Monday, May 06, 2013

Anwar, Nik Aziz and now Soi Lek says he's going to quit!

Chua confirms voting was made along ethnic lines ..
But will they, really? We shall see. Nik Aziz says he will step down as the PAS leader of the spirit. Anwar Ibrahim said it twice - once last year to the international press and again month: he would quit and become a lecturer if he does not get to become Prime Minister of Malaysia after the 13th General Election. Now Chua Soi Lek, the MCA president, says he is also going to say goodbye. But that will not happen immediately, though. CSL said he will not seek reelection at the MCA elections, which will take place only at the end of the year.

Nik Aziz once reportedly boasted that he'd quit politics if Dr Mahathir Mohamad really called it a day. But when Dr M stepped down at the end of 2003 as Malaysia's longest serving and greatest Prime Minister, Nik Aziz stayed on as PAS leader of the Spirit for the next decade. And Anwar is contesting the results of the General Elections ...

Press Statement by MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek 
I wish to congratulate the Prime Minister for Barisan Nasional’s convincing victory in the 13th general election.
I also wish to thank the people who had voted for MCA candidates and to all the campaigners and volunteers who had worked tirelessly for Barisan Nasional, especially for MCA.
MCA respects and accept the decision of the voters. This is what democracy is all about.
We support the Prime Minister’s call for national reconciliation and look forward to the work ahead.
It is also clear that the voting was made along ethnic lines with the Chinese believing that the DAP can change the government.
Voting the Chinese out of the State and Federal government will not help solve dissatisfaction with the government.
However I firmly believe that the Prime Minister will continue with its inclusive policy and continue to look after the interest of the Chinese community, particularly on Chinese education, culture and economics.
I accept MCA’s losses and the party will not take up any government post at state and federal levels.
This was in accordance to the unanimous decision approved at the party’s EGM and unanimously endorsed by the central committee.
As the president of MCA, I have to stabilize the party under this difficult condition. I will convene a meeting of the Presidential Council and Central Committee to deliberate a direction of the party following the dismay results.
At the same time, I have decided that I will not seek re-election in the upcoming party election.
I appeal to MCA members to remain calm and united.

Thank you


  1. LAYMAN5:36 pm

    Dear DS Chua Soi Lek,

    I fully agree with your opinion and the actions that you would take to protect the interest of the minority that still have faith in MCA. I believe that Gerakan is in the same boat.

    I would like to suggest that:

    1. internal dissatisfaction be also addressed in the party. There clearly are saboteurs within as can be seen and heard even before nomination day with the branches issuing contradictory statements as if they represent the whole party. What can be expected with the members within if they choose to follow their little napoleons.

    2. Explore the possibility of a merger with Gerakan in the spirit of unity. This may be a right time to ponder about it.

    I still have faith in the parties within the BN coalition as the way I see it, no others can match the cooperation that we have in BN in protecting the interest of Malaysians at large. 2018 is not a long way to go.

  2. kupudan pasha5:53 pm

    Dear MCA leaders

    Noble sentiments, but a little too late, isn't it?

    Where were you when the racists and right wingers were throwing their weight around?

    Where were you when Utusan Malaysia and Perkasa spewed invective against "pendatangs" and those who did not kowtow to the mainstream agenda?

    Where was the muscular response from The Star?

    Where were you when the national debate should have been about competitiveness and restructuring?

    And now you come out with mea culpas?


  3. Anonymous6:51 pm

    The one that should step down is NAJIB.

    1. Anonymous12:07 pm

      Why. Give 2 good reasons. And better be good.

  4. Anonymous7:06 pm

    just dissolve the MCA and say goodbye to BN.

  5. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Quote "Convincing victory"

    CSL can count kah?

    PKR got 7 more MP seats.

    Got more state assembly seats.

    Got more than 50% of the popular votes?

    'convincing victory'

    sleepy head badawi did a better job.

    so how now - is NAjib going to head MM's advice and leave?

    i dont know lah - more than half teh people dont want BN?

    thats what the results say - so how now?

  6. Anonymous7:16 pm

    When you are not wanted, please leave. Or else, more shit will be created, whether real or otherwise.

    But so far, broken promises are the hallmarks of Anwar and Nik Aziz. CSL has yet to find out.

    But the taste of power is so nice, it will be difficult to let go.

    And between the devils, CSL is a slow learner.

    The best advice for all these three is QUIT. Go team up and form a new party.

    The nation must now move forward, bury the past, puss, PAS, PKR and all.

    But hey, Nik Aziz still has a lot more to be done for Kelantan. He still has a long way to go in bringing back camels to the streets of Kota Baru and turning back the clock. So, keep him there till Kelantan returns to the dark ages.

    For these hidup segan mati tak mahu politicians, just leave lah. There's a lot for everyday people to do for the next five years.

    Stop the daily politics of hate and respect the Government of the day.

    A GOOD MAN DOES NOTHING has left the building and it is good bye from me too. And always remember this. No matter what good you do, no body will appreciate it. Thus, is it better to do nothing?

    Think about it.

    Signing off, yours truly,

    A GOOD MAN DOES NOTHING, but only good things.


  7. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Mr Kudupan

    I believe you're a Malaysian Indian. Don't be too smart as politics is not as same as when you are playing chess.

    Support CSL.!

  8. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Tahniah tuan Rocky! Saya pelawat tegar blog ini. Saya bangga dan sangat suka kerana pada pilihanraya ini UMNO telah kembali mendapat mandat MELAYU. Kalau 2008, UMNO hanya menang 79 kerusi, kini ia dapat 109 kerusi. Meningkat 23%. Tak mengapa beberapa pemimpin kalah, Itu adat pertandingan dan juga kerana MCA dan GERAKAN amat lemah. Pilihanraya akan datang, kalu MCA dan GERAKAN macam ini juga, saya cadangkan UMNO ambil alih kerusi itu.Why not? Biar kalah janji kita lawan! Tahniah pada tuan yg tak berhenti-henti menyokong perjuangan UMNO dan BN!

    1. Anonymous3:02 am

      This is a spam that i believe comes from dap cybertrooper, i've seen it in another blog, and it is playing mind games by creating false perception

    2. Anonymous9:50 pm

      i believe the same thing too. Look at his bahasa, it is too damn awkward and pelik. Dey babi sepet, go play u dumbass stupid reverse psychology trick somewhere else. PAS blog for example?

  9. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Whatever is being said about CSL, I truly believe that he will honor his word as he is a man of his word.He may have his faults but at least he is open unlike the great anwar...

  10. Anonymous8:04 pm

    What about you, rocky ? Are ypu gonna quit after confidently saying BN will win two-thirds ? After saying Fuziah will never win Kuantan or Kit Siang will never beat Ghani ?

    Finally your boss outdid your favourite sleepyhead Badawi. Badawi never spent billions, but still won more seats than your boss. Remember what Mamakthir said to Najib ?

  11. Anonymous8:05 pm

    "The one that should step down is NAJIB - 6:51 pm"

    Still licking your wound eh sore loser?

    Najib's Umno won 109 of 120 parliament seats contested, that is 91% sucess rate. Did the racist DAP perform better than that? Get a calculator lor.

    Najib's Umno won 30 more seats than sleepy dollah. That is a huge 38% jump from previous total. Get your head?

    Umno loss narrowly in remaining 11 seats in area where there were at least 15-20% chisumi voters. These chisumis save pkr and pas of an otherwise thrashing.

    Popular votes? Let us see how many % of these chisumis supported the oppositions.

    Meanwhile kudos to Najib and BN. Still managed a comfortable win, just 7 short of sleepy dollah, under unprecendented chinese kiasus tsunami.

    As for that Abu Harris fella, thank you for driving back the Malays to Umno. Keep it up till next election.

    Lain kali lah

  12. Anonymous8:18 pm

    pkr has 5 more years to dream dream and dream.

  13. Anonymous8:23 pm

    The bottom line is 'BN at Putrajaya'. Thank god its not the biggest liar in town who now says he wants to lecture. Lecture on what? The art of lying?

  14. Anonymous8:48 pm

    In GE12, MCA and MIC really let BN down by their non performance and still UMNO was 'nice' enough to give face to them. In GE13, MCA was a real biawak hidup and on top of that, we also saw MCA-owned The Star encouraging DAPSters to belittle the PM, UMNO and the Malays.

    Goodbye DS Chua Soi Lek. I hope you are not going to do a Chua Jui Meng and Mat Taib and some high ranking civil servant pensioners but even if you do, well, in Malaysia, it won't come as a surprise anymore.

  15. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Bro, why are you so concerned (obsessed?) with people resigning?

  16. Anonymous8:59 pm

    dont agree
    in 5 years time
    bn will need mca if dap didnt join bn
    that time jibkor will be selling his achievements, no way he gonna let mca say they did nothing

  17. Hi Rocky, sad for you and your troops man. After all this effort you guys never really influenced anybody into anything. Maybe yourselves for some refreshing mental masturbation...About time you guys moved on to do something more worthwhile don't you think?

  18. Anonymous9:18 pm

    MCA loss was largely contributed to his fight with Ong Tee Keat.

    Its good that MCA leave BN, as for year they have been enjoying all the benefits but not doing much fronting BN. Most of the work done by UMNO.

    Go join DAP, now we know who the real enemies are.

    After all, it is the bumiputera who will fight for the country.

  19. Anonymous9:19 pm


    I think somebody else should retire not Anwar.

  20. Anonymous9:21 pm

    I like the idea of our military running the country. Any one with funny ideas of questioning malay rights will be shot dead. This is because some people are hankering for trouble.

  21. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Dear CSL, everybody could see the demise of MCA, Gerakan, PPP, MIC this time or very soon...except the top leaders of respective parties refused to see.Blame not DSAI, Dap or the non-malays for disappointing us,we disappointed them first with our not so golden silence on most issues affecting non-malays. The only way forward if we still care for the non-malays is a mega merger of all parties MCA-MIC-PPP-Gerakan rebranded as 1 multiracial party with no hints of any one race supremacy.Otherwise, it's time to migrate en masse if we don't bother the minorities future anymore.

  22. Anonymous10:17 pm

    MCA must really reinvent itself to get back the support of the Chinese....

    feel very najib made so much effort to engage with the Chinese but it was not even reciprocated at all

  23. syabas melayu!!10:26 pm

    Manusia mcm Anwar pun ada orang sokong. Permatang Pauh patut tukar nama kepada Permatang Sodomi..hehe

    Syabas kepada Melayu kerana masih ramai yang rasional dan bersatu menghadapi serangan Cina.


  24. Anonymous11:09 pm

    CSL and KTK should know it was coming. A lot of Chinese are just not bothered whether they are represented in Govt anymore. Being lame ducks , it does not make any difference at all. Just like what happened to MIC, PPP etc.

    A lot of Chinese women about 50% of the Chinese electorate just can't bring themselves to vote a party where the President is a womanizer. Can't he sees that earlier?

    Both MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP, SUPP etc better dissolve their parties and reform to a new party for the next election. Thea's a better alternative.

  25. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Nik Aziz quitted
    CSL coming soon
    but Anwar never!

  26. Anonymous1:00 am

    Sore loser anon716,

    You can count kah?

    Umno got 30 more MP seats (from 79 to 109). Wat dollah better job are you loser talking about?

    Popular votes? You really dont get it how election system work in Malaysia do you? And talking about your Unregistered Pakatan popular votes, how any % of that more than half obtained are Chinese? Care to tell?

  27. Anonymous1:04 am


    Bangsa DaP kiasu tak dapat terima hakikat bahawa Umno lebih cemerlang pada pru13 berbanding pru12.

    ABU dah jadi debu. Apapun, sekarang kita telah tahu warna sebenar kiasu2 ini.

  28. Anonymous2:02 am

    csl, u are just a bloody puppet for tan sri ta. just go retire. That in itself will save mca already

  29. Anonymous6:10 am

    a male chinese teen in kiasu island said that the chinese newspapers instruct all chinese to vote dap

  30. Anonymous6:17 am

    UMNO is the biggest winner. MCA is kapoot. Chinese tsunami will change Najib into Muhyiddin2.

    So the chinese - get ready to stand on your 2 feet, forget kiasu island's assistance - come june 13, its banking sector will shrivel


    psst once PAS remove blinkers, dap will be lone ranger (pr is unregistered)

  31. Anonymous6:26 am

    ABU, UBAH, INI KALILAH - mana pegi, itu manyakk wang habis lorr

    sikalang Najib sulah tukar itu cermin mata - dia suda cerai sama itu i luv chinese lohh

    cina musti jaga jaga, abang selatan suda mau bankrup, wang linggit sudah habis lorr

    dia ala manyakk nangis lehh, ingat itu UBAH manyakk bagus sikalang bungkus

    be prepared for an immediate backlash

  32. can see clearly now7:25 am

    Latest news : Anwar Ibrahim will be sworn in as the new PM of Malaysia in front of Lim Kit Siang today at 2401 hr (he claimed that he has won the election)

  33. Anonymous7:41 am

    Dear Dato' Rocky,
    Sorry for posting a link to my own blog, but I think this is something that needs to be highlighted. Voter harassment and intimidation is something that is shameful and must be condemned by all sides.

  34. charleskiwi8:13 am

    But did this shenanigan Mahathir really retry ?
    And if you care to tally the total number of votes casted for BN and those casted for the opposition. You will then see the ruling party has less received votes than that of the opposition. Therefore the ruling party is clearly not the choice of the majority of Malaysians ! This is the kind of government Malaysia has in place and if this is not fraud and deceit, what is ?
    What did I tell you all along ? Anyone or any party the shenanigan Mahathir supported or campaigned for will inevitably not only loose but will loose heavily just like the former Johore M.B. he lost very very heavily ! So does Umno, why ? If Najib and all the warlords are going to to let him off they will learn what kind of support this shenanigan will bring.
    The only people who gain as a result of the outcome are people like you who the shenanigan did not support because you are not a direct politician. Good luck to you !

  35. I think this I think that.

    But here's what people must REALLY think:-

    The red beans army are still around after the elections, as evidenced by the troll writings herein...


  36. Anonymous9:17 am

    Hoi Oppositions, kalah with even 1 seat kira kalah ler tu, tak payah duk meghapu sini... what more 133-89, banyak tu...tak tau main soccer ker?

    So this time around go function as an effective Opposition, jangan duk asyik merajuk doing your karate, gigit2, walk-out stinks in Parliamen when debating issues.

    MP/ADUN yang tak fasih Bahasa Kebangsaan, go for private BM tiution OKAY, nak jadi Malaysian Malaysia must first know how to communicate in your country's National language le to communicate with Malaysians, nanti tak faham ayat2 lain donggeng pulak bawa kat supporters kamu - jadi macam surat dari ROS, duk leleh2 air mata apa ke hal?

    Whatever, the DAPsters will soon realise they NEED the support from BN's voters to survive, jangan duk sombong2 tak tentu arah ORH!


  37. Anonymous9:43 am

    nik aziz did, will najib?

  38. Mustapha Ong10:06 am

    In the last 24 hours Malaysians have been inundated with very unpleasant news, some true, some false and some just purely speculations or misleading. Tok guru Azia had finally left the scene without any displeasure nor any sign of frustration and vengeance against anyone. Finally, a good and sensible Muslim and return to reality and to the land of the believers. As for Chua Soi Lek, we hope he really will honour his words not to seek re-election for the MCA presidency before the year ends. Hope he will not make an about turn on hearing that Ong Tee Keat will stage a come back to be the next president after his last day in office. If that's the ultimate scenario, there will be no handing over, afterall there is nothing to hand over between the two past and present leaders of MCA.

    Rewinding back the last 24 hours, I mistrust Anwar's statement that he will quit politics as stated earlier if he fails to topple Najib and thus be elected as the 7th PM. Actually, Malaysians are use to the political antics of Anwar, whose words are hardly substance in nature and nobody in the right of mind will believe whatever he says. His words have become worthless in the eyes of our fellow Malaysians, with the exception of his die hard blinded supporters and sympathizers. I better save my breath for my next comments on a more serious tone. Let Anwar swallow his own words that will cause the early demise of his party PKR (Pandai Kelentong Rakyat).

  39. /// Nik Aziz once reportedly boasted that he'd quit politics if Dr Mahathir Mohamad really called it a day. ///

    And Nik Aziz is still true to his boast. Mahathir may have stepped down as PM, but has he called it a day? Has Mahathir quit politics?

  40. This is the time to seriuosly think of a Malaysian govt based on Gabungan Melayu-Islam.
    UMNO ,PAS and other Malay-Islam based parties must come together under a new BN or new coalition.
    If all are really sincere about creating a 'Masyarakat Malaysia yang suci murni', this is the reconcilation that need to be done.
    Theres no doubt about it.

  41. Anonymous11:54 am

    red bean only good for pau lah
    your racist true colour can't be denied
    now let's all campaign for Satu Sekolah untuk Semua
    the chinese have shown they don't deserve privileged treatment
    Najib's kid gloves MUST be removed

    23% of population cannot override the majority's RIGHTS, no matter how rich they are

    pssst ... after PRU13, so much invested dollars (from kiasu island, US) go down the drains, only to get 38?? the failed accountant must do his maths

  42. Anonymous11:56 am


    the red bean army is STILL pissed off with Tun Dr Mahathir!!

    eat your heart out - Kedah is BACK in UMNO's fold


    P.S. tell lky he really never did understood the Malay psyche

  43. Anonymous12:41 pm

    nik aziz quited as mentri besar but did he quit as spiritual leader?..mader is healthy unlike nik theres no reason for him to quit politics...

  44. Anonymous3:15 pm

    The chinese voters show off the true face.Whether u want to deny or not it is firm in pru13.As a Malay,we can hear they said,but we don't believe it 100% anymore..Malay is not racist but more tolerance,once you betray the people doesn't trust you..same goes to a thief,even u hv repent to God,the people still doesn't believe u..

  45. Anonymous6:15 pm


    sour grapes. carry on dreaming. BN at putrajaya. you want putrajaya? go and see the beauty of it - built by BN.

  46. Melayu bukan UMNO9:01 pm

    I believe with the demise of so many erdogans/anwarinas and retirement of Nik Aziz, UMNO and PAS will soon come together. Cool heads will prevail. Only when the Malay Muslims unite we'll know how Chinese who support DAP will react

  47. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Anon 1 am.

    Greetings from Anon 716 pm.

    First read what csl said - he said BN's convincing victory lah anon bukan umno's convincing victory.

    Umno got 109 seats kah for 2013?

    Alahai anon 1 am - gua malas nak jawab pak lembap yg tk buat kajian sikit - I know u cedok that number from bernama report.

    Go check the spr website lah.

    Anyways fyi umno did do a little better - but I want u to move ur rear end and find out for yourself the actual number. But nothing much to really cry about lah.

    So is najib the pm for all malaysians or umno only - coz though umno did better the bn components did not fare any better.

    Both u and najib (and perhaps UMNO) need to make up ur mind(s).

    Anyways Tun MM has already marked a capital F on NTR's report card - but who does he have in mind?

    Jeng jeng jeng

    Anon 716

  48. Anonymous7:10 am

    nik Aziz dah resign, tak payah bising-bising.