Sunday, April 28, 2013

Broken Bangle, JB and Broken dreams in Sabah

Just arrived in Johor Bahru, not too far from Gelang Patah (translated Broken Bangle) where the battle of the GE13 between Lim Kit Siang and challenger Ghani Othman, heavyweights in their own right, will rage on right till polling day on May 5th. It was raining heavily and as rain goes, you can take it as a bad omen or rahmat, a blessing.

In far away Sabah, it's raining fire. The birthplace of Pakatan Rakyat's "Ini Kali Lah" slogan for the general election has been anything but a blessing for the Opposition. Its leaders are defecting to Barisan Nasional and at the last count, more than half a dozen PKR bases have closed shop even before the start of the final week of campaigning.

According to Sabahkini, the new happening slogan for the Opposition is Tatap Ranap. Find out what it means h e r e while I venture out of my modest hotel room to find out where Ghani and Kit Siang will be tonight.


  1. Anonymous8:53 pm

    No need to report fron JB you ll write something bitchy I ll stick to Mkini and Facebook

    1. Anonymous9:43 am

      But still u r here to give comments u dumbfuck.
      U suck too many cocks comrade.

  2. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Taniah Rocky and corrupt regime of UMNO/BN kerana berjaya membeli PR geng di Sabah !!

    Rocky : Its leaders are defecting to Barisan Nasional and at the last count, more than half a dozen PKR bases have closed shop even before the start of the final week of campaigning.

    UMNO memang terror dlm urusan rasuah ..... Hosni Mubarak pon kena tabik 3x sama UMNO !!


    1. Anonymous9:45 am

      Is this this the best you can counter bru's article?
      Masuk universiti tapi tak nak belajar sungguh2 ni la jadinya.
      Mangkok ayun.

  3. the gaffe guy who know's9:47 pm

    Bru,you are a loser because your three legged horse is about to break down.There is light at the end of the tunnel for you,though.There will always be a place for you under a PR administration.They do not discriminate or practice cronism.Hahaha.

    1. Anonymous9:47 am

      I hope you will see the light at the end of the tunnel sooner than bru. R.I.P.

  4. Anonymous9:59 pm

    I berminat nak tau lanjut tentang "DAP CEC Election Results"

    Ramai orang kata DAP tipu election, ye ke????

  5. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Article written by pro-BN. Tapi kenapa takde a single comment from BN supporter? Siapa yg 'tatap ranap' nanti ni bro rocky?

    1. Anonymous9:50 am

      FYi inilah yg dinamakan silent majority. Korang pembangkang dok pukul gendang perang pagi petang siang malam mcm sial menyusahkan org. Bwk suku sakat sesakkan majlis ceramah politik korg.
      Bila tiba keputusan pru korg tgk sapa dpt undi plg bnyk.

  6. Anonymous1:35 am

    Look someone's already crying foul over their own mishaps. Beli PR kepala hotak kamu. These ppl baffle me. When anwar proudly and later shamefully said tht they would get BN MPs to defect, you guys played along p, no problem with tht, but when the PR Aduns defected to topple perak pr govt, u all screamed frm d top of ur lungs tht this is unfair, zalim, etc etc. in tht matter I hv to commend karpal for publicly displaying his disgust on anwar's 16 sept plan. Back to the sabah pkr collapse, how much do u think BN paid them to cross over? 50,100 billion usd?

  7. Anonymous2:11 am

    Just back from the shooting range and some after shooting camaraderie. Still got the aim in me and had a swell time.

    Anyway, been irregular here lately, been exchanging more with bro Hisham. one learns a lot more meaningful stuff there plus have lost interest in these meaningless stuffs called polls and democrazy. .

    But just dropped by to say congratulations, for by morrow or thereabouts you be hitting 19 million. What a remarkable achievement for the biggest sopo blog in Malaysia. Yours is by far the fairest and most liberal one around. Great to see another Malay doing well as we are wont to do with our superior intellect and highbrow culture.

    Bout them elections, got nothing to say except bloodletting is good for the system. Now watch some morons read too much inanity into that ......hahaha

    Stay safe bro, for the party starts 7 midnights from now......sure gonna paint them streets red.

    Warrior 231

  8. Pro bn hanya tengok sambil ketawakan komen2 Pakatan troopers yg bau taik - dumb! Lol

  9. Anonymous4:10 am

    Pakatan Cybertroopers so busy, they camp and wait for posts in pro BN sites to spew their bullshit.

  10. charleskiwi8:21 am

    I hope you will still be around to blog the same in a few days time after the GE !

  11. kupudan pasha8:42 am

    Wow, Bru - you are living the life of a peripatetic scribe, aren't you?

    What's not to like about Johor and JB?

    After all, it's only a miniscule number of Johoreans and JB-ites who study and work across the Causeway. Poor, misguided souls! What are they doing, seduced by airy-fairy dreams like meritocracy and equality of opportunity?

    And I note that Johoreans and JB-ites are not turning up their noses at investments and tourists from Singapore.

    Why, even Dr M, for all his acerbic comments about "Sing and tell", is noticeably circumspect and reticent about investments and investors from Singapore, most recently and noticeably into Iskandar Malaysia.

    That would put him at loggerheads with Ghani and the Johor establishment.

    And that's a big no-no, even for Dr M.

  12. Anonymous9:07 am

    Keep up the good work Rocky... pro BN readers x perlu sngt pun nak komen banyak2.

  13. Anonymous9:30 am

    again a crystal clear proof of moronic amoeba-level-IQ among Pakatan Ranap commentators here.

    in sabah, all rasuah and kena beli??? then bapak saiful, mat taib, all the ex-hamba kerajaan, all the stupid artis, semua kena jemput meh?

    why no one condemn DAP's CEC election? salah kira??? hahahahaha

    then ada salah taip??? hahahahaha

    mau kena kencing sampai mati ka you all PR fools?

    Tatap Ranap la sama Pakatan Ranap!!! hahahahha

  14. Anon 9:59,
    Pimilihan CEC DAP penoh kontrabersi.
    Tapi ROS "have no cock" to take action !!

    Hi ROS !!
    Step down and give way to more able persons to take over !!!

  15. Anonymous10:36 am

    Rocky Brew is working very very hard to ensure the current rotten regime will continue to rule. Keep trying and who knows - you may be rewarded handsomely when what you're aiming for is achieved.

  16. Anonymous11:01 am

    Ini Kalilah.......ABU !!

  17. Anonymous11:08 am

    They have no real issue to blow that is why they blow the whistle-blower (Rocky)! What they expect to get? Self orgasmic-satisfaction? ha ha moron

  18. Anonymous11:15 am

    9.59 pm,

    tak ada siapa akan percaya kalau "tokong" menipu pengiraan undi CEC; tidak ada evangelist yang percaya bahawa gereja terlibat dalam perbuatan keji; dan begitu juga umat yang buta mata dan hati tentu tidak akan percaya parti bulan sanggup membenarkan diri mereka di TUNGGANGI oleh roket.

    biarkan, biarkan

  19. Anonymous11:16 am

    ghani patail, a sabahan, not a capable ag. so says karpal singh. sabahans are not capable people?

  20. Thank you Warrior.
    Am looking forward to the drama and sandiwara of May 5.
    Five years ago, there was a lot of anger but no worries at all about anyone becoming violent and painting the town blood red.
    Now there's no anger but there's hate.
    That's a lot worse.
    And like Anwar said, if he doesn't. win it means his opponents cheat.
    With that kind of attitude and the hate and the arrogance, bad things can happen.
    So take care mate.

  21. charleskiwi1:40 pm

    Warrior 231,

    At last you are beginning to express yourself to be understood. Just a reminder that people with superior intellect and highbrow culture do not need special privileges just to survival. Also self praise is no praise, just the opposite it is a confirmation of bunch of people walking on tongkat and wheelchair ! Try to survival or be a real human being in Singapore, Hong Kong , Taiwan, Japan or China or anywhere else outside Malaysia !

  22. Anonymous1:47 pm

    UBAH diri sendiri sebelum nak ubah orang lain. BERSIH kan diri sendiri sebelum nak bersihkan orang lain. Pilihan parti sendiri kotor ada hati nak bersihkan orang lain.

  23. Anonymous4:18 pm


    how many different races are there in those countries? YOU wont survive there. that is why you are here. otherwise you would have left. you are no good anywhere else. the citizenship given to you is the biggest tongkat of all. where would you go without malaysian citizenship?

  24. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Superior intellect? But commenting like an idiot. Be a real human being here. No need to talk about other countries. Get down to earth.

  25. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Yep dude, trust you to hit the nail right on the head as usual. Yep, hate.....raw unadulterated hate, no doubts about it. I used to reckon the Thais were worse but we have sure trumped them, apologies to them.

    Went on a pig shoot today in a pal's kebun. Bagged six but sure dint touch them. Enjoyed the outing but will sure enjoy next weekend more.

    Inshallah, will take care and be ready. Same to you, Joe and the rest of the tribe.

    Mmmm.....response for Kiwibird? Why bother

    Warrior 231

  26. kupudan pasha6:25 am

    charleskiwi 1:40 pm

    The warrior got shown up, pure and simple.

    All the tripe and dire predictions that he peddled in this blog have amounted to sheer hot air. A futile exercise in farting, if you will permit the use of slightly salty language.

    Witness how the prime object of his scorn - a certain city-state that shall remain nameless has not only survived, but continues to thrive and prosper.

    And which is why he has retreated to the more hospitable climes of Hisham's Economics Malaysia blog.

  27. Anonymous9:35 am

    Multiple personality schizoid strikes again precisely after 6.25am in support of his only friend kiwi bird excepting his other multiple nicks of course!

    Predictions? They are about to strike too as his city state struggle with negative growth, rising Gini, rising social disaffection plus falling popularity. It's called slow boil but you wouldn't expect schizoids to understand all that since mr multiple personality got pwned by mr Hisham himself while trying to dabble in his version of voodoonomics. Plus the cowardly schizoid got fucked off when he tried to get me banned there........hahahaha

    Pwned? Well mr multiple schizoid fell for the money illusion, a basic kindergarten boy trap, thanks to inferior Singapork education plus he still cant square the Singapork fiddled account books no matter how he hard he tried.........hahahaha ROFLMAO.

    If he is yearning for some attention here seeking indulgence about Singapork, sorry I have no time. What has been said above will suffice after all as Mr FactChampion he knows how to hunt down the facts he likes.....hahahaha. Folks, expect motherfucking schizoid mr multiple personality to turn up with " cool maruah intellect", "cognoscenti" blahblahblah next.

    Warrior 231

  28. Anonymous1:42 pm

    kit siang's sonny will be LONG remembered for his excel and typo ERRORS


  29. Anonymous1:46 pm

    kupudan pasha is charkiwi's soulmate

    both belong to the MRA - mentally retarded association

  30. kupudan pasha6:48 pm

    The warrior dare not allege that the city state's Triple-A credit ratings are fiddled.

    Not in this blog, at least.

    I am sure Bru realises that any such goings-on will result in Fitch, Moody's and S&P descending on him like a ton of bricks, with highly-paid lawyers galore.

    Which is why the warrior hides behind the cloak of anonymity while peddling his tripe.

    Let's see, come this time next year, if his predictions, such as they are, come to pass.

    In the meantime, while he plays around with "blacklists" and such, the rest of the world is doing business with that city state. Including the ADB, World Bank and IMF.

    That must be schizophrenic thinking from these international financial worthies, not to mention assorted US lawmakers and institutions.

    Would that Malaysia garner that much attention.

    Maybe it's maruah to modestly remain on the sidelines, eyes demurely downcast, while the action plays out elsewhere.

    Btw, did you notice that Muhyiddin, despite all his fulminations, has remained noticeably silent on the subject of Iskandar Malaysia. Maybe he has realised that there are some fights you just can't win......