Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Hired killers are Sanjeevan's friends: IGP. Seriously, FMT?

Updated/FMT stands by story:  

We stand by our report

FMT editor in chief K. Kabilan said the FMT report was absed on a question posed to Khalid after his press conference. 
“We reported what he told our journalist. There is no reason for us to manufacture anything here. 
“After the press conference, our journalist had approached Khalid, saying that he wanted to ask one final question. Our journalist had asked if hired killers were involved in the Sanjeevan shooting to which the IGP responded by saying what was reported. 
“We just reported what Khalid told our journalist,” said Kabilan, adding that the IGP was entitled to deny his statement.
Bru's comments:
Kabilan's attempt to defend his reporter is noble - all editors should do that. But his explanation doesn't make sense, all the same.
Logically, if the IGP had info that Sanjeevan's friends were the shooters and wanted that info to be made known to the public, wouldn't he have announced it during the press conference? Why would he give that info to a reporter from a news portal who might have missed his press conference earlier? If that reporter is from the national news agency, maybe I can understand because what Bernama reports will be shared by the subscribers and most newspapers, portals, tv/radio subscribe to Bernama

 Original report:
Screenshot 5.30am, 31/7/13: Despite a clarification, FMT's report stays 
I was taken aback to get a tweet just after buka puasa yesterday about Free Malaysia Today's scoop: the Inspector-General of Police had told the news portal that the people who shot Sri Sanjeevan were the MyWatch chairman's own friends!
The tweets over buka puasa and a tweet to the IGP
Alarm bells in my head went off immediately. Sure, there was talk about the victim's purported links with the underworld and the real role of MyWatch, etc, and of how Sanjeevan had refused to cooperate with the police (that bit is included in the FMT report above), but the IGP saying the shooters were Sanjeevan's own "friends"?! You'd understand if I say that it sounded rather fantastic. 
Thanks to the journo-blogger Apanama, who sent a tweet to the IGP for clarification, and kudos to the IGP for responding to the query, we now know that the FMT's report is, in Apanama's word, "bullshit":
Moral of the story, bros and sis, a pinch of salt when you go online. Don't always believe what you read in the newsportals. Always double check. 
p.s. The FMT seems to be standing by its story that the IGP had indeed said Sanjeevan's shooters were not hired killers but his own friends ... Wallahualambisawab. Do read Big Dog's Anti-Crime or Guised Anti-Police Bashing?


  1. Anonymous8:00 am

    Like That People have to go shoot their friends first before they get shot by their friends!

    Malaysia Bolih Ma?

  2. Eerily similar to Utusan's report that the Sedition act will be slapped on those who posted pictures of the canteen fiasco only to have the Police deny the statement later...

    Moral of the story, bros and sis, a pinch of salt when you read MSM. Don't always believe what you read in the newspapers

  3. Anonymous11:50 am

    kau tak habis2 membodek

  4. Anonymous12:59 pm

    You and Apanama dint ask the obvious question. Was this a wayang?

    If you study the facts, it looks like it.

    1. Car window down, "hitman" goes for ribs instead of exposed head.

    2. "Hitman" fires one shot and runs away, without finishing the job. What a joker!

    3. Victim can have time to change drivers some more.

    Even amateur gunman fires many shots to make sure game over

    Interesting tidbit: tesco killer also used Yamaha LC but that is for policeman to look into.

    So why make wayang? You know now is police bashing season. Discredit the police and country's security apparatus collapses.

    Who stands to gain? Who has been making loud noises about shooting? Who bring up stupid underworld-police connection claims but no want to make report? Who sibuk2 and bising2 about "corrupt" police?

    One more, even gangster know not easy to solve hitman style shoot. Even Australia cannot mah.

    Poor policeman now almost naked. No more EO,RRA or Banishment Act to handle gangsters. No more ISA to handle rogue politicians.

    Good wayang can tuang minyak lagi.You dan Apanama orang pandai. Sendili boleh pikir mah!

    This my theory only. I betul2 kasihan da police (0k sure got one or two bad one like botakhead aka tilam). But kasihan majority police cos they good people who stake their lives to protect others but end up getting a bad name.

  5. How can a motorcyclist shoot a man in a car and hit him in the abdomen,.. maybe someone should try and act this out.

  6. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Fed up

  7. As ussual, people in BUMNO/SCUMNO administration suffer from acute selective amnesia syndrome, and tend to blame Zionists, anti-Muslim and/or Communists for quoting them verbatim.

    No reporter (unless it's Buntutsan) is going to concoct a quote attributable to the IGP.

    Her is FMT's reply:

    "Yesterday, FMT reported the IGP as saying that those who shot Sanjeevan over the weekend were not hired killers but the anti crime watchdog’s friends. No, they are not hired killers. They are his friends Khalid told FMT. His response was based on a question posed to him by a FMT journalist after his press conference. The FMT report did not state that he said it during his press conference."

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  8. Anonymous1:17 am

    ya , jangan percaya kepada berita fitnah juga ya. Saudara juga jangan mudah percaya apa yang difitnah oleh kerajaan umno terhadap parti pembangkang ya. Sekarang baru kamu merasa apa yang pembangkang rasa ya, ini Tuhan kasi tunai kepada kamu.

  9. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Mostly kerajaan umno yg kena fitnah ya 1.17am. Seperti 40, 000 bangla altantunya scorpene. Meliwat oopsss meliwat kes ai ya. Lupa lak ya.