Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday election a bane to Malaysian Christians? Tell that to the Venezuelans!

"He is a man of hate, not faith". Read also: Bishop Paul Tan condemns polling on Sunday but there were THREE GEs held on Sunday by YB Wee Choo Keong
Uskup Paul Tan Melenting by Helen Ang

Venezuela, 95% Christians, elect its President on a Sunday
"Venezuelans just elected Nicolas Marudo the new president. Venezuela is 98pc Catholic and the presidential elections was held on Sunday. Only in Malaysia Bishop Paul says cannot because Catholics must pray on Sunday." - An SMS from a reader

Bishop Paul Tan was quick to condemn Najib Razak's decision to set the 13th General Election on
Man of hate, or faith?
a Sunday (May 5th) as a show of disrespect to Christians in the country and "just proves that (his) 1Malaysia slogan was merely rhetorical and not intended to be substantive".

The Bishop intended to sound harsh. Unfortunately, he was also a little too hasty and, I'd hasten to add, pitifully ignorant. He was obviously not aware that Venezuela, where well over 95% of the population adheres to Christianity, had just gone to the polls to elect their new President - on a Sunday.

Sunday is a holy day for the Christians in Venezuela, too, I am sure. So Bishop Paul, you were saying something about disrespect to Christians? [Bishop says Sunday ballot a bane to Christians],


  1. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Since Muslim prays five times a day, it's best to cancel the GE!!

  2. this bishop is more like a politician than clergy. maybe he should stand for elections as he behaves like a politician anyway. BTW, was it Najib or SPR who fixed the date on May 5th?

  3. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Surely there are churches all over the country that Christian voters can go to after or before they vote.

  4. Anonymous12:30 am

    First, be anti this and anti that to attract attention and to be seen as a hero for something. Then, be another candidate for PR in the next GE. Remember burn-Lynas Wong?

  5. Anonymous12:39 am

    do you think these christian respect sunday? they got drunk on saturday's night

  6. Anonymous1:00 am

    Oh where does this priest get off?

    I think in the past we've had elections on Sunday.
    So what's the problem?
    Then he goes on to say what with indelible ink blah, blah... it will take a longer time.

    There lah. Your friends in opposition and bersih lah demanded this indelible ink to be used. And gomen so stupid went and followd them. No you say this process gonna take longer time.

    No pleasing these people, lor.

  7. Anonymous1:03 am

    You are right Zappa this particular bishop has been acting like a politician since the Allah issue.There are a lot of Catholics who don't keep Sunday as a Holy day. I don't think it is an issue to hold elections on a Sunday as though the Catholics will be spending the whole of Sunday in a Church. We have the sunset mass to attend on Saturdays and there are two masses held on a Sunday one will be an early mass which will be held at 8.30 am and one in the evening about 6.00 pm. In between I'm sure the Catholics can go and vote. So Bishop Paul don't make a big issue out of this.

  8. q0l0p1:19 am

    Bro.. I think it was SPR commitee chaired by Ean Sri Aziz make that decions.. not Najib.

  9. Anonymous1:28 am

    So bishop Paul, why don't you call all the Catholics not to go out to vote. Anyway, we know who will the Christians vote for.

  10. Anonymous2:35 am

    Dia tak marah pulak kat TokNik and Azizan, Kedah n Kelantan official working days being Sundays?

    Ape le Apek ni?


  11. Anonymous2:38 am

    GE date surely got blessing from the top of comunity which is agreed by no 1 malaysia..Bishop Paul only have a words but not action

  12. Anonymous3:54 am

    Go get Ambiga and gang to protest at the Venezuelan Embassy and issue a memorandum. Surely the world will appreciate it.

    Bring along the the beer drinking Aussie Xenophone to lend a bigger impact.

    One more thing, it seems perfectly okay to run amok on the streets anyday of the week, Sundays included, to disrupt everybody's life.

    Go to hell, if you preach that, and make it on a Sunday too.


  13. Since the Bishop chose to behave like a politician don't complain if the gomen chose to treat him as such.

  14. Anonymous6:18 am

    Chavez relied heavily on the Communist Party of Venezuela or Partido Comunista de Venezuela (PCV). The PCV is now the 2nd largets party in Chavez's coalition. It was and is the driving force of Chavez socialism program. The PVC had successfully tried to lessen the hold of the church on ordinary Venezuelans. Holding important functions on a Sunday has always been used by Chavez and the PVC to put the church and churchmen in their place. Perhaps our dear Bishop feared that our revered BN government is going the Chavez way?

  15. Adait7:29 am

    Up to now I ask this Paul Tan to decide what he wants to be a Clergyman, Politician or Opposition.

    It then occurred to me that he is doing nothing more than taking a leaf out of PAS. Aren't they the same?

    PAS will label BN as anti-Islam
    Christians label BN as anti-Chistianity
    Even Hindus accuse BN as anti-Hindus

    Next the Buddist.....

  16. Anonymous7:29 am

    Xtians in Msia more PIOUS than elsewhere!! Another Xardcore red neck catholics are the Filipinos. Even South Americans find their fanaticism hilarious!!

  17. Anonymous7:49 am

    You ought to be cautious when using foreign examples to query locals about their statements.

    Be prepared to answer likewise, if locals use foreign examples to query you over matters in Malaysia which they feel is not right.

    Example - the Malaysian EC's declaration that it has no powers to tell a caretaker government on what can be done and cannot during the period from dissolution till elections are over.

    Can we use foreign examples of how it is done and ask why EC cannot follow?


  18. Anonymous8:46 am

    nice tweet by ex wangsa maju parliament mp WCK on this issue....

  19. Anonymous8:50 am

    pity to this bishop. may be he doesn't aware that most christians were drunk on sturday's night and not be able to go to churh on Sunday. and never happen before they pray from early morning up to late pm. so, no time to go to vote aa?

  20. Anonymous9:29 am

    Dont forget Yoga ban by Muslim clerics

  21. Anonymous10:17 am

    This bastard(slang) bible thumping, cross toting devil can burn in hell for all it wants, whatever its worth and whatever i care! Elections on Sundays is the norm in 'Christian' Europe

    We, Muslims, lose our ablutions due to the indelible ink introduced at the behest of his Bersih goons, Chinese hotheads and pseudo-muslim munafiks. But we hardly raise a whimper. Instead we have this effing sonofabitch with the temerity to stir shit while garbed in church vestments! Who the fuck does he think he is, the disemboweled guttural voice of Satan himself?. Bloody MF! Go burn in hell and rot with your keeper!

    This is what fucking happens when extreme bigots try to impose their "religious" cant and shit on secular societies. Democracy is a secular notion, period. U either play by its rules or fuck off, dickhead. If you want some Christian theocratic fuckheads lording over Malaysia, you shouldn't complain if Muslims or others demand likewise, dumbkopf!

    Warrior 231

  22. Anonymous10:26 am

    Rocky Bro..

    Hope you can highlight this comment in your blog.. this written by a Catholic who really have hurt by this Bishop, bringing Jesus / church in disgrace.

    There were 3 previous elections held on Sunday in Malaysia and the important issue is the ELECTION commission who decided the election date, not BN Govt--not..1Malaysia slogan. Back to this Bishop (I am ashamed to respect by him a BISHOP of Catholic Church but i would be happy to call him Politician of Catholic Church)

    1. Jesus came to Bishop and told him.. only in Malaysia, Christians cannot pray because they must go for voting.. so He told Bishop to protest.
    2. Jesus told Bishop, whenever something looks and sound like unfair..he must raise voice
    3. When Mat Sabu said Allah can be used.. Jesus told him to praise PAS
    4. When Syura council said..NO ALLAH..Jesus told Bishop..KEEP QUIET..don't issue statement condeming PAS because Yahweh & Allah are relatives..cannot scold our Bethrens
    5. Now.. for Bishop Paul Tan
    A. If you cannot go to PJ to vote, how long are you already in Johor Bahru.. WHY did not you change your voting centre all these years?
    B. Do not bring POLITICS into church. Church is a place to worship GOD. Church is a place to bring harmony relationship between christians and non christian..the people as a whole
    C. Church is not a NGO.Remember that Bishop. You are Bishop, not layman politics. Are you getting guidance from your dogs that you are breeding? Are you answerable to the dogs, not the GOD that given you the grace to uphold the sanity of the Church?
    D. Why are you bring the Church in shame by issuing statements anti establishment but KEEP quiet on issues involving the oppositions such as Kg Buah Pala, Temple demolishment, DAP election fiaso, the million that illgotten by the leaders (they saved from small?), the increase of hundreds of sin clubs in Selangor,the arrogance of the leaders in suing/blocking newspapers from their press conferences, meetings, what more Bishop... maybe another hundred list we can put here.
    5. Have you EVER issued a STATEMENT of praise or compliments for giving approvals to Churches lands/permits etc, appointment of embassy, approval to visit to Jerusalem by Christians, ANY STATEMENT to a good cause by the Govt in helping the needy?
    6. Did Jesus told you... DO NOT PRAISE but only CONDEMN, and CONDEMN everything?
    7. Please resign your position as Bishop and be a layman and give statements/go and demostrate, handover pamphlets as a politician BUT not as a KEEPER/Guardian of a holy place called CATHOLIC Church. You are making Catholics shameful because of your BEHAVIOUR !!!!

    SHAME on you, I wonder if there is NO Church authority in Malaysia who can kick him out of his post and ask him to join politics.

    Jesus is CRYING seeing you in disgrace.

  23. Bishop Paul Tan is the equivalent PAS Nik Aziz to the Christians. These type of people, they instill hatred among the followers.

  24. Anonymous10:30 am

    Bishop Paul shoots stuff that should come out of his anus. Instead of finding every teeny weeny miniscule atomic iota points to discredit the government (akin to a pig snorting in only the faggots and the maggots even though said pig is in a clean, beautiful garden), the good Bishop should concentrate on getting his flock come to Sunday, especially after the herd had a lively sunday night binge the previous eve.

    The Bangsar catholics were to Drink like there is no tomorrow each Sunday night. The faithfuls from Sekinchan are karaokeing and making prayers in some darkened room with China Dolls who cannot speak malay, whilst the Soldiers of Christ from Jalan Ipoh were lining up and marching to the tunes of a rock version of "This Little Light of Mine" in Batu's premier discotheque. Even those closest to Paul the Bishop would probably, during those eves, be tapping their feet to the tunes coming from the nearest club's renditions of "Onwards Christian Soldiers" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic".

    And these christians should, in all chastity, not be coming to vote on Sunday because, well, it's holy for them?

    I told you all once and I am telling you here again, folks. Compare ourselves, our christian faithfuls, with those elsewhere.

    Venezuelans Catholics can vote on Sunday? So can we.

    Spanish catholics investigating their clerics for abuse of young clergyboys? So must we.

    French catholics questioning their Bishops for their too-close-associations with pretty, pretty choirboys? So should we.

    Which now brings me to this. This Bishop is now a little bit too much. Let's get on to the OFFENSIVE, instead of just being DEFENSIVE all the time.

    Let's start a movement to investigate our local Christian Clerics in the possible breaches of chastity and modesty involving Crime of the Flesh, especially in regards to scandals with boys.

    What is the impetus for me saying this? Well simply because:


    By not applying the same investigative questioning to our local churches, that can only mean one thing: Of all the christian clergies in the world, the ones in
    Malaysia led by Bishop Paul Tan is the holiest, cleanest, and the freest from any taint of scandals.

    And as soon as anybody believes in that, contact me quickly. I have a Penang Bridge to sell for just RM22.50.

    Marking Bagpie

  25. Anonymous10:30 am


    Many Christians especially your youths have forgotten that there is a Sunday Mass in your church and a day of obligation.

    What are you doing about it?

    Are you telling that sunset Mass is illegal, Christians can or must go only Sunday Mass?

    You are getting insane same like Tin Sardin, Serban guys who are blinded with politics. Join DAP or even Pas non muslim supporter club.. they will give you big welcome can watch Stopa video and later join them and say..that NOT him...

    Shame,Shame, shameful person you are together with the wolfs in disguise.

  26. Anonymous10:37 am

    Rocky Bro..


    I am going to send your this blog postings and the members comments to some 100 church members..let them see what peoples are telling about the politician Bishop.

    P/s.. Pls paste my name as Raymond Song,JB in earlier comment which i sent as RSJB.

    Thank you and best regards.

    Pls link my earlier comment to Outside the Box.. Brother Syed would do wonderful comment on that.

  27. Anonymous10:38 am

    Okay so now Malaysia will MAKE Friday a day of rest instead of Sunday.

    Sunday will be a working day from May 5 2013 onwards.

  28. Anonymous10:41 am

    haiya like dat hor, christians no need to vote lor

    dat oso make ploblem chin suey ehh

  29. Anonymous11:12 am

    Now before any "religious" Satan pontificates about Mass and mumbo-jumbo, here are a few facts for the said dummkopf Tan and his ilk to ponder before they go shit a-stirring:

    1. Protestant Germany, where Luther gained traction had stipulated in its constitution that voting must be on a Sunday or a public holiday,_2013

    2. Predominantly Catholic Italy, where the Unholy See is located, votes on a Sunday. Bet Paul aka Saul must puking in his goddamn grave:

    3. Why even Catalonia is not leery of casting ballots on sunny Sunday

    and there are many more such examples which are only abominations for twisted satanic minds like the tans of this world. Yeah, just add 'sa' to 'tan' and see what you get, folks.

    Warrior 231

  30. Anonymous11:38 am

    Are you Paul Tan the car blogger.Sure not.No need to vote la bishop. Is there any script in bible that ask you to vote? if the answer is NO, than this election date is not relevent to you.Or maybe your name has not been nominate by Guan Eng yet, and you need to show-off same likes Wong Tack.Everybody want to be millionaire. You joint politics, there are 95% possibilities that you will become instant millionaire either in gov. or oppos.
    By the way,I think PAS will very much appreciate if SPR put election date on Friday. There's no issue at all.

  31. Anonymous11:42 am

    This Bishop is not apolitical. He has stooped to very low level to use religion to further his political views. He is inciting hate against Muslims in Umno, but the party he supports is sleeping with the most religously biased party in this country, PAS, who are determined to introduce Hudud. Why is he voicing against injustice of Christians for making Sundays working days in Kelantan and Kedah?? Do Christians in these states not go to chruch or go to work?? This Bishop is a making a fool of himself.

  32. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Stupid. I pity the diocese to have such moron as a bishop..

  33. Anonymous12:10 pm

    I don't agree with him either, but I do with Parameswara. Since you want to make comparisons, why not on all levels Bru?

    Bila mahu, buat perbezaan, bila tak mahu, kata jangan samakan..haha, listen, listen,listen...diakhirat nanti, jawablah hang..


    Morning, I go pray and say grace!
    Afternoon, I go Vote out celaka umNO!!!

    Add more insults lah...

  35. Parcifal3:00 pm

    Hey rocky you umno cai.
    You twisting pur beloved bishop words.
    He means tou should do on friday la. Baru u guys difficult to pray friday prayers.
    We can also have the chance to sneak in the true teachings of Allah from our local gereja Allah benar. What with malay bibles.
    Also vote for bn is vote for islam. We dont want any of that.
    We want only pure pedophilic, homosexual bishops to teach us.
    Damn u rocky, you are friends of azazel and baal.

  36. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Haiya...sueh punya bishop!!! Another guys using religion for politic!

  37. IT.Sheiss4:43 pm

    Roman Catholics can go to the morning service on Sunday which about an hour long and then go vote or they can go to the evening service before sunset.

    The Sabbath period begins from sunset Saturday to sunset Sunday.

    Christians don't have to spend all day in church and it doesn't take all day to cast one vote either.

    This Bishop Paul Tan is just cari pasal.

  38. Anonymous5:01 pm

    What`s the fuss man. Go for the Sunday Service first and then go to vote.

    Aiyaa ... this biscuit really making a fool out of himself.

  39. Anonymous5:09 pm


    You are not getting the point.

    Rocky is just saying, even in a total Christian nation there is no qualm about having polls on a Sunday let alone Malaysia which is multi-religion.

    Its as simple as that, unless of course your intention is to spin the issue, whatever ...

  40. Anonymous7:16 pm

    mintak najib suruh mat said declare hari ahad tu cuti negeri terengganu lah. susah bagi kami pekerja mahir di siin nak balik kg ngundi. klu balik semua nanti tutp plant pulak. nak timeoff tak sempat. kerteh & gombak tu jauh... ramai ni dato..

  41. Adait7:34 pm

    Even Italy showed disrespect to the Vatican by holding their national elections for 2013 on the 24-25 Feb 2013 - A Sunday and Monday.

    What a moron for a bishop! Or a real man of hate.

  42. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Giving you the right to vote is good enough - you mother fucker bishop.

  43. Anonymous8:49 pm

    In China there are no elections because the leaders know their kind are never the grateful type. Nothing is enough for them.

  44. can see clearly now9:48 pm

    Every time this man opened his mouth, it just showed his arrogance, there is total lack of humility, a Bishop, no, a Moron. He is just a slave to his ego. This is the danger of thinking you have so-call "knowledge", all knowledge are borrowed

  45. Anonymous9:57 pm

    A "man of God" nak ajak orang gaduh? A "man of satan" is more likely.

  46. Anonymous9:32 am

    Dalam banyak banyak Sunday, Sunday 5hb Mei ni lah dia nak jadi warak sikit.

  47. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Assallamualaikum. dear bishop...note this...we muslim work on friday and pray on the same day(even some of our boss are not Muslim wich mean we must ask for permission) 5 time a day. but that doesnt stop us. what u gonna say about this.

  48. Anonymous10:33 am

    Bodo punya bishop...mengundi tu xsampai 10 minit la...pikir sensitiviti puak dia jer...buat mass pagi tghari or ptg mengundi la weiii...


  49. dergahgrill4:04 pm

    Hey, hey - the warrior has resurfaced, all recharged and raring to go after his recent sabbatical.

    What windmills will he be tilting against this time around?

    It looks as if he's already lined Bishop Paul Tan as a target of his ire. Nothing surprising there.

    Maybe the warrior doesn't have any friends who are Roman Catholics. After all, great intellects such as his would be sullied by contact with infidels and unbelievers.

    What is so objectionable about Bishop Tan's remarks?

    After all, hasn't the government pushed the line that Malaysia should follow it's own agenda and moral philosophies and not mindlessly ape what the rest of the world is doing?

    So, it's really rich that warrior has brought up these examples of some countries, where Christianity is the majority faith, of holding their elections on Sundays.

    My reaction - so what?

    New Zealand has just approved gay marriages. Is the government, if it's true to it's convictions, going to issue a condemnatory statement and recall it's High Commissioner there in protest?