Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Helen Ang clarifies

Imposters among us ...
helenang ( has left a new comment on your post "Exodus, NST as Insider recruits":  
Dear Rocky and other readers, 
Inasmuch as I'm not the only Helen nor the only Helen Ang in Malaysia, but still and nonetheless. 
I'd just like to point out that I did not post the comment above @ 3.40pm (to forestall any case of "mistaken identity" as it has happened before.)  
I normally do not post comments in blogs unless it is to clarify (such as in this particular instance).
I'd also like to inform the public that a number of genuine commenters have been impersonated in blogosphere and these include Calvin Sankaran, Aidil Yunus, I.D.A., Sarah ... (plenty of others) and myself.
The imposters who masquerade as some of the known names will go as far as to bash other folks in order to deliberately create misunderstandings and smear reputations, e.g. "Calvin Sankaran" wrote some nasty things about me in the STL blog but of course I'm aware that it wasn't the 'real' CS who did that. 
I'd like it put on record that there is a Dapster who went around leaving comments as Helen Ang Abdullah, and that certainly wasn't me either. 
What can I say about such political operatives? "What kind of people are they?"

They are the kind of people who have no compunction in fabricating lies, in concocting stories about 40,000 Bangladeshis, blackouts and spreading fiction in international fora to drag the country's name through the mud.  
If they can manufacture such big lies about Malaysia, what's to stop them from slandering small people? None at all. 
Helen Ang 


  1. Anonymous1:07 pm

    You are actually Quoting from this Christian Bashing Maniac!?

    She's Mental!!

  2. charleskiwi1:32 pm

    Helen, what else do you expect from a bunch of rapscallions or to be exact more than 19 millions of them.

  3. Anon 107pm,

    Helen has a lot of fans and, of course, detractors like you. The day nobody at all disagrees with your writing is the day you should stop.

    Having followed her blog's meteoric rise, I can't find any Christian bashing articles by her.

    Perhaps you mistook her great dislike for the holier-than-thou type such as YB Hannah Yeoh and YAB Lim Guan Eng for Christian bashing?

    1. Anonymous11:54 pm


      Rocky..we must have been reading the wrong articles by this bigot.
      Or the same articles but different perceptions and that's why you are defending her.
      She have been bashing Christians left and right and you still wanna spin for her.
      She called others names and that's justifiable but when others whack her she cries boo hoo hoo and foul play
      She is just a Rithuan Tee wannabe who haven't converted yet..

  4. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Helen is not antichristian. She is just UMNO ass licker. If she have to sell her religion for UMNO, she will probably does that. BTW, she blame the BN down going entire on Christian evangelist. UMNO Islam and corruption must be defended at all cost.

    1. Anonymous8:44 pm

      What about u? Dapsters lickers.

  5. True Rocky and Helen. These pr sick supporters impersonate people. They went to the trouble of creating various email accounts. They've impersonated raja Petra using his name in various email accounts to counter my write. Then they used many other known commentators name. They are fraud of the worse kind. See and surrounding postings to see their deceit.

    Mind you haris Ibrahim is also caught protecting these criminals. He's a fraudster. Read He banned me for exposing the fraudulent act. Haris is sick.

  6. Anonymous1:38 am

    Lets see the original posting that triggered Helen's long reply on Rocky's blog...

    helen said...
    you can't expect an inexperienced journalist like Jalil Hamid and the CEO Azlan to help boost the newspaper as a newspaper.

    not difficult what to make money to push up the bottom line. No brainer.

    but sure as hell not easy to do it and at the same time push the credibility of the newspaper.

    3:40 pm

    Helen Ang needs to file a patent for copyright of the name. Anyone else in Malaysia named 'Helen' must ceast and desist or she will write 3 to 4 successive articles of a conspiracy by all other persons named 'Helen', Star newspaper, Christians, Chinese, Russians, French, Red Bean Army, Salvation Army, KISS Army, Jews, and the Communist plot to sap our precious bodily fluids.

  7. Anonymous11:38 am

    Rocky said "Having followed her blog's meteoric rise, I can't find any Christian bashing articles by her."

    Go to her blog and search for "Christian" you get:

    1) Chinese and Christians can expect payback after GE13 (Mac 18, 2013 )
    2) Christianization and the 9 percent factor (updated) (Oktober 23, 2012 ) This one reflects her talent of manufacturing phobias by equating local Christians to USA backed Israelis in Middle East.
    3) Does The Star have a Christian agenda?

    When she attacks the Star editorial board, she lists only those with Christian sounding names :
    (scroll to end)

  8. Anonymous6:42 am

    Helen Ang is a Chinese and a Buddhist. She sometimes attacks LGE and the jurusubang Hannah Yeoh because they tell lies and are hipocrates. They like to accuse BN/UMNO leaders of being racists but just keep quiet when racism happens in DAP.

  9. Anonymous1:25 pm

    "One day, a Hitler will emerge from among the Malays. And once the Malays think they are a superior race and should purify the country, they will start with the Chinese."

    - A commentator on Helen's blog.

  10. Anonymous2:52 am

    Well well well Rocky, it seems your champion Helen Ang is now accusing Bujai of working with DAP agents. She even accuse and DAP Insider websites of covertly working with DAP.

    Methinks she is either trying to kill off the competition in the blogosphere or she forgot to take her medication today.