Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ah, Norman Fernandez ("Over my dead body" Part 2)

Insensitive: A DAP paragliding display in Gelang Patah
yesterday has left local leaders less than amused. Read here

Anti-Hudud, Anti-para gliders. Lawyer Norman Fernandez is the deputy state chairman of DAP Johor, known, like Karpal Singh, for his strong views against Hudud. He made the front page of the Star today for an article that was published in the OutSyed The Box blog. Ironically, it's Karpal, the DAP veteran who uttered the notorious "over my dead body" response to PAS' plans to implement the Hudud during the pre-Pakatan days, who has come out to downplay Norman's vicious attack on DAP's partner in Pakatan as the views of an individual.

Lim Kit Siang was scheduled to call for a press conference to deal with Norman this afternoon but hasn't done so, perhaps for fear of worsening the crisis. For next to Hudud, friends in Johor said the thing Norman is hugely against is the party's decision to parachute [or paraglide, given yesterday's splendid air display by the party] candidates from outside Johor - candidates like Kit Siang - to contest parliamentary and state seats in the state during the PRU13 on May 5.    

Kit Siang's son has left it to Johor DAP to punish its deputy chairman, here.

Karpal confirms it


  1. Anonymous6:03 pm

    'Over our dead bodies'.

  2. Halim8:24 pm

    Unfortunately people have decoded aho to vote on 5 May.

    A lot of agent provocater ,being paid,and they will said all sort of things.

    DAP and PAS are marching togerher in Johore.

    The Chainese and Indian knew Islamic law is not for them.

    Same with Anwar sex scandle.The BN had been play this old record since 1999 election.
    No effect.

  3. Anonymous8:28 pm

    karpal said no personal view allowed.

    in dap, only the lim, ngeh n nga, chong of sarawak, and karpal family can have a personal view.

    that is call dap democrasy.

    time to ubah but dap never ubah the lim family out of dap

    claim multiracial but only si opportunist senduk sakmongkol was only malay running

    guan eng takut run in multiracial seats. kit siang run gelang patah without bothering to campaign in malay neighbourhood.

    he obly do ceramah with cina

  4. Anonymous8:53 pm

    look as though broken bangle has caused a lot of heart broken and broken new record - the highest number of shooting oneself in the foot recorded so far!

  5. Anonymous9:02 pm


    at least we now know Kapal Sinking also have a high hope that Dap shooting for the moon is no longer unbelievable!

  6. Anonymous9:03 pm


    at least we now know Kapal Sinking also have a high hope that Dap shooting for the moon is no longer unbelievable!

  7. Anonymous11:44 pm

    the fact is the jangguts still going blind.....

  8. Anonymous6:50 am

    You never read this clarification?

    Even if you read, you will not update this posting with reference to the clarification.

    It does not work in your favour, and thats your style - which we all know.

    but you know also that Saravanan has said that MIC will not support the BN candidate for Shah Alam and that is a clear sabotage of BN's candidate.

    Yet to see how you 'harp' on this sabotage!



  9. gulmargjones3:07 pm

    Is it just my imagination, or does Norm Fernandez bear more than a passing resemblance to a certain Cecil Abraham?

    I believe that Cecil spent some of his formative student years in the English College (now Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar) in Johor Bahru....what of Norm?

    Maybe there's something in the Johor air that makes Johorean Indians outspoken overachievers!

    Either that or controversies are attracted to them like iron filings to a magnet.

  10. Anonymous3:15 pm

    What the people needs what the people wants not DAP,PAS or PKR. Every party every member has his/her opinion. Any questions or opinions should be voice out at party meetings not public . As a JOHOR DAP deputy chairman and as a lawyer you should know your stand and not to gain public attention. This GE 13 is the rights of the RAKYAT to choose a CLEAN AND TRANSPARENT government. THATS THE IMPORTANT POINT.

  11. kupudan pasha3:20 pm

    When Norman F cools down from his righteous indignation and overheated keyboard, he might want to spare a few thoughts for the parlous state of downtown Johor Bahru and the less than edifying back lanes and side alleys in the JB CBD and greater JB.

    Ask any JB resident (or at least those who don't supinely accept the status quo) and one will get an earful about shoddy town planning, badly planned infrastructure, a pitifully insufficient and inefficient public transport system and landlords who don't believe in urban renewal.

    Why, even the water supply in JB is prone to unscheduled outages and shut downs, the rote excuse being "paip rosak".

    So, when JB-ites look at the glitz of Danga Bay and the prime precincts in Iskandar Malaysia, they could be forgiven for asking just what the state government and the MBJB apparatus has done for them.

    Quality of life? Zilch, zippo!

  12. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Why is there no allegation that this Norman fella must was 'bought' by UMNO yet?


  13. Koh Neck Khuat6:34 pm

    Ini lagi satu Benggali mabuk todi macam Parameswara! Frenandez tak boleh cakap tapi lu boleh cakap over my dead body?

    Ini mesti todi cap spenda ni!

  14. Anonymous9:51 pm


    Only PAS member read Harakah. It's full of lies anyway.