Saturday, April 06, 2013

Vote for quality of life, at affordable prices

 BR1M, 1Msia Clinic, book vouchers and various other direct aid have
 helped improve quality of life, especially for the lower-income people

Updated: How government foresight helped boost your income and the economy amid global vagaries: Malaysia's average household income rose 7.2 per cent between 2009 and last year while per capita gross national income jumped 49 per cent (no typo here!) despite global economic slowdown (think Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, the UK etc).

Original posting:
Cheapest place for a litre. Click h e r e for more details on Deutsche Bank's latest report on the cities of the world, and what makes Kuala Lumpur one of the best for value. Government subsidies, for eg, makes Malaysia the cheapest place to buy a litre of petrol. 
No, of course those politicians did not bother mentioning that to us ....  


  1. Anonymous9:39 am

    it is ? possibly those Malaysians who complains are serving other countries better than their own......:)

  2. Anonymous9:39 am

    Malaysia has too much subsidies, and Malaysians take them too much for granted.

    The authorities too doesn't take enough steps to stop smuggling of Malaysian subsidized items overseas to neighboring countries. i imagine the ones doing it enjoy great profit at the loss of Malaysia.

  3. Anonymous10:06 am

    Latuk, I always know you are not very smart. We provide subsidies for our people, and you are trying to boast about this to the outside world ? Idris Jala already said the gomen must reduce subsidies over time, so why crow about "cheap" ?

  4. Anonymous11:54 am


    You may not be living with your parents?

    Well most of us not so young ones are. We just cannot afford to buy a home.

    Singapore, China and other Countries are taking measures to make homes affordable for its people but not UMNO. Why should they, umno robbers are buying high end apartments and are deeply involved in encouraging the building of high end properties.


    Pekerja Muda

  5. Anonymous12:15 pm

    "Vote PR for quality life, at affordable prices" !!

    Vote UMNO = Rasuah Naik + Barang Naik

  6. Typical of you post-2008 Pakatan troopers. You are nothing but experts in your own minds.

    In the first place, subsidies are bad only to the competitors and if given without due consideration (like trying to bring down prices of cars and lowest-end motorcycles, which will hurt traders, bodoh!).

    Properly applied, subsidies address economic imbalances. Under the NEP and the various Malaysia Plans, subsidies have been very deftly used to narrow the income gaps and bridge the urban-rural cleavage.

    Expertly used, subsidies add to our competitive edge, sharpen our trade, improve general quality of life, etc. as the survey by Deutsche shows.

    As for that Idris Jala guy, what does he know, really? But even that he knows a lot more than your pathetic economists and anal-lysts in Pakatan.

    Yours Sincerely

  7. Anonymous12:36 pm

    which quality life do you all expect? supporting LGBT? too much racism? bla bla bla...too many to write down here..

    only umno buy high-end properties meh? now in penang umno in charge meh? high-end properties everywhere..dont you all see that?jangan tutup sebelah mata maaaa.., dont ever kasi tutup sebelah mata coz you already mata sepet maaa...

    how many malays in top 10 billionaires in malaysia? be fair laaa..i also can say the business people are encouraging corruption everywhere..tiada pemberi takde penerima who are the people claiming to be very successful in business? everyone will point their finger a particular race..hehehe..this is all open secret maaa..

    never ever put your trust in dogs and pigs party..

  8. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Pagi pagi sudah kena johnny ka.....didn't know the tourists who earn 3 times more are part of the voters in ge....1 kilo tenggiri rm37.....tell that to the people la mangkuk

  9. Anonymous2:46 pm

    yeah..some of them are visiting voters only..staying far far away from malaysia but come back to vote satanic PR and let the rakyat who have nowhere to go to suffer..they happily go back to their far far away place and live and beranak pinak over there..

    who are they? again..that particular race maaaaaaaaaaaaaa....


  10. Anonymous2:59 pm

    This is all Anwar's fault, betul tak Datuk?

  11. what did you get from PAKATAN RAKYAT....during their Reign?


    PAS 20 years?


    DAP 5 YEARS?

    ZERO! kena TIPU some more

    PKR 5 YEARS?

    ZILCH! but they do provide assistance ....errr...water shortage....

    overall summary;

    nik aziz promise heaven, Anwar Ibrahim represent a highly morally good,intelligent leader and LGE?

    the rakyat get tokong!

  12. Anonymous5:10 pm

    these prices are benefitting tourists...u know.....hmm, how long can govt afford tosubsidise things here?


  13. Anonymous10:24 pm

    1 kilo tenggiri rm37?..where did you buy it?.. Plaza Damas? ever heard of mydin or kedai 1Malaysia?.. You can find cheap2 fish there.. Tenggiri is only rm12 perkilo. but typical of you arrogant bunch, want to shop at the expensive place and then complain about the price. spend within your capacity la bro.. don't blame the government of not being able to buy expensive tenggiri but blame yourself of being lazy to look for cheap one.


  14. Dear Misterzizou,

    Fishy, some of these guys. Good of you to panggang ANon 129pm. Let's hope he/she knows how to benefit from your info and buy cheap(er).

  15. Anonymous11:10 pm

    From the same report "However,
    cars are pricey – a Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI is 161% higher than in NY." Care to comment.

    The taxes are killing on the car prices. The next highest to our housing loan payment is the vehicle.Both are needs of the rakyat.

    Joe Don Baker

    1. Anonymous12:23 am

      At least the higher tax imposed could be used to develop pan borneo highway. For rakyat benefit. Don't you think it is a good policy?

  16. Anonymous11:29 pm

    I went to mydin I got a product at a cost of 30 cents whereas elsewhere the same product cost me rm 1.50. Just imagine how much money dapigs have been making all this while!

  17. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Malaysia one of the best places in the world...thanks to BN,BN,BN

  18. Anonymous9:11 am

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