Tuesday, May 07, 2013

See some Ugly Malaysians (who may not even know Bahasa Malaysia) in Action

In this video, some Chinese-looking men think the Indian-looking man is a phantom voter imported by the Barisan Nasional government from Bangladesh, so they chase him off and threatened to send him back to Timbuktu. If the cops hadn't been there manning the polling centre, you can imagine how ugly things would be for the Bangla-looking man. I don't know if the Chinese-looking men are Malaysians themselves; I mean, the certainly behave like barbarians. And I'm not sure if the poor "metallic black" chap isn't a Bangladeshi. But even if he was, we have an electoral system that's too sophisticated for a Bangla or a barbarian to cheat lah. 
I am concerned. My own kids look like me and not like Ambiga or Haris Ibrahim, who may look Malaysian to me but perhaps not to an Indian national who may think they are his countrywoman and countryman. What if these fuckers decide that my kids don't look like Lim Kit Siang or Hannah Yeoh and therefore they cannot be Malaysians? 
Scenes like The Ugly Malaysian  from Oik's65 Blog played out at many polling stations during the 13th General Election. It's not something we had seen before and it's not something we will get used to. In Gelang Patah, police personnel from the Federal Reserve Unit had to be called in to diffuse a potential racial clash after supporters of one party blocked an Indonesian-looking Malay from casting his vote. 
The authorities must come down hard on these racist so-called vigilantes before things get really ugly.  


  1. Anonymous11:44 am

    Sigh..... kenapa Polis biarkan diri mereka di perlakukan begitu oleh Gangster-gangster ni? mereka yang menjerit-jerit rukunegara tu tahu tak... kedaulatan undang-undang?

    siapa mereka ni nak cek Warganegara keluarga tu? Mereka sendiri tak tahu Rukunegara .... kesopanan dan kesusilaan.

    The Police and SPR should charge the guy in green and the lady for intimidation near a poling station!

  2. Anonymous11:58 am

    Ya ... this is the communists' true colours - may the bumi youth remove their open-minded and liberal blinkers

  3. Anonymous12:01 pm

    In the next GE, make sure the SPR ask those Chinese to sing Negaraku...if they cannot than they surely not a Malaysian. Period...

  4. Anonymous12:09 pm

    They claim they are elitist. really? If they really got some brains left in the skulls this is how they should handle phantom voters:

    1. let phantom voters cast the vote first

    2. confront any suspected phantoms at the exit but not at the roadsides.

    3. hand over the case to the police on duty.

    Why they dont use commonsense?

    Probably they already know that there is no such thing as phantom voters in this modern era.

  5. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Next time you should catch Singaporean looking ghost voter in your constituencies. They all potential phantom voters.

  6. Anonymous12:14 pm

    look like massage parlor operator in actions to me...

  7. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Can someone in Utusan check... dah 3 hari finding it too difficult to get thru yr online portal...

    Surat kabar lain OK saja?

    Kena hijack ker?


  8. There is no point higlighting this Rocky. They will say that those idiots are from BN trying to make them look bad. They are not racist. They are alll peace loving Malaysians- that unfortunately cannot speak proper malay.

    For the PR fellas phantom voters only exist in areas where they lost. If they win there cant possibly be any phantom voters because only malaysians will vote for them. In fact if all phantom voters were eradicated, they would have won the elections by now. The injustice of it all is too much to take. Therefore another BERSIH is in order to be attended only by PA§ and PKR members. All or mostly malay chaps. DAP members no need to attend. They won a recors number of seats. What if Ambiga were to demand a review of the voting for areas that they won. That would be an injustice too.

    Anyway LKS aleady mentioned that Anwar will be the PM if oppo takeover. Fantastic move by LKS which reflects his humility and pragmatism. The fact that the majority malays may not be ready to accept a non malay PM as a leader of predominantly islamic country of course never entered his mind.

    Fuck You Very Much!!!!

  9. Anonymous12:39 pm

    To those bastards from Malaysia bombarding my Facebook with nonsense about intervention and stuff, here are some facts:

    1. Winning the popular vote and losing the electoral college is common in mah country too:

    "If Obama were to win the White House via an electoral vote majority while losing the popular vote, it would be the reverse of 12 years ago. That was when agonized Democrats saw Al Gore garner over 500,000 more individual votes nationally than George W. Bush, even as the Republican won by one electoral vote more than the 270 minimum, after the Supreme Court halted a recount in Florida."

    2. The US does not intervene or do regime change in thriving democracies. So quit whining like the Chinese tofu seller in downtown New York and learn to live with yah choices. In short, grow up and have some balls for a change.

    And while at it, quit defacing my FaceBook with nonsense. Stupid Chinese Malaysians!!

    Barack Obama
    Oval officer

  10. Anonymous12:41 pm

    It is getting too much. Najib and EC should devise a law to punish those vigilantes. They should also devise a law to prevent political party to use dirty tactic by creating distrust in the government agencies, especially EC. Otherwise our country will go down to drain. People will take law in their hand. This are the signs that will lead our country to destruction and become another Egypt as what some of our opposition leader like it to be.

  11. Anonymous12:42 pm

    You said - The authorities must come down hard on these racist so-called vigilantes before things get really ugly.

    But you never said anything about actual foreigners trying their luck at the polls and what the enforcement authorities did to them on being intercepted.

    The logic is simple - if the enforcement authorities do take action, it reconfirms that there were indeed such phanthom voters.

    You may want to get details from the new Pandan MP who has written about one such case.

    Unfortunately, there are people betting that you do not have such guts to get details to tell the other side of the story.

    Your style is always - infer another blog posting to write your one-sided story.


    1. Anonymous7:13 pm

      That is pkr bangla trying to put their finger to bn.

  12. Anonymous12:43 pm

    why did the police not on top of the situation in the first place? They should have asked the guy for identification or take him back to the station for questioning if they find him suspicious.The police let them drive away makes the public feel that the police is not interested and they have to take action themselves.if you understand chinese one of the man say dont hit him meaning they are not physically into harming the poor bangla(to them)/malaysian(to you).They just dont want him to vote.


  13. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Reminiscent of Martin Luther King Jr. era of American Civil Right Movement..

    Chinese Vigalante behave like Alabama State Troopers outside Selma,Alabama that attack blacks who wanted to register for vote on March 7, 1965...I ashamed of the Party that championed human right PKR aand DAP..where is Bar Council..Ambiga shame on your people of your colour been treated like shit by the "White" Chinese...

    Prof Awe Kecik

  14. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Way I see it, these people thought they could be doing something to help PR to get some mandate if they could make the election as clean as possible.

    What they failed to realize is that the way they carried out that duty, might leave a mistaken impression:

    If that is how they treat the fellow voters right now just imagine the future scenarios just in case the party they support gets some power?

    Negative image painted by hooligangs will cause PR to lose some of the laving&caring citizens' votes at the coming GE 14.

    Ha ha if PR happens to lose another battle, they should know where the fault lies!

  15. Anonymous1:24 pm

    haha..relax la bru..don't get all worked up even if you and your masters plans didn't quite go the distance.

    Afterall, your paycheck is intact for the next 5 years no?

  16. Anonymous1:25 pm

    ...ah, (sigh) when will Malaysians ever learn...

    the PRicks' ruse about "phantom voters" is just an excuse to chase away potential BN-voters... to frighten them into not turning up to vote.

    once attention is centered elsewhere, PRicks' own phantom voters would come into the polling centers...

    come on, Malaysians... use your common sense...

    out of 10-Malaysians, maybe 3, at the utmost, would vote for BABIhomo or anak perempuan BABIhomo...

    ... so, how cum BABIhomo or anak perempuan BABIhomo won?

    yes, admittedly, BABI will cum front, back, left, right et al... as we are all aware...

    but, naive and sheltered Malaysians will forever be easy prey for BABI et al.

    would you quit politics if you were BABI?

    no, wayyyyyyyyyy!

    BABI is having too much fun screwing gullible Malaysians front, back, left, right et al... and in any orifice imaginable.

    i d i o t s!

  17. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Satu Sekolah untuk Semua - means no funding for chinese schools
    Start monitoring bandar baru and its racial composition especially Johor.

    Clamp down on non-halal products and pirated items - decrease easy money for chinese

    Buy Malay Muslim only - let chinese support their chinese business without help from bumis

    track money inflows from US and Singapore

    track politicians who frequent singapore

    Woo PAS with new MB and PKR (minus anwar sore loser) for Malay and Islam consolidation

    It's bumis' right to defend constitutional privileges - those not happy can apply for PRC citizenships

  18. chinese is racist, no questions about it.

    yup, we are all very careful not to toe the line all these years.

    not anymore.

  19. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Good going rocky. And please dont let negative comments thru. Fuck em... O yeah

  20. Anonymous1:42 pm

    anyone have the photos of hannah's children?they may look like Bangla

  21. Anonymous1:55 pm

    chinese racist. DAP might have even get china voters or taiwanese voters.
    that's is how they win.
    ABCD - asal bukan cina DAP

  22. Anonymous1:55 pm

    hey bro...listen carefully to the people tokking before you comment....don't just post....

  23. Anonymous1:57 pm

    wake up RockyBru,

    In Sungai Siput 5 buses of Banglasedhis was caught for trying to vote. All of them have IC.
    I'm sure this news never published in your malay mail. Please come to Sungai Siput n see the buses parked in front of Police Station yourself. These buses are proof of shame democracy in this country

    Dont you realize that BN bring in Banglas to vote n make actual Malaysian preference as MP and Adun being "betrayed". Your vote and mine votes for our kids is being "betrayed"

    Only ruling government through JPN can provide IC and SPR can add them to list of voters. And BN is the only government in the world doing these dirty stuff and committing treason to the country by giving IC for votes.

    Is it too much to ask to have clean and fair elections.

    The BN machai like you will say if opposition wins everything is ok and if opposition lose everything is dirty. my answer is yes. because only by winning dirty BN still in putrajaya if not BN already in rubbish bin.

    Nevermind. by winning dirty again, BN will lose big again and forever.
    Greater MALAYSIAN tsunami will strike again in next GE to wipeout Combodia, Indon, Myanmar, Bangla & Nepalese votes to put BN out of Putrajaya forever and of course in many states.

    Please wake up RockyBRU.

    -A Sungai Siput Voter

    1. Anonymous7:15 pm

      Perang la jawabnya. You better wakeup.

  24. Anonymous1:59 pm

    kesian bangla, asal aljub x kata keling, mata sepet sekali... aku pun join terajang ambiga, kit siang etc.

  25. Rocky can you check what happen to Helen Ang. I am worried that she has not posted my comment and she neither update her blog.

  26. Anonymous2:29 pm

    One of my friends related to me what happened at Lembah Pantai. These thugs stopped an Indian man from voting. They (some Chinese guys) demanded that the man recite Rukun Negara. Luckily another Indian man intervened. Angry at this act of lawlessness, he challenged the Chinese mob to recite Rukun Negara. Total silence followed. LOL. I wish I was there to witness this priceless moment.


  27. datuk, any right thinking malaysian would not be condoning this sort of behaviour.

    this is the result of anwar-lge-lks politics of hatred.

    now i ask you, what about thousands of chinese looking voters nationwide?

    are they really malaysians?

    they could be taiwanese, hong kongers, chinese prostitutes...

    well you never know...they could be brought in by the chinese gangsters financing a few politicians...

    because it is always the case of the pot calling the kettle black...

    let's put a stop to all these.

    let the authorities handle this.

    but how to? since all national and Malaysian institutions have systematically been discredited, detested by anwar and gang!

    they don't believe the police anymore, but if their houses/residents were broken into, who u gonna call?



  28. in order to stem this chinese chauvinist tide...

    Najib must

    1. take care of the Malays' interest first. this is above all Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

    2. effecting changes in umno will take a long time, but start with appointing fresh faces for the Cabinet.

    3. continuously seek the opportunity to persuade PAS to join forces with UMNO...BN and PAS if based on the recent polls would have garnered 154 seats, 2/3 already.

    4. take action and enforce the law on rumour/hate mongers from both sides of the political divide. remember majority of malaysians are peace-loving.

    5. create a chain of supply manned by malays for all goods/products/services.

    6. don't waste time giving handouts to chinese. don't follow what wong chun wai says...he also part of the grand design...

    7. emulate the red bean army...
    armed yourself with IT wizards that are able to attack and defend issues the only way the younger generation know - the cyber world.

    8. abolish chinese vernacular schools that only encourage monoculutre...not history lessons...they dont care and they dont know who Tun Razak and Tun Dr Ismail let alone the days of 1948 and 1969. otherwise the fate of Malaysia one day will be determined by millions of Chinese who do not speak Bahasa, live in Chinese area, speak Chinese, celebrate Chinese new year, schooled in Chinese schools and go for tertiary education in China/HK/Taiwan but do not understand the multiculture/multi coloured malaysia

    9. enfore the law that media collaterals such as buntings/banners promoting forum/gathering must have BM subtitles or translation...not English ah...

    10. revamp the media landscape. for all tv stations they run programs that promote peace and understanding...free to air and cable TV. astro must promote programs that are nationalistic in nature...

    11. censorship laws on the cyberworld...because they can incite hatred and spread lies...

  29. Anonymous2:56 pm

    these chinese b--t--ds think they already own this country.NO thanks to bloody DAP. someone must start showing them who the master of this country. biar putih tulang.jangan bagi muka. biar depa lari balik negara china!!!!!

  30. The only way for Malaysians to move forward is for everyone to integrate.

    Indonesian Chinese assimilate and change their names to Indonesian names.

    Malaysian Chinese? They speak Mandarin, they speak Hokkien, but not Bahasa Melayu. And yet they want equal rights!

    Read this article, coming from a sensible Chinese...he is unfortunately in the minority.

    Bumputra, for the non-Bumiputra by Tai Zee Kin

    When the constitution was drafted, all malayan thought that was the best compromise.

    The chinese and indian immigrants were only there for at most 2 generations (excluding the minority peranakan (chinese) or Chitty Peranakan (indian) who stayed since 1400s).

    first i invite you to imagine this scenario. Imagine in 8 years time, the second generations of the 6-8 millions bangladeshis, Indonesians, and Nepalese, started to demand for citizenship, citing that they are born bred in malaysia, speaks BETTER MALAY than many of the malaysians, and live the lifestyle of a Malaysian. my first question is, in what way would you grant MASS citizenship to them?

    my grandmother told me, the situation back then was the same. She was a MCA member back then since Tan Cheng Lock. The chinese has No where to cling to. China was in war with Japan and Communist practiced Close door policy. Taiwanese regarded malaysian chinese as “HUA QIAO”, and technically labelled us as if we have perpetually migrated away, like those in US or European chinese .

    with that in mind, the only way to settle, was to ASK the then government, british, for mass citizenship, citing contributions to the development to then Malaya/Federation of malay land, and swearing loyalty.

    HOWEVER, the native (concept of native was very simple back then, either you are a Nusantarian (from nusantara), or you are NOT nusantarian.

    the british were Prepared to Grant mass citizenship to these Chinese people through the Malayan Union Charter, which was intended to make all three : straits settlements (penang melaka singapore), Federated malay states, and non federated malay states, into CROWN COLONIES.

    UMNO was then formed to rally the nusantarians (malay) to oppose the Malayan Union charter. Like it or not, they are NOT prepared to allow the british colonial master to GRANT mass citizenship to the then Immigrants who doesn’t intergrate/assimilate into their culture. (i use their, because the racial line back then was VERY clear. no chinese speaks malay!)

    British have to succumb to the pressure of UMNO. so were the Chinese. and Tunku was then tasked to find out a grand compromise between the Malays/nusantarians and the Immigrant chinese/indians. the grand compromise, that convinced the then local Malays, to accord these 1st and second generation chinese immigrants MASS citizneship, was that their need to be treated “special”, hence the Reid Commission’s drafting of “special position” in educaiton and economic sectors.

    the Chinese back then agreed to it. my father asked me, when then, this notion and consequences from the grand compromise ends? I reckoned that the MAIN premise that causes the grand compromise for mass citizenship, is because of the maintainence of “chineseness” of our grandparents. they started chinese school, insist on communicating in the chinese language, live the life style of chinese.

    technically, building another chinese state/province outside china. teaching the values of chinese, reading books from china (pre-cultural revolution) etc. there is no sense of integration whatsoever.

    This “MAIN PREMISE” attracts retaliation, which is the “SECONDARY PREMISE” of bumiputra-hood. if you study the concept of bumiputra carefully, you would have realised it’s not sooo much on “protecting the interest of natives”.



  31. he ideology and philosophy of bumiputra concept entails two big aspect. The first aspect is to curb the “chineseness”. Chinese merchants back then, were close to the british rulers. you have peranakans who wear Kerongsang bearing Queen Victoria’s image. you also have chinese chambers of commerce who have british patrons. it shows that apart of foreign control of our economy (Professor Shamsul Amri said, almost 50-60%), the CHinese controlled almost 70% of whats left.

    technically speaking, the native Nusantarians has no economic power at all. They were of the view, that if these minority immigrants, after holding such immence economical power, attempts to seize political power, would crush their existence. you can’t blame them for having that thoughts.

    it’s a sentiment that is common almost among absolute majority of them. that’s where they need extra assurance if they were to agree to grant mass citizenship.

    The second aspect, is the “emotional” insecurity of the existence of large population of “chinese immigrants” and “indian immigrants”.

    There is fear of these two large immigrants group (back then), who REFUSE to integrate/assimilate (i know it’s a harsh word to use, but that was exactly the reason), would unite against the native nusantarians (mostly malays) and kill of their religion and culture.

    This emotion actual DETERS the nusantarians back then to even AGREE on granting mass citizenship to the 1st and 2nd generation of Immigrants. with these two aspects in mind, the then leader Tunku, will have to find out a way to move forward.

    he can either refuse chinese and indian’s mass citizenship request, forcing them to either leaving malayan in stage, or he can find a grand compromise between both. he then, adviced the Reid Commission, to draft the BIGGEST contract ever between the Nusantarians and 1st/2nd generation Immigrants, which is known as article 153 of the Federal COnsituttion.

    With the Introduction of Article 153 in the Federal Constitution, the Nusantarians decided that they can do away with both aspect of fearing the intrusion of “chineseness” and “insecurity sentiment” in economical and educational aspect. because their position of NOT being affected by chineseness, and NOT being economically compromised, is protected in the constiution.

    Our grand/great grand parents, who were first and second generation immigrants, too, were happy with this grand compromise, in exchange for Mass citizenship. It’s almost impossible, for a country with native people that shares common/ or near common lifestyle, to grant MASS citizneship to 1st/2nd generation immigrant groups who DOES NOT shares their lifesytle/near common lifestyle.

    Chinese and INdian refuse to integrate and refuse to assimilate, but are demanding citizenship. The Nusantarian natives of course were against it and they have the numbers to say NO.

    CHinese and indian 1st & 2nd generation immigrant then realise it’s “WORTH” entering into such contract, knowing that they have no where else to go. The second best scenario, would be to stay as permanent residents, and NOT being able to gain full citizenship by the native nusantarians. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! they said. they wanted citizenship! If you bear this historical facts in mind, you can then apply to my first case scenario.



  32. continued

    you try to imagine, the second/third generation of bangladeshis and nepaliese and indonesians, who make up of 6-9 millions of malaysian population, is demanding the rights of a citizen in malaysia. that includes benefits, fundings, education, healthcares, and also RIGHT TO VOTE. they claimed that they have been paying TAX, contributed to the country, and helped the economic (which is true, look at all the construction workers who put our country into pieces). they also claimed that they are born bred in malaysia and they want MASS citizneship (not individual application, but MASS granting of 6-9 million citizenship).

    WHAT DOES IT TAKE, FOR YOU TO GRANT THEM MASS CITIZNESHIP OF 9000000 CITIZENS TO THEM? the Nusantarians were satisfied to grant mass citzienship, as long as they have guarenteed position in educaiton economics whatnot as per Article 153.

    how about you? put it back into this situation. TO answer my fathers question, when is this BUMIPUTRA’s concept going to end?

    I told him, as long as the aspect of “CHINESENESS” and “INSECURITY” no longer haunts the Nusantarians.

    Till now, there are more NUsantarians who found their common grounds with the Chinese and others non – bumi. that’s why you see there are more Malays who are prepared (not alot, but more than last time) to give up the bumiputra status.

    But still, the common ground are not strong. Look at the Chinese guy who got punch by KFC. he hold a press conference. this guy, cannot SPEAK english and Malay. and i can tell you, there are HELL LOTS of chinese like that in malaysia. Genevieve Bois and Dimishtra Sittampalam can vouch. they said there are Hell lots of urban chinese who stays in PPR, cannot speak english or malay.

    Many of my friends back in Kedah too are like that. These chinese went to chinese primary, CHinese independant, and went to Taiwan/china for their tertiary. or some went to signapore or Europe / US.

    THey never did cross path with the Native Nusantarians. They don’t know what is khutbah jumaat. they don’t know why FEMALE malay from Kelantan is called MEK Farhana Roslan They don’t know why MALE malay from PERAK is called YOB Amir Fareed Rahim They don’t know Malay people don’t go to “register” their marriage. They don’t UNDERSTAND the malays’ thoughts and lifestyle. in essence, they refuse to integrate or refuse to find a common ground with the Malays.

    EVEN in mamak, chinese are sitting with chinese, malay are sitting with malay. Only a FEW, Minority occasions where three races have no barrier. Not enough! Not enough to tell the massive nusantarians, that they can feel secure now about the “CHINESENESS” effect. not enough to tell the massive nusantarians, that they can “survive” and “feel secure” about their interest in economy and education. Till that happens, till chinese in malaysia decide to tone down our “chineseness” (*not getting rid, just tone down), we cannot do away with bumiputra policies.

    it’s too dangerous. The exit clause of the Federal Constitution Contract is clear.

    1.) Either we honour it until time immemorial if we are still carrying our ancestors’ legacy (chinese school, chinese language, chinese chamber of commerce, the word “chinese” trumpts over malaysian in education and economical aspect)

    or 2.) We assimilate into the Nusantarians. IE, become a malay. That’s the exit clause. But to put the contract to an “END”, we need to find MORE common grounds with the nusantarians.

  33. Anonymous3:07 pm

    This video shot betul ke kat Malaysia ni Dato????

    Masuk dalam internet and ask the world to teka "from which country do you think this incidence took place".

    Try Dato and see the response...


  34. kupudan pasha3:15 pm

    Hey, Bru - what about the fugly Malaysians who call other Malaysians "pendatangs"?

    That is permissible and allowed under the "rules of the game"?

    And what do you have to say about the Utusan's headline "What more do the Chinese want" (translated from the vernacular)?

    That is kosher?

    Double standards, Bru.

    They have a nasty habit of resurfacing at inconvenient times and biting you in the backside.

  35. Anonymous3:26 pm


  36. rocky..i am not suprised at all..this kiasu cant even tell the difference between bangla or indian.. apatah lagi india dari estate.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYe_eZ_yoBU

  37. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Respect is earned. It is about what someone is doing and talking. If it says something but does something else, it gonna lose the respect.

  38. Genuine Malaysian5:03 pm

    Why this xenophobia is because of this 'Project IC' started by your 'beloved' mamak PM especially during the time before GE of 1994.
    Also lots of allegations of frauds during the previous elections were not investigated and solved thus causing the rakyat to react angrily,I would say.

  39. Anonymous5:24 pm

    f*** the chinese man. you gonna pay for your rudeness! payback soon! very soon

  40. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Ada sapa2 nak jadi popular? Tapi kena berlakon jadi mamat bangladesh la.

    Cuba buat satu video eksperimen dan pos kat Youtube kononnya mengaku diupah Umno untuk jadi pengundi hantu. Buat satu tajuk yang best.

    Lepas tu kita tengok benda tu nanti diorg percaya buta2 dan jadi viral tak? Silap2 video nanti tu kat semua facebook diorang ada. :)

  41. Anonymous5:49 pm

    How come Jibby asked ulgy malaysian Michelle Yeoh for help? She spend more time in China than LKS, LGE etc and speak Chinese and hardly any bahasa? Why Rocky don't her to fly kite?

  42. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Just in from the White House.

    Transcript courtesy of Active Eavesdropping System (AES)

    Dempsey (Joint Chiefs of Staff) : well sir, I understand , your Facebook is being swamped by them idiots from Malaysia asking for an invasion but we may have a logistic problems since our destroyer ran aground in the Phillipines….So I would rather they sort it out internally….besides we are already stretched……..

    Wolfowitz : Shut the fuck up Martin….we need to invade…we need to save our pals’ arses and I love arses……..pink ones…..so yah better get them troops,,what about using marines……

    Donilon (National Security Advisor) : yeah…we need to save that guy’s (whatchahis name) …ah Anwhore’s butt…if not he is gonna get arsefucked big time…by them Chingks for leading them on with his false promises of victory…..

    POTUS: er…I thought he was doing the arsefucking all along…you mean with them Chingks, his arsehole is the one being torn….. (laughter)
    Brennan (CIA director)….(still grinning): looks like that is the case Mr President. Our chaps in there say sperm have been found in his anal tract…we don’t reckon it was put in there by design which leaves only one possibility..open. He has been buttfucked by one of them oppo guys…maybe the Singh fellow…..we need to help him quick before his arse is shredded beyond shape…….

    POTUS: Singh? You mean that invalid dog on the wheelie….Jesus….I was thinking it was the chingkie dad-son tag team all along….anyway….mmmm… that complicates things a bit, we need to get our forces in there fast, Martin…we need to evac Anwhore…possibly for rectal repair…..And we need to assure the Chingk pigs that we are backing em up…that this aint any game..We need Anwhore and his wahhabis to secure the Straits …you know to put a chokehold on the Iranians while making sure the Japs , Sporkians and Koreans get their damn fucking oil.

    Dempsey: but Sir…our forces are pretty stretched now. The GOP is leery of supporting another intervention given this is none of our biz for starters…..moreover, it would be hard sell to those Dems on the Hill and……..

    POTUS (cutting in): Shut the fuck up, I need my FB back!!. Guys, any other options…fuck the damn BN…why cant they just lose and get lost…ahhh..I forgot they have the majority? Bloody shit…yeah…the whole thing is fuckin’ complicated…and of course the GOP wont sanction intervent what more our waffling Dixiecrats*, you know Hagan, Kaine, Manchin and Nelson will baulk…there are simply not enough votes to push this through both houses…any smart ideas now…I am fucking sick of my FaceBook being swamped by chop suey messages from stupid unwashed arsed Chingks.. yeah any smart ideas?

    Wolfowitz (whispering to Dempsey animatedly who nods in unison and whispers back): Missile Strike, Sir…we send in some cruise missiles at targeted spots and get them damn Malays, BN to give in and presto we have regime change…what the Chingks couldn’t have via the ballot box, they can have it on the platter…..mmm…pretty sure Anwhore will like that one…you know the call it the err…emmm…blakang mali over there…..

    Warrior 231

  43. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Part 2
    Brennan (interjecting) : What about using them drones? You know fly in some drones and take out the valuable SPITs (SPecific Identified Targets) . That will bring in the useless SHITs (Selected Highly Important Traitors) into Putrajaya…….of course blakang mali style again….

    Dempsey : Drones…not recommended Sir, weather there is a bit iffy and possibility of losing contact is pretty high….them Malays have a pretty sophisticated radar jammer at play plus there are those high tech …..I like the missile attack option , we have strike capability, redeployable at 24hrs straight from Hormuz…..range factored in for one mid air refueling for aircraft.

    Donilon (snapping his fingers); ok whats the plan, Martin? Be brief, the President need to look at yer gameplan before giving GOA (GO Ahead)

    Dempsey ( rolling out a map of Malaysia): Look, we pick out the major urban centres, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Ipoh, Georgetown, Johor Baru, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu (pointing at the map)…..we send in nuclear tipped tactical AGM 86s ALCMs; range 500 miles via B52s…,from our positions located offshore here, here and here ..out of range of their strike crafts, torpedoes and MADs backing Jernas missiles. Air cover for our guys will be AWACs (for target guidance and jamming purposes), F18 Hornets and Stealths (refueled midair if needed). We go in with SODs (Simultaneous Ordinance Deliveries) and reduce them damn targets to ruble within 15 minutes. Spork will be alerted of course and will provide backup if needed.

    POTUS (grinning) : Couldn’t care about the geography but brilliant …great plan..touchdown..(high fives Dempsey and Wolfowitz). Call in their ambassador and tell the fucker that the shot clock is ticking (no airballs please)……. I sure wanna Anwhore smiling again tonight with his teaboy by his side……and I think the Chingks will be mighty pleased with our assistance …..yup…have my FB back real soon…..ok guys, bring me the Presidential Order pronto… I wanna fuck some arses with Anwhore and his chingks……

    (Fast Forward 24 hours later in the KL home of Chou Chee Bai)

    Chee Bai (talking to his neighbor Lan Chiau): Heard that the Yanks had a meeting last night about Malaysia from the wire reports.

    LanChiau (smiling) ; Yeah me too…sure that Yanks will fuck Malay arse…..soon Putlajaya will be ours …oh…fuyoh…sedap mah…

    Chee Bai (staring at his ipad) : Hey news update. News release from State Department on Malaysia…….(reads it wide eyed and jaw drops wide open…no words outta it as he passes the pad to Lan Chiau)

    Chee Bai and Lan Chiau (in unison): Red Alert WTF (What the Fuck)…Jesus …oh my Madonna, Oh Sweet Cunt Mary…oh All…..oh Jehovah….the Yanks are sending missiles at us Chingks…we are arsefucked big time…we are gonna be incinerated by millions…someone please tell Obama he is aiming wrong…oh no (shit oozes from Chee Bai’s pants as Lanchiau’s pants drips wet with urine)….oh Kuan yin, oh Jesus….oh tiuniamah!!!!!

    Warrior 231

  44. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Like Najib and Utusan... you only see race in all these... it is always RACE, RACE and RACE...

    Colour gets the better of you, You failed to see the core of the problems.

  45. CausewayHantus6:23 pm

    If they looks like Chinese just say lah ugly Chinese. No one will complain. They are ugly mah..

    These claims that BN brought bangla to vote is diversion from the real phantom voters from across the causeways.

    The Chinese coming to Gelang Patah ceramah should have been checked for mykads.

    They may say they work in Singapore but they could also be the 2 millons Chinese mainland and Indians brought in by PAP just in time for PRU13.

  46. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Yes....this is very poor attitude.
    They seem to be taking the law into their own hands...and behaving like hooligans and barbarians...
    what has the opposition leaders say about all this???

  47. Anonymous7:11 pm

    WOW! a combination of pigshit and mad dog barking, barking, barking at the wrong tree!

    unfortunately though that guy is voting for DAP.

    next time vote DAP some more lah..

    what a true malaysian this guy.

  48. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Dato Rocks.... Can u ask Dato najib to create a bengkel membaiki kereta or motosikal 1malaysia so people can go to this workshop at Cheap price because we are getting tired with chinese own cut throat price.

  49. Anonymous8:14 pm

    they are malaysian and they are indianmuslim people.i know all of them very well,they are peniaga cendol and this incident happens in BUKIT MERTAJAM high school voting poll p 45 / n 15...

    and the funny part is,this people have always voted for dap.

  50. Anonymous8:24 pm

    adoi Rocky... lagi lagi cina kena bantai !!

    Madey bantai cina, rocky dan najib pon sama-sama ikut.....

    Rocky ni memang bodoh, sekarang UMNO dah boleh lantik semua menteri kerajaan malaysia dari geng-geng Melayu UMNO yg menang.....bolehlah teruskan projek kelentong rakyat, Rocky pon boleh pergi minta senator-ship dari Madey, pasti dapat !!

    1. Anonymous7:22 pm

      Kamu tu yg kena tunngang seperti kerbau oleh parti sial tu. Denial syndrome. Kau tu yg stooopiid melayu layu. Tan sri yg sudah hilang seri tu kena tendang sebab rasuah lah stooopiiddd..

  51. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Dato...bangla pun yang baru dtg malaysia 3 4 bulan dah tahu ckp melayu...tp bangsa racist ni kunun mengaku rakyat sini...dah beranak pinak...ckp melayu pun tunggang langgang...

  52. what do you make of th other clips

  53. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Long battle ahead. Chedet continues to be blocked.

  54. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Dah kena berapa gelas?

  55. Anonymous11:00 pm

    DAP win big this time is mainly because of the influx of chinese immigrants in Malaysia... they works in massage parlour, night clubs, etc... nobody suspect them as phantom voters because their looks is just indifferent from malaysian chinese... if they said govt is giving IC to voters, they themselves know how to do it and have done it... based on the cencus feedback, some of the so call 'malaysian Chinese' did not know how to speak in Malay..


  56. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Lancau punya cina2.

  57. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Hi Rocky, I just being informed by a trusted source in Pakatan how they managed to retained Selangor State from being wrestle back by BN.

    It seemed Ronnie Liu had planned this scheme since they took over Selangor State about 5 years ago from BN, by bringing in China girl as masseuse lady. Come election they were given a Malaysian IC to vote.

    Currently they have about 20.000 girls through out Selangor State. They deployed these girls on May 5th at various polling station disguised as a Malaysians.

    For GE14 we should set up a group to look out for all these girl who look like China girl. Its a difficult to differentiate but we just have to ask them to recite Rukun Negara and sing Negara KU. If they cant we better arrest them and hand them over to the Police. Don't beat them up because we would be seen as an uncivilized lot.

    We, like the opposition, also want to have a clean election.

    Anon 786

    1. Anonymous11:48 pm

      Hello bro...this is old story..why u did not tell before the election..boloh punya olang

  58. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Hi Rocky..

    I just being told by a trusted source in Pakatan on how they managed to retained Selangor State from being wrestle back by BN in last GE13.

    It seemed Mr Ronnie Liu had this scheme in place since they took over Selangor about 5 years ago. Ronnie Liu started to bring in a lot of China girl as masseuse and planted them all over Selangor in all of those reflexology center.

    Come GE13, all of them, estimated around 20,000 of them, were given a Malaysian IC and moved them around the state to vote as Malaysian.

    We should be vigilant on our next general election. We must be on the look out for all these girls that look like a China girl.

    I know its hard to differentiate between the locals and them, but we just have to ask them to recite Rukun Negara and sing Negara Ku as a proof of them being Malaysian.

    We also want to have a clean election like the opposition being preaching all this while.

    What do you think?

    Anon 786

  59. Anonymous1:17 am

    Mamat tu boleh buat laporan polis sbb diancam. Video pun ada. Ha! Apalagi.

  60. Dear Sir,
    Could you please check on Helen Ang... It ihas been a day since her last posting. Seeing some ugly Malaysians in action kind of make me worry about her safety.

    Thanks, concered rakyat.

  61. Anonymous7:57 am

    The MB Selangor post tussle is very interesting indeed, between PAS and PKR both have Kowtow to DAP, both have to show their submission to DAP.

    PAS have to throw away their skullcap, jubah, the Islamic face just the sake of MB post but DAP is not stupid.

    PKR will show how they good are by showing they are LGBT friendly, willing to be sodomized and christian lover (not friendly) attitude but again DAP is not stupid.

    Infront the rakyat of all the rhetoric speech they made but behind the scene, both have to Kowtow to DAP

    DAP demand and order for both parties to get the MB post must accept cheat and lie culture, discrimation and racism to fluorish plus absolutely no islamic law

    In other word DAP is the kingmaker and PAS or PKR is only a slave. very sad indeed because PAS have to sell their soul and dignity for the sake of power.

    Kowtow definition is To kneel and touch the forehead to the ground in expression of deep respect, worship, or submission to DAP

  62. Anonymous8:13 am

    We Demand

    Bring in Ibrahim ALI, Zul Nordin, HAsan Ali, Fathul Bari etc into the cabinet

    Kick out the old dinosaur from the cabinet KJ that useless oso.

  63. Anonymous10:06 am

    It's obviously to divert attention from imported chinese voters.

  64. SO Rocky , first thing - you and gang and Papa gomo and gang did a lot to save Ministry of Comm and BN's arse.
    Now can you explain why suddenly Police so brave and diligent to arrest PapaGomo and MCMC blocked Papa Gomo's site?. Yet no action taken against the DAP cyber troopers. Their rascist articles and messages are not only worst than rascist, rebel rousing and anti Malay but deliberately pouring scorn at Malays and the PM. If that's not enough included with threats and harm to people they targetted .

    Even the latest protest and planned demo with fraud accusations against SPR, actually directed at PM , are seditious and dangerous- because this rousing of hatred sentiment is another preparation for Malaysia's arab spring. Just because ANWAR and PR thought they would win this election.

    Their incompetence and unable to come up with strategy using sosial media and creative content is one of the major factor for BN defeat. BN and UMNO admitted they lost the Cyber war before the election date was announced. It was people like Rocky's bru and gang and papagomo and gang who fought the battles for them. No thanks to the Ministry of Communcation and MCMC.

    The incompetence in KPKK and MCMC worms should be dealt with- firmly- not the hot chicken shit type. The amount of advise since 3 years ago fell on deaf ears. Everything is fair in war- thats the DAP and PR war cry.

    Now for the GE 14 so that UMNO, Malays and BN do not disappear from the face of the earth and all efforts to help is worthless , PM must rehab Ministry of Comm and its agencies top leadership. Dont let them be distracted with too big a Ministry that all they can think of is how powerful they are and in the end become bullies.

    Why PM? Many bloggers have pointed out , the Ministry KPKK and its agencies are run by people from Juraissic Dinosaur Park. How can you win the war with them? Start now for GE 13. Rocky please inform the PM since you have his ears.

    Does he know how people on the ground who support BN were in fear because every where we turn people hate the govt and the Malay leadership. We are all on the ground and we were all hoping for slim majority as long as BN forms the next government. And we couldnt understand the prediction of 145 - 150 seats victory. Many of us waited for the magic number-113 parliamentary seats because friends in PKR were relentless in sending us SMS to join them in celebrating PR's victory to form new Govt and gather to congratulate Anwar. We were sick to the stomach and told them wait for SPR annoucnement.

    So Papa Gomo is arrested, fine, but arrest the DAP cyber troopers too. Why are their sites still up and running? Dont just threaten them and yet allow them to spread more hatred and scorn with false accusations against the SPR. PAPAgomo maybe went overboard but he felt cheated and angry for the PM but he got guts and a true warrior. Bloggers stand up for him.


  65. there was a baby in the front seat ... he ran because all these bastards were violent. i would have cabut too, especially if i had a baby.

    i hope he makes a police report on these bangsats.

  66. Anonymous11:17 am

    YES. Under dap you have to look like lks or chin peng to vote.

  67. Datuk, Mana Helen Ang???

  68. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Agree with your observation. Those rowdy crowd themselves could be foreigner since they can't talk proper Bahasa.

    A lot of wild allegations has been thrown to SPR and it is sad to note that some people simply fall for it.

  69. bangladeshi cant apply for malaysian citizenship...only chinese from PRC can...what a bloody rasict ras....

  70. Anonymous1:09 pm

    ..You seem to forget to take Ibrahim Ali as an example ...

    Why you only mention Lim Kit Siang ..Ambiga

    But don't worry , surely we recognize you in IOI Mall Puchong

  71. Anonymous5:25 pm

    wah....no OLD FART and the troopers.....

  72. kupudan pasha8:18 pm

    Heh....the vintage warrior writes again.

    Let's see if Najib tells the US administration to go stick it where the sun don't shine?

    How about it, Mr PM Sir?

    You can tell Obama, Kerry, Hagel etc to shut up, or else Malaysia will be forced to sanction the US.

    Better yet, get the tame Utusan Malaysia to do it for you.

    Or co-opt the warrior guy. He wouldn't mind going on a US blacklist now, would he?

    Go on, call their bluff.

  73. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Helen Ang tengah relax kat Bali....sponsor dari UMNO !!

  74. Anonymous8:43 pm

    These scenarios are preludes to what will happen if the chinkies were able to grab power in Malaysia.

    History has recorded what happen when these slit eyes managed to grab power in Tanah Melayu during the power vacuum immediately after the Japs surrendered. They went after the Malays, took them to secluded spot and the hapless Malays were tried and executed swiftly by their kangaroo court.

    Make no mistake..the same will happen if they managed to get the power..

  75. Anonymous12:18 pm

    If an individual is holding a blue i/c, he/she is a citizen. any citizen, irrespective of skin color is entitle to vote unless the name is not registered. for GE 14, to avoid confusion, every citizen should be considered automatically registered as voters.

  76. bourne identity1:15 pm

    Of all the races.....the chinese are STILL has the lowest percentage of malaysians who can converse in proper bahasa malaysia.
    Proper bahasa malaysia...not perfect bahasa malaysia.
    Why? Its because of their narrow mindset as pure racists.....they will speak a common language when in the company of non-chinese and when a fellow malaysia chinese turns up - they quickly turn away and speak in a lingo alien to the other non-chinese malaysian!
    if a chinese marries a malay...they will say masuk melayu.
    Lim Kit Siang soent less than 2 weeks in Gelang Patah while Gahi nOthman worked hard and lived for Johor for alomst 20 years and yet - the chinese chose a chinese rather than someone who worked for the everyone in the state.
    Najib needs to turn the volume up!
    MCA has always been with the malays even during May 13th...so its time for BN to close their bantuan rakyat public services centre and let DAP snd its filty rich supporters to take care of themselves.

  77. Anonymous4:37 pm

    hey, has any of these goons apologized for vilifying and terrorizing those malaysians they accused of being PTI and pengundi hantu? i heard nought.
    PR will never get my vote. ever. and when i have my own kids, i will teach them that in life we have to be respectful of other people regardless of their differences,to be kind to everyone, to be truthful and to acknowledge good effort by anyone by saying THANK YOU so they too will understand why they should not vote for PR.
    i will not teach them to become racists because none of us should stoop to that level.

  78. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Yellow Peril (sometimes Yellow Terror) was a color metaphor for race that originated in the late nineteenth century with Chinese immigrants as coolie slaves or laborers to various Western countries, notably the United States.

    The term refers to the skin color of East Asians, and the fear that the mass immigration of Asians threatened white wages and standards of living and that they would eventually take over and destroy western civilization, their ways of life and values.

    The term has also referred to the belief and fear that East Asian societies would invade and attack Western societies, wage wars with and lead to their eventual destruction and eradication.

  79. Anonymous7:20 pm

    ohh now we understand it is part of communist DAP tactics,

    it seems they realize that the indian community is fully support BN so the best way is try to bar the indian community from voting.

    who say the communist born again chinkies christo DAP stupid?

  80. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Rocky can you check what happen to Helen Ang. I am worried that she has not posted my comment and she neither update her blog.

    2:26 pm


    Not surprise though if Helen in a press conference made confession with Lim Kit Siang and Guan Eng sitting on her left and right side.

    me, on behalf of Rocky Bru.

  81. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Hey you Anon 1:57 pm Sungai Siput voter, it was already in the news that those buses were transporting M'sian voters from S'pore.

    Hey, btw most of these 'M'sians' are from your clan. You forgot or purposely forgot as there are more of your kind working in S'pore than Malays.

    Next time don't talk cock and sing song here lah. Want to instigate and tell lies but no facts. Just funkin' lies.....

  82. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Hei Schizoid ugly motherfucking pigfaced Kupudan

    I got degrees from the US, worked at two globally known US MNCs and still go back to the States on a regular basis to do research cutting-edge research.

    You got what to? Lee kuan Yew's backside to lick, his cock to suck and ur mummy's filthy cunt to fuck.

    Got pwned at Hisham's Econs Malaysia for being soooooooo stupid as usual with your usual knee jerk shoot off the hip blarney....hahahahahahahaha. Stpud Singaporkian Chingkie pig troll.

    Warrior 231

  83. Anonymous7:56 am

    Fuck lah u all orang Malaya ........... in Sabah, a guy with Chinese name, speak Chinese, celebrate Chinese New Year and look like a Chinese is a bumiputra ..... !!

  84. Anonymous4:39 pm

    chinese business can be conducted in mandarin to remind bumis to boikot

  85. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Malays can also chase the China dolls that are sent by the trucks from the colleges to vote to tumbang the Melayu. Bet IamOKman is OK with it.

  86. Anonymous9:37 pm

    FUCK! Next election, MCA is going to import lots of Made in China AYAM that could easily assimilate into all DAP dominated seats and WIN BIG!

    So fuck those metallic Bangla that could easily be recognized. At least be smart a bit lag, Na Jib Kor... your machai CSL got no problem organizing...

    he himself is an expert. Hahahahaa

  87. Anonymous1:25 am

    What are these Malaysian policemen doing in Taiwan?

  88. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Yeah we dont need the apek racist to win the election. They are all going bonkers thinking that they could sweep the BN. Guess its payback time now.