Thursday, April 11, 2013

Musa Hitam calls for "fairness and political decency"

Caption 1: Musa feels like strangling someone other than himself
Caption 2: "I am certain BN will win ..."
Read the newsreport by the NST below. You can feel his rage. That's how RNC must have felt about Malaysiakini's misuse of his statement h e r e. When I bumped into Eli Wong, the Adun for Lanjang, the other day, she berated me for "leading the BN cybertroopers" this time (Eli and I were part of the All-Blogs that campaigned against the Abdullah Administration in 2008). I was slighted because it is not true and I told Eli (who confirms defending her seat in Lanjan, Selangor) that. She said something about my being part of a BN or Umno war-room structure. How come I didn't know about that?

No, I don't lead cybertroopers. The bloggers who are close to me (and I to them) are more or less the same bloggers who were against Abdullah in PRU12 and who are critical of Najib when need be. These are not "troopers". We are, of course, even more critical of the people in Pakatan because we know what most of them are about (we were together back then, remember?). If it matters at all, I am led by my own conscience and right now it leads me to echo Musa Hitam's call to Pakatan not to abuse the democratic privileges they enjoy.

Come on, it can't be that hard.

'Pakatan misusing my speech'

KUALA LUMPUR: FORMER deputy prime minister Tun Musa Hitam has condemned Pakatan Rakyat as "desperate" for misinterpreting and abusing his speech to woo voters.
In a statement, Musa described Pakatan's move as an "abuse of democratic privilege".
"While I respect the rights of all to indulge in taking such interest on my views and even interpreting me in whichever way, I am concerned over the abuse of such democratic privilege.
"Pakatan seems to be so desperate to promote themselves and to woo support of the electorate that they have resorted to using me as their major weapon to hit back at Barisan Nasional (BN), particularly on the potential of the government not going bankrupt if Pakatan came to power."
Musa was referring to the use of his name and comments from a recent speech at the Bicara Minda series on Astro Awani that seemed to favour the opposition.
"BN seems to have inflicted a huge damage to their credibility on this issue that part of my statements from the Bicara Minda speech, allegedly in support of Pakatan, had to be promoted and displayed prominently in their election campaigns."
Enraged by such ploy, Musa demanded Pakatan stop making claims that he supported them.
"Resorting to using me and quoting me on public billboards must also stop. I make this call in the name of fairness and political decency."
Musa said on the issue of Pakatan's claim that the country would go bankrupt under BN, it was clear that the ruling coalition' manifesto provided a solid rebuttal.
"Having heard the verbal arguments by BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak at the launch of the BN manifesto, I congratulate Najib for his well articulated arguments against Pakatan.
"Without using me, I urge Pakatan to argue it out and leave it to the good judgment of the electorate."
Musa also clarified that he had no political agenda, in spite of some "absolute rubbish analysis to the contrary".
He also reaffirmed his stand of not returning to politics.
Musa said he would continue to express his personal views on any political matters as and when he felt the need to.
"This is the freedom that I have always enjoyed as a member of Umno, a party which has played a most significant role in the development of our beloved country.
"As an Umno and BN member, and by that very same token, I certainly wish for BN to win this election. Indeed, I am certain that BN will win this time."
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  1. Anonymous3:30 pm

    cilaka betoi Rocky....dulu Rocky kuat hentam Musa Hitam pasal Sime Darby, muka Musa dijadikan muka musang, sekarang apa cerita !!

  2. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Im with you on this. I recall at that time I was furious with Abdullah Badawi weekness in leading the country.

    This time round, I am furious by the tremendous lies of PAKATAN and their lie troopers.

    The so called democratic outlet like MalaysiaKini and MalaysianInsider are of hidden agenda. MalaysiaKini you have to pay for subscription, therefore, ur identity is always listed with them.

    MalaysiaInsider has a fake comment system whereby only pro-opposition are allowed to comment. Check it yourself, after sometime, you'll be blacklisted and cant comment.

    Talk about democracy. double standard cheaters. I cant trust them in leading my country, all you know, its driven by outside powers downing the country. If they do care about the country, they would have worked hard and contribute the betterness. Destruction is PAKATAN key theme. Wake up people!!!

  3. Anonymous3:49 pm

    "fairness and political decency" - two concepts that UMNO has never grasped and practice. 'Fairness' - eg. give us rakyat the opportunity to hear alternative views via mainstream media that WE pay for. But UMNO takut. 'Political decency' - guess who champion gutter, filthy, sex video politics?

  4. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Pakatan is not misusing the speech that Musa Hitam gave. They are playing the video verbatim, what Musa Hitam addressed that Malaysia will not be bankrupt if Pakatan takes over the government as any government would want to do better than the previous government, for obvious reason that they would want to make themselve popular to win future elections. I wonder what is the big objection. Musa Hitam is free to attend every BN ceremah to say a different version if he desires. Good luck to him.

  5. Anonymous4:05 pm

    The Trusth always comes out at the most awkward moments...


    Dah kena Pressure KUT...Ada benda akan didedah kalau tak keluar statement?


  6. Anonymous4:07 pm

    a few among us are just lucky that even after getting stains here and there but he/she can appear as clean as before. yes thanks Sam Doll for his laundry services.

  7. Kamal4:45 pm

    Too late bro for Musa to deny his statement.

    He hate Tun Mahathir and he dont understang why Tun was still busy campaign for UMNO .its a liability

  8. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Cant stand this guy ever since he and tg razaleigh team up ..pon cakap mcm ulak..

  9. Anonymous5:16 pm

    adoi... banyak sangat hipokerit...this coming from a politikus.Dah... cukup .. gi lah bersara baby ke cucu2. tak cukup kaya lagi ke/.

  10. Anonymous5:45 pm


    Elizabeth Wong has shown she is a c*nt for all to see. You say she is standing in Lanjan. I say she should lie down in Telanjang.

    As for Black Musa, the d*ckhead is a mutherf*cker of the highest degree. He has even failed as a politician. When was the last time he held a Parliamentary seat - just after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan? He has failed in business - Sime Darby's Qatar fiasco was under his watch as Chairman. There are other failures as well. Tell him to get his adult pampers and crawl into an old folks home somewhere - with his 'good connections' maybe he can get a room with an attached toilet.

  11. "Musa said he would continue to express his personal views on any political matters as and when he felt the need to."

    If Musa has the democratic right to free speech, equally under the Constitution, other Malaysians have the right to quote and use his words for their cause.

    If he does not want to be quoted, then it's quite simple, just SHUT UP, and no one will quote him!! Musa can't have his cake and eat it too.

    In the same breath, perhaps Musa would like to tell us how he presided as Chairman of Sime Darby Plc when they had to write off over RM4 billion of disastrous losses in downright ridiculous investments in Saudi Arabia, and only the ex-CEO is being charged with negligence?

    After all, the investments were all approved by SD's Chairman, Musa, and its Board of Directors!

    Who forced SD to do "national duty"? Musa and Najib or the ex-CEO? What does anyone think the general public believes?

    And what was Musa's bonus and retirement golden handshake when he recently resigned from SD? A couple of million ringgit at least?

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  12. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Chua Soi Lek is the first MCA president who tak mau bertanding di pilihanraya. Takut kalah teruk lah. What kind of leader is this?

  13. Anonymous7:49 pm

    haha...eli wong is jealous of rocky...never voted pkr before and never will...hidup bn...

  14. Anonymous8:47 pm


    There is no way two opposing enemy would voluntarily give a fair and decent treatment on its opponent.

    The way Buletin Mutiara and Selangor Times suppresses info on PM is a clear example where given in position of power even opposition also treating fair and decency as mere rhetoric.

  15. Anonymous10:07 pm

    killer of memali, loser of billion at sime darby, enabler of lim kang ho's 100,000 acre landbank in jb and a mile high club member speaks

    stop talking, retire and die lah musa.

    you've done enough damage.

  16. Anonymous9:49 am

    Anon 10:07
    I agree with you. He was responsible for Memali incident. Dr.M was in China and he was DPM + KDN. At that time, there was racial tension regarding placement of Malay teachers in SRJKC. To diffuse the racial tension he took the opportunity in raiding Ibrahim Libya's extremist followers, to divert attention, which nearly caused a deadly gunfight between the police (Balai Polis Baling) and the army.


  17. Anonymous12:59 pm

    I wish Tun Musa will shut up and just enjoy whatever he had been endowed by Allah in this blessed country.

    He had done enough damage in Sime Darby!

  18. PR mana tahu decency fairness fair play. Look at their internal election. Fraud, manipulation forgery cheating etc is part of their culture. To them this is right. Kepala otak punya values.