Friday, January 04, 2013

How to elect a Malay, DAP style

My friends at the Election Commission are laughing their heads off and rolling on the floor at the DAP's idea of "election transparency". There will be a lot of pisang and other offerings over Friday prayers today, for sure. For years now, the politicians in DAP, Pakatan and the NGO Bersih have made the EC their punching bag, accusing them of all sorts of inept in conducting the country's elections. It's a modus operandi of the Opposition - discredit the Government by discrediting the EC and the electoral process. Anwar Ibrahim and Ambiga S. have traveled far and wide to tell foreign governments about how "dirty" Malaysia's national elections were.

So the incredible screw-up at the DAP's party polls, which conveniently saw the "election" of a solitary Malay, came as a great New Year's gift to my EC friends. The DAP can claim to be transparent, naked, holier than thou, whatever ... as long as they bow down and admit they are so inept at organizing their own elections.

Not many believe it was an honest, stupid mistake, though. Spreadsheet error, my foot! They suspect something more sinister.

And can you blame them? Obviously, the fact that the DAP's recent election rejected outright all 8 Malay candidates for the highest committee had hurt the party's image big time. Despite the claim by Zairil Khir Johari that it was "no big deal", the absence of an elected Malay rep in DAP's highest committee is a mighty blow to the party's multiracial claim. (Zairil, incidentally, is the solitary Malay who benefited from the botched polls - he's now, officially, the 20th "elected" member of the CEC, a jump from his actual 39th spot at the original polls. He also happens to be Lim Guan Eng's understudy). 

With general election just around the corner, something had to be done, right? Desperate people resort to desperate measures, they say.

Me, I believe shit happens. When shit happens, you may blame it on some computer sheet or human error, but go clean up all the same. Like my EC friend says, the DAP can claim that it was honest, transparent or plain stupid, it doesn't matter to him as long as people remember and the DAP leaders realize that they can't claim to even know what a "bersih" electoral process is. 

So before they accuse others, they'd better take a look at themselves ...


Raja Popiaah said...

Berapa % from RM130,000,000?

Anonymous said...

Hey Rocky, this is an embarrassment to DAP, but at least they came clean. How about the EC explaining the 2008 GE result for P005 Jerlun where Mukriz Mahathir won, and the voter turnout was an amazing 99.85% !!! Even the 2 state seats N03 Kota Siputeh and N04 Ayer Hitam had turnouts of only 81.56% and 82.24% Why did so many voters turn up to vote Mukriz into Parliament but did not vote for the two state seats. Very strange. Do you have a theory Rocky?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Microsoft is going to say since it's their spreadsheet...apparently it's still not idiot proof..:-)

Anonymous said...

SELCAT and CAT bolih campak dalam longkang.Hypocrisy of the highest order.

arizmaya said...

Two things come to my mind..
1. I am curious that of all the candidates standing for the CEC election.. the spreadsheet error apparently affect the result of only 2 candidates.. sound very hollow

2. Zairil by any name.. being an off spring of a chinese father and chine mother cannot be a Malay. Even that also DAP want to con us..

Anonymous said...

can we call this 'murphy's law', by the way.......:)

paktam said...

Zairil is not, is not a Malay

Anonymous said...

You call an Islam hating, Malay badmouthing offspring of a mixed breed pseudo-Malay a 'Malay". even my pisang is laughing. fact of the matter is scroll down all DAP state liaison committees from Perlis/Kedah right down to Sabah and you find 85% of the office bearers are sliteyed pigs while non-Malays are assigned superduper important roles as "social relations exco" or social services wankman or some lowlife garbage that passes itself off as a portfolio.

A racist party peopled by a racist, chauvinist, bigoted ethnic entertaining myths and false beliefs of being "the Chosen race", the "civilised", the "sons of heavens" (note no daughters in there)delusions hardly deserves a second look much less a post.

and as afterthought, in their haste to rightly highlight the outright rejection of the Malays, observers overlooked another facet that nails the Chingk-racist moniker on the DAP's are for good. Observe:

1. Lim Kit Siang
2. Lim Guan Eng
3. Karpal Singh
4. Chong Chieng Jen
5. Anthony Loke Siew Fook
6. Vincent Wu Him Ven
7. Tan Kok Wai
8. Gobind Singh Deo
9. Tony Pua Kiam Wee
10. Datuk Teng Chang Kim
11. Fong Kui Lun
12. Nga Kor Ming
13. Chong Eng
14. Chow Kon Yeow
15. Liew Chin Tong
16. M. Kulasegaran
17. Boo Cheng Hau
18. Teresa Kok Suh Sim
19. Teo Nie Ching
20. Ngeh Koo Ham

Apart from the obvious disgustingly cloying and disreputable choc-ice apologists and chingk arselicks in there, has anyone raised the question why no Sarawakian or Sabahan pribumi is in there as well? Strange isnt it for a party that claims to be fighting for their rights and who claim to have cornered the support of the Chrsitian brethren from East Malaysia. Now will the Iban, Bidayuh, Kadazan, Murut, Melanaus, Kayan, Kenyah Christians etc etc please standup and say I am racist.

Warrior 231

Anonymous said...

Oh, so you think Elections Commission has a say in political party elections?


The EC is responsible for only the wakil rakyat elections.

For party elections, it is Registrar of Societies that has authority to act if something is not right.

Before you condemn further, ask the ROS if it cleared the way DAP conducts its party elections.

Sometimes the way you connect issues, I still dont get it.

This is not the Rocky who was very meticulous during the days of The Paper That Cares.


Anonymous said...

no wonder TERESA KOK from SEPUTEH/ DAP win with a majority of 36000 vote!

if DAP cannot count vote correctly, how did they manage to win in SEPUTEH? another tanah in selangor gone? or talam gone?

very strange. Do you have a theory rocky?

Anonymous said...

Petikkan dari TT :

orang melayu
kalau anak isteri mereka kena tibai
si suami akan bersuara

tetapi najib senyap membisu
apabila seorang eee bernama deepak
tuduh macam macam tentang isterinya
najib bukan sdaje takut bini
nampaknya najib ini penakut

kalau anak isteri kena tibai
najib senyap
mustahil jika malaysia diserang
musthil jika rakyat di serang
najib berani bersuara!

Anonymous said...

Rocky, mana perginya Najib Perdana Menteri Malaysia ?? Sudah cabut ke ??

Najib ni kena crisis lari pergi cuti pulak....memang tarak guna punya PM !!

Anonymous said...

Where is super ambiga? Go and bersih the shit in dap election process. ( dont go to pkr, sana election tak dak, yg ade erection) gather your pecacai to demo in front of dap hq and pls also stage a mogok lapar (buit dont forget to prepare nasi bungkus in the khemah). Come on super ambiga, we need you now........

monsterball said...

DAP tell their their election mistakes....and out come Rocky makes a mountain out of a mole hill.
You never ever get UMNO b exposes their mistakes.
Don't tell me..Rocky believe Umno B managed their party perfectly.
Everyone knows Umno b is split.
It needs Rafizi to expose get her to resign.
Umno B have so many INTENTIONAL MISTAKES made....that all become OK....until some exposes them.
Besides Rafizi...Deepak is out to get Rosmah and Najib..for making him a sucker.

Anak Jati Perak said...

I cannot stop laughing at the stupidity of an excuse....spreadsheet error indeed! What a farce! And by the way, the so-called "elected" Zairil is no more Malay than any other Chinese walking around in Malaysia. He is a Chinese inside out with no Malay blood or lineage, only an adopted Malay name.

WRS said...

Some frens asked, did any representatives protested @dapmalaysia election result in the 1st place? Go figure out!

Anonymous said...


Again, it is proven that the dimwits from DAP never fail to amuse us with their stupidity!

Anonymous said...

Since when is DAP a Malay Party. Like the MCA it is a component Party of Pakatan Rakyat and its Members and office bearers like the MCA are Chinese.

So What You Talking About?

DAP Member

Anonymous said...

Huh, another Anwar style conspiracy theory? Didn't your camp had agents too during polling day and each can counter-check voters list? So typical of your kind. And now going back and forth on Deepak issue. One time, an ally, another time, an enemy. What a joke!!

Anonymous said...

Me having good laff. Haha hoho hehehe

Klu baca sakmongrel depa lah paling cerdik pandai. Ni nak kira pun tak reti.

Achi ambiga tak bising pulak? pkr election tu hari (or was it non-election) bersih tak cry foul lak.

Wave33 said...

Latuk Locky,

The Malays did not get elected by merits. I've not heard of their names.

DAP is a supporter on NEP, hence the Malays are appointed instead of being elected. So all races can share the cake.

Latuk, where have your friend has been staying all this while, Gua Mulu? Doesn't he knows about Malay special privileges and Ketuanan Melayu.

Samalah kena pakai quota system, Our MB and PM pun sama juga. Ada orang complaint ke?

Anonymous said...

The DAP polls officer have resign for his blunder.I think that's accountability.U wont hear of election commission officers resigning and taking responsibility even when caught they have done wrong.They just find a way to spin out of it.

Tak ada Melayu dipilih pun susah..ada dipilih pun susah..
Susah jadi pembangkang di Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

A Malay name has emerged now as one of the elected members of the central committee.
Since there was a error in the counting or whatever shit they claimed, then the selection of the office bearers should be null and void because a non winner participated in the decision making.
what say you?


bru said...

On the contrary, LMAO, it's easy being Oppo. You can alter your own ele tion results and put your son, father or former driver in or out. Just blame the. Ma machine, get someone useless to quit, and claim praise yourself for being honest and transparent. Lol.

Anonymous said...

orang dap melayu dah kena main... baca blog abu abdullah anas dan bukalah mata woi..

Anonymous said...

how about lands for you? and some whisky to go with the pork. good fro your soul, rocky, if there is any.
prostitutes generate good income, aint it?

Anonymous said...

THIS IS A VERY GOOD EXAMPLE OF "ubah rocket style".


LOL.....ubah for the sake of ubah bahalol style.

Anonymous said...

zairil is a malay? lets see his mykad.

Anonymous said...


When it comes to dap its okay to make mistakes. when it comes to umno you will be the first to start whacking.

tebing tinggi said...

UMNO has to be blamed ,if not all this "wayang" will not happened.
Who to please anyway and whose are being fooled ?.

Anonymous said...

rocky's bru - 20/9/2007

"Excuse me, WTF registered me as a voter?
I, Phantom? I have never registered myself as a voter in my entire life.
So how did I get my name on the Election Commission's voter roll?
Someone must have done it for me. Who?
I've always been skeptical when people talk about phantom voters being used to win elections. I have always been sympathetic with the EC when people accuse it of flaws in the electoral process. With millions on the electoral roll, surely honest mistakes can be expected here and there.

There's nothing honest about the EC's mistake here."

Anonymous said...

Kelakar DAP ni.

BERSIH anyone?
RCI anyone?

Boleh tukar-tukar result macam party bapak dia.

Oooops, memang party bapak dia!

Where else in the world can I say that?

Abdul Rahman said...

Hello Bodoh! Voter turnout Jerlun 2008 was 82.66%.Siapa buat cerita? Idris Ahmad?

CheWal said...

Of course, its a common knowledge that all the PR components are liars. Nobody can deny that.

but, I'm rolling on the floor laughing loudly at some comments from morons like Monsterball and Parameswara. Perhaps, they are reading too much from PR's media such as Mkini and TMI that made them fail to think....or maybe they are not well educated.

Paremeswara, who says EC has a say in political party elections ? Don't you know how to read ? Please improve your comprehension skill.

Monsterball , Rafizi exposed Shahrizat ? are easily fooled. Its the report from the audit that exposed NFC and not Rafizi. It shows the transparency of the government. You will never find this level of transparency in PR. The most you can get is...err `we don't know how to use microsoft excel'

To PR supporters, Please don't be so stupid.

Anonymous said...


The shit has hit the fan and Allah is granting PAS prayers for the TRUTH to prevail .....

Anonymous said...

DAP Member @ 5:53 PM says, "Since when is DAP a Malay Party. Like the MCA it is a component Party of Pakatan Rakyat and its Members and office bearers like the MCA are Chinese.

So What You Talking About?"


heh heh, just proves the point that biaDAP lembus have minus zero IQ

hee hee hee

P.S. ooii goblok, biaDAP claims to be multiracial lah goondoo

Anonymous said...


Lu mau senang senang jadi pembangkang ka?

Mana eh sai, kalau mau kuasa dan cepat kaya, mesti mau kerja kuat sikit, tak mau TIPU sana TIPU sini

monsterball said...

Naturally ...we expect Rocky to think like that.
It's his job to do so. you notice...Najib is extremely quite these few days....while Anwar and Lm Kit Siang are traveling all over Malaysia...not like Santa Najib....throwing money around.....but spreading the good news of freedom.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ahhh and I tot its just nepotism and cronyism in DAP

hmmm there's also incompetence, non-accountability, opaqueness, gag orders, manipulation, cheating, lying ... what more to be revealed??

Anonymous said...

monsterball2:48 PM
DAP tell their their election mistakes...

Wei hypocrite, where to hide the blunders maa, over 500 votes discrepancies and put blame on Microsoft after more than 2 weeks of erection, wtf bolakecik! Where to hide these cheating by Tokong, sooner or later their own Dapsters would have exposed these dirty DAP election. Bersih my foot!

Anonymous said...

Dah lebih 2 minggu baru nak bagi tau? Gila ke? So another Bersih tapi kali ni utk Dap..:-)

Anonymous said...

DAP can come clean but can BN? can UMNO?
Is already more than 50 years, how much corruption had BN done? The only way to make them come clean is to vote them out and PR can show us all the bones in the BN closet just like where Talam has left every voters an eye opener! Well done DAP, well done PR!

Pasquale said...

Rocky,let's get one thing straight, Zairil is not a Malay....period! Ni mesti ada Melayu yang percaa dia tu Melayu!

monsterball said...

Rocky is a real brewer.He can stir nothing to something....and something to nothing...and brew a pot of coffee for the UMNO b idiots to drink and sing to his tune.
"Before you accuse me....look into the mirror"....sings Eric Clapton....a song ..very fit for Rocky....provided he has a heart of gold.

Anonymous said...

Macam kartun la,this is the quality of pembangkang in our country.nak menang punye pasal sanggup pilih dodgy character as leader,blame the spreadsheet(lol!!),elect malay wannabe to make it a multiracial look alike, bagi anak beranak dan bini position dlm party tapi melalak pasal cronyism, gag order dan sue sana sini tapi melalak pasal kebebasan bersuara, ambik credit negeri yg dah memang maju sebelum dia perintah dulu, masih nak pegang jawatan tertinggi walaupun dah 46 tahun! tapi nama demokrasi..... ape kebende le diorang ni. Only can happen in Malaysia's opposition, Malaysia Boleh maaaa!

Anonymous said...

Alamak! DAP don't know how to count!

Anonymous said...

what do you expect from Dog And Pig?

for example;
you will never find them stealing a motorbike (but will find them selling fake oil lubricant, fake spare part, cheat and manipulate customer etc)

BUT you can find them stealing cars and vehicles in ORGANISED way.

so a `hiccup' internal DAP election is sooooo minor if you compare to :

CHEATING LYING AND MANIPULATE top, bottom, left, right, front and behind (ooops behind is reserve to mr Sodomite and his follower dogand pigs ~included~ cause they dont care about other people as long they can make profit)

DENIAL SYNDROME is in the blood that coming from a thousand years of so called culture that the JEWS hate them so much

During the US presidential election 2012 both candidate hate and loathe them.

AND we the bumiputra the majority of this country will even TRUST them? SELCAT? HONEST? TELLING THE TRUTH YOU SAY?

AIYAAAA, hali hali mau, masih atas katil, tak mandi pagi, berak tak basuh, celik mata aje dah pasang niat :


Anonymous said...

its part of our culture.....

bru said...

Dear Pasquale,

A lot of people say Zairil is not a Malay. Zairil should come out and shown proof that he is a Malay, for the sake of transparency.

bru said...

Dear Warrior,

You are right. They speak so much about the orang Asli and spend so much to woo Sabah and Sarawak but no Bumiputeras from either state in their CEC. I suppose the DAP is really interests only in the Chinese votes in the towns and cities of Sabah and Sarawak.

bru said...

Dear CheWal,

Yes, NFC was "exposed" by the Auditor-General, who reports weekly to the Cabinet. The Cabinet is chaired by Prime Minister Najib Razak.

bru said...

Dear Param,

A very feeble attempt on your part to defend your tokong Lim. You should demand a fresh elections by your party mate. Otherwise, susah lah mau cakap pasal Bersih etc.

bru said...


You asked where the PM is and why he "lari pergi cuti" during a crisis?

Hehe. Is there a dumb virus affecting the computers of the DAp cyber troopers as well? Why would you want Najib to be around in the country - this is DAP's crisis la.

Anonymous said...

Aloo monster,

As a party who always accuse EC for not bersih, they should live by example la. Why can you accept that fact and eat your shit.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha...... BERSIH konon, Baru masuk 2013 dah ada Joke of the Year

Anonymous said...

Dap mamber;

I tought you're multiracial party. Hahaaaa

Anonymous said...


How much dapster pay you to troll rocky blog.hahahaha

bru said...


Thank you for highlighting my old post.

To paraphrase myself, "There 's nothing honest about the DAP's mistake here".

Dave Avran said...

Wow. Kim Guan Eng can order changes to the DAP central committee election results.

Bapak dia punya party kah?

Oh wait. My bad. It IS his father's party. Damn.

PAShit said...

anon 11.40am

wah you DAP dog oops sorry paratrooper in damage-control overload mode!

DAP came clean MY FOOT!Dont try to bullshit us you dumbass.


NOTHING DEMOCRATIC: DAP's congress was notable for not electing a single Malay to its CEC, a sign of the chauvinism in the party

THE recently concluded 16th Democratic Action Party national congress gave multiracialism a whole new meaning. The party failed to return even a single Malay candidate, out of the eight who contested, to its central executive committee. "Malaysian Malaysia", the party's stock in trade, proved to be a bare-faced sham, in much the same way as the party's other bombastic claims.

DAP watchers are united in their verdict that the evidence the congress produced was inconvertible: the occasion will long be remembered by Malays as the definitive triumph of Chinese chauvinism over multiracialism. The "Chinoisnisation" of the party was complete.

Mulltiracialism in the party's political lexicon is a web of doublespeak or, not to put too fine a point on it, a pack of lies.
So is the term "Democratic" in the party's name.It is nothing if not a feel-good trap for the unwary.

The truth has now been laid bare: the overwhelming majority of the Chinese membership of the party voted with their feet to send a clear and emphatic message that they wanted no part in changing the chauvinistic Chinese character of their party.

It is clear for all to see that the Lim father and son had scant influence in this matter.

There was no overt support for the Malay candidates and that was that.It is an unapologetically Chinese party, warts and all, founded to continue the failed People Action Party's narrow Chinese agenda in the nascent federation.

It is fair to say that the congress had left Malays in utter disillusionment, and in absolutely no doubt about their future under DAP.

Ask any Penang Malay for a blow by blow account of what it is like living in Lim Guan Eng's much trumpeted socialist paradise. How many Malays after all can afford to live on the island proper without the promised safety net of regular employment and affordable housing, which is yet to see the light of day more than four years after the promise was made to trusting, unsuspecting poor Malays and Indians?

The Chineseness of the party is in striking contrast to the much maligned Malaysian Chinese Association.

While unequivocally Chinese, MCA, unlike the Lim family dominated-DAP, understands that given the unique historical, social and economic imperatives that have shaped our fragile nation, playing the zero-sum-game is a suicidal option.Malays have worked constructively, in mutual trust and respect, with MCA.

They have proved to be trustworthy and reliable partners in the demanding task of nation-building. Successive MCA leaders, without exception, have put national interests above sectarian considerations.

The contributions of MCA to national unity, peace and prosperity have yet to be given full recognition by the people of our country.Chauvinistic Chinese such as those to be found in the serried ranks of DAP continue to mount their campaign of hate and lies.

Unlike MCA, DAP as a party, in spite of protestations to the contrary, is Chinese to the core. It makes no concessions to Malay sensibilities: its elected members of parliament and state assemblymen refused, in a display of racial arrogance and defiance of an established practice following their unexpected 2008 election windfall, to don the songkok as it was a Malay headgear.

PAShit said...


Chairman Karpal Singh is on record as having issued what amounts to an edict prohibiting DAP members from accepting state awards from Malay rulers.

One or two have gone ahead and accepted these honours, including one man who had made a song and dance over the wearing of the songkok on formal state occasions.

These are the self-same people who at the drop of a hat will proclaim noisily their undivided loyalty to king and country.

Can we trust them to govern a multiracial Malaysia?

The Umno-MCA relationship is based on an instinctive understanding that in a complex society such as ours, the guiding principle as promoted and practised by Tunku Abdul Rahman is to "take some and give back some".

It is about mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance of our cultural diversity.The politics of hate as practised by DAP and its spiritual mentor, Pas, must be nipped smartly in the bud before they take root among the unthinking masses across our society.

The future of our country must be predicated on a solid foundation of national unity, derived from a sense of a common destiny underpinned by fairness and equity.

Their zero-sum-game promoted and nurtured so passionately as an article of faith must be rejected.The nation can ill-afford to experiment and gamble with what is a characteristically unMalaysian ideology, a luxury we can do without in our search for our Malaysian identity.

You cannot say you have not been warned about the hidden traps DAP has set for the unwary.After all, what is apparent is not always real.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:50

Clean is what you want. You are an angel. But angels dont belong here. You want a clean govt you should go to shangri la. Too bad Mother Theresa is not around. She'll be a good leader. Name me one govt in this world that is clean. Than migrate to that country. Better the devil.....

Anonymous said...

How feeble can the brains of pakatan leaders be?

spoilt brat tokong kim
bigmouth rafizi lembu
no pee lim kit malam
taubat kapal sink
tersesak dogfood kock
skinny selena selenge
buttman kote bengkok anuwar
hadi nelayan wannabe
turban wali selipar niki

ish ish ish

Anonymous said...

Somebody in dap wanted to spill the beans. Otherwise they would have kept quiet about this mess. And you say dap is clean. What a joke.

Anonymous said...


Kalau kalah boleh ubah keputusan

Time for Bersih 4.0?

Anonymous said...

1.13----Yes. Good news of freedom. Freedom to indulge in adultery, phonography, bisexual and even trisexual activities. Including wife swapping. Take care of your wife and daughters. And sons. And your own backside.

Anonymous said...

hey buddy

can audition for Maharaja Lawak or not


by the way

sis Ambiga sudah tau ka?


-khairyl joe-

Anonymous said...

It is in biaDAP DNA to manipulate everything which is precisely why they suspect UMNO/BN of similiar habits

What a great shame! and where is ambiga?

Anonymous said...

microsoft no good!

cant do simple maths

apple how? good ahhh? can count like calculator ahhh?

Anonymous said...

Rocky,s Head now in the Sand Like the Proverbial Ostrich.
Dont Want to know about Deepak or the Black Rose!
Dont Want to know What Najib is Doing Fiddling with Military Contracts and Land!
Dont want to know what everybody else is concerned about!

Waiting for the elections to be over before he can pull his head out of the ssnd!!

Nature Lover

DF said...

Monsterball is sweating like a pig. Ain't much he can do to reduce the damage of his political master.

Anonymous said...

I think DAP should blame Bill Gates.... hahahhahahhahahhahah... funny shit....

Anonymous said...

anon 1:27

another kedai kopi gossip. plenty of stories about everybody. any wrongdoing just go to SPRM. make a report. dont just believe gossip. be matured.

Wave33 said...

Malaysia want the best person to run the country. Best man for the job.

Politician should be voted in base on merit, NOT base on RACE nor RELIGION.

In Malaysia case there is always back door entry, some call it tongkat, other name it special privileges. Maybe NEP sounds better.

UMNO want equality divided among races especially when there is no Malay representation or share, if the majority is Malay, then there is a silence about discrimination among non-Malays.

DAP has practise NEP concept by appointing the minority race in DAP into the CEC. If Malay is smart enough, this is the party that they should join, to get elected without merits.

It is already been happening for decades, why scream about it now. Malays are sent overseas on full scholarship with lower merits from the non-Malays. Admission into local University and Form Six with poorer result from the non-Malays. If the Government do not give in the Malay will go amok. So, now DAP is doing the same thing as in NEP for the CEC appointment.

DAP did the right thing by appointing the Malay into the CEC. This is what Malay like about it, things are given, not fought for.

If the Malay want to make a career in politics, DAP is the easier route.

Malay want to be rich DO NOT join UMNO but be in the UMNO Putra elite to make the money. Ordinary members in UMNO is only suckers for their political masters.

Malay want easy life, be a citizen of Malaysia, you gets all the special privileges that no other country would be able give you, in the apartheid system practice in Malaysia.

Malays has been getting all these handouts. The best handouts that Malays can get is from DAP. You will get appointed without any merits.

Malays join DAP now, for a political career.

KY Ong said...

By sacrificing a BABI CINA of which DAP have abundance, this would be the best way to get a LEMBU MELAYU in the farm so that the party (DAP) looks more like a ZOO instead of a PIG FARM.


Anonymous said...

Who say DAP can come clean with this exposure. Their CEC and top 10 elected are fixed and are in question.

Is Lim Guan Eng/Kit Siang really get the most vote?

Is Karpal Singh and his son really get winning votes?

Is P Ramasamy poll results have been manipulate by 'hand of cronies' with low result to silent his voice?

It much worse than Banana Republic Election Result.

For grassroot member, Are you sure this 'elected' members are the person that you vote to represent the top hierarchy of DAP all this years?

Smell rats for the whole episode.

monsterball said...

Sweat like a pig is better than stinking little rats protecting King & Queen Rats.

Anonymous said...

To add more..

Is Ngeh Koo Ham really get 824 vote or have been 'add in' to ensure status quo of 'the Gang'?
May be he gets life support from The High Priest of Trickster in DAP.

In corporate world there should have a vote of no confidence to all elected member and Lim Guan Eng together with Karpal should take full responsibilities by step down from their post.

Anonymous said...

when i was young, we mxed alot with other races, Yasmin Ahmad movies show the beautiful part and it is exactly as what she potray.

Youngster means there are no racial boundaries or barrier, no problem when the chinese , indian speak in their mother tounge, it doesnt matter if the chinese sundry shop selling good of low quality product at high price,it doesnt matter when the kati and kilo were below the actual weight, it doesnt matter when you go to a bicycle shop when the shopowner give a shoddy work (repeated problem but have to pay more for replacing new part), it doesnt matter if you pawn your gold they scrape some of the metal without the owner knowledge, it doesnt matter if they speak among themselve if the good is suitable for sale and look into our face as though we are criminal. it doesnt matter if pork ingredient were inside when we buying cake and kueh, it doesnt matter when the body smell emmitted from them, it doesnt matter during school holiday doing part time job if the pay is difference between us with their own kind, it doesnt matter when the teacher (sekolah kebangsaan) give special attention to their own kind, it doesnt matter when they doing group study among themselve, it doesnt matter matter when come election day DAP give a fiery speech to their own kind, it doesnt matter when my father works harder then other races just to feed my large families and my father teach us about the real meaning of honest, intergrity and work hard, but above all my parent teach and show us how beautiful my religous and my race is.

it is only small part the fabric life of pribumi living on their own land.

Did Dato Najib know all this? nah.... he lived in silver platter life. Did what i written here is about Apartheid, Racist and Discrimination? nahhh.....we are the majority, Islam thought us of being honest, intergrity and my parent thought us about RESPECT and TOLERANCE of other races.

to be continued...look out for my experience working in Singapore

Anonymous said...

Difficult to believe both the second and the first result...Who knows, Karpal probably topped the line-up, Guan Eng a low 13, Ngeh 26... huh!!

Wave33 said...

Latuk Locky,

The topic of this post should be:

'How to appoint a Malay, NEP style'

Anonymous said...

Ah Datuk

You say that its a feeble attempt?
And how on earth you know that LGE is my boss when I am not a member of any political patry?

By the way, you should be also telling the EC (in fact remind it) of the following:

Kalthom Othman from PAS was declared winner of the Pasir Puteh seat, when it was actually won by Umno candidate Che Min Che Ahmad in the 2004 general election.

The EC corrected it three months after the general election.

Did you say anything then when this oversight happended?


Anonymous said...

anon @ 3:04 AM

Yeah, the sepet sengkelet will always look after their own kind first

those promoted confided that they were given "the ladder to climb" which means the promotion was GUARANTEED!

all they need to do was follow all "showbiz" tasks, no need to excel or even do well - just do what was instructed and promotion is automatic

some events they organised were had very poor attendance but it did not matter as long as it was carried out

where got meritocracy, transparency, democracy, competency ...????

it's all about skin colour - yellow that is

bru said...

Anonymous said...
Anon writes ...

Difficult to believe both the second and the first result...Who knows, Karpal probably topped the line-up, Guan Eng a low 13, Ngeh 26... huh!!

3:31 AM


Exactly, Anon. That's why DAP must call for fresh elections. And of course they won't.

For such a major faux, only one person by the name of Pooi, the lowly elections director, paid. He quit after fixing the results, er I mean after fixing the mistakes. I'm not sure if Guan Eng offered an apology at all. Certainly he will not offer his resignation for fear that the party may accept it!

Also, DAP insiders told me Pooi was a "volunteer driver" for Lim the senior not too long ago ..

Anonymous said...

Monsterball said..."Sweat like a pig is better...."

hehe, this racist bloke admits to sweating like a pig....that about sums up DAPsters DNA...

and this bloke probably thought microsoft excel spreadsheet is the mouse shit....

Anonymous said...

19 of the top 20 were probably high ranking members of either Adun or MP status.

The poor fella that Tokong Lim kicked out in favor of blue-eye boy Zairil was a minnow newcomer with no position.

So, its so easy to pick up the fella and then just reward him with an appointed position in CEC.

The fiasco turning into a scandal now. Heard a group of disgrunted DAP delegates planning to demand for re-election. But as always, Tokong and Tokong's Father would kowtim them, or at worst gag them.

Something is brewing hot in DAP, and is thickening! Just wait

Anonymous said...

Latest early morning update: breaking news!

The first election results were confirmed flawed. DAP Lim Guan Eng claimed it was technical glitch, microsoft excel to blame, fine, whatever lah Tokong, ubah roket style.

Now the real bombshell. The amended results were flawed too. Figures and votes did not tally. Over 800 votes now disappeared! DAP think tank were scrumbling late nite for what to do. What excuse next? Blame Apple or Papaya this time?

Anonymous said...

Jumlah undi dikeluarkan = 1826

Jumlah undi sah + jumlah undi rosak + jumlah undi tidak dikembalikan = 1853

Dari mana datangnya extra 27 undi? Hantu Cina bernama monsterball agaknya

Dah makin songsang DAP ini menipu

Anonymous said...


"Malay want easy life, be a citizen of Malaysia, you gets all the special privileges that no other country would be able give you, in the apartheid system practice in Malaysia."

What apartheid? this is not apartheid la bodo. go and read Sejarah Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

wave33, is that your score for the IQ test?

such imbecile comments coming straight from the butt instead of the brains

aahhh ... I see - wave33 is the latest bidet - to wash the butt in waves of 33 spurts