Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A new boss for Bernama (and Felda?)?

Yong Soo Heong, the Bernama Editor-in-Chief, was probably the first journo to get the taste of the post-March 08 Lim Guan Eng. And so, in his own way, he was the dude who showed me the Penang CM's pettiness and arrogance after PRU12. Guan Eng's demand for an apology, here, was a bit "over" already, but making "public" a private apology was simply unbecoming. Guan Eng would go on and made enemies of mainstream journalists who had been nothing but fair to him before he became CM. I started being wary of the new Guan Eng and whatever he claimed to represent ...

Well, I hear that the same Yong is tipped to become the next General Manager of Bernama and that is probably good news to my friends at the national news agency. The blogger Big Dog confirms in his latest posting End of Shelf Life (he was referring to Rais Yatim, by the way) that the tenure of the last GM ended with 2012 and would not be renewed. 

Two questions; 
1. Who will be the new Editor-in-Chief of Bernama? 
2. How long will Yong's term as GM be - six months, one year? 
(Rais Yatim likes short tenures for his officers, perhaps so that they won't overstay their welcome like he's doing ...)  . 

p.s. I hear there will also be an announcement with regards to a major appointment in Felda Global Ventures Berhad this week. FGV group president/CEO Sabri Ahmad's tenure, however, doesn't end until middle this year. And he does not report to Rais Yatim, fortunately.


  1. Anonymous12:37 pm

    May be they can take a look at this guy, Azam Aris from The Edge. He's a seasoned journalist. Got involved in the world of journalism since 1980's. He's articulate and crisp in both Malay and English, which is a must if you want to work with Bernama. His work on Tan Sri Azizan memoir is breathtaking to read. His style and insight as good as the native speaker, if not better, which is rare among Malay writers.
    I know he's way down a pecking order. Not even on the list but hey, it is not theoretically impossible..

  2. Anonymous12:56 pm

    rocky ni potong stim lah.... issue hangat kini ialah Deepak+Rosmah+Cincin_Najib+Raja Ropiah !!

    Oi! mana cincin aku, Rocky ??

  3. Rocky nak ban gua.
    Bid deal!!

  4. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Hi rocko ,
    1malaysia is talking about deepak,13mil gifts,land a galore for the taking,winnable candidates and we have here talk about some unknown guys taking over the spin masters job.
    Could you please ,rocky, illuminate us on the hot news.

  5. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Lari topik sikit.


    Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia yang juga anggota Parlimen Rembau, Khairy Jamaluddin mungkin tidak akan dicalonkan untuk bertanding semula dalam Pilihan Raya Umum ke13 berikutan dengan pendedahan bahawa beliau telah berhutang berjuta ringgit dari Bank Pertanian yang pembayaran semulanya menjadi persoalan.

    Pinjaman itu dikatakan diperolehinya sebelum Datuk Seri Najib mengambil alih jawatan Perdana Menteri.

    Pekara ini telah diketahui umum termasuk kalangan UMNO dan hari ini (30 Disember 2012), Suara Parti Keadilan,Keadilandaily yang Anwar Ibrahim adalah Ketua Umumnya telah menimbulkan beberapa pertanyaan dan kritikan berhubung dengan pinjaman itu.

    Khairy adalah simpatisan Anwar Ibrahim yang terbukti apabila Anwar dibebaskan, beliau sendiri telah menghantar pasport antarabangsa untuk Anwar mendapat rawatan tengkok patah di luar negara.
    You can read the rest here

  6. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Let me get this straight. First of all, this is HIS blog and he has all the rights what he wants to write. And you guys came out here snapping and whining like a loser as if this blog is a public property.
    If you want to take a pot shot on that issue, then just go to those news portals who published them. Or you already know those places won't entertain your brain dead comments?

  7. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Distractions again from real issues brewing out there!

    Classic trademark.

    Keep it up.


  8. Anonymous6:30 pm

    "Guan Eng would go on and made enemies of mainstream journalists who had been nothing but fair to him before he became CM."

    What a spin..

    Tell that to Utusan and NST.


  9. BN supporters....sumua sontoloyos.
    Kasi Mahathir bohong tuan2....sampai ini jam...bulom bangung...tidoh...relax makan gaji buta...jadi orang2 tak tau pakai otak.
    Umno ahli2 Parliamen.. sumua tipu ku wang...pun tak tua.
    Minyat wang...billions...sapu sampai kosong.
    Minyat wang... siapa punya wang....SONTOLOYOS???
    Sumua phikil Malayu kaya...OK la.
    Tak phikil PAS dan keDAILan Malayu...abang adek...sumua kina tipu juga.
    Mereka pakai otak stengar.
    Stenga sudah didoh...relax...mati.
    Itu la Mahathir bangyat sayang ..ku macham Malayu.
    Dia takot U students. Apa hal takot...ku sumuua tak pakai otak phikil.
    Dia takut Melayu jadi panda Malaysians.
    Bela sudah pandai...Najib...Mahathir bohong2 tak boleh pakai.
    Hari2 ingat majority ...apa pun boleh buat dan ambil.
    UMNO b tidak ada Melayu majority.....BODOH.
    Bangun la....THINK THINK THINK.
    Jangan siok sindiri ..ingat MCA MIC minority sokong Najib.
    Itu parti ambil bodek...nak harapan Najib kasi tips...apa macham jadi kaya.
    Sumua cakap wang di BN.
    Ku sumua dapat kereja...boleh ponteng...boleh..relax..mian2 computer games di pejabat2...pass time..kereja sama snail jalan...perlahan2 problem.
    Ku sumua sama Mexicans....
    Sudah kasi surat karbar..Tv bereta...poison your minds.
    Shame on you!!

    1. Anonymous12:43 am

      Hey dungu!! Dulu Sekolah kat mana? Komen marah2 dah jadi lawak.. bahasa tlg kemas.. yg mengajar rasuah bangsa kau jugak!

  10. Anonymous9:07 am

    Monsterball, your Malay is grossly atrocious! How long have you been living in Malaysia?

  11. Anonymous11:31 am

    anon 9:07,

    maybe you should check out forums n carigold. malay youth are communicating in internet malay far worse than mball's

  12. Anon bahasa is understood by all.
    At least I can write.
    Can your parents write?
    Are we going back to talk about me or my comments?

  13. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Monsterball, fix your spelling. It is annoying to read your comment!


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