Wednesday, April 10, 2013

YBs, Aspiring YBs, and Soon-to-be Ex YBs

The mud and sludge in Lembah Pantai. I always believe that if an elected rep of the people has served her constituency to the best of her ability, she has nothing much to worry about comes re-election time. 

Nurul Izzah: Will LP constituents
vote her in again?
In this context, I believe Nurul Izzah has quite a bit of worrying to do as we head for May 5, the polling day. The feeling on the ground is that as an MP, her performance has been dismal at best. She was never there. She was too focused on national politics. On the other hand, Raja Nong Chik, who was seen earlier on as too "plain" to make a rep for a constituency that boasts of Bangsar and the bourgeois, has of late become the people's favourite. The reason is simple: while Nurul Izzah was busy harnessing her political skills, RNC was busy serving the constituents. I don't vote in Lembah Pantai but I spend a lot of time there. Ask Bangsar Bala if you don't believe me.

And when an MP or an States Assemblyman hasn't been doing what she was elected by the people to do, she tends to resort to desperate measures. Like challenging the potential rival(s) to meaningless debates. Nurul Izzah has done exactly that - daring RNC to a debate. Everybody knows RNC is not half the orator that the daughter of Anwar Ibrahim has become: he just happens to be better at letting his work do the talking. 

RNC: Tireless, with Shahrizat,
who lost to Nurul Izzah in 2008
Among the Press people, we all agreed that the FT Minister wasn't the most media savvy. Nurul Izzah, on the other hand, has sued journalists and wooed them (in the case of the now-forgotten ex-Utusan Malaysia's Hata Wahari to set up Harian Rakyat). RNC hardly complained when there's bad press about him.

So I was surprised to read that RNC has finally drawn the line. I hear he will be suing Malaysiakini for "manipulating" his response to the pro-Opposition news portal's queries on an offshore company set up by his father. Was Malaysiakini really twisting facts trying in order to help its favourite candidate in the coming GE?

If RNC asks me, I'd tell him NOT to waste time suing anyone. If he has served the people of Lembah Pantai to the best of his ability, he's got nothing to worry about come polling day. Let the other guy lose sleep over that.


  1. Anonymous12:16 pm

    SOME people just happen to be very lucky for having born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

  2. Anonymous12:34 pm


    With so many skeletons in the closet, that will affect demeanor, composure and interpersonal skill.

    What will happen in the end is that, productivity drop and liability increase in tandem.

  3. Anonymous12:34 pm

    takkan Rocky tak tahu ramai pengundi hantu tajaan UMNO dah pon berkumpul di lembah pantai !!

    1. Anonymous5:21 pm

      Jgn buat fitnah mak saya kata nanti tumboh biji2 d bibir. Ckp org tua kena dengar klau nak cerah masa depan. Ok. Byk2 berdoa keamanan negara dan byk2 bersyukur jgn Allah tarik nikmat LIDAH DAN LISAN.

    2. Anonymous11:33 pm

      Very typical of Pakatan.
      When they lose they blame UMNO.
      When they win they also blame UMNO.
      In other words, that's their forte . . .

  4. pls la rocky, mana kepala otak kau?

    if you really believe the stmt "I always believe that if an elected rep of the people has served her constituency to the best of her ability, she has nothing much to worry about comes re-election time" then you should tell your boss why the need for "lu tolong gua, gua tolong you", BR1M, BR1M1.0, BR1M2.0 etc etc

  5. Anonymous12:54 pm

    You said: The reason is simple: while Nurul Izzah was busy harnessing her political skills, RNC was busy serving the constituents.

    Where did RNC get his funding to 'serve' and announce projects?

    And why is the Federal government not allowing MP constituency funds to go to the MPs of the opposition like the way it is dished out to the BN MPs?

    What level field is this Dato?

    Talk about funding - the Terengganu PAS government was denied direct access to royalty payments from Petronas, but was later allowed for the BN state government that has a reputation of TWICE collapsed rooftops of newly built stadium.

    You know it very well, such inequalities in treatment, but now as you are on a special payroll, you have to only give prominence to one side of the story.

    OK lah, make hay while the sun shines. But ask yourself - if the money is halal.

    Finally its between you and GOD.


  6. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Ini kali lah..

    let's all give PR a chance..

    BN have 50 over years but still got so many poor malays unless they are UMNO (baru) putras..BN must be sleeping on the job or busy filling their own and kins pockets..

    1. Anonymous5:32 pm

      Hehehe klau pr ambil alih belum tentu boleh laku apa yg bn sudah buat byk tahun yg lepas2. Tgk la dgn mata hati sambil klau kamu tgh driving atau naik bas atau lrt. Pr cuma cuci kaki saja kmdn mendabik dada melaung mereka yg buat perubahan.
      Kali ni dan sampai bila2 pon tak tabley.....tgk trajedi dan bahasa monyet tian chua tu sudah membuat rakyat yg ingin keamanan meluat. No way...tabley. org mcm ni nak perintah negara. No way...tabley...

  7. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Vote PKR. All free including your wives, daughters and sons. And husbands too. Plus a pot of gold and a plot of land in the moon.

    1. Anonymous5:34 pm

      Hahaha a gud one...:-D:-D:-D:-D

  8. Anonymous1:34 pm

    true. by the way, malaysianinsider is not really independent new portal. you can never comment in there after accumulating minus points. talk about independent and democratic website.

    its only filled with anti establishment. People who wants to comment back are rejected because whatever vetting measures they do, its not fair.

    Why dont malaysianinsider just make it annonymous posting like u do rocky. they have guts for it ? even so, fair and justified comments from the other end is always taken away.

    Something fishy with malaysianinsider in the first place.

  9. The problem with PAKATAN RAKYAT leaders is that they simply love DEBATES. I don't know why...perhaps, it's some kinky thing with them having wet dreams enjoying orgasm dreaming about debates.

    Even now, Kit Siang wants to debate with Mahathir. I mean...WTF??? What's the freaking point of a active politician debating with a retiree? Unless Kit Siang retires, then, I see the relevance of a debate between these two dudes.

    Anwar & Nurul as usual. Always in the mood for debates but what ponders me most is that do I want a wakil rakyat who is good in talking or a wakil rakyat who is good is doing his work with less talking?

  10. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Those pro-opposition (err I mean anti BN)voters have no maruah in them! Come voting day, without much thinking nor analysing but based on liesing and slandersing will pangkah a brick or even a dead fish to be their representative to uplift 'freedom' of expression while totally forgetting on how to uplift their 'syoru' sources. When any problem crop up, not to worry, 'we' can run off to the slandered loser to beg for solution to solve all the problems.
    A Rambler.

  11. Anonymous2:19 pm

    RNC is the ideal MP . hardworking.humble.people person. lucky lembah pantai

  12. Anonymous2:36 pm

    RNC will bungkus and then what ? Senatorship so that he can keep up payments to his girlfriend ? Ask the MCA why they are screaming over Wangsa Maju.

  13. Anonymous2:38 pm

    You think the rakyat has forgotten the cows in bangsar condos ? Tsk tsk tsk.....

    1. Funny aye.. the pakataiks claim they'll never forget the lembu condo but they easily forget abt the gate of talam, the tailor, the dap alibabeng of selangor, the nga nge land in kelantan.. many more.. selective amnesia..

  14. All these so0called patriotic UMNO/BN politikus and their ex-civil service fathers - how come they invest so much money overseas they need off-shore companies to shelter profits to avoid being taxed in Malaysia?

    Ex-civil servants on government pension got so much money to invest overseas meh?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  15. Anonymous3:56 pm


    Please circulate:

    A list of eminent Malaysian academics list financial and debt problems and demand reform from both PR and BN.

    Bahasa Melayu version here:

  16. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Nurul rely heavily in his Papa popularity to swing voters to her side but day by day Anwar popularity is diminishing. Yes RNC should just ignore and not resort to sueing.

  17. Anonymous4:19 pm

    You think the rakyat has forgotten the promises made by PR in 2008..mah Fly kites.

  18. Anonymous4:21 pm

    The Rakyat will never support political parties which practice NEPOTISM and cronyism such as PKR, DAP and PAS.

    We have had enough of DAP's old Kit Siang, now building a dynasty already, since 1964. He should have better conduct the CEC election again.

    Kit Siange was the racist instigator that caused the May 13 1969 racial riots.

    There is no other party in the world that practiced nepotism on a grand scale like PKR. It's party election was full with frauds and manipulation, yet they have the guts to accuse others.

    Like Semangat 46, PKR will be send into oblivion, May 6, 2013.


  19. Anonymous4:59 pm

    tbh, I totally agree with you. The ones really desperate are the UMNO goons and their chief, bribing the raykat with this and that almost non-stop till election day, with the now famous slogan "You help me, I help you". Like Locky said, if you have done your work you don't have to do this. Instead of directing his attack at Nurul he should be brave to tell that his boss Najib also.

  20. Anonymous5:08 pm

    most of new voters have been registered by PR. this is fact.

    so, if phantom voter is an issue in Lembah Pantai, it could affect both sides.

    if i were BN i should be concerned when phantom voters registered by PR outnumbered other party.

    one thing for sure, ABU has a plan to do spot checks on phantom voters who refused to vote PR.

    the question is, who going to catch phantom voters made in PR?

  21. Anonymous5:15 pm


    don't waste time with Msider. it got funded by foreign entity therefore will never be fair for Msian.

  22. tebing tinggi6:00 pm

    Rocky !,

    You are absolutely right about Nurul Izah to be more on national politic neglecting their constituency responsibility so are others opposition elected members ,part from being able to shout in the dewan rakyat ,there no other quality we could see in them.
    What an alternative government to expect.

  23. Anonymous6:11 pm

    OK since you have said that we Bangsarians are so high class and all, let me give it to you straight....that young girl may not have worked like an ant as you insisted she should but have you ever talked to her before when she came by many times? She is not just intelligent but honest and sincere as a people's servant which plenty of our politicians lacked terribly.The other always smiling guy knows exactly what he wants and so do we, becoz as seasoned businessmen we could smell a rat.Be ashamed of yourself to accuse a good upcoming leader who may bring great changes to our country simply becoz she's in the wrong camp!

    1. Anonymous5:40 pm

      A good upcoming leader hahahaha give your ass to her see how she too can screw like her daddy and mummy hahaha

  24. Anonymous6:15 pm

    We also have not forgotten about the liwatings and the China Doll, if you all care to remember. And when did God's Gift get all the funds to run his life and his politics? Air liur ke?

    Eff you all buntut smellers!

  25. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Vote RNC.....

  26. Anonymous9:48 pm

    you are very dumb. if the govt does not help the rakyat what will you say? when the govt helps the rakyat you say some nonsense. help comes in many ways. but of course you are too stupid to understand. when anwar helped his brothers to become rich what will you call it? so dont write like a damn fool.

  27. Anonymous9:54 pm

    A good upcoming leader? You have a wierd interpretation of the word good. What changes? How much more change do you want? Things still not good enough? Oh! I forgot. You dont know what 'good' is.

  28. Anonymous9:57 pm

    SMELL A RAT. That is all you can do. Never see the good side of life.

  29. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Hello tbh --- and how many of you pkr, dap and pas took the 'bribe'?

  30. Anonymous10:09 pm


    What? Bribing the rakyat with this and that? So you better surrender your citizenship which was given by umno . You must be the angel god is looking for.

  31. Anonymous10:25 pm

    hello tbh,

    lu pakai otak la oii !! ...even PR kata BRIM stays if they the its a good a incentive targeting specific low income group and they will spend which in return it good for the Economy la bahlul....tak macam PR nye turun harga minyak tu.....yang untung cuma orang kaya yang banyak kereta dan orang yang kampong ape untung motorsikal pakai minyak sikit je...basikal langsung tak de tapi subsidi berbillion setahun......yang untung sape..... dont give me cite ngarut harga barang turun tu k....sebab baru ni harga minyak turun harga batang tak turun pong......

  32. Anonymous10:31 pm

    a load of bull lah rocky. Nurul has far more intergrity and intelligence that both sharizat & Nong chik combined. Our YBs need creditibility not war mongering rhetoric that divides the rakyat.
    If you want to serve the rakyat , do so every year not after the awakening of 2008. Too late lah BN !!!
    Tmn Lucky voter

  33. Anonymous11:49 pm

    I have interacted with YB Nurul Izzah as I am a Bangsar voter. For now I will have to say she does not get my vote. She has been Indah Khabar Dari Rupa as far as fulfilling my needs as a citizen in Bangsar.

    I wrote to her and I do not see much action on the issues residents face. So not this time for Nurul Izzah. RNC .... I may give him a try...

  34. Anonymous5:42 am

    rocky, why dont u investigate and bring up the issue on malaysiainsider comment system.

    their bias system of lies is a cause of concern.

    give it a try, and see how ur comments will be blacklisted, forever. just write sensible comments, but just not agree with the opposition. After a few times, thats all it takes for u tobe blacklisted.

    foreign evil instigators is always right behind us ready to pounce and mince us up.

  35. Anonymous10:06 am

    all this BN money (am sure you are being paid handsomely like your peer bloggers) has corrupted your thinking. You are starting to make no sense at all now, in your final push to 505!!

    RNC is likely rich from similar corruption .. Maybe this is giving you hope that there is a bright future for corrupted people in Malaysia...thanks to policies of the BN goons for 50 yrs.

    Nurul is a young breed of politicians we have today who just want a better Malaysia. Selfless and definitely not tainted. For all of us who also seek a better fairer Malaysia but take the easier route to just vote, people like Nurul are our vehicles.

    haram or halal your gaji, only you can decide. Just remember don't be greedy...remember Altantuya and don't reach your use-by date too early!!!

  36. Anonymous11:42 am

    I vote in Lembah Pantai. Since 2008, I have not seen her. If you don't vote in Lembah Pantai, there's no point arguing.

    I wonder how is her Parliament attendance?

  37. MAHAthir yang PERKASA11:56 am

    5000 LP Hantu Banglas Myanmars and Indons... Nurul is definitely Dooomed!

  38. Anonymous4:16 pm

    I stay in Lembah Pantai...her effort for the last 5 years were few mini demos with authorities and futsal tournament Piala Nurul Izzah. The rest is nothing. RNC is working hard for Lembah Pantai people.

  39. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Kudos to OP Raja Nong Chik. Action speaks louder than words, that's for sure. I always believe success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration, voters in Lembah Pantai are wise enough to tick who can represent them. Nurul sudah gelabah beruk, cakap saja lebih, habuk pun tarak.


  40. Anonymous6:19 pm

    hantu bangla or indons she is a gonner definitely. Lidah bercabang kerana nak menang punya pasal. All in the family...dohhh

  41. Anonymous6:53 pm


    How much better and fairer do you want? Still not good enough?