Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lim Kit Siang's Challenger

From MB to underdog in his own state, Ghani risks losing all by taking on Golliath

The crazy Johorean underdog vs the marauding DAP old dog. Quite clearly, even the combined genius of Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang did not see it coming. They thought they had a perfect plan: send in the DAP strongman to raid Gelang Patah and set up a Chinese vs Chinese showdown. There are more Chinese voters in GP than Malays, Indians and other races combined and the DAP knew that if it could make it into a racial and hardcore all-Chinese hand-to-hand combat, the MCA wouldn't stand a chance. It's DAP's niche, and Kit Siang's forte.

They didn't count on BN sending in an Umno candidate to "challenge" Kit Siang. And certainly not Ghani Othman the Menteri Besar himself, the state BN chief. Sending Kit Siang to GP was described as a brave thing. Ghani's bravery is best described (and has been described h e r e) as crazy.

I was first told of Ghani's intention to meet Kit Siang at GP a few weeks ago when I was in Muar, the "royal town". After Anwar confidently announced that Kit Siang was going to GP to spearhead Pakatan's assault on the Umno frontier, the Johor Menteri Besar called for a meeting in his war room the assess the situation. He was informed that Kit Siang and Anwar intended to turn the general elections in Johor into a "bloody racial affair" by sending DAP candidates after every MCA seat. Ghani, the quintessential Johor-Malaysian, said he wished to avoid any scenario that could make the state more racially polarised. And with that he took it upon himself to take on Kit Siang.

And screws up Anwar-Kit Siang's original plan.

Plan B now, ladies and gentlemen, is to condemn MCA for "lending out" Chinese seats (like Gelang Patah) to Umno and MIC. We will find it funny, of course, since PKR, DAP and PAS swap seats all the time, too. Read MCA, lending out seats, lives on borrowed time? Hard to miss the racial and racist connotations, right? 

MCA president Chua Soi Lek can also expect to be crucified upside down and politically buggered repeatedly from now until Nominations Day and from then until Polling Day for dropping "rakyat-friendly" leaders like Ong Tee Keat.  But to accuse the MCA president (who isn't contesting, either) of intolerant of dissent is another laughable concept because that's what the DAP has been about all this while. 

To be frank, I am disappointed to learn that OTK would not be making mincemeat of Rafizi Ramli (PKR) in Pandan. But as the president of his party, CSL has to do what a president has to do. He thinks Tee Keat is not a team player, too individualistic, that's his discretion. At least we know that if he's wrong, CSL will own up later. The thing is, Kit Siang would have done what CSL just did much earlier, and he would have done it in the name the party and would have accused Tee Keat of showing insufficient love for the party.


  1. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Funny, no comment on how UMNO loaned its Shah Alam seat to a guy who is the 'darling' of Indians?

    Is that proof of 'we have changed for the better' declaration by the BN Chief for Selangor?


  2. they are not that stupid, rocky.

    DAP will not be going to gelang patah, if they are not convinced with the chinese vote.

    i think ghani is in for a rough ride, he is actually starring at defeat...

    -BN for life-

  3. the mean machine10:26 pm

    Rocku Lu,you are so funny lah.There is a vacancy for a clown as the circus is in town.Hahaha.

    1. Anonymous10:14 am

      Not funny bro, try harder....

  4. Anonymous10:27 pm

    It's Johoreans that will make the conclusion. Putting a stop to the long political career of DAP's supremo or to give a signal to Malays at large, that Johorean chinese really want DAP.

    It's a little bit about long agreed loyalty, these johorean chinese...

    Lets see.

  5. Anonymous10:59 pm

    We don't know about you Datuk, but we chinese and indians are very very adamant to bury that chinese-only party and indians-only party for good this time(total wipeout) bcoz we are angry ashamed of such corrupted businessmen parties. Search your conscience Datuk, is that infamous fortune-seeker malays-only party best represent malays values? We owed it to our kids to be righteous.

  6. Anonymous11:16 pm


    How about Zul being a transformational candidate at Shah Alam. any comments.

    1. Anonymous11:43 pm

      How about musham husham? Kalid brahim or nearly annu rrr to perak?? Talking cock

  7. Anonymous11:46 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    Looking from the angle of which individual would lose the most, I think it would be Ghani Othman to be honest. LKS has got nothing or close to nothing to lose. At 72 and after more than 4 decades playing the game, he's gone through whatever there is in politics, in the context of Malaysian politics. If Ghani loses, that will be it, him and his political career. Someone else will take over the Johor's Godfather role...

    If Ghani wins, it will just be another statistics. If Kit Siang wins, try to imagine what it means (lu pikir la sendiri, Datuk).

    By the way, I think it would be wise if you could start surfing Jobs.com

    1. Anonymous7:05 pm

      If Ghani loses then d Chinese in GP has swolled d racial hook line n sinker. It wld spell disaster for Malaysia. This is because he needs d Chinese votes to win. Remember though that d whole world is watching. For many a time a Chinese has contested inMalay majority area n won. This will be d first time a Malay in a Chinese area. The outcome will show weather or not d Chinese r trully Malaysian; choosing a candidate who had been good to them n all Malaysians or someone who has chosen to go to GP n argue based on a racial card.

  8. Anonymous11:56 pm

    You are perfectly wrong rock. Whoever PR put in GP be it against ghani or even najib himself, GP will be BN's graveyard. Matter of fact ghani shivered after his is named to stand in GP because day and nite he made doa "tolak bala" trying to avoid GP, after PR announced LKS name. The truth is najib/rosmah wants to get rid of this "selipar jamban" once and for all.

    1. Anonymous10:17 am

      If LKS win, that shows chinese are really racist n kiasu what more to say. It is just a confirmation

  9. Ghani is the man. He may win or lose. But most importantly, the message that is being conveyed is that BN leads by example by contesting in seats regardless of racial composition.

    When BN goes to war, it is no longer UMNO, MCA, MIC, or 11 other component parties. It is just one banner; the Barisan Nasional.

    MCA and MIC has been contesting in Malay majority seats since as long as everybody can remember. It makes no fuss about this. The people support the BN flag. Not the candidate.

    BN intends to prove it again in Gelang Patah.

    Kit Siang going there in the hope that 50% of chinese population there will support him. He always think along racial line, again, since everyone can remember. He would've gone to a Malay majority seat or seats which are fairly balanced to prove his believe in the Malaysian Malaysia concept, but he didn't. Funnily he never question new voters spike when it seems advantageous to him.

    The time is ripe for Gelang Patah voters to teach the DAP dinasour a lesson. that Johoreans are not willing to accept chauvinistic leader masquearading as a leader for all. They know what Ghani has done for Johor, his contribution speaks volume of Johor's achievement. It is fair that such deed be repaid in vote of support for BN.

  10. Mustapha Ong12:11 am

    Dear Bro,

    As a Johorean and incidentally from UMNO Pulai which had included Gelang Patah and later expanded in the early 90s as a separate constituency, due to the increasing migration of people from the central and northern states of Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kelantan and Tregganu. The majority of the migrants were Chinese small businesses people and Malays especially from Kelantan.

    On record, all our BN past candidates had won with solid majority in every general election from the early 90s until now. Credit goes to UMNO and MCA with the support of Gerakan and MIC in the mixed semi urban constituency of Gelang Patah and Nusajaya.

    Today Gelang Patah is the gateway to the Economic Zone of Iskandar Malaysia. We already have first class and international hotels, theme parks and recreation facilities, etc and modern housing complex, etc that had proven to be Johor's most vibrant economic development and tremendous successes in the region.

    Iskandar Malaysia is the pride of all Johorean and we shall dispose all unwelcome intruders like Lim Kit Siang (DAP)at the GP battle field from now until the sun sets on 4th May 2013. LIm Kit Siang will see the end of the tunnel and return to BP or Penang with shame and dishonour upon the sun sets on 5th May 2013. The lame PAS candidate against our UMNO/BN candidate in Nusajaya is not an issue. BN is expected to win with another strong majority.

    Let us focus on BN candidate Datuk Ghani Othman who had so daringly agreed to pitch his future against Lim Kit Siang. Ghani is a gentleman and I believe he has rejected his nomination for his traditional State Serom seat as a matter of political principle. An honorable gesture to pave way for a new MB as speculated to be his comrade Khaled subject to the pleasure of Tuanku Sultan. My guess is everybody's guess and I strongly believe that Ghani will deliver the seat to BN with another stronger majority than the former MCA MP Tan Ah Eng in PRU12.

    The winning stake is in favour of Ghani and his acceptance in the comfort zone of the Chinese is very high by virtue of his effort and contribution the vast and rapid economic development in Iskandar Malaysia that had already enjoyed by the people of Gelang Patah and Nusajaya. Many years ago until today, the Chinese in southern Johor had been warming up to MB Ghani in appreciation of the benefits they get from the economic development and foreign exposure from Iskandar Malaysian.Do you honestly think think that the majority Chinese, Malays, Indians and others will let Ghani down an The Malays and majority from Kelantan are no longer an issue as they had been economically tamed.Do you think that the Chinese, Malays, Indians and others will ignore Ghani and thereby embarrassed our beloved PM Najib and BN government?

    I don't think so and we are confident of the people's open support in order to better the welfare and prosperity of themselves and their family.The Chinese in particular are the main beneficiaries and the majority of them have enough financial resources to send their children to schools in Singapore and credit should go to our BN government and our dynamic political leadership and sterling governance under PM Najib Tun Razak.Best wishes and good luck to my long time friend and comrade Ghani, the BN underdog and also to Lim Kit Siang to abandon his dreams to capture part of Johor in order to justify the supremacy of DAP to their Singapore PAP counterparts and his ex boss PAP veteran icon Lee Kuan Yew.

  11. Anonymous12:19 am

    bn has to put the best candidate to win at any particular seat.

    really hope for bn to win in gelang patah and 2/3 majority...

  12. Anonymous12:29 am

    No Hasan Ali ,No Ibrahim Ali how about the others?


    Najib choose umno candidate which is friendly to the chinese community.


    Previous Election had REPEATED shown that majority chinese community did not vote for UMNO and BN.

    As proof go check at majority chinese area Parliament which party did they vote?

    Not once but since malaya gain independence!

    Ghani Othman if ever win in Gelang Patah, the majority vote will be coming from the Malay and Indian plus MINORITY chinese Community.

    Despite repeated proof Najib were still ignorance, he will never understand the chinese thinking and mind set.

    working Culture of this community teach them to cheat, lie, manipulate, dishonest and environment polluter for the sake of profit, monetary gain.

    THey will never have honesty inside their heart let alone respect to other community!

    And you Najib, you put your trust on the chinese community?

    Dear DATO NAJIB,

    we hereby DEMAND you take an oath, that if this coming GE13 election the chinese community still vote for DAP, you SWEAR in ALLAH SWT name that 60% of Economy wealth should belong to Bumiputra (iban, kadazan, Malay etc.)Community.

    Hope we make it clear to you!

  13. Kit siang plays the racist Chinese sentiment politics under the hypocritical Malaysian first slogan all the time. We must kick out racist chauvinistic people who are destroying and corrupting our generation.

  14. Anonymous5:55 am

    A real leader leads from the front, and that is what LKS is doing. He has tasted defeat many times before, taken many risks in his long career, so if he loses in GP he will be man enough to accept it. At the very least I give him credit for that. The rest is up to GP voters.

  15. Anonymous9:28 am

    Zul was in Pas then jumped to PKR until kena buang..and now with Perkasa...i dont think he is member of any BN party..

    Does this means BN subscribed to Perkasa's struggle ..whatever Perkasa struggling for...I dono why Najib cannot find a better man at Shah Alam....

    Even some of my malay friend read perkasa as perkosa

    wat a tranformasi....

    1. Anonymous9:11 pm

      Zul was a PAS member contested with PKR ticket, never a PKR member. Expelled from PAS, he never jump.Perkasa is an NGO so what....?
      He's much better than khalid gereja korek hidung....

  16. Anonymous9:37 am

    I dono what is so great about BN candidate list boasted in all newspapers..

    Some of worst ministers in Malaysian history is still there as election candidate.... only way for a better Malaysia is to defeat BN totally...

    Is like sending a sick patient to hospital for treatment...if still keep the patient in house without treatment the patient will die...let BN become a opposition party for one term or two...let them do some soul searching...

  17. Anonymous9:39 am

    Eiii...am I missing something why no katak in BN list...the father of kataks want to contest as independent in his old seat in kelantan..siap tanya why Zul and why not me....

  18. Anonymous10:23 am

    Typical double standard. When MCA lends their seats to UMNO, it's called racist.

    When CSL don't contest in the GE eventhough he's President, MCA is called a has-been. But when Wan Azizah don't contest even though she's President of PKR, it's ok.

    PR will fail because they are always in denial

  19. Anonymous10:49 am

    Ghani shivers of Kit Siang in GP. I mean really?..Are you saying Ghani is afraid to battle it out with a parachute candidate in his own 'house'? Lest we forget Ghani has been Johor MB since 1995 and never really got out from Johor ever since. There has been no one, if there any, who has mastered and combed every inch of Johor soil other than him. Kim Siang is in for a fiesta treat. Let the game begin..

  20. Anti religious bedek11:39 am

    No Paul Tan the pretending bishop on DAP list?

    Come lah, don't be shy.

    Paul Tan would fit in well with the likes of Nik Aziz, Hadi, Hassan Ali, Zul Nordin .. all PAS and PKR.

  21. Anonymous11:48 am

    Typical BN Johor.

    Mustapha Ong said..."Iskandar Malaysia is the pride of all Johorean".

    Then he said..
    "The Chinese in particular are the main beneficiaries and the majority of them have enough financial resources to send their children to schools in Singapore..."

    Hahahaha you are a funny guy.

    First you forced the Malay in the area to sell their land. Then you forced the UMNO voters to leave the area due to high cost of living. Then, you bring in foreign and cheap workers, who dont eligible/bother to vote or pembangkang voters. Then you ..... drum roll please......
    you welcome Singaporean investors whom we all know are DAP supporters.

    Hahaha Ghani has no choice. Even MCA knew they had to pleased the Singaporean "investors". That is why MCA willingly (pucuk dicita ulam mendatang) let Ghani the MCA leader with UMNO membership to face LKS.

    Hahaha... it is Johor Vs Singapore in Gelang Patah. If Najib instead of Ghani, I would say Malaysia vs Singapore. But then again, Najib has no balls.

    LKS knew this. He got nothing to lose.

    Ghani has everything to lose. Nothing gain politically even if he won. Come next UMNO election, he will be the known as the leader of ketuanan MCA.

    1. Anonymous4:09 pm

      Bro apa lu melalut. Sngapore mana boleh undi..pening ka minum beer?

  22. Anonymous11:56 am

    Those who make unsavory comments here, Datuk, must be the elite of the elites because no 'hingusan' pro -opposition kids dare to step in due to the brilliant ideas spewed here by the elites.
    Elites they must be, but one thing they were lacking. Courage. Courage to take the bulls by it's horn. Armchair observers and critics were a dime a dozen. Click, just how they 'felt', lambasting others with just their feelings since nobody can tap on their fingers or close their minds to stop the flow of ideas. Call other people stupid, cowards, a**licker and what not while forgetting the stuff they were made of.
    Been following this blog long enough to recognise the individual styles but only one thing is lacking in those anti-establishment individuals. COURAGE, the courage to own up to their mistake or more aptly their shallowness, the courage to face the reality of calling a spade, a spade. Everything, anything anybody else did is wrong, to be slandered and demonised but not their tainted heroes.
    But then, ours is a free country. Breach any law, it is not wrong, it only is criminal only if you are caught. As a veteran, I never realised that we have elders who were not putting on their thinking cap when commenting, who only comment just to satisfy their ego. We wasted centuries of our combined life, knowledge and experiences making irrelevant comments and we dare to wonder what has befallen our younger generations?

  23. Anonymous3:21 pm

    The Registrar of Societies (ROS) must suspend DAP as a political party for the irregularities committed at the party's Central Executive Committee (CEC) election on 15 December 2012.

    Then this jurassic park resident will run as PAS candidate.

    Welcome HUDUD! Goodbye Good Times!

  24. Anonymous10:10 pm

    " And with that he took it upon himself to take on Kit Siang. " ( and give up his MB post ). ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . . .

  25. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Good to know that after Dr M, there is another b@llsy UMNO member. There is still hope for UMNO. Three cheers for Ghani.