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Who owns Wangsa Maju?: The case for fielding YB Wee Choo Keong

Neither MCA nor Umno  "own" Wangsa Maju, if you ask me. YB Wee Choo Keong is the incumbent and serving MP for Wangsa Maju. In 2008 he defeated the BN candidate from MCA by a 150-vote majority. It might have been one of the slimmest margins but if one considers that Wee 1. was not a PKR member even though he contested on their ticket; 2. the DAP hated his guts; and 3. he was not PAS-friendly even though he was born and raised in Kelantan, then Wee's victory in Wangsa Maju 5 years ago had defied the odds. 
He's been serving the constituency well and the people of Wangsa Maju like him and know they can depend on their MP. In Parliament, Wee has been vocal and is a critic of both BN and Pakatan. He even helped lead a cyber campaign that got Najib Razak to reverse a controversial deal brokered by Khazanah which would have let Air Asia take over Malaysia Airlines, the national carrier. 
Yesterday, where the angels from BN dared not thread, Wee questioned both Lim Guan Eng and Ambiga S over what needed to be asked. Read the paper cutting below and tell me if the BN or MCA aspiring candidate for Wangsa Maju has the gumption to take on those two?
 Saturday, April 13, 2013 | Last updated at 15:40 PM

Lim told to explain DAP polls fiasco

KEEPING SILENT: He has failed to act fairly to delegates who were not notified of the CEC election, says former MP

KUALA LUMPUR: FORMER Wangsa Maju independent member of parliament Wee Choo Keong has  asked DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng  to step forward and explain the party’s election fiasco.
 Wee said Lim had  failed to take the necessary steps to act fairly give justice to all the DAP  delegates who were not  notified of the central  executive committee  (CEC) elections, especially the 735 Indian delegates who had been demanding for an explanation.
 “I have come to understand that  he is scared that the Registrar of  Societies (RoS) will interview the 735  DAP delegates who were not in formed about the CEC elections on  Dec 15.
 “We want to know why he is still reluctant to present the name  list of names of the 753 who did  not turn up and the 1,823  delegates who were present,” said Wee, who is also DAP’s  former DAP national  publicity secretary.
 He also questioned  Bersih co-chairman  Datuk S. Ambiga’s on her silence onregarding the issue and  for not defending the  plight of the over 700 Indian delegates that were passed over by  Lim.
 “Is his act clean or  dirty in Ambiga’s eyes?”  he questioned, adding  that  Ambiga  should issue a public statement  if she fully supported his  actions.
 “If RoS ordered that  Lim conduct a re-election and ask all 735 Indian delegates  to be present and vote, would  Ambiga protest?”
 Wee said he was confident that Ambiga  would protest a re-election as it would affect  Lim’s position and give other Indian candidates an opportunity to  win.
 Meanwhile, In Tampin, a former DAP leader  has also asked why Ambiga did not  take an interest in to investigate  DAP’s CEC’s election fiasco.
 Tan Tuan Tat, who is the former Selangor DAP publicity  secretary, was perplexed that Ambiga,  who claimed to champions  clean and free  elections, had never  questioned the party  which often was proud of its  competency, account ability and transparency (CAT) practice.
  “Ambiga is always  challenging the Election Commission to be  fair and just.
  “So, why didn’t she ask DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng about the party’s 753 delegates who  were denied of a chance  to vote at the party’s recent CEC election?”
 Tan was speaking at a dinner meeting with DAP Ladang Regent branch mem bers at Balai Raya Ladang Regent in  Gemencheh, here, on Wednesday.
 He felt that if Ambiga was really  serious about competency, account ability and transparency, then she should  have challenged the DAP to reveal more about the its CEC’s election fiasco.
 He said the public should not  blamed others if the Registrar of Societies (RoS) decided to de-register the party or make it called for a  fresh election, thus not allowing the party to use its logo infor the general  election.
 “Do not blame the other political  parties or their rivals. They should instead look at point to the DAP leaders who  decided to change the election results after the CEC results were out and claimed that there was a technical glitch by the computer,” he added.”
  A total of 2,576 DAP delegates  should have been present at the election to select 20 of the party’s CEC  members, yet 753 of them did not  vote.

Read more: Lim told to explain DAP polls fiasco - General - New Straits Times


  1. IT.Sheiss4:19 pm

    I hope Wee Choo Keong will be re-elected in Wabgsa Maju.

    He has taken the correct stands in the interests of the people and the country on matters which affect the people and the country.

    DAP claims to stand for a Malaysian Malaysia but it's becoming quite apparent that it does not even practice being a Malaysian DAP.

    DAP also claims to be "social democatic" but what kind of social democracy does it practice in terms of more affordable housing for the lower income group in Penang, for example.

    The DAP was more Malaysian and social democratic in its character before but it now seems to have become more bourgeois & petty-bourgeois in its character and interests.

    I don't see much interest in it for the plight of the workers and lower income group any more.

    In that regard, Wee Choo Keong is more in the spirit of the DAP of 1970s & 1980s.

    Today, it is more of a towkay & yuppie party.

  2. Anonymous4:43 pm

    wakil rakyats should pick up tips from wee on how to be wakil rakyats.Bless him...of course he cant go to heaven because he is not PAS. On the other hand Spanderman from PAS is heaven material ...he will soon be getting offers from porn producers (or heaven makers ..?)

  3. Anonymous4:45 pm

    I have always admired these MPs from Konsensus Bebas. I think it would be wise of BN to have YBs like Wee Choo Keong, Zulkiflee Nordin, Ibrahim Ali, Zahrain, Gobalakrishnan, Tan Tee Beng and other BN friendly MP to stand on BN ticket, this GE13.

    YB Wee Choo Keong, On 5th. & 22nd. Nov.2012, have tabled a motion under the Standing Order 18 (1) in Parliament for debate on the serious issue of foreign funding injected into the country with the predominant agenda of “REGIME CHANGE”. However, the motion was rejected with just a stroke of the pen by the Speaker of the House, YB Tan Sri Pandikar.

    In the US, there is a law that any NGOs receiving foreign fund for their activities, must declared their assets and be registered with Homeland Security which then labelled these NGOs as 'Foreign Agents'. Russia had just recently enact almost the same law. I think it's about time Malaysia do the same.

    If Malaysian support this motion against 'Foreign Agent' meddling in our affairs, vote for YB Wee Choo Keong.


  4. Anonymous5:35 pm

    DAP and ambiga. one tity and one entity that are stupid and gutless. Both are also racist and puppets to the jewish and pap. Their goals are destroying and burning down the democracy that has been in malaysia for the longest time. Sadly they are the indian and the chinese that are nvr pproud to be called malaysian. Please go to where your original ancestors come from

  5. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Dato Rocks..

    I say to myself and am keep saying it; YB Wee Choo Keong is a good candidate for BN because;

    1. honest politician
    2. hardworking
    3. non partisan
    4. always around when needed

    but above all,

    5. not a liar and cheater, not practising hate,racist,discrimination,fascist type of politics and not a polluter but environment friendly.

    6. he dont hate Dr. Mahathir

    7.could become the second Lee Lam Thye (LLT left DAP because of item no. 5 above)

    8.not an evangelist chinkies christo.

    for all the above, he fulfilled the requirement.


    we the Rakyat hereby endorsed, approved that YB Wee Choo Keong qualified to represent the people of wangsa maju.

  6. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Honestly the ROS should prevent DAP from fielding their candidates for the coming election. The DAP practically cancelled themselves out of the competition.

    What happened to the idiots, goons and morons who took part in the various BERSIH demonstrations.

    As for this lady Ambiga, she just declared herself a political *****, selling herself to about anybody who pays the right price.

    What about the political bastards from next door. What!!! No comment. Guess so.

    BERSIH my foot.

    1. Anonymous7:28 pm

      If UMNO cannot beat DAP, the next tactic is to ban DAP, make sense

    2. Anonymous10:52 pm

      UMNO don't have to resort to such tactics. What happened to DAP was their own doing, and Karpal says it is a serious issue. UMNO did not instigate DAP members to lodge police reports against their party but it was done by members who felt they were cheated during the CEC elections

      Pls make fair analysis and comment. If UMNO had played dirty throughout, DAP wouldn't have won big in1969 and 2008.

      You must be a hardcore Pakatan supporter. Anything that happens around and goes wrong is sure UMNO's doing.

  7. IT.Sheis,

    Yep, that's him taking on the Empire and Bersih (and by extension the Bar Council) at one go.

    Well, maybe Shafie the aspiring Umno candidate can and may also do the same but there's also this other consideration: Shafie is Najib Razak's political secretary and right now too many political secretaries of the PM want to contest.

    If they ALL contest, who is going to make sure that someone got Najib's back?

    MCA is also pretty confident that their candidate will do better than Shafie.

    Sometime back Najib talked about getting direct members of BN. To me Wee is a good candidate - call it guinea pig for all I care - for that.

  8. If Najib does not nominate BN-freindly Wee Choo Keong for Wangsa Maju parliamentary seat we will be loosing one of the most effective lawmakers in the annal of Malaysian parmiamentry history! I will vote for Wee any time any day!

  9. Dato, next GE saya akan tukar alamat ke Wangsa Maju to support YB Wee. He is awesome! Mengundi di tempat saya tak membawa kesan sebab memang sah sah kawasan DAP Laknatullah! All other YBs ikutlah contoh YB Wee mengambil berat pada kawasan2 yang mengalami gangguan air.

  10. Salam Datuk, I second the motion. I believe YB Wee will be impartial and raise issues without fear or favour. I had the pleasure of meeting YB for the first time in TTDI. That fellow inadvetently cropped up as a subject of our conversation. This were YB's exact words, "Anwar? That fellow cannot be trusted".

    Best regards

  11. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Wee Choo Keong is a Crook, period. !!
    Tak caya, ask his wife !!

    1. Anonymous4:10 pm

      Aiyaa 8.57 pm, not fair comment ma. Crook is very subjective but maybe you are referring to his social lifestyle.

      Have you asked Betty about LGE . . .
      What about Kak Jijah on Bro Anuwar . . .
      Azmin also caught with his pants down . . .
      Uncle Lim also naughty ma . . .
      PAS higher echelons, ustaz and ustazah , seems pious but very deceiving. Latest Uncle Mus caught on video . . .

      This Wee has got style ma . .
      If he is naughty, thats because the ladies can't resist him.

      On his nomination as a BN candidate, I reserve my comment. Najib knows better or does he ???

  12. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Although I am not a voter in the constituency, based on Mr Wee track record, I wish he could continue his fine and exemplary attitude towards a betterment of the community as a whole.

  13. Anonymous10:27 pm

    This is the kind of MP that this country desperately needs. I will only ubah with more MPs like MP Wee. Those from Wangsa Maju would be stupid to vote for other than MP Wee.

  14. Anonymous10:33 pm

    YB Wee has been working hard for his constituency. I have a friend from Prima Setapak. He told me that when they informed YB that a group of people wanted to start another daily market, which will cause massive problems and traffic jam. YB Wee came down and got a petition down. After a week or two DBKL stop it. He is a a good MP as we can see from his performance in Parliament.

  15. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Wee Choo Keong serving his constituents well? You must be blind Rocky. This shameless frog is always hanging around in Betty's cafe in Wisma Cosway (Jln Raja Chulan) instead of serving his constituents in Wangsa Maju!

    1. Anonymous12:26 pm

      How many times is always..?
      You pass him few times you say always.
      If that is his favourite spot so what...?

  16. Anonymous11:54 pm

    saya sokong YB Wee. beliau kuat kerja dan berjuang untuk pekerja MAS dan kawasannya. Mesti pilih dia sbg wakil rakyat untuk BN menang Wangsa Maju. period

  17. Anonymous1:10 am

    When Wee Choo Keong needs Rocky to lobby for him in Wangsa Maju, it is a sign he's gone!

    MCA & UMNO grassroots which worked very hard through thick and thin, through the dark days of the tsunami of 2008 would boycott Wee if BN nominates him...

    PKR/DAP voters sure won't touch him after Wee jumping around since 1995.

    Btw, is Wee still chasing young skirts in Hard Rock these days?
    Betul tak tahu malu si tua miang ni...

    ~ Ahli UMNO Taman Melati since 1986

  18. Anonymous2:10 am

    Anon 8:57 pm

    Your family told me you are useless (in soooo many ways)!!

    Is that so?

  19. Anonymous3:35 am

    A Kelantanese lawyer His Malay sounds the dilect of where he was belonging to.I hope he will continue to serve his people and Wangsa Maju well,and may be more better than previously if he is given the chance under BN ticket.

  20. Can see clearly now7:34 am

    Ambiga got stung by bee, cannot talk, pl forgive her

  21. Anonymous7:54 am

    No matter what I will never trust a turncoat. Inside out you never see. I will trust the deveil I do not know then the devil I know and that is Wee

  22. Anonymous9:16 am

    Finally somebody said it out loud...PM should pick incumbent Wee to contest Wangsa Maju.

    His humble connectivity with the people in Wangsa Maju and his revelations about the dodgy MAS-Khazanah-Air Asia fiasco were commendable.

    Exactly the type of MP we need in today's Malaysia.

    All this talk about the UMNO guy who said he "deserved" to contest because he worked hard for it is what exactly people were sick of the last election. Only old-school Porche Cayenne-type of Bumi politicians talk like that, and the younger voters nowadays (who struggle with cost of living and credit card bills etc) have no time for them.

    PM...please do the right thing.

  23. Anonymous10:04 am

    I think this guy is genuine fighter for people. BN needs this type of YBs for their party to be in ruling.Wee Choo Keong should be maintained in Wangsa Maju as candidate.

  24. Anonymous10:42 am

    He needs party machinery to campaign since Pakatan now has strong party machinery and foot soldiers. Who's going to provide that MCA? UMNO? Najib?I think Rocky should get some bloggers together and help him.

  25. Mustapha Ong11:20 am

    I am not a resident in Wangsa Maju. However, if I am the resident and voter I'll certainly support Wee Choo Keong to offer himself another term as an independent MP, in order to avoid the current political conflict between MCA and UMNO.

    Tan Kee Kwong who is the PKR candidate for Wangsa Maju said " nobody owns Wangsa Maju but the voters and residents own the constituency." Tan also commented that both MCA and UMNO should not fight over the ownership of Wangsa Maju. However, there are also similar fighting for seats between DAP, PKR and PAS over many more seats, either parliamentary or DUN.All the three Pakatan Rakyat parties are squabbling for most seats, so that their party will emerge as the majority opposition in parliament or DUN.In the case of BN political structure and agreed by consensus, only UMNO can be the majority in parliament and DUN.

  26. Anonymous11:44 am

    Dato Roc,
    Not wee choo keong lah ! Please !
    Have you seen him while drunk ?
    He makes a mess of his table at danau kota,initially at section 2 wangsa maju . He creates a lot of ill will , Uses chinese vulgar words and has a 'brother' who paus cash from the hawkers stalls in section 2 wangsa maju.
    This is not political but as a bn supporter i feel he is not suited to contest in any election. The mca or umno guy is a better bet.

  27. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Once a katak forever a katak...
    If he has any integrity at all he should have resign when he left PR..period
    No respect for this kind of politician at all...
    Whatever spin you put also no use..


  28. Anonymous12:18 pm

    If Jibby did not put Wee as the candidate, go and curse UMNO. Tell Wee to stand as an independent and RD, IT Shiess, RD can stay 7/11 in wangsa maju to campaign for Wee. Otherwise, moth full of shit.

  29. LAYMAN1:04 pm

    If the MCA cawangan Wangsa Maju issues a statement that the UMNO rep selected to be the candidate is not winnable, does:

    1. It come from the central MCA HQ or,
    2. It comes from the whole cawangan or,
    3. It comes from just one person in the cawangan (echoed by his cohorts) who may not be reelected.

    Answer is: such a sore loser... (and I thought DS Najib allowed them 24 hours to sulk)

  30. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Even if the YB is doing a good job, party consensus is the most important issue. With many seat swaps and "loans", the independents will always get squeezed out to reduce friction between coalition members. Wee will be opposed by both PR and BN in GE13.

  31. If you'd ask me, I'll say the same too - Wee Choo Keong should be the candidate and MP for Wangsa Maju. Now this is someone whom reasonably-minded people are comfortable with and trust as compared with many other possible candidates. Unfortunately, with the nature of the political system being what it is, the question concerning Wangsa Maju has instead turned into whether Umno or MCA should contest it.

    Just three years ago, I would have been clueless when it comes to places like Wangsa Maju. But, having moved to the Klang Valley since 2010, I've been going around these places and have a much better feel of things. And Wangsa Maju is a place that I've become quite familiar with. No, it's not the Wangsa Walk area as one would expect although I've been there a few times - more of towards that commercial area in front of the school where Affin Bank is. Quite a number of relatives on my wife's side live or work around here. Is Datuk Keramat within Wangsa Maju too? That's where my uncle is.

    But I digress... It's quite sad should someone of Wee's calibre not be an MP again. During the past 5 years, I'd say he's among the best of the lot - fair, reasonable and with the guts to take on issues. Can either Umno or MCA come up with someone better?

  32. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Anon 12:18

    Yes, I agree.
    YB Wee must contest as an Independent on BN's ticket. I'd rather support Konsensus Bebas than those in Pakatan (Conspiracy) coalition (which practice Nepotism & Cronyism to the hilt) to act as 'check & balance against BN.

    YB Wee and Lee Lam Thye was sacked from DAP for not 'showing affection and love' to the Dynasty of Lim and son. No wonder their arse-lickers are very angry of him.

    In Johore, the same fate will befall Dr.Boo and Norman Fernandes. Just wait and see.


  33. Anonymous11:22 pm

    You should check the law that Dr M changed after UMNO got deregistered. It states that party disputes must be settled within the party and anyone in the party who raises it at other forums loses the right of party membership.

    The Indians who were 'purchased' in NS to go against DAP will know their fate soon.

    Wee has no right to interfere in a party matter that he does not belong. Same goes for UMNO fellows too.

    Read that law again.
    Consult properly before making sweeping statements, although it is a known fact that you are trying hard to be a new broom after 2008.


  34. R O S?
    They have no gut to take action against D A P.

    In l978 ROS takes actien against UMNO because UMNO dont have a good counsellor.

    ROS affraid ofmcarpal singh.

    They will be shiverings on hearing the name

    STEP DOWN and make way to more effective persons

  35. Anonymous10:43 am

    Between Shafie and the useless MCA fella it goes without doubt that YB Wee is the obvious choice to be selected as the candidate and MP. It is a shame that if he is not selected. He has served his constituency well and he is a good Parluamenterian. Just go to his blog (weechookeong) and we can see why YB Wee is the man for Wangsa Maju. It will disaster for BN not to chose Wee.

  36. Anonymous11:04 am

    We look forward to having many many YB Wees around.

    Same wth Bangi, my SIL n whole family insisted on going for PAS candidate there as he truly serve the needs of the community,

    So BN better make sure put someone EFFECTIVE there, not merely kerbau kena cucuk hidung reps or those out to buy cows to enrich their clans.


  37. Anonymous11:44 am

    Its Time BN stop fielding kataks to represent the Party.

    If he is really serious about being BN supporter he should join MCA or any of the other non Malay Component Parties. Otherwise Chow!!


  38. Anonymous11:51 am


    UMNO have only rejected people like your Rear Admiral, Anuwar Ibrahim. (Ibrahim Ali was also rejected by UMNO). Why DAP chose 'carry' this corrupt and immoral man on their shoulder, bewildered majority of Malaysians.

    What about that law preventing Pakatan politician from jumping ship which was enacted by Guan Eng? Is that what you called democratic?

    YB Wee was a former party members of DAP. Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, too. This is a democratic country and everybody has the right to say whatever they wants to say, as long as it is the truth.

    A DAP cybertrooper like you, issuing gag orders, too?
    I thought you people champion freedom of speech and information. Why the need to muzzle people from talking?

    "The Indians who were 'purchased' in NS to go against DAP will know their fate soon".

    You have no prove of that allegation of being 'purchased' yet you dare spewed it out. Don't you think it will make those DAP members more angry? They were denied the chance to vote in that CEC election, you fool. 735 of them.


  39. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Yb Wee is one of the few MPs who did research before he speaks in parliament. Parliament without YB Wee will not be the same. We want MPs who can really represent the people and not politicking like what we have been seeing. I will definitely go for YB Wee. Datuk Shafie or Yew Teong look will be a foregone conclusion. Just mark my words.If Najib wants to win Wangsa Maju YB Wee is the man.

  40. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Parameswara . . .

    Your insult towards the NS Indians will go a long way. Very well done.

    Honestly, whether you like it or not the truth hurts. But your statement is so very damaging.

    Next time if you have nothing sensible to talk about or discuss, just shut your gap.


  41. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Why all the fuss . . .

    Just conduct a random survey and see whether the Wangsa Maju rakyat are in favour of him.

    So simple.

  42. Anonymous4:53 pm

    This fellow is famous for Scoring into his own gol!

    Look at how he mauled the BN Friendly businesses. Just because he is no friend of the CEO or management.He Created Chaos in MAS and Other GLCs.

    He is a Dangerous Ally!!


  43. Wee is a good 'independent' candidate. I doubt he would want to stand on a BN ticket as doing so would compromise his independence.
    Thus for BN - there is a need for a candidate that would follow the Whip in parliament and I doubt he would do so.
    He is not someone who will toe the aprty line and does not have the support of the UMNO constituency.

    Thus I hope for his sake he refuses to stand on anyone else's ticket.

  44. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Now that UMNO is going to contest there, will you lobby for Wee to stand as independent candidate?


  45. Anonymous3:30 pm


    I'm too.

    "Just because he is no friend of the CEO or management.He Created Chaos in MAS and Other GLCs"

    But your 'good' friends might not be mind. I bet you are a friend to someone in those GLCs. The majority rakyat, who are stakeholders, could not be taken for a ride, though.


    YB Wee could bow out then be re-elected as a Senator so that he could set in motion again that 'Foreign Agents Act" which he tabled in Parliament, Mac. & Nov. 2012, but was denied by Pandikar Amin Mulia.

    The US have this Laws to 'checkmate' foreign funding into their NGOs, since 1960s. NGOs receiving funds from other countries or foreigners outsi the US, must declare their assets to Homeland Security which then labelled these NGO as 'Foreign Agents'. Their assets were anually audited, too.
    Russia just recently, enacted the same kind of law and Malaysia must follow suit, in earnest.


  46. Anonymous5:16 pm

    If UMNO is contesting, then Wee should stand as an independent. Even if he loses, Najib should appoint him as a Senator.

    We need his kind in Parliament.

  47. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Dato Najib,

    Hasan Ali, Ibrahim Ali and others were not selected!

    you dont even have the courtesy to meet them?

    So what is your plan?

    it seems the umno candidate is to cater the feeling of the chinese community?

    after what the chinese community had done during previous GE?



    let we make easy for you, if the majority chinese voters keep on voting DAP next GE,


    let have seputeh, kepong, Batu and wangsa maju parliament as an indicator.