgy.

    My personal favourite would be from stevie:

    Rev. Martin Luther King was a racist too? Yo, Rock, please lah, if the Penans came out of the jungle and walk single file down to Putra-fucking-Jaya, they're racist too?

    Fuck you la.

    YOU are racist, that's why.

    Thanks to stevie I suddenly have the urge to vote BN. With all their flaws it still frightens me to what extend emotionally and extreme these people from the other side can get.

    If the opposition were more like Jeff Ooi or you I would vote from them. But right now I am not searching for some revolution, protest or reformation. What I and most Malaysians want is stability and growth.

    Hope you don't get all edgy by some of the inconsiderate commenter, this is the internet and some people just can accept the fact that other people may think differently.

  81. Anonymous2:36 pm

    I am flabergated. They are only emphasizing the over representation of ethnic Indians in Prisons or other forms of detention as proof of marginalization but never have I seen any statistical evidence.

    Tepuk Dada tanya lah selera, What is the percentage of "Indian" lawyers within the Bar Council? Uthayakumar knows the answer. In Court on any given day, in Pen Malaysia, you have about 15 lawyers in one court, half of them ethnic Indians, Indians as a whole marginalised?

    Doctors? I have never seen an Indian doctor anywhere in malaysia they do not exist? Those with Indian names are not Indian at all because once they become sucessful they are not Indian anymore.

    My wife, Tilaga Indian? cant be. She earns more money than me, double in fact, she cant be Indian because she cant be marginalised. My Wife's brother and sister in law indian? No they cant be Indian because they hold high management position in govt body and GLC and children get scholarships to study in UK.

    What about me? I married according to Hindu rites, celebrate Deepavali, my mother in law speaks Tamil to me, Does that make me an Hindu Indian? I am marginalised? I want my I million RM.

  82. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Forget ISA. Please charge this Tambi for treason!

  83. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Those who criticise the Hindraf rally for being racist and parochial have got to be freaking out of their idealist minds.

    Rallys like these are about practical real immediate emotive issues.

    Its not for those who criticize to come up with ultimate solutions. Its those who sit on the establishment, otherwise, why would they have the right to sit on seat?

    Will the Malays be incited by this? Hell I hope so.. Otherwise those BNers with their Mercedes and Big Houses and corporate equities will be forced to deal with it or lose it.

  84. Dear Rocky,

    Strongly worded memo i agree but only then it got your attentions right?

    You have to be born an indian to understand the sentiments.

    I tought highly of you, but the way you wrote today has only led people to ridicule indians more.. was that your intention?

    I m soo disheartened. No one is perfect huh Rocky.

    And to Amir, you hv got people's attention already so you can drop the profanities, its kind of bling that keeps me from reading your otherwise well written comments.

    You really didnt know about temples being torn down?

  85. Anonymous3:14 pm

    I think you're missing the whole point here where some of the people having been saying. Put aside the memorandum , just sit and think for once have any of your fellow indian friends ever complained to you how their kids , or for the matter the indians are being treated being deprived from education(Uni, scholarship , etc) , breaking of temples ,getting a job or even for the matter a promotion. Let's face fact, it boils down to skin colour and race. Yes call me a racist or whatever but damn well you're right we Indians are far more treated worse than a 3rd class citizen in Malaysia. We are deprieved of many things. We have to fight for every damn thing or are our voices heard??? Bloody well Arsehole Samy V has beehive on his freaking head who gives rats ass about Indians in general. Still busy making money for himself and power crazy. So where does it leaves us ?? To whom to we vent our grouses?? UMNO , BN???? You really don't have a single clue what is it like to be an Indian, do you? Walk in our shoe before making any conclusion about Uthaya. He may or may not have any personal agenda, but guess what , I don't give two hoots about it. Because as for 25th of Nov 2007 will be a day that many Indians in Malaysia will remember Mr. Uthayakumar's struggle and plight for all Indians. I salute him for waking all Indians and marching to victory (it maybe a loss to you guys) but this is just the beginning! We Indians had enough of crap from the government and Rocky we don't need your support in this matter.

  86. While I supported the Hindraf protest, I disagree with some of the language and the allegations made in the Hindraf letter to the British Prime Minister. However, we are not sure if the same contents appear in the memorandum to be sent to the Queen. Hindraf needs to rethink its approach and avoid racial and religious extremism. Although, I must admit that all political parties in this country practice some form of extremism or another to a certain degree, we must move away from communal politics and our preoccupation with race and religion.

    Hindraf should push for a social reform agenda within the confines of the Constitution. Racial and religious discrimination and subtle persecution should end.

    Perhaps the time has come to appoint a Royal Commission to study and report on the grievances of Indians as contained in the said memorandum and with the widest possible terms of reference to cover areas of education, housing, urban migration, employment, the minimum wage and social problems.

    I know Uthayakumar since the days of the reformasi movement, he is not a racist or a bigot. He may have got carried away by the sentiments on the ground and the untold plight of Indians in this country. Faced with daily stories about abuse, discrimination, violence and depravation against and within the Indian community, his judgment and choice of language may have been clouded somewhat. We should remember that he is a social activist and is often at the forefront of Indian issues.

    I think all of us should also stop being so sanctimonious and self-righteous when it comes to race and religion. Lets be honest, all of us in the privacy of our homes or in the private company of friends, and even in our own minds, have at some point or another harboured racial or religious sentiments. This is unavoidable in a country like ours.

    The problem in Malaysia today is race and religion. The Constitution has been rendered useless and the social contract changed to something totally different from what was originally envisaged. The predominance of one race and religion over all others in every field has become a policy of government. This has caused resentment and anger. The time has come for all parties to discuss these issues in an honest, open and rational manner. We should also forget about forming a new social contract but go back to the fundamentals of the Constitution namely, freedom, equality and just rewards for all, in the context of a democratic and secular state.

    Race, religion and politics is a dangerous cocktail, and these can never be the foundation for any progressive state or civilization.

    I think Hindraf has made its point and Indians feel empowered now. It should be left at that.

  87. rocky,
    I too disagree with the tone of Uthayakumar's letter and his over amplification of issues.
    However, one swallow does make a summer. And one Uthayakumar does not make Hindraf.
    I would ignore that letter. I can even ignore Uthayakumar. I can ignore the rally.
    But can I ignore the fact that, by and large, Indians in the country have been left out in its economic progress?
    Have they been marginalized?
    Have they been oppressed and exploited by the MIC?
    Can any thinking person just brush aside the cry of 10,000 +++ as an act of a gullible lot of good-for-nothing Indians who were led by the nose by Uthyakumar?
    The response from the government and the media to the cry of the voiceless is nothing short of being heartless.
    I won't waste my time fuming at Uthayakumar.
    I would give my support to Hindraf even though they spoke for themselves.
    If UMNO can trumpet about Ketuanan Melayu, Agenda Melayu and go round branding the Malay Keris we are expected to accept all these without question.
    When Indians demonstrate it is racism!!! Why logic? What double standard?
    Race is the language of the BN government. UMNO embraces it. Now the Hindus embrace it.
    If the Orang Asli also demonstrate do we also call it racism and not walk with them.

    Rustam Sani said elsewhere , "The demonstration itself may be regarded illegal and unlawful by the government, but one has to be both totally blind and dumb to reject the existence of the issues that the demonstrators are trying to highlight “ the plight and humiliation of the sidelined and downtrodden ethnic Indian community in this country."

  88. 1. I really like to see the appeal letters/petitions or memorandums that HINDRAF have given the Rulers like they posted before, a lot right? I bet its not difficult to provide at least ONE here.

    1. This guy is a racist. While BERSIH walks on clean political voting, this guy plays with fire. Calling Muslims extremists, ethnic cleansing etc are very serious remarks. Uthay, you have NO IDEA of what you claim as ETHNIC CLEANSING. How about calling all those Indian golf nuts in Templer Park course or Setapak Drive to join you? In the end, they all go to the bar, have jugs of ahchor and laugh at those poor manipulated Indians who were fooled to march that day. I pity them, really I do.
    3. About temples. There is nothing wrong building temples. Hell, build one big ass temple, at least it can become a tourist attraction. But, building it without any proper control or documentation is bad. Why? Because we need to plan our area. What is the purpose of having THREE temples all in the same road..each one is like 5 minutes walk? Dont believe me? Just go to Sentul LRT station, you will see several temples there. Building it based on DREAM is kinda foolish dont you think? Its like, hey man, last nite i dreamt some dude in an orange robe instructed me to build a temple under this tree. He said, after several years, if any developers come and purchase the land, the developers must pay me big time!Look at what happened in Mid Valley, and yeah, that land is NOT EVEN mine!!!Quick rich scheme from God...? Awesome!

  89. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Failing to fully and transparently disclose what was being written and sent to the UK government is enough to tell me that HINDRAF is not sincere. It should have been made public on a public website.

    I was looking high and low trying to find some those details. If that letter is authentic, nice work Rocky.

  90. Anonymous4:24 pm

    will uthayakumar be a lawyer if his family in India..WTF hindraf...just a abid the constitution...after all u guys are not the origin here...

  91. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Hey Rocky...would u like it if ur places of worship was demolished ever so often and your race were treated like the indians? Put yourself in their shoes man.

  92. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Please explain how someone with minang blood here, portuguese gene there, chinese along the way, and certainly a bit of jawaness become a "melayu" in Malaysia?

    I am not racist. Just a little naive and uninformed.

  93. Anonymous5:21 pm

    All u guys can talk so well. Sitting in a pub, having a chit chat with couple friends teasing about bloody rally and the memo.

    Just remind you Chindiana and others, poor malaysians is not a laughing matter to u...

    Insight the memo is the truth...

    the truth is always a pain.

  94. bro,
    for the record, not every Malaysian of Indian origin was "brought" here to work the estates and make roads. There were some or maybe even alot who ventured on their own free-will to look for greener pastures, just like the Chinese and the Indonesians as is in this multi faceted country on ours. But this Uthayakumar fella is only highlighting the plight of the lowest, who by their own socio-political existence claim to have a bigger need to draw attention to themselves and unsuspectingly give this guy the much needed popularity !

    My other suspect reason is this fellow, Uthay has an axe to grind with the Brits...remember his denial for asylum in Britian a few years ago ? Maybe this is his way of getting back at the Brits, with the charged-up emotions of subservient lower strata Hindus coupled with the very recent "temple issues"....what better time for him to put his plan in action !

    Scheming fella....this Uthaya perhaps...BUT are we sure THIS is the actual memorandum to be presented to the Queen ? Somehow for a laywer, this is badly written or phased even to a point of being seditious, not of the style of a learnered Indian of Malaysian origin, solicitor.

    I'm a Malaysian of Indian origin too, sure and I'm not a Hindu but I was there to lend support and bear witness of the marchers,yes, but not for the cause of Hindraf, as I would be there for, when Penans, Minangkabaus or Sikhs or for anyone else walk who demands his right to "WALK" in a so-called democratic country!

    I'll walk for a Bangsa Malaysia !
    To that ...Cheers !

  95. Anonymous5:37 pm

    I stand with you RockyBru... this is a part of struggle that I do not want to have anything with.

    Just for discussion sake... So they say the figure 4 Trillion USD is just a figure so that the world take notice for the British error in the past (I do beieve seeking an apology from the British is mush better). But again... even as the remotest probability...suddenly the British says... "OK, we admit that we did wrong. So you want 4 Trillion USD. OK, we will provide that money. But not to be given to the individual.... but to be use to cover up the cost of transporting back all the Indian in Malaysia back to India since you are not that grateful that we brought your ancestor to Malay more than a hundred year ago". Do you think HINDRAF would take that?

  96. Salam bro,

    I didn't too! But that's because I can't walk! Well, at least not the distance since Nov10.

  97. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Locking the people inside the Batu Caves Temple and spraying them with chemical water and firing tear gas - don't you think it is a litle bit too harsh? They are not animals. Where's the respect for religious place?

  98. Anonymous6:33 pm

    if you're no racist, then how come you're so pally-pally with pasquale?

    a man is known by the company he keeps

  99. Anonymous6:54 pm





  100. Bro Rocky's Bru @ 12:49 PM

    Well said bro. Wat ever your stand, I still and will walk wef you.


  101. rock, i apologize for the language used in my earlier comment.

    i wonder how you justify calling DAP racist. I don't see one iota of evidence re that in their constitution. I think their lack of non-chinese (specifically malay) memberships doesn't qualify them as such. to my mind, the lack of malay memberships in DAP could be due to the malay's reluctance in accepting a concept of "malaysian's malaysia" that would require them to give up whatever "privilages" they are enjoying.

    thank you.

  102. Anonymous8:14 pm

    yo!raj....and others.look!...look at the letter and say it what in it.
    it makes me feel worse and worse every day!

    panglima mahsai.

  103. Anonymous8:15 pm

    che lah!pak lah! dol! dol lah,what are you thinking now?

  104. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Waving Gandhi pic's around together with Mia flag.!What are this people trying to proof. And yet the British PM have had just denied any involvement of their goverment.It seems to tilt to one's personal agenda ! They have been taken for a ride!

  105. Anonymous9:00 pm

    err.... quick quick

    air asia RM9.99 to bangalore, the land of plenty, where every indian from derry to dengkil will be greeted like the long lost relatives they are

    damn those brit for bringing indians here
    but praise be to queen (err.. whose ancestors killed millions in the motherland, and made slavery legal)

  106. Anonymous9:21 pm

    I am glad to note that you would'nt have walked even if had been here. If you had, I and many others would have been dissapointed and ambarassed.
    Why?... completely in contradiction nor befitting your intelectuality.

  107. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Hmmm....I wonder if Indonesia, Thailand or the Phillipines has this problem ?

    And if so, how do they settle it ?

    There dun seem to be much news of problems like this. .. Maybe we should seek their opinions or advice.

  108. Anonymous9:33 pm

    UMNO is United Malay National Org...Malay? when Jean Abdullah can become UMNO member, nobody care. One Eye Jack MP, forgottoen, AP scandal senator, forgotten...PKFZ, forgottoen, Palace in Klang, forgotten.
    Hey these bunch of Malays are cheating you Malays and all other Malaysians. Why analysis a letter to determine the situation of theses guys. Look at the bigger picture....We are all being cheated. Including you Rocky, or were you paid well by the NSTP guys, hoping you shut-up and when you didnt, thet slap with a legal claim. If I read their claim, should I agree without thinking? Support is not the main issue, awareness is.... and plse all be aware of the next tsumani...higher petrol, bills, tolls ect.
    Happy finding faults guys

  109. Anonymous9:35 pm

    "Dr. M.Siva said...


    You are one chicken shit coward! If you got no balls to fight for your right, let those with balls to do it "

    Tch Tch Dr. Dr. ---such language.Ayoyo... Dun lah... My good Dr. dun reveal too much about your upbringing.

  110. Anonymous9:53 pm


    You got your right to summarize the letter as you want and perceive. But just look at the tone of the comments here. I'm very sad that you had to do this.

    I'm offended, firstly with your Amir's posting and now this (of course this is your blog).

    You have just lost one very loyal reader, it won't mean much to you i know.

    KMU and KPMU sounds like a better read now compared to language and suggestions shown here. Shame on you sir.

    You don't have to publish this,

    You have lost your focus. Thread carefully.

    Good luck.

  111. I read the letter a couple of times and I still can't figure out what was so seditious and flaming.

    Perhaps this is the first time Malays are coming across what other races really think of them.

    In a nation where we can never voice our views, people think one thing and say another.

    This guy is major drama. But he reflects what most of the persecuted Indians think.

  112. Some will walk out of crisis like a hero. Crisis is an avenue.

  113. Anonymous10:14 pm

    I say, the comments are getting very personal. Shoot the message,not the messenger.
    To Anonymous:
    If Rocky disagrees with Hitler, he will also have to turn his back on the thousands of Germans who endorse and give succour to their leader. Many people will say that's nice AND decent!
    As to one's genetic make up: the English (not the Brits) have English (Anglo-Saxon), Danish, Dutch, French, Scandinavian and German blood and they're still English.It's a tribute to being Malay that one can have a cocktail of genes running through one's veins and still be proud and happy to be a Malay even though increasingly it seems to have become a dirty word in this Malay Peninsula and when you add the Muslim dimension you are regarded as a savage and uncivilized caste.
    Strangely enough, when Indians marry out of their skin they prefer to be Sino-Indians, Anglo-Indians; anything but Indians.
    So, let's cease these cowardly personal attacks and write about the real problems and how best to deal with them.

  114. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Rocky, keep chasing the guy to own up the letter.

    On the other hand, maybe, after writing hundreds of letters and memos, the language and the rally was indeed a wake up call. Atleast, now I know that the temple demolishing issues, moorty etc etc warrant some serious and immediate attention.

  115. uthaya has lost his marbles...

  116. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Wtf anon@424pm?? Abide by what effing constitution???

  117. The five most influential businessman selected by Asiamoney are: Ananda Krishnan, Tony Fernandes, Mohd Hassan Merican, Zeti and Nazir Razak.

    2 Indian...3 Malay....
    No Chinese.........
    So many INDIA lawyers, Doctors..........................

  118. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Please enlighten as to which part of the statistics in the memorandum is factually inaccurate.
    As a affluent middle class person in Kuala Lumpur, my interaction with people of Indian orgins are the gardener, the cleaners, the driver, the office despatch riders. My lawyers, accountants, bankers are from other races.

  119. Whatever lah.

    Take the US$4 trillion and run. Buy Barcelona or something.

    Fuck this shit, I got work to do.

  120. Folks, I think most people who walked that day walked for the reasons of being left out in development and not the contents of the memo. I would have walked that day without giving a hoot about Uthaykumar or the memo. It was a wake up call for the government. The memo is his personal agenda. Just like how we voted for the current Barisan Government, but they had their own personal agenda for the last 50 years, which is corruption and stealing tax payers money.

    Well anyway, the bastards at Barisan must be laughing at us if they see this. United we stand.

  121. Anonymous11:29 pm

    full of bullshit... every malaysian knows it is nothing but lies.. alo thamby P. Uthayakumar ... too much toddy or what?? what a moron..

  122. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Trust me all my friends, we all will be fooled again. When Friday comes, we all will know the answer. In the mean time, take it with a pinch of GARAM and not GERAM, ya.

  123. here's what i have to say amid all this demo/rally thing. i saw one female cop walking along jalan ampang and goodness me, she's hot!

  124. Anonymous11:34 pm

    How interesting that most of the people who would pounce on the fact that Uthaya is racist and therefore this whole Hindraf thing should not receive the enlightened support ... are mostly and quite visibly Malays.

    While the rest who symphatises with the Indians or the cause (though not necessarily with Uthaya) are non-Malays.

    Lets do a poll-count of all the comments here. Ignore the anonymous - and classify them according to if they are 'malay' (starting from RockyBru, Hussin...) and compare it with those that are visibly 'non-malay'.

    Even on top of how much one perceives oneself to be on the perched on the pedestal of intellectual objectivity --the truth is -- there is no such thing.

    And no matter how eloquent the point and counterpoint is, our tragedy is 1) the failure to appreciate that there are many shades of grey and that not everything is fully right or fully wrong, and 2) to put ourselves in the other person shoes to really feel what they feel.

  125. Anonymous11:36 pm

    It is time for Malaysians to wake up and I mean Malaysians! Not just Indians, Malays or Chinese or others as a matter of fact. Malaysia has so much of the negative etnicity around. What has happened is purely resulted from the system itself. Whilst the current government could be the best to run the country, they should review where they have gone wrong. We don't really have to go far to see the results...just compare to Singapore for instance. We have long way to go indeed. There is a breakdown in system indeed. While the government has provided for certain quarters in terms of wealth and status, the same government had intentionaly or unintentionaly deprived others. Our population is small in number and rich with resources. In my opinion, all who born in Malaysia should be a bumiputra by default. And what they should do is to provide for those with lower income especially those government staff such as police officers, army, factory workers, plantation workers, etc. There's lot that can be done for our people. Why can't we look things differently. It is the government's duty to protect those needy instead of bullying them. This is an eye opener. As for the Indian community, it is time that Samy Velu should step down and give opportunity to others. In fact a more forward looking would be not to have ethnic parties, instead just have a National party irregardless of UMNO, MCA or MIC. Have one common party to address all! Probably it is on its way...I have come to a state where I call myself a Malaysian instead of refering myself as bumi, malay, chinese or indian. And damn I am proud to be Malaysian. It is time for the Government to be humble and have some emphaty towards Malaysian woes.

  126. Anonymous11:42 pm

    This Tamil hindu's seems like to cause trouble's, be it in Sri Lanka,Fiji and now they are threatening the land call Malaysia with arms struggle.

  127. Rocky,

    Uthayakumar and Waithamoorty are tricky chaps; the former, especially. Politicians. Opportunists. Though their courage, in the face of adversity, cannot be impugned.

    Hindraf rally, otoh, is a different animal altogether. It has captured the imagination of and has received an almost universal support from the Indian-Malaysians. So, please do not trivialise it. The issues have grown larger than Uthayakumar and even Hindraf.


  128. Anonymous11:56 pm


    respect your wishes not to walk. to each his own. but i cannot understand why the top cop lie like this as a muslim. look at what happen at batu caves. he paints a picture that the protestors were the culprits. no, the photos posted by bloggers showed that the police were the perpetrators. i can never understand why a top cop would behave like this. please, dont bring the top cop position to disrepute. i rest my case and may god be the witness.

  129. Anonymous12:55 am

    there's nothing really wrong in you trying to fight for your rights..
    but don't the guys in HINDRAF feel that they're going to alienate people
    by generalising..
    islamic extremist, mini genocide, islamic fundamentalist..
    granted the people at fault would be the minority in the government..
    but what about the rest?

    it's your right to fight for your rights..
    but don't expect people who have felt insulted by the language in the letter to lend weight to the cause..

    it's a bit hard to empathize when such words are used.. inaccurately in my opinion.. anyone can disagree if they want..

    1. one of the main points that i got from the comments is that, discounting the memorandum, it is a fact the the minority Indians are getting the raw end of the deal now.. i agree with this..
    but i also agree that there are also malays and chinese people who are marginalised be it in equal , lesser or greater degree..

    but i feel this is flawed, in my view of a malay muslim..
    you call us islamic fundamentalists. islamic extremists..

    you expect us to let it pass? after the insults towards our religion??

    2.Di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung..
    to say that we have a very transparent country with all the democratic freedom that we want would be the equivalent of saying ..
    pigs can fly or the malaysian football team is going to win world cup 2010

    but undeniably there are rules to adhere to.. you can't really expect to build temples anywhere where it is deemed to be illegal and get mad when it is demolished..
    referring to the letter.. notice that it said ALMOST all muslim worship places were not affected(something to this effect..
    so you are saying that they are also Mosques being demolished then?
    when a building is built illegally .. would it be unreasonable to expect action (etc being demolished) to be taken?

    3.some here are saying to rocky that he chose to ignore 30,000 indians due to the narrow minded P.Uthayakumar.. i feel everyone has the right to choose what they want to speak and fight for..
    if i choose to speak for Islam..
    is it wrong? i wouldn't really expect non-Muslims to take up the cause ..

    in conclusion.. yes indians have been and are still marginalised but that does not warrant the stupid and generalised attacks on Islam.

    any mention of the MIC? are they blameless in this?

  130. Anonymous1:20 am

    Dear Catwoman,

    Actually, the only thing that was in tamil was the information being circulated among the indians whom, unfortunately, an unlike you, have not mastered the English language. Why do think that Malaysians of indian origin should go to India? Hmmm... The last time I checked, Malaysia does not allow dual citizenship.

  131. Thats really memo...?ayo yo..apaun thanks for the info..

    To all india bro and a malay muslim..tapi apa yang HINDRAF tu tulis dah kira melampau la..kami pun sebenarnya bukanlah setuju sangat dengan cara mereka..surau kami pun diroboh..tanah kami pun dirampas..itupun kami melayu penduduk asal tanah melayu ni takde yang

    Yang penting "HIDUP MESTI DITERUSKAN" itu VK Linggam pun ada power ape..india right..?

  132. Hmm..Sama geng je ni Samy vellu n umno leader..

  133. First and foremost,looks like rocky's bru do not know how to read simple english and secondly, nobody ask rocky's bru to walk yesterday. Anyways, we do not need coward's like rocky's bru to walk with the heros.

    Sorry no any heart feelings,you uneducated brat.

  134. Anonymous2:28 am

    It is alarming to note the Police violating the rights of Malaysians of Indian origin to assemble freely as guranteed in the constitution.

    Hindraf lawyers were unlawfuly arrested and threathened since the Shah Alam temple demolition excercise carried out by the town council.

    These escalating acts of violation only serve to confirm the recent statement of a EU representative that "Malaysia is still under a state of Emergency."

    If the police continue to act as unquestioning servants of Umno or as their agents then citizens in this country will become mere captives similar to that of regimes in Pakistan and Myanmar.

    It is disturbing to observe that the police authorised a permit to Umno Youth to conduct street demonstrations while Condola Rice visted Malaysia a few months ago.

    The American flag was burnt by Umno youth leaders and death threats were made against America, Israel and the West.

    All this was witnessed by FRU and other police personell who offered "protection" to them and "proctected" them from the public until they had finished their demonstration.

    If such action persists, citizens in Malaysia will be in grave danger. Malik, I appeal to you and other respected lawyers of this nation to stand against such tyranny and to ensure that the right of minorities to voice their dissent is not penalised or criminalised.

    This is not what multicultural Malaysians agreed to at Merdeka and it is time that the police and the executive cease misusing the authority vested in them.

    There is irrefutable evidence to prove that Indians have stood with Malays, Chinese and other communities against discrimination and violation of human rights and other crimes.

    They have even walked with other communites, suffered violent attacks and even faced death for it. However, the same cannot be said about the reverse.

    When Indians walk to make a stand against the violations against them, (prison deaths, marginalisation and being treated as slaves in the country they have given so much to), they walk alone.

    They are lectured against as trouble causers, gangster and anti-establishment despots. The Indians in this country will no longer rely on the Samy Vellus (Mandor's of Umno) or their sympatheizers for support.

    We will no longer be intimidated or be silenced against clariyfing the injustices against us without fear or favor.

    As for this so-called "Bangsa Malaysia" smokescreen, it is like preaching to the Blacks in America or to the Jews being marched to the death chambers that they need to sing a new song, a song about Bangsa for all.

    Those who are afraid to stand with the opressed are themselves victims of a deeper malaise and contagion. It is an eclipse of the soul and consciense.

    Such misplaced scantimonous postulation has as much value as a warm bucket of spit.

    Malaysians must not tolerate any attempt or intimidation to silence their voice. Let not those elected by the rakyat consider themselves above the law, and may justice be restored as it was at Merdeka.

    When the Nazis came for the communists, I remained silent; I was not a communist. When they locked up the social democrat, I remain silent; I was not a social democrat. When they came for the unionists; I did not speak out; I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews, I remained silent, I wasn't a Jew. When they came fore me, there was no one left to speak out.

    You reveal who you are and what you are when you excercise your voice and also when you choose to remain silent. Today the batons and boots are on Indian backs and blood on the streets of KL are of Indians being battered for using their voice.

    Some feed the tyrants in the hope that they will be not eaten or eaten last. Let freedom reign, there is a price to pay and it requires courage.

    Enuchs and establishment concubines may never be able to comprehend why freedom, equality and human rights matter.

  135. Anonymous2:43 am

    Anon@11:34pm said...

    "How interesting that most of the people who would pounce on the fact that Uthaya is racist and therefore this whole Hindraf thing should not receive the enlightened support ... are mostly and quite visibly Malays.

    While the rest who symphatises with the Indians or the cause (though not necessarily with Uthaya) are non-Malays."

    i dont know malaysians have become this dumb....
    for all this time shouting for democaracy n freedom of speeches,yet when bro rocky post this thread,ramai yg melenting...

    so what da fuck? kebebasan bersuara kah kalo semua koemn perlu sependapat,bro rocky just being fair enough to put the information at the right time,for a lot of indians and others still got no clue what the letter is all about...

    wether u like it or u dont,rocky does his job to tell the story,and he has his right to stand for what he believe,as same as we all are...

    and i still dont agree of all the "demonstrasi jalanan" these days,and its my right to say about it,after all... this is what "freedom of speeches" is all about... but some people still forget that,even freedom it self comes with a price

    would you call yourself "anak-malaysia" although selling malaysias peace and harmony to the foreigner just by lying about ethnic cleansing et al...

    u hate paklah/government,go to them,but dont play fire by saying such racist claim,

  136. I am one of the pemuda umno small time leader and I verily believe in freedom of expression. Unlike others, I tend to stand in the middle for the love of my country as i don't believe in government media controlled in toto..however, after reading the 'memo', i realized that despite the sprite of Hindraf be acknowledged in one way, the blame on the m'sian government and UMNO alone is groundless and untenable. Why must blame UMNO? Are Malays generally living in a well off style of life? Aren't some malays are left behind/marginalised? Hindraf should put the blame on MIC or other Indian organisation that claiming to be the champion of indian cause. I am very sorry to say that putting the blame on UMNO for the indian m'sian 'problems' is prematured. You have Indian ministers and leaders representing indian communities in government and parliament..why not lamenting your sorrow to these people?? after all the indian voted these people to championing their rights and causes..Please don't drag our Malaysia into a wrong limelight..

  137. Plato 'Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something'

    Why blame UMNO and government in the first place? Why not blaming MIC, PPP and others who claim to be championing the indian rights and causes? The memo is simply pointing finger at UMNO alone. maybe the hindraf leader misconcieve the factual matrix of the indian problem. On the temple issue, I agree that the government must respect all the 'sacred houses' and they must find the right solution not to injure everyone's feelings. However, where is MIC and PPP to prevent the so called destruction of the temple? isn't their responsibility to protect the indian rights and interest? and why blame our beloved Malaysia? this country has not done any wrong to us to justify the hindraf's action to make our country be rediculed in the eyes of the world. I support the spirit of hindraf to highlight the problems of the indian but i totally disagree with the cause translated in their so called memo. I wonder why Hindraf failed to mention in the memo that the leaders they have elected i.e. MIC and PPP, did not play their role accordingly? why blame on the malays alone? or UMNO?

    one of the Hindraf leaders try to imitate 'Ghandi Ji' (the great leader) trying to have 'hunger strike' for a wrong cause? what a pity gesture..

    My fellow Malaysians, I am an ordinary malay and i love my indian, chinese and other ethnics Malaysian brothers and sisters..and I love my country Malaysia though our present leaders seems to let our country's glory slipping away..Please don't let our Malaysia be rediculed by the world simply because Hindraf is sending the wrong and misleading memo..

  138. Anonymous5:08 am

    If you give equal rights to all the citizens of the country including laws, why should be there a problem.

    1.Don't snatch bodies of religious minorities, (Is it not atrocious not to allow grieve for thrir loved ones when they are dead?)

    2. Stop demolishing temples. You don't give permit to build one anyway, that's why they were there.
    who gave the permit to build Taj Mahal?

    3. Stop separating the families in the name of God. Why should be one rule for one religion and for others? You people enjoy all the rights in western countries. (Of course you do bom them when you fell like it and name Bradford as Bradistan)

    3. All of us are born from Adam. Why discrimination? Only the poor need uplifting. Poor are there in all religions, why just one religious people are uplifted ignoring others. You say these people have migrated, come on you are migrating to Europe and US in large numbers too.

    4. Srilankan Tigers were born out of frustration and discrimination. It will be the case in malaysia, if they would be pushed into extreme.

  139. Anonymous6:41 am

    Indians trying to be the negros of Malaysia by all of the sudden.
    Claiming rights for this & suing for US$14 trillion?
    We can see this clearly that Uthaya needs international publicity.
    What a bitch he is!

  140. Anonymous7:19 am

    "Anonymous said...
    How interesting that most of the people who would pounce on the fact that Uthaya is racist and therefore this whole Hindraf thing should not receive the enlightened support ... are mostly and quite visibly Malays."

    Youre talkinglike the king snake himself. Prove it --or else, hold your peace !

    Generalisation and unfounded sweeping statements !
    Fact is --the way everybody is hiding themselves under the name of 'anonymous '( like me and you) we don't really know, do we ?

  141. Anonymous7:23 am

    'freelittlebrain said...
    The five most influential businessman selected by Asiamoney are: Ananda Krishnan, Tony Fernandes, Mohd Hassan Merican, Zeti and Nazir Razak.

    2 Indian...3 Malay....
    No Chinese.........
    So many INDIA lawyers, Doctors..........................

    10:26 PM'

    Good one mate !

    As it is they are probably blaming the drinking probems and gangsterism on the Malaysian system.
    Funny how they only talk about the effect ( Kg.Mrdan , the temples) but not the cause.

  142. Anonymous7:27 am

    Bro Rocky,

    Just look around your neighbourhood & office areas etc
    How many indian doctors?
    How many indian lawyers?
    How many indian insurance brokers? How many indian restaurants?
    How many indian are great sportsman/women that we are proud of? etc...

    Lots of them around. They benefitted from our country - Malaysia. They are part of Malaysians.

    I do have lots of Malay, Chinese, Indian & Punjabi friends...

    Following Uthayakumar rally is taking 10 steps backwards in racial harmony.
    Its Racist. Pure Racist.

    We will loose our Muhibah Brotherhood if we start faning racial issue and being chauvinist racist.

    Don`t create a racial riot by following this dumb illussion man. He has managed to trick more then 20 thousands indians on believing his fight.

    He is playing with fire. Uthayakumar is a strategist. Blind strategist that wont give a shit of what will happen next after the memo and his actions.

    By following him ~ its shows how easy he can fooled lots of people believing his struggle.

    There must be a limit in everything you do. If it could cause our country into racial disharmony & instability ~ then this man must be stop and remove. Don`t start shouting `freedom of expression` not available here in our country.

    The memo reflects the brain and movement of Uthayakumar. He is a strategist of doom!

    I pity those who believe in this confuse man. He should be in show business - bollywood.


  143. Anonymous7:29 am

    'Anonymous said...
    Hmmm....I wonder if Indonesia, Thailand or the Phillipines has this problem ?

    And if so, how do they settle it ?

    There dun seem to be much news of problems like this. .. Maybe we should seek their opinions or advice.

    9:30 PM'

    For one thing -- 'Samy ' would be Samyprongthong in Thailand and Samywidarathaksin in Indonesia, I guess.

    And they probably won't be able to write in Tamil.

  144. Anonymous8:55 am

    Fuiih.... My advise to all Malays, terutamanya ahli2 UMNO, Melayu melalui UMNO terlalu berTOLAK ANSOR, kita sahaja kena tolak dan beransor, kawasan melayu sedikit demi sedikit diserahkan pada mereka, Seperti, taiping, Wangsamaju, Ijok, dan banyak lagi, yg mana majority melayu melebihi 60 % diserahkan pada mereka kerana bertolak ansor... Nak kemana lagi kita ditolak selepas ini, beransor kemana nanti anak cucu kita,... Jadi ajar sikit mereka pada pilihan raya ini, Mmg pemimpin2 tertinggi UMNO tak akan berkata demikian tetapi dalam hati mereka juga harapkan pengajaran diberikan pada mereka yang tak berterima kasih ini...

  145. Anonymous9:22 am

    i want to send a petition to Queen also..asking her to send all HINDRAF supporters back to India...because the love Gandhi more to our very own Malaysian leaders like Tunku, Sambanthan, HS Lee etc


    Malays Right Action Force


  146. Anonymous10:04 am

    You should be clear and fight for the Indians be they Hindus, Christians, Buddhist, Muslims or others.
    Here they are just fighting for the Hindus which is bias.

  147. Anonymous10:49 am

    “demolish the statues and destroy the crosses”
    who said it? an MP for parit sulong.
    where? at the circus house parliament.
    when? 29 oct. 2007

    Also remember Kerling anyone? The malays tell the kelings to get out, and yet when the Indians try to the malays want to stop them.

  148. Anonymous10:59 am

    For crying out loud, just for 1 lousy piece of farking memo & it got everybody juiced-up - ain't we one farking bunch of dramatic self-centred idiotic ppl.

    Its nothing comparing to that sick farkface hishamuddin & umno youth brandishing the keris year in, year out and with the farking audacities to asked the chinese to get the farking used to it.

    Of course the chinese are offended but so what... life is worth more than a few insults here & there...

    BTW, and if we will to listen & believe that bunch of buggers in bn on this matter, we are doomed & we can blardy sure to mengangkasakan the whole blardy bangsa i.e sent the whole bangsa malaysia into orbit!

    The problem are not with the malays, chinese, indians & dan lain-lain - the biggest culprits are those slimy opportunistic parasites in bn that are causing all the racial frictions.

  149. Anonymous11:22 am

    Is this whole wayang going to put UMNO in a stronger position for another election and more NEP goodies for goodness knows who? God help us, the common Malays, Indians, Chinese etc, people who have not befitted from the NEP. You have been sold out yet again.

  150. apa ni Uthaya...jangan auta...Malaysia mana ada ethnic cleansing kita bukan Serbia...apa kau ingat India dekat India semua kaya kaya ker? yang kaya kat sana pun corrupt juga India PM, India people also struggle overthere...

    tidak suka Malaysia jangan kutuk ini macam kata Malaysia Islamic Extremist segala macam...sini kuil Hindu juga banyak ..mana mana tempat pun U boleh sembahyang...kalau Malaysia tindas India macam mana orang India banyak dapat Datuk, Datuk Seri, dapat jadi menteri, dapat jadi Lawyer macam lu sendiri...berapa ramai lawyer dan Doktor bangsa India ugama Hindu di Malaysia..? cuba lu cakap ...artis bangsa India saya pun ada minat dengar itu Jac? lu ada kena ka...dulu Param ada berlakun filem melayu ...

    jangan create ethnic tension la...kita sudah banyak problem tol naik minyak naik...jangan kasi orang semua naik mau marah lu marah lu punya wakil la ...

    Ini perkara boleh bincang baik baik...kenapa kasi kotor Malaysia punya nama....

    jangan ini macam la ...tarak bagus...

  151. I'm a ethnic-cleanse yo ass, motherfucker!

    I suggest to the Malaysian Government that we spray all non-Malays with Dettol in order to ethnic-cleanse them.


  152. Anonymous11:38 am

    Find Common Point to Fight!
    Appeals after Appeals they failed
    So rally after rally were held!
    Group grievances & voices must go somewhere.
    Unless jeopardizing or overriding others rights
    it should be alright
    even with a racial light
    on Cultural and spiritual sides!
    Hindraf are fighting for basic Rights!
    It is the Common for ALL to fight

    BUG THE WORMS & not an intention for AVERAGE Rights!
    So, total number against bullies
    on the rise!
    And Direction for ALL in better light!

    Caution on the deviations
    with some highlights!

    Try to find point of unity
    for a better society
    where racial deviations
    are colors of life!

  153. Anonymous11:50 am

    Anon 11.34pm, your analysis is spot on. Do you know why the other non malays are supporting the move by Hindraf? In case you have not figured out is because they are the main beneficiary. MIC screwed up, MCA will use it as a card to get more seats. What's going to happen? The chinese voice becomes stronger, they will fight for chinese rights not Indian rights. Do you think MCA will fight for your rights? Indian, Indian, when are going to learn?

  154. It will put UMNO in a positive light provided they do not screw up and start a racial riot.

    I think this is what HINDRAF actually wants. They have displayed to all and sundry that the Malaysian government is obviously nefarious, self-serving and plainly evil.

    They have proved that the government employs violence to disperse peaceful protestors.

    They have proved that it has double standards. Khairy Jamaluddin gets to protest against the US and Condoleeza Rice, but the Indians don't get to protest against Barisan Nasional.

    The whole world is watching. And that is exactly what HINDRAF wants. And of course, the stupid government played into its hands. I elaborated about it in my post Making All The Dumb Moves.

    Since, the world knows that the government in unstable and obviously crooked, HINDRAF is free to make as many claims as they choose.

    Islamic extremists, ethnic cleansing, genocide and whatnot are mild terms. The world is ready to believe anything.

    And why not? After the presentation by the government on 25th November 2007, anyone would.

    The police claim that no violence was used. They are backed by the govt and state controlled media. However, there is evidence to the contrary.

    So now when HINDRAF claims that Indians have been slashed and killed, the stage has been set for the world to believe them completely, and without reserve.

    All HINDRAF has to do is wait for UMNO and the emo army to erupt and start a riot. Bear in mind, the poverty-stricken Indians have nothing to lose. They have bullied and oppressed all their lives.

    When the racial riot occurs, HINDRAF probably has another memo, sent to the USA, urging them to save the plight of Indians. A hint or two about our oil reserves may have been dropped.

    UMNO, bless their little black hearts, will be the catalyst that sends this country back about 100 years.

    But it wouldn't bother the Indians. For the first time in 50 years, everyone will finally be equal.

  155. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Dear all,

    If that memo is genuine, Utaya has misleaded all. Don't bring religion in the is very sensitive. I am an ordinary layman but after reading the letter I am worried & dissapointed. How can an educated lawyer cause so much damage to the Indians in the furute...yes think about the consequences. I believe many organisers of the Hindraf are lawyers & businessman...they have nothing to worry about future as they are more sucured in life...but what about the poor, and so so educated indians & families who supported their rally. Will they be protected by these guys if something untoward happens to them? Wake up all indians we are not suffering from starvation or homeless...thou I agree with injustice but that is a fact we have to face...we only have one be strong mentally, physically & emotionally to stand on our own feet like what our UK educated so called lawyers achieved. I would urge the Hindraf businessman, lawyers, doctors etc to look into other options to educate & find business opportu nity. This is the challenge we should face & endure not by rallying on the i said the consequences would be an unmitigated disastes for our future generations. Lets not be too emotional.

  156. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Mr.Rocky ,
    The Indian community has been subjected to ridiculous oppression by the Malaysian government , why is that you say what is in the letter is lies , where is your proof that what is being said is not true . Mobsters break up forums on freedom of religion , you should check out what that Perak mufti fellow has been saying . In 1969 did the government not commit an act of terrorism (insite terror), have we not been ruled by terrorists (people who use terror to control others) for years . When was the last time you saw a mosque being demolished? Could you imagine the reaction to that if it happened . Who was the minister who said it was time to bathe the Kris in the blood of the Chinese? Was he ever charged with sedition or is he still a minister ?
    An Indian boy on a motorbike , the police love this , time for some bullying and if there's any funny remarks they'll be taken back to the station , tortured and perhaps murdered with no questions asked now you want to ask why the Indian community is angry ? You are a fool rocky and have no idea what is really going on in this country . My father and many of my friends have been tortured by the Malaysian police force , is it not fair to call them terrorists? Just as I would call George Bush a terrorist I would call anyone who uses terror (immense fear , if you need a translation) as a means of control . What does torturing someone do ? Does it not instill terror so the person does not do whatever it is that irritates the torturer again . Dear oh dear you guys are really daft , as for me I am getting the hell out of this country (along with all my money ) . THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR CHILDREN .

  157. anonymous 10.59am

    totally agree with you...wouldn't be surprised if there are hidden hands behind all these dramatics...definitely not beneath KAYJAY and gang...trying to play the racial card to get support for elections and tighten their stranglehold...and put a stop to public demos and marches....

  158. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Dear all,

    Why are we talking about race issue here. WHY ? WHY ? WHY ?.

    Stop all this


  159. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Protect Tamils in Malaysia, Karunanidhi urges PM

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi on Tuesday wrote a letter to Prime Minister Manomhan Singh, expressing deep concern at the treatment meted out to ethnic Indians in Malaysia.

    In the letter, Karunanidhi said that the people of Tamil Nadu are disturbed over the happenings in Kuala Lumpur, and pointed out that Tamils constitute the largest percentage among the Indian minority in Malaysia.

    The Malaysian police on Sunday crushed a rally of more than 10,000 ethnic Indians who were protesting against marginalisation of the ethnic Indian community in that country and also to support a $4 trillion lawsuit filed in London in August by Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), a rights group demanding that Britain compensate Malaysian Indians for bringing their ancestors to the country as indentured laborers and exploiting them.

    The police detained over 240 ethnic Indians.

    Karunanidhi added that he was much perturbed that the Malaysian police used water cannons and tear-gas shells against the Indian demonstrators.

    Adding insult to injury, Karunanidhi said, the Malaysian police had detained 240 ethnic Indians.

    "The protesters were carrying poster-size pictures of Mahatma Gandhi", he pointed out.

    The chief minister urged Prime Minister Singh and the central government to take appropriate action to end the sufferings and ill treatment meted out to Malaysian Tamils.

    Ethnic Indians constitute eight percent of the total population of 27 million but control just 1.5 percent of the economy.

    The Indian community in that country also alleged that access to housing, education, financial loans and jobs is given to Malays on a preferential basis. The destruction of Hindu temples by the Malaysian government had inflamed the ethnic Indians' grievances.

  160. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Going by this, Hindraf may be on the right track after all with some refinement:

    The Filipino veterans' provisions in HR 760 are similar to a plan passed by the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee.

    If signed into law, it would provide full veterans' status to World War II era Filipino soldiers and even their survivors.

    This would include pay for service related disabilities, survivor pay for service-connected deaths, as well as pensions and death benefits.

    Those who are living in the Philippines, and are not U.S. citizens, would receive $6,000 to $8,400. Low-income widows would receive $3,600.

  161. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Speaking at the Johor BN convention on July 25, the prime minister Mahathir quipped that it was very cheap for him to treat Malaysian Indian Congress president S Samy Vellu to a meal because he was a vegetarian.

    All he had to do, Mahathir said, was to go and cut some blades of grass to serve the MIC president.

    18/05/06 - “Former PM Dr. Mahathir gave nothing to Malaysian Indians” says Samy Vellu as reported by Makkal Osai, yesterday.

  162. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Creation of a race and the rights of a race and what this has to do with the Malays:

    For some reasons, in a spark of brilliance, human beings were created to roam the vast lands on Earth. They divided themselves and gone farther as they could and stayed behind at the places they liked. On those places, they created their way of life and held authority.

    And evidently, other group of strong and different people would take over the weaker ones and possessed the lands (through wars and migration). Even though, the successors would somehow assimilated the previous culture of the land that benefited themselves and enriched their own culture. Over evolutionary migrations, each group started to form similar traits due to environmental stresses and genetic cross-breeding that only happened on the lands and their boundaries. These similar traits helped them to recognize their identities and strengthened their ties. From here, the notion of a race was created.

    The strongest ones would always maintain their racial cultures for ages like mainland Chinese people in China arc, mainland Indians in Indian arc, mainland Arabs in Arabian arc, mainland Europeans in Europian arc, mainland Malays in Malay arc, among other main groups.

    Pressures would sure exist on these racial groups in the form of migration and war (as usual). Hence, to protect themselves, they will recognize their racial differences to set apart from other racial group through legislation and laws. This would be possible when they were the only group that owned and managed the lands. This crucial decisions could possibly be:
    1) to become the only superior race of the land
    2) to either recognize or not the other racial groups
    3) to either give or not the other racial groups the rights in the terms set by the superior racial group

    The outcome of these decisions may sound unfair but the racial rights are justified and priveleged in a relative term that beholds the ideals of the superior racial group that own the lands. Racial rights are not always human rights. Racial rights will always attach themselves to the lands and the rights to be on the lands as laid out by the superior group. Human rights will only fit the general terms of being a human, not a race.

    In the context of Malaysia, the Malays (which are a combination of smaller same-bloodlines which include Melayu Bugis, Melayu Jawa, Melayu Batak, Melayu Minang, Melayu Sabah, Melayu Sarawak, Proto-Melayu, etc.) who are the superior racial group who owns the lands (Tanah Melayu, Sabah, Sarawak) before and after the colonial times, have the racial rights, as given by The Rulers, to give a shit about their lands as in Decision (1) and these racial rights should not be opposed by other racial groups as the Malays have deniably allowed them to live based on Decision (2) and (3). The Malays have not violate any human rights by giving these racial decisions since the other racial groups were and still live in peace and harmony despite some hiccups in the history of Malaysia. So, please open your mind to see what the Malays have done for you and move forward.

    The current situation in Malaysia right now has nothing to do with the Malays in general as the Malays have decided long time ago on racial decisions (1), (2) and (3). But, it is due to stupid people on top who have no one to oppose/advise them in setting the racial rules as clear as possible when they are trying to create bangsa Malaysia. And, don't stupidly blame the Malays when in fact they are exercising their racial rights in the similar ways what the Europians, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, etc. have done for their own lands. Only that, the Malays have started it quite late in this modern world when the rest have done that in the centuries of history.

  163. Anonymous2:01 pm


    Dear Malay brothers and sisters:

    The general Hindu population in Malaysia have no problems with the Malays in this country. We all live like a giant family and count you among our best friends and neighbours.

    Genuine Hindus will never degrade your religion nor speak ill of your practices. As Malaysians, that would be spitting at ourselves.

    Our problems are ONLY with UMNO. And that too, with their leaders. Those in the administration who would use anything - religion, race, culture - to remain in power. And they DO NOT care if lives are lost or properties are destroyed, as long as they can benefit from OUR differences.

    Please do not succumb to weaknesses and forget our common target. We must do everything within our means to bring them down. And that means even voting for PAS for the non Muslim - as long as UMNO loses its 2/3rd majority. This ALONE must be our common objective.

    Our common concern is for poor and downtrodden, regardless of race or religion. UMNO is cleverly using Malay/Muslim agenda to work up the Malays so that they will gang up against the non-Malays. We must NEVER allow this. Enough is enough! Let's not fall into their trap. Rise my dear brothers and sisters!

  164. Anonymous2:51 pm

    After reading the memorandum I would say "its all your (the Tamil/Indian) themselves are at fault. U trust the MIC too much without proper check and balance and now after being left out and cornered u blam the Gomen or the ruling party. U select them and u get what u wanted and dont blame the rest (the Malays especially). I for once doesnt trust the UBNO Putra and have not been supporting them since 1992. At the very least am not guilty.

  165. Anonymous2:56 pm

    2nd prize goes to Crankshaft in Tamil Movie Writing Script Competition for his posting at 12.39pm. 1st price goes to Uttaya's memo. Shit man, Malaysia could be a haven for Tamil Movie Script. I did not realise there's so many talented Tamilian here. May be as a way to alleviate Indian from poverty, govt should set up Tamil movie academy in Malaysia. Uttaya can become the largest shareholder, the director, the CEO, the actor, scriptwriter, producer

  166. Anonymous3:33 pm

    malay history...

    we know the malays are a gentle, peaceful & helpful lot, so we don't need a history lesson on the malay race.

    but for the fact that the last 37 years, a new breed of greedy sub-race has evolved to rules this land.

    and to preserved their perpetual reign over the rest, this sub-race will go all out and at all cost and even to the extend of breeding hatred among the superior race and the other races.

    so the question is how are your superior race & the rest of the races are going to counter those dangerous evil force of this sub-race?


  167. Anonymous3:35 pm

    There shall never be peace then if we fight for religion and race, rather than for humanity. In this case, when the time comes, we will die fighting, either for our race and religion, or for the ones who have common sense...for humanity itself. God Bless. Heed the Karma, what goes around comes around...even for UMNO.

  168. Anonymous7:03 pm

    manny_california said...

    First and foremost,looks like rocky's bru do not know how to read simple english and secondly, nobody ask rocky's bru to walk yesterday. Anyways, we do not need coward's like rocky's bru to walk with the heros.

    Sorry no any heart feelings,you uneducated brat.'

    Sorry my dear educated rat. You do mean 'hard feeling' don't you ?
    Er by the way your sentence structure is also bad---but of course you must be so educated that people don't understand your English.
    You sound more like a character from the 'Mind Your Language ' series.

  169. Covering the HINDRAF march has taught me a thing or 2 about uploading onto YOUTUBE.
    Well, if you have been denied a job or scholarship because of your race do a short video of yourself and upload onto youtube. You have to learn to fight your own war.
    Don’t complain, UPLOAD
    Let the gomen justify your situation to the International Audience and say that’s not discrimination.
    Good Luck
    Remember, Don’t complain, UPLOAD

  170. Anonymous10:11 pm

    It is alarming to note the Police violating the rights of Malaysians of Indian origin to assemble freely as guranteed in the constitution.

    Hindraf lawyers were unlawfuly arrested and threathened since the Shah Alam temple demolition excercise carried out by the town council.

    These escalating acts of violation only serve to confirm the recent statement of a EU representative that “Malaysia is still under a state of Emergency.”

    If the police continue to act as unquestioning servants of Umno or as their agents then citizens in this country will become mere captives similar to that of regimes in Pakistan and Myanmar.

    It is disturbing to observe that the police authorised a permit to Umno Youth to conduct street demonstrations while Condola Rice visted Malaysia a few months ago.

    The American flag was burnt by Umno youth leaders and death threats were made against America, Israel and the West.All this was witnessed by FRU and other police personell who offered “protection” to them and “proctected” them from the public until they had finished their demonstration.

    Such Islamic jihadist tendencies are not new, it began before Merdeka. And as such Malaysians need to stand up against its threat to carry out ethnic cleansing as was manifested on May 13, 1969.

    If such action persists, citizens in Malaysia will be in grave danger. I appeal all citizens to stand with Hindraf as well as others against such tyranny and to ensure that the right of minorities to voice their dissent is not penalised or criminalised.

    This is not what multicultural Malaysians agreed to at Merdeka and it is time that the police and the executive cease misusing the authority vested in them.

    As to this proposition of “Bangsa Malaysia” - I would respectfuly state that such a species exists only in an imaginary discreet village of Majapahit and in the realm of wayang kulit dreamscape. Those who postulate for a “Bangsa Malaysia” are barking up the wrong durian tree. It is a convenient mask to hide behind to conceal ethnocentri Malay centrisms.

    Unfortunately this country was built on the stilts of comunalism, one just has to examine the constitution that states a Malay is a muslim and can only be a muslim till kingdom come. It deliberately conceals the evidence that Malays before the 14 Century were buddists, hindus , animists and ofother religous and non-religous persuasions.

    Such diabolical developments in the constitution as well as historical revisions has led to grave violations of human rights and opression of Malays as well as non-Malays in this country. It is a the highest form of racial and religous apartheid the country has faced and the best part about it is no one is allowed to talk about it, lest he be ushered into the confines of Kamunting.

    So, this issue of “Bangsa Malaysia” is a non-entity masquerading like a Umno enuch in a green kebaya. It is liken to asking Umno Youth leaders to stop kissing the keris or fantasizing about it in erotic terms of.

    I would suggest that it is more humane and plausible to speak of a “Bangsa Manusia”, to accept each racial group or racially-mixed communities as one’s own. Human beings must be entitled to basis dignity and freedom to chooses religon or cultural practice as enshrined in the UN Charter.

    All this malicious innuendo that Hindraf is a racist group with racist motivations against Malays and other communities is initself a concealed racist paradigm. Hindraf’s right to express its religous convictions or its concern over threats of “Malay Muslim groups working with Special Branch Personell” or about Indian gansters is what democracy looks like without an Umno veil.

    There is irrefutable evidence that “Malay Muslim” mobs and young Umno turks who were not pleased with Tunku instigated riots against the Chinese as well as Indians, as the declassified records of May 13, 1969 indicate. It was a coup de tat.

    The outworking of a democratic society is that it entails one to reveal knowledge of such threats and such revelations should not be distorted for any reason

    Hitler employed “Turnspeak”(a form of reversal propaganda) against Checkoslavia by stating he was goin there to help them against criminal elements that were against it. Histroy reveals what his true intentions were and what eventually happened.

    When one attempts to make the victim of opression the agressor, and the aggressor to be the victim, the spirit of Nazism is incarnated and pepetrated.

    Justice does not always operate on a centrifugal manner. Those dying of thrist will not be instanously saved by lectures that there are many thristy people out there in Malaysia and that just because you are about to die of thirst “don’t you dare be so outrageously chauvinistic about your state of dying....

    Such reasoning, if it could be termed reasoning has as much value as a warm bucket of spit. The Indians in this country has walked with the Malays, Chinese, and other communities in their struggle against injustices, some even at the expense of financial ruin, and some even to the point of death. However, the same cannot be said about the reverse.

    When the Indians walk to voice their plight, they walk alone, and the chorus from the “Bangsa Malaysia” brigade are similar to the ones sung to the Jews as sent to the death chambers... "we have the best interest of Indians deep in our hearts, it's so deep we will lead them to the deep..." With friends like these, who needs enemies?

    Malaysians must not tolerate any attempt or intimidation to silence their voice. Let not those elected by the rakyat consider themselves above the law, and may justice be establihed as it was at Merdeka.

  171. Anonymous11:28 pm

    I apologise for being illiterate in Tamil. You write pretty good English but , judging from your response to my commment, your English language comprehension leaves a lot to be desired. Or do I need to say it slowly or rather write it s l o w l y, if that's humanly possible.
    As Malaysia is such a terrible and terrifying place for the 20-30 thousand Indians (their leaders included); I am only suggesting an alternative abode or do they prefer UK, or USA or Australia or Canada where there are loads of expatriate Indians who right now are extremely agitated about the plight of Malaysian Tamils? I am sure with all the publicity worldwide about evil, fanatical, terrorist, extremist Muslim leadership, all these countries would welcome them as asylum seekers. But I do recall in the 60s, the Americans only handpicked the Vietnamese professionals AND the pretty ones while the rest were left to languish in Malaysia.
    And of course, Malaysia and other nations do not allow dual citizenship! Why on earth should anyone be allowed to place their backsides on two stools!! Two tongues in one mouth? - that's normal.
    This is for the eyes and brains of Anonymous 1.20am

  172. Anonymous12:02 am

    I think Malaysians have become so racist or ethnocentric that they have lost the proverbial wood for the trees. Just look at the commentary here .

    In comparison, Uthaya's memo is tame compared to these rants that trivialize or artificially deconstruct real distress into clinical statements of platitudes such as ‘must represent all races’ and accusing HINDRAF of narrow parochialisms. Just who is the creator or controller of the agenda here? Besides the facts of Indian marginalization are clear and plain to see as well as their contributions to the cultural and economic development of this country. A major temple of theirs was destroyed just before Deepavali and they had tried, nay exhausted all channels to air and seek dialogue. This has been documented. Nothing came of them. Their return for their efforts is zip. Denial is a wonderful thing. But the world knows , so active denial amongst Malaysians is in vogue.

    If Islamic terrorists kill innocents in the name of oppression we are exhorted to understand their marginalized plight, but a peaceful protest here in Malaysia is condemned, and even so after repeated efforts to seek the intervention or help from the authorities all ignored, we condemn these people. Hypocrisy dressed in drag as liberal pluralism here Rocky, I fear.

  173. Anonymous12:18 am

    Hello everyone…

    I am organizing the mother of all demo for year 2007. It is call the
    (Malay Chinese India Punjabi Right Action Force)

    We are filing a petition to the queen for allowing BN Regime to

    1. Cause inconvenience to road users 3-4 days before actual demo.

    2. Flood newspaper & electronic media on all the demo stuff where I should be watching reruns of P.Ramlee movies.

    3. Not putting the three events (Lawyers march, Bersih & Hindraf) into VMY07 must see items when in Malaysia.

    Pro-Tem committee
    Malay Chinese India Punjabi Right Action Force

  174. Hey...maybe the Tamil Nadu minister can offer (lunatic) asylum to the aggrieved parties if he is so concerned..just don't send any Tamil suicide bombers eh...can't trust these Hindraf organisers...from the tone and lies in the memo... they are capable of igniting anything...funny how Samy Vellu bites the hand that fed him and helped him buy the toupees...Kenapa dia tak bising masa Dr M in power...just kept quiet as long as periuk dia dan geng dia terisi...podah...

  175. Anonymous1:09 am

    "Dr. M.Siva said...


    You are one chicken shit coward! If you got no balls to fight for your right, let those with balls to do it "

  176. Anonymous1:15 am

    Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan
    -we believe in God, it's just that some of the people higher up don't really practice what God asks them to do

    Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara
    -when u say negara does it mean the government then?
    - so is it Tuanku Mizan or Queen E?

    Keluhuran Perlembagaan

    Kedaulatan Otak Udang-Udang or Undang Undang?
    so many people high ups are now actually speaking out and making a fool out of themselves.. can't we vote them off ala Malaysian Idol or AF??

    Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan
    well you wouldn't really see any of this when the Parliament convenes.

    well.. now my head is buggered with a very bad throbbing headache..
    maybe it's because of the comments that i've read through..
    maybe it's because of the kailan ikan masin that i just took.. too much salt not so good you know..
    or maybe i've just used too much brain matter trying to recall the rukunegara..

    well .. there's a whole spectrum of comments that were put here..
    some say it's the malays fault..
    some say it's the indians fault
    some say it's the subrace of UMNO's fault
    some say it's MIC's fault.. i think it's guilty by association..
    some say it's Uthaya's fault
    there's also something wrong with the Keris?
    apparently the perak mufti also said something.. what did he actually say? please avoid slandering people if the info you got wasn't first hand,2nd hand or even 3rd hand..
    some are just inflamming things even more with very uneducated comments from all the parties involved, pro government,anti , malays , indians etc2

    someone also mentioned the Taj Mahal saying why should they get a permit to build a temple, was Taj Mahal built after a permit was approved..

    i think it helps if the guy who wants to build the Taj Mahal is the Sultan@king@raja who wants to build
    it for his main squeeze..
    maybe he skipped procedure..
    should ask the ACA to probe that..

    i can't say that i've got a solution for this problem.. heck i'm stumped and perplexed..

    in this problem.. i feel that we need to digress and look at the root of the problem.. and the ones who have to do this would be the ones on top.. that's a bit unfortunate.. huhu

    however ,we should refrain from jumping the gun with our comments..

    again someone has said the extremist,fundamentalist , ethnic cleansing comments were fair etc due to what the minority has been subjected to..
    also about the sri lankans and terrorism..
    for me i feel , we shouldn't fight fire with fire.. please be reasonable..

    the current government would win the clueless award for governance if ever they held the awards..
    we would be in multiple categories i think..
    the ISA would give the Patriot act a run for their money
    mainstream media "blinkered"ness
    everything that could have gone wrong.. has went wrong..
    i call for us to actually step back for awhile and look at the situation as whole.. and avoid emotive responses..
    and also PRAY DAMN HARD that certain people somewhere in the vicinity of Putrajaya grows some brains and maybe some balls at the same time..

    hmm i'd like to carry on but my brain just isn't working.. and after rereading my comment.. there's not a lot of substance.. hahaha
    off to see the Liverpool vs Porto game..

    p/s: do u still call it common sense? even though it's very uncommon to find it?

  177. You say illegal temples are built so you havta destroy it..most of these illegal temples are in estates..And when you blardy plan the estate you dont freakin give space for a temple..And guess what?? We Hindus need to pray as well..So we build a temple to pray..And then you come and destroy temples which are more than 80 years old and in the process you hit those who try to stop the demolishing..You expect us to keep quiet?? For us Hindus, a temple is dead sacred..We take care of it more than we do our homes..Now how would you like when someone comes and knocks your house down??

    And to those who said go to the GOvernment, yes, we did go to the Government. I saw the video HINDRAF passed around..There was one where a bunch of these people went to the Parliament to submit a memo to an UMNO MP so that he can pass it to Pak Lah..Guess what?? The security dudes say that there are NO UMNO MPs on that day?? Now how fucking fishy is that?? We tried all avenues, even tried to see the UMNO MPs and now you blame us when we take it to the streets?? Or to the Brits??

    We know the suit wont go through..We aren't stupid..Like you said we have many lawyers and doctors and stuff..It was a move to get international attention..Simple as that..

    But all that said, I love all Malaysians..I've got a thing against the Government, not the people of Malaysia

  178. Anonymous4:39 am

    dude, that memo is factually correct la brother. He spiced up the language, its saje. Relak la macha, just because it is so sad to read that indians are treated this, dont la claim it is false. Ur claim vs their claim, sure la i believe them, because I've seen so many of the points on his memo for myself.....and it obviously appeared true for the 20,000 -30,000 people that came .If they thought like you sure la they wont get support. Machi, in all his forums he read out this memo. i was at the banting forum. They all agreed. No one was mislead here la bang. So chill macha, if you dont walk, then im sad la. But give me a real reason if you dont wanna walk, dont just make a sweeping statement that this memo was misleading wokies? Okay macha so now we go see tamil movie, how set?


  179. Anonymous6:40 am

    To Anonymous at 07:19 who posted..

    "How interesting that most of the people who would pounce on the fact that Uthaya is racist and therefore this whole Hindraf thing should not receive the enlightened support ... are mostly and quite visibly Malays."

    Youre talkinglike the king snake himself. Prove it --or else, hold your peace!"

    Uthaya is racist. You're talking about the majority of Indians. But then again most of 'em who had attended the rally was Tamil Hindu. Remember, in Malaysia we got Indians like Punjabi, Telugu, Ceylon, Sindhi, Gujeratis & some of were Sikh, Christian & even muslims. So ask Uthaya why Hindraf not INDRAF? (Indian Rights Action Force)

    Why did Uthaya incite that killings of Kg. Medan done by the UMNO guys whereas the investigation did not even take place?

    And if the HINDRAF participant was so eager to appealed for their rights as a Malaysian, why hold up posters of Gandhi? And why on earth Queen Elizabeth?

    Why was there no "Daulat Tuanku"?
    Uthaya wasn't a racist, no?

  180. Anonymous6:49 am

    Aiyoh! Do not be racist laa everyone. Rocky does not attempt the walk, doesn't mean he's racist. He condemned the PM, doesn't mean he's racist to his own kind.

    The point is my hindu flers, if someone goes against your thought then all of a sudden he's racist. Then that makes y'all a what, facist? If so, then let me ASSist myself on watching you guys sustaining on Uthaya's ass.

    Go go Hindraf!

  181. Bro,

    I am glad you didn't walk with them. This is racist and clearly pushing own political agenda. I know a lot of Indian friends who has made it be it as civil servant, businessmen, politician, etc.

    I believe those who walk does not know what actually in the memo and walk blindly without knowing that they are being use.

  182. Anonymous8:37 am

    an interesting article by SiBongkok & also read some not so smart comments.


    By Johari Ismail

    PRIME MINISTER Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration has evidently opened the mythical Pandora Box. His oft-lauded openess policies (dasar keterbukaan) has evidently set the pace for symbiotic forces of extremism to rear their ugly heads.

    Evil forces of extremism liberated from that box of Greek mythological fame, which Abdullah’s has left ajar, is fast turning his liberal policies of openess into a tragic case of keris makan tuan (a dagger stabbing its owner).

    When Abdullah begun to spell and act out the liberal policies during the infantile days of his four-year-old administration, an array of pressure groups – ranging from individuals, non-governmental organisations, political parties and even foreign governments – had already begun in earnest to tear the nation apart.

    Throughout the past four years, the nation’s very inter-racial and inter-religious harmony have been roughly stirred by, amongst others, the Lina Joy Muslim to Christianity religious conversion wrangle, the Alor Gajah Chinese pig farming issue, the late Corporal M. Moorthy Hinduism to Muslim conversion case, and the latest, the Hindu Rights Action Front (Hindraf) ethnic demands.

    In dealing with these extremely sensitive socio-political developments, it is amazing that myriad individuals, organisations and, even political elites from within the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, were free and brave enough to air their ethnically and religiously charged views with impunity; acts that were deemed totally unbecoming during the preceding administration of Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    The November 26th Hindraf rally had threatenend to blow up into a racial conflagration that the nation has jealously tried to prevent since the May 13 1969 blood-letting in Kuala Lumpur.

    Prior to and following the rally – which begun innocently enough as a move by Hindraf to present a petition to the British High Commissioner in Malaysia on what they claimed as the former colonial power’s culpability in bringing in ancestors of the present day Malaysian Tamils from India as indentured labourers, thus their present disenfranchisement – the feelings on the ground, especially amongst the Malay populace, were that of trepidations and loathings for the Malaysian Tamil community.

    What begun as a peaceful and well-organised, albeit illegal, rally by the Tamilians had, the day after, been excellently doctored by spins within the nation’s mainstream media to portray the Tamils as bent on creating racial disturbances.

    Following the Hindraf rally, talks were rife that at least one Malay-based national organisation, the Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islam dan Dakwah Malaysia (Pekida) will also be holding their own in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur on December 16th, as a counter-demonstration to the Tamil-based one.

    Text messaging services were thus working over time with inflammatory cliches calling on the Malays to join the purported Dec. 16th rally; a sure recipe for racial disaster.

    As for Pekida, the organisation that was alleged to have been behind the purported rally, everyone but everyone within the nation’s increasingly large political grapevine had been linking it to PM Abdullah who was said to have long been revered a honorary Ayahanda (a Pekida term for their top echelon leaderships).

    Being an ethnic Malay and very much member of dominant UMNO, what has lately been facing the nation’s increasingly ruffled socio-political fibre - mostly owing to Abdullah’s openess, thus weak administration - astounds me.

    It is as if Malaysia is being severed right down the middle – on the one hand UMNO and, on the other, the rest of the nation.

    The lid of the Pandora’s Box that Dr Mahathir had managed to keep tightly shut throughout his 22 years tenure had, at long last, been opened.

    In a nation that was used to a strong central leaderships, sudden mere proclaimation of openess and other neo-liberal policies is enough to disrupt the nation’s very societal fabric, much less their implementation.

    ~ Cili~man ~

    PS: Thanks brother Jo for good articles.

  183. Anonymous9:04 am

    This hindraf letter may sound radical to non-Indians. I also disagree with some harsh wordings in the letter.

    BUT this extreme letter does not change some facts denied by UMNO led government.

    1. Indians are marginalized and Indian estate workers' economic plights are even worst than foreign workers.

    2. UMNO-led government implemented STPM and matriculation dual examination to discriminate Indians and other non-bumis as well.

    3. Hindu religion was insulted by local authourities. Corpse rigging in Syariah court also hurting their feelings.

    4. Poor Indians are not benefiting from NEP which suppose to eradicate poverty irrespective of race and skin color.

    5. Public inquiry on Kampong Medan was denied.

    By (not associated with RPK)

  184. Anonymous9:50 am

    Hindraf scared me and now I am definitely voting Barisan, call me stupid if you want but for me peace and stability is everything at a time when everything else is a challenge, the economy is not doing so well with such high oil prices, things are can get worse next year and race relation sis already testy, reducing the government's mandate may weaken them and nanti ramai pulak naik kepala...

  185. Anonymous11:08 am

    There is something not quite right in this Hindraf episode and I am trying to figure it out. It begs the question whether it is real or mere charade.

    1. Samy Velu was giving a subtle encouragement to go to the rally last Tuesday. View You Tube here.

    2. MIC Cameron Highlands MP, K.Devamany changed from the generic Government stance in this You Tube recording of Al Jazeera report here to a new stance in his response to Lim Kit Siang's attack in Parliament in this You Tube here

    3. The perceived violence was well propaganda-ed by the MSN and it is expected to get the desired effect of getting Malays to consolidate their support for AAB and UMNO.

    4. Uthayakumar is a former PKR member and curretly Protem Sec Gen of a new Indian based party, PRIM. In the last Ijok by election, he was taking swipe at PKR for not offering an Indian candidate and gave a subtle support for BN. Read this Malaysiakini report posted on Malaysian Indian Online dated April 18 2007 here

    5. The rally Sunday was not only attended by Hindraf activist but used by many concerned Indian citizen. Non Indian witness described it as peaceful in the manner of Gandhi's passive resistance style except for skirmishes here and there. The common feedback I got is that those taking a somewhat confrontational attitude towards police are wearing common string bands (perhasp for easy identifiation, common rally practise) and have liqour smell in their mouth. Several feedbacks described some faces as familiar MIC thugs and was seen at the Maika Holding AGM ruckus.

    6. The arrogance expressed by Uthayakumar's speech at the rally broadcast by Al Jazeera (available in You-Tube but couldn't link here) to only speak with and only with UMNO shows an unprecedented confidence that suspicously could have a multitude of meanings.

    There are other issues of in consistency, factual errors, treason, and seditousness. What will the court do to Uthayakumar who attended the rally despite the court order agst him?

    Just based on the above, it seemed to be a propaganda plan that left traces of evidence. I don't know ...

    However, if it turns out to be true, I pity the common Indians whose sentiment were manipulated and hoped they would not be overly optimistic with the hope of an avalanche of RM3 million each to come from their lawsuit of the British Government. Not to mention those gullibles and manipulatable to MSM.

  186. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    I am an expat in malaysia
    a Muslim but of Indian origin.
    I am a so shocked to see Indians out on the steet against not the corruption of government but rather the good Islam Hadhari of the government.
    I hear comments from Indian hindus around, and it smells so much of anti-Islam sentiments. They clearly dislike Malaysia to be branded with Islam in any way.
    They are just using these Temple destruction excuse to voice their anti-Muslim sentiments.
    In India, there are millions of such anti-Muslim sentiment people.
    In Gujarat state in India, the Hindu BJP government ran a 2 day riot in 2002 killing over 1000 Muslim Indians gruesomly, included burning live, raping, and destroying all livelyhood of Muslim. Destroying Muslim owned bussiness and factories. The election followed months after these gruesome riots and the GUJARATI Hindus still VOTED the fascist criminal murderous GOVT.
    MODI's BJP still is in power in Gujarat, winning only on anti-muslim sentiments.
    This is how Muslims are treated in India.
    Yet Muslims never took to some foreign country to act against India.
    This is only in Gujarat, talk about entire India.

    I hope Malay Muslims in Malaysia,
    keep up witht heir positive Islamic developemnts and commend the government in it atleast.
    Rather than outright criticism and hate against UMNO, they should create positive criticism. Bring PAS UMNO AND PKR to work closer for the benefit of Malays and Islam.

    As an EXPAT and Indian and MUSLIM, I fully support Govt for their Islamic moves and branding a positive Islam in the world.
    Please stop fighting, create unity UMNO PAS PKR..

    I am so upset to see Anwar Ibrahim visiting the Hindu HINDRAF lawyers.
    It seems cheap vote bank wooing mentality and behavior.
    I hope it clarifies his position immediately.

  187. Good for you, ketua krani! Be prepared for more demonstrations of dissatisfaction if BN stays in power.

  188. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Some idiot said that he/she will vote BN because he/she is scared of the racist on the other side. Hey clown, the non malays are bitter because of the umno racist politics in the first plan.
    Rocky and Nuriani took the high moral ground and say that they hate racist and will not support them. Okay, IS MAHATHIR a racist?? (Pls read all his speeches, actions and policies regarding malays and other races from 60s and during his 22 year rule before you decide)

  189. Anonymous6:26 pm

    My Tamil Hindu Fellow Malaysians:
    Say or think what you will about the memo.BUT,definitely,you have put a general but great accusations to your fellow Muslim Malay Malaysian.
    Dont start crying when the fire gets too big-YOU started it.

  190. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Chill people and have a tiger go to this place call bangsar where everybody knows your name and they glad that you came :-)

    bangsar is a place where the malays,indians,bai fella,guju,malaili,mamak,chinese and sindhi shares a jug of beers drinking for peace and good deal of happy hours.

    we drink for peace,we dont walk ;-)


    -jalan maarof-

  191. Anonymous9:13 pm

    I do not like to be called a Malay Islamic exremist terrorist.

    I was not aware that that was how some fellow-Malaysians look at the Malays in Malaysia.

    It's totally disgusting.

    Muslims around the world are having a really tough time trying to project a better picture post 9-11 and here comes another bumbling idiot trying to rock the boat.

    HINDRAF should now be aware that they are going to invite unwelcome attentions from Muslims all over the world once their Islamophobic memorandum becomes public.

  192. Hi Rocky,

    raj is right.There is nothing wrong with the memo from a Indian point of view.Kaum India terpaksa berjuang untuk diri sendiri apabila Parti MIC pun tak mampu/mahu menolong mereka.

    Perkara yang sama akan terjadi pada kita jika kita tiada tempat bergantung.

    Kita harus jadikan perhimpunan HINDRAF ini sebagai satu teladan agar kita tidak terleka di kala senang sekarang ni.

  193. Anonymous10:35 pm

    the smart indians and chinese should start leaving the country. these people will never change.

  194. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Anonymous 5.56pm,

    You said

    Rocky and Nuriani took the high moral ground and say that they hate racist and will not support them. Okay, IS MAHATHIR a racist?? (Pls read all his speeches, actions and policies regarding malays and other races from 60s and during his 22 year rule before you decide ,


    Go read Nuraina's latest entries on Tuesday with Bapak - Multi colour and Post-Hindraf Rally. What Now?

    Then tell me if she is a racist?

  195. Anonymous11:21 pm

    I am a Malay BUT I will walk with all the 30,000 Hindraf followers and its leaders - to Port Klang for a send-off to India. Its a win-win situation , they are happy and my people are happier. Its happier and not happy because there's still the slit-eyes of the north to contend with ... sigh

  196. Hey anon@451pm..WTF??? Malaysia is a secular country if you dont already know..I dont blame you for not knowing cuz you're not from here. And the reason why the muslims in gujarat didn't go to some other government is because they are Indians themselves. Not people of a different race..Here we have the MALAYS, CHINESE, INDIANS and etc..As an expat here, you should learn a little about the country you're in..And not just crap around

  197. Anonymous12:55 am

    Dear Rocky,
    I tot u were smart.I even supported u when u got sued.Now i feel that u're just soured coz u lost ur piece of the cake.You may have just started a racial tension with your stupid evaluation of this letter.
    I think some of you nincompoops need to really learn how to read sentences rather than highlighting words used.
    Islamic Extremist-Has nothing to do with describing the muslim people in general..rather used to describe the people during that incident.If some people from an Islamic sect start using violence to tear down temples in the name of their own religion,then what do u call this idiots?...Islamic extremist of course.Are you one of them?...So why does it bother you?

    And how does the memo comes out as racist?...just like a previous poster Martin Luther a racist as well?If the Indians felt that they are being left out then it is what they felt.Cant they fight their own cause for once?
    Ethnic cleansing-if you're an idiot u may be quick to refer this as the same thing as what we see in Kosovo-but rather how the Indian population degenerated to what it is today compared to other races.Lets do a study on what caused this to happen?is it due to Indians not having enough oppurtunities?That they have been marginalised?The people supporting HINDRAF surely felt that way.If it is the truth then its a form of ethnic cleansing like how the red indians got marginalised in the US.
    You see what u done today Rocky?Just because somebody is fighting for their rights that does not concern you...u brand them as being racist...Fighting for your place in society doesnt mean that we have to put down other races in their own place.You should ask the guy who wielded his keris and uphold Ketuanan Melayu....If you even learn what those words mean then u know what racism is.
    So what if they represent Hindhus?After all it was the Hindhu temples that had been brought down?I'm a christian but i want quick to brand them racist...Its their concern that the temples are being demolished.
    You guys may think that it is stupid to be sending a memo to the Brit High Comm on a Sunday..I first thought it was too..But now I'd say it get the attention it needed.If you don't think that Indians are being sidelined(the most)than thats ur view.I think they are.The fact that u say u wont walk coz it doesnt concern u just shows what a hypocrit u are.When u got sued it wasnt our concern as well.But we did have ur back because we felt ur rights are being violated.
    All bein said id say that a better use of words would be appropriate.

  198. Anonymous10:43 am

    Hindraf is supposed to mean Hindu Rights Action Force. Allow me to explain something here abt this acronym.

    HINDU RIGHTS ... look under Section 3 and 11 of the Federal Constitution to know of your rights. Do read it in full and its entirety.

    Before I go further, remember that the Constitution is agreed upon by your forefather and it is sacrilegous to question it.

    WHat has been given (citizenship) as consented by the Malays (be it with their concurrance or forced upon by the f**king Brit through their reprsentative and royal representative) could not be taken back.

    Visi versa on the non Malay part and the part consented given is the acknowldgement of Malay as a language, Islam as religion of the Federation (not official religion), king as sovereign, and Malay's special righst under article 153.

    The only religion mentioned in the constitution is Islam. Its status in the Constitution is higher. The only religion that has provision under the Constitution to be given government funding for various purposes is Islam. So there is no separation between state and religion for the case of Islam. Thus be it Tunku or Hussein Onn or human righst lawyers, THIS IS NOT A SECULAR STATE but a Malaysian version of ISLAMIC STATE!

    However, other religion is allowed to be professed, practised, and propagated (provided not propogated to Muslims) in peace and harmony.

    Peace means by following the law and regulations. Harmony means to take into consideration the sensitivity of other religions particularly Muslims and community. For example, if the new introduction of a temple in a Muslim community caused discomfort/disharmony to Muslims due to the differences in practises, it has to be respected.

    I have not taken issues yet on the Sekolah Tamil demand, 20% quota demand for top post post in public and private sector, and many other imaginations of theirs which the have no basis!!!

    THe second words in the acronym is ACTION. For them to undertake actions, it is to be done within the confine of the law and not to break the law.

    However the word ACTION consequently comes the FORCE. The combined word ACTION FORCE is not a friendly one. I take it to mean Action by Force.

    Does that mean Hindraf will take action without due consideration of the Constitution and Law?

    Does that mean Hindraf will do anything to achieve its objective even if it means treason act of smearing the good name of the country, fabrication lies as in accusation of ethnic cleansing, cooking up accusation of Kg Medan incidents, falsifying claims of Indian killed everyday, etc?

    Does that mean HIndraf can insist to make ridiculous demands, quotas, allocations etc that has no justification under the law and constitutions?

    Wake up lah! Sedar diri pendatang atau keturunan pendatang!

    Pijak di Bumi yang nyata. Stop blaming others and look back at your own community problems. YOu are still not as poor/daif as the Malays/Bumiputeras/Orang Asli. They have more righst over you. The plantations provide better facilities for Indians than what Malays/Bumi/Orang Asli get at their natural inhabitants.

    You do not like, you can get a tongkang back to India. I am sure you will lead a better prosperous life than your forefathers.

    Whatever it is, it is clear now than HINDRAF have fucked and screwed all the effort made to rectify the leadership problem in this country by making Malays regroup their support for AAB.

    Now we lost the opportunity to rectify many issues particulrly sovereign and constitutional issues.

    Thats more than 2-3 years work!!! Fuck you all Hindraf!!! Bodoh! Stupid! Tongong! Sial! Bahalul! Kelabu asap!!!

    I hope those trouble makers get imprisoned, rot that or wait out for hell in the hereafter!!!!

    Fucking idiots!!!

  199. Anonymous10:46 am

    I am not through yet ...

    ... fuck shit faggot screwball with a motherfucking braindead pea-brained snaky fuck ...


  200. Anonymous11:15 am

    hoi brunt council, ko pendatang haram dari indon! sial lah kau sendiri! kau balik lah ke aceh, tak kira dan tinggallah dalam kedaifan senditi.

    bodoh sial punya melayu! motherfucker!