Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Oh, gullible Malaysians, wake the f%*k up!

See updates at the end of the story ..

First, this Deepak claimed he gave RM8 million to Rosmah. The amount kept growing since that,  for effect. Today, at a press conference, PKR's Rafizi claimed Deepak bought RM13 million worth of gems, diamonds and jewellery, allegedly for Rosmah. 

Now ... RM8 million or RM13 million? What's true and what's not?  

Likewise, first, Anwar Ibrahim said the Opposition was NOT involved with this Deepak fella. But today, dropping all pretense, his boy Rafizi went and held the press conference to perpetuate the Deepak-Rosmah at the PKR headquarters!

Opposition still NOT involved, Datuk Seri? 

I can go with the inconsistencies and "holes" usually associated with lies (and propaganda) but what's the point? Some people will believe in what they want to. 

Like you people believed in PI Bala's first statutory declaration (issued at a press conference together with Anwar and other PKR leaders, remember?). The way you used to believe RPK even when he wrote unbelievable things, like when he swore that Rosmah had personally supervised the killing of Altantuya. And some of you believed that Rosmah bought the RM24 million diamond ring even after it was proven that the ring had come in and then leave the country. Remember the "shopping spree in Perth" story by the Australian newspaper? You gullibles embraced the news without doubt and wanted it to be true, even after the newspaper had admitted its mistake and it was proven that the PM's daughter was not even in Perth at the time.

The good thing is, ladies and gentlemen, the truth will always prevail. PI Bala proves to be a very shady character and Altantuya was not even who the Opposition made her out to be. RPK has clarified that he did not actually say Rosmah was there, someone told him she was there! Of course it was the cue for you people to turn against RPK. You conveniently accused him of having sold his soul to the highest bidder ..

Bala then, Deepak now
Despite Anwar's claim that the Opposition was not involved with Deepak, we see that the opposite is now true. Just like the Opposition was involved with PI Bala. As for Rafizi, he produced documents and receipts that proved Deepak bought those gems. How did he link them to Rosmah? "I don't see Deepak wearing the jewellery," was his answer.

Well, we don't see your boss wearing the famous Omega watch, Rafizi. Are you trying to tell us something?

It is the recycling of the old perception game based on outright lies and half-truths that got Pakatan an unprecedented amount of votes during the 2008 general election. Except that now instead of PI Bala, they have Deepak and instead of RPK, who has become a liability to Anwar and the entire Opposition, they have Rafizi.

Will voters fall for the same trick, five years on? The most gullible ones among you will, for sure, but since PRU12 many people know better ...

1. Check out Rafizi's "evidence" to link Deepak's alleged RM13 million spending spree on gems and diamonds 5 years ago to Rosmah Mansor. One word comes to mind and it starts with P ... Pathetic!

The Unspinners say "a Standard 3 pupil can come up with an email like this one". Question is, did Rafizi fake it or did he fall for a fake? Read it h e r e.

2. Deepak is a good actor or he REALLY doesn't know what Rafizi was talking about. Malaysiakini has the report originally headlined Deepak denies giving Rafizi the "diamond papers"


  1. Anonymous7:09 pm

    No shit, Najib is in deep trouble. U still wanna support a crook ? You get 500, Rosimah gets 8 million. Rocky, do u know how many zeroes are in 8 million ?

  2. PRU13 will be totally different if DS Najib have the right to choose BN candidates.

  3. Anonymous7:28 pm

    are you sleeping, are you sleeping brother Rocky ?????? lol

  4. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Yes we know better...we are TIRED of these bull shits or Rafizi prefer Cow Shits?

  5. Anonymous8:19 pm

    for those stupids who're still easily believe slanders, please challenge your brain.
    How many times these stupids politicians always 'kantoi' when keep producing a slanders?
    everytime they create new slander, they thmselve will "kantoikan" their shit stories.
    The question, do the Malaysian stupids enough to always fall for their stupid actions?

  6. "Oh, gullible Malaysians, wake the f%*k up!" and here is...
    F**k-up Singapore

  7. Anonymous8:35 pm


    The title should say OH...:0..Gullible PR goons!!..

    The rest of us never believed shit coming out from those PR politician mouth.


    1. Thank you for pointing that our ... Actually gullible by definition is them. Most of them, at least. Yes, the majority of the people ate sick and tired of this old trick ...

  8. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Between rafizi and you, we believe rafizi any time.

  9. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Mat Salleh dah nasihat, kalo jumpa ular dgn tu, ketok yg mana satu sampai mati dulu?

    Kalo cerita2 pelik lidah bergulung2 semua ni mesti ada darah keturunan yang mat salleh suruh ketok!!!

    Pelita Francis

  10. Gullible Gulliver9:16 pm

    What about LTAT bailout of deepuck's company? And the alleged payment to Ropeah?

    1. Gullible G,

      200 acres of freehold land in Klang for just over RM100 million. That is a good buy, if you ask me. Talam would pay more for that kind of land!

  11. Malaysians are quite awake.
    It is Rocky that is sleeping.
    Why be so concern?
    Let Rosmah do the talking.

  12. Anonymous9:49 pm

    How come Deepak not sued in court and allowed to continue to slander in press conferences?

  13. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Rosmah : Deepak...mana cincin berlian I ??

    Deepak : Tanah kasi masuk saya, baru cincin I bagi.

    Najib : Okay,besok I kasi you tanah tu...

    Rockybru : Najib, Malaysian of the Year 2012....

  14. Anonymous10:03 pm

    The Pakatan Rascals are damn good in creating stories for idiots. That's how they become popular.

    And their leaders know how to fool their followers over and over again and again.

    Simple minded fools are aplenty. Just like the gullible fools falling for the 'get rich scheme'.

    No matter how you convince them to think, they still cannot get it. They still think the world would end err, waiting for a new date, that is.

    Trouble is, despite the absence of the Omega watch, the fools are actually blind idiots.

    If they still believe in magic stones, oh well, let it be. They will one day wake up to it, with regrets.

    Indeed, RPK was and is still a great story teller. He listens to rumours and sensationalise it, but some of his followers found out his bluff and the tables have turned.

    Anyway, it will be fun to see how the inmates take over the prison.


    1. The primates reckon they will take over next season! Hehe.

  15. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Mr envelope is about to squeeze someone's money again. This time the mangsa is kak mah

  16. Anonymous10:13 pm

    A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future.

    Therefore peliwat tua is just a has-been, forever a wannabe PM

  17. Anonymous10:22 pm

    If deepak is talking bull, why pay RM30 million to him? Jawab mr envelope!

  18. Anonymous10:26 pm

    This Rafizi is the most stupid Whistleblower on the earth.He is a liability to PR road to Putrajaya.DSAI should monitor him as he had done lots of damages to the credibility and intregrity of PR.

  19. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Some like to believe in unsubstantiated accusations.

  20. Anonymous10:31 pm

    As long as you have the gullibles like old farts, parameswara, donplaypuks and the other "where is your master locky?" nut cases,you will always have people like RPK and Deepak conning them to kingdom cum.

  21. They were tired of Lim Kit Siang exposing corruptions fir decades too.
    If Rafizi is bullshitting....why must Shahrizat resigned as a Minister?
    One who can get a Minister to resign is a bullshitter????
    I simply cannot understand what kind of brains some UMNO members have.

  22. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Anwar, the biggest liar in town, is so desperate for issues. And there are always a few without any dignity willing to do the dirty work for him. I have said it, I am saying it and I will say it again. ANWAR IS THE BIGGEST LIAR AND SCOUNDREL IN TOWN.

  23. It's a sign of desperation that the Pakatan people have to zoom in again at Rosmah to discredit her husband. They are now resorting to all sorts of malicious lies to incite hatred against the BN as the GE13 looms ever closer. They even lied over the tragic suicide of three in a family in Pengerang yesterday for that purpose. Even the dead were not spared being exploited for votes by them.

    1. I have read your posting, miss Cat. They have gone down a long way, indeed.

  24. Anonymous10:56 pm

    The people are sleeping with their eyes wide open now but come GE13, they will be wide awake to vote.
    Please lah rocky, explain the cowgate Con. The raja popiah land deal as reported by Bousted to bursa.
    Where is the value in the deal for boustead.
    Why must Mindef buy back its own land at such an inflated price and where is the Puspa nahas building or has the blueprint been approved to commence work.
    Why is the balance of 20 acres still with RR.
    Why no statement from those directly involved of affected by these revelations.
    Why no investigation by Macc, CCD,etc.
    Rafizi has exposed the cowgate matter which resulted in shahrizat not being reappointed as minister.
    If rafizi is making up stories then by all means charge him but why was he not 'touched'.
    I think its best for the present government takes a holiday till ge14.
    Now the flip flop on the phone deal. Why ? Do they not plan out every move? Or just chin chye governing at whims and fancies.
    I rest my fingers now.

  25. Rocky Bro,

    It seems that with all these shenanigans plaguing the Pakatan, the Battle of Perceptions that they are fighting in front of the Malaysian Masses is not that of one between Good and Evil, between the Clean and the Corrupt, between the Just and the Unjust, because time and time again they have demonstrated very well that no sooner than a certain issue that they highlight and intend to downplay the government with, another of their lesser minions elsewhere practise the same corrupt thing, introducing a different degree of difficulty in denying the kettle-calling-pot-black thing.

    Perhaps their battle should now focus on winning the hearts of the people through a NEW paradigm: that of comparison between two different DEGREES of evil? Like ...errr... say... "Hey yo! Remember to vote for us this coming election! We practise family-cronyism in our ranks, yes. We do the land-for-MB post trade, yes. We give business concessions to our politically-linked companies yes. But surely it can't be as bad as what UMNO used to practise?"

    At first glance that COULD perhaps be a valid war whoop. But unfortunately, it resembles too closely the purport and meaning of George Bernard Shaw in the following story:-

    GBS: Miss, if I give you a million dollars, would you sleep with me?
    Girl: Why yes, I would.
    GBS: Well, here's 5 dollars. Let's get into a hotel.
    Girl: Five dollars!!! What do you think I am?
    GBS: We have already established that. Now let's talk price.

    Political whoredom, in whatever shape, type and means, are all equally repugnant. But the cheaper forms surely will transmit STDs the quickest.

    Suman Sumbing

  26. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Any individual will know that morons wallowing in a hole full of cow dung will eventually spew the cowshit that he has been munching unawares. Ask Rafilthy the ring wearing troll, you know the same type who will pierce his tongue,navel, cock and shithole at his master's bidding, no questions asked:

    Deepfuck and Rafilthy, birds of a feather who flock together behind the arse of the Omega wearer.

    Warrior 231

  27. Anonymous2:19 am

    The question that we need to ask is how did Anwar Ibrahim get to meet PI Bala? Who introduced PI Bala to Anwar Ibrahim? The world first got to know of PI Bala through Anwar Ibrahim's Press Conference. PI Bala made one Statutory Declaration. Then he made another Statutory Declaration contradicting the first. Then he disappeared to London and appeared with master liar RPK.

    It is obvious that Anwar has paid PI Bala money and also his air fare to London and his living expenses. The question is : who found PI Bala for Anwar Ibrahim?

    Deepak says that he knows how much money was paid to PI Bala to retract his first Statutory Declaration. This has made Deepak famous. Here is the question : WHY CANNOT PI BALA, FROM WHEREVER HE IS HIDING, MAKE A PRESS STATEMENT CONFIRMING WHAT DEEPAK IS SAYING ABOUT HIM? Can PI Bala make a one line statement : What Deepak has said about me is true. I was paid RMxx Million by Najib to retract my Stat Declaration.

    Now the same question : who found Deepak Jaikishan for Anwar Ibrahim? Deepak is broke. Kuwait Finance House is suing him for RM170 million for a loan he took to buy a building with the partnership of Nor Mohd Yakop's son. Kuwait Finance House was instructed to lend Deepak the money so that Deepak and gang could make a cut from the deal. This was during the time of Abdullah Badawi. After March 2008 everything went wrong for everybody. Now Deepak is being sued left and right. Deepak can be declared bankrupt. This means Deepak will drop his pants for Anwar Ibrahim. The question is : how was Deepak introduced to Anwar Ibrahim? Who made the connection between Deepak and Anwar?

    Deepak believes that by telling these lies about Rosmah he can swing the general elections for the whole country. Then he can get bailed out and make more deals with everybody.

    Rafizi's receipts only shows the name Rosmah for RM116,000. Where are the receipts for RM13.0 million? And since when would RM13.0 million be confirmed via emails? Or RM13.0 million worth of gifts be recorded on company letterheads?

    This is just like the RPK retraction that Rosmah did not shoot anyone in that estate - done more than one year after RPK made the accusation against Rosmah in Malaysia Today and he boasted to all his drinking friends at that club at Shah's Motel in PJ. It is also time for the world to know that RPK is an agent planted inside the Pakatan to embarass Anwar Ibrahim. His retraction of accusations against Rosmah has embarased Anwar Ibrahim completely. And RPK has done this to Anwar and Wan Azizah because he and his wife were accused by Wan Azizah of disappearing with money collected during the days of Reformasi. Just for a few ringgits, so many are willing to drop their pants.


    1. Dear H.I.,

      Thank your for your piece. More or less, you have answered the many questions our gullible friends have posed. RM170 million in debts. Not Mohd Yakcop. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Well, when you try to make so much out of nothing, things are bound to turn out wrong.

      By the way, do you thing gullible owes its roots to the old Malay word (maybe Atabic origin) - baghal?

  28. Anonymous5:33 am

    The Public is not gullible when there are documentary proof presented!,

    in Ignoring the proofs?!

  29. Anonymous6:19 am

    The hole is too big for them to cover. If they are innocent like what our Rocky has been trying so hard to spin, the logical thing for them to do is to sue those that implicated them on any scandal or murder. In Singapore the PM will sue till you die but here those implicated dare not bring you to court fearing the shits will be exposed if they do so.

  30. Anonymous7:22 am

    Oh Yeah,

    You will not bother to help us understand how land that had been gazetted as a military land could be transacted commercially.

    Why are you going after Rafizi?

    Stay focused Dato Rocky.

    Why do you have to jump sky high only when Deepak talks about jewels purchase for VIPs?

    The way you steer issues - never expected from a reputed media person.

    This was not how you articulated whilst at The Paper That cares.


  31. Anonymous7:23 am

    Oh Yeah,

    You will not bother to help us understand how land that had been gazetted as a military land could be transacted commercially.

    Why are you going after Rafizi?

    Stay focused Dato Rocky.

    Why do you have to jump sky high only when Deepak talks about jewels purchase for VIPs?

    The way you steer issues - never expected from a reputed media person.

    This was not how you articulated whilst at The Paper That cares.


  32. nagaman8:07 am

    RB this is a simple gossip strategy used by Rafizi and anwar. They know its not true but saying it in such a way, a grandiose like announcement, with a pretence stance 'for the sake of the rakyat' look, and repeating it -will make it believeable for some. For a while. Thats good enough for them- create doubt in the minds of 1 out of every 20 mlalaysians. It normally last for 1-3 months until its rebutted,in a clever stance as well. Cuz no BN reply not from Umno or govt communication arm.Untill too late.

    Wild accusations, in the battle of perceptions, by Pakatan have not met with any effective use of facts to rebut or correct the picture and make the pakatan liars look like bad lies. This should come from the govt communication arm.But the man in charge Rais Yatim is more caught up with making an issue out of the kind of phones and prices deserving the govt rm200.00 rebate for young people.He's always playing to the gallery, to impress the PM for sure, with superficial issues of his creation. When it could have been left to the MCMC hilly billies to handle the 'issue'. When he realises its not a popular stand, he to his his nfamous 'cabinet' decision strategy, to get himself out of the mess. Over the type of phones deserving the rebate!

    RB you and some bloggers have come up with some spectacular write ups, facts and disclosures to defend and speak up for the Govt and PM when it should come from Rais Yatim and his ministry. Yet if he's got common sense and humility, all he's got to do is take your current article on Rafizi-anwar-deepak-rpk bombs and translate that for TV viewers, Rais will be providing the country, govt, PM and BN a good move.
    But then there's nothing in it for him right cuz the glory will not be his unless ypu say he thought of it! Or something chicken shit like that. There's something wrong with Rais and if he's not a chosen candidate for PRU 13, he will probably build a bridge with anwar.

    Poor PM.

  33. Rocky is always staying focused.
    He is paid to stay focus.... how to help Najib win the 13th GE.

  34. Anonymous9:08 am

    Malaysia needs to set up an institute called SG - salvaging gullibles

    the first batch will include midgetball, goatfarter, bloodystone, paramparah, playpuck, and anons of varying nics

    as clear as day - their brains are now cobwebs of trash and garbage

  35. I think its about time we revisit the Quran and understanding the version mentioned in Surah 49:6

    "O People who Believe! If any miscreant brings you some tidings, verify it, lest you unknowingly cause suffering to some people, and then remain repenting for what you did."

    Hesmel Faznee Faisal

  36. Anonymous9:51 am

    Of all the hundreds of questions that one can ask you, let me ask you just a few:
    1) Was Deepak also lying when he said that he met Najib's brother at the curve with PI Bala?
    2)If the first SD is a lie, why was Deepak asked to get PI Bala to sign a 2nd SD?
    3)Can you explain the rationale for LTAT's's latest purchase?
    4)Was Deepak also lying when he said that Rosmah called him after the first SD was released, to get a 2nd SD out?
    5)Was Deepak also lying when he said that he was in direct with Najib and Rosmah, after the first SD was released?
    If the above are NOT true, how do you know that they are not true, why have Najib and Rosmah not said anything?
    Indeed why haven't any BN Ministers not said anything?
    Why have the MACC not said anything?
    You are, after all. the "know it all", so you should abe able to answer my questions, with relative ease.
    Owwwhhh, I have hundreds more, but let's get this over with.
    I understand that you have to say something to spin, but please do it properly. This article of yours', seems to me that you are indicating and implying to us, that what Deepak and Rafizi have said, is all true.
    Are you working for Muhuyuddin now, in getting rid of Najib? If you are, I think that for once you have made a good decision.

  37. Anonymous11:14 am

    Who is gullible, I would say it is the great Rocky, who seems to see one eye closed. Lets us analyse how did Deepak get the land deal if he is not close to Najib and Rosmah. His direcetoship in 29 companies were revoked. How come this NON BUMi get this amount of inflence without patronage. Deepak to accuse the Numbro 1 without any truth will be skinned alive. Who is gullible now.

  38. Jasper Bloodstone11:26 am complicated, lah.

    Do things the Ng Boon Gay and Michael Palmer, shame and whack!

    Simple, lah.

  39. Anonymous11:26 am

    Latuk Locky:

    Lu mahu spin, you kena spin betoi2. Deepak is holding everybody to ransom, because he has incriminating evidence on your boss and Rosmah. It's a question of who promises him the best deal, but the fact is Deepak has sufficient evidence to extract the concessions from both sides.

    Of course Deepak is not an honourable man, because any honourable man would have simply exposed Najib's shenanigans in a public forum, instead of releasing the information in drips and drabs.

    The fact that LTAT has paid RM 30 million to Deepak is a sign that the latter has serious information. The fact that Deepak bought jewelry for Rosmah is also damaging, however big or small the amount is.

    At this point in time, Deepak has your boss by the balls. He is saying to your boss: How hard should I squeeze ?

    This is similar to your boss' shenanigans in PD with a TV3 newscaster. Someone senior in UMNO Negeri Sembilan has the evidence, and he has extracted a big deal from Najib. Why else would Najib give a convicted money launderer (convicted by his own party) such a lucrative position ?

    Think, Latuk Locky, think.....


  40. Anonymous11:34 am

    Hmmm... Rosmah and Altantuya are old stuff already and the story not corroborated. Create new stories for a change. Then people like me might believe... And change the actor please. Deepak is not that good at lying...

  41. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Typical BN answers to all the common sense questions, so let's engage all the pro-BN bloggers to help sweep everything under the carpet.

    It's just that you forget you are dealing with a carpet man....and he has means to kick everything back into the open.

  42. Anonymous1:12 pm

    rafizi screw up every expose. all does not show nuthin.

    pr supporters still believe him?

    as lembu as rafizi

  43. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Why dont YOU use your common sense and start believing in the truth.

  44. Anonymous3:51 pm


    finally bloodystone admit that that pap - men in white are not saints


  45. Anonymous3:53 pm

    why believe a failed bankrupt business man desperate for survival

    aisehman pakatan scoops men clutching at straws

  46. Anonymous5:54 pm

    monsterball; we all know your moronic comments are insincere and non-constructive. They are only salivation of your obsessions of all things rockybru. Stop slapping your own face.


  47. Raja Popiaah6:43 pm

    RM130,000,000 Boleh Beli gems worth more than RM13,000,000!!!

  48. Anonymous12:02 pm

    "SAY F**K OFF" to all BN, DAP, PKR, PAS!! Same goes to those who support them...Brainless people.

  49. TruthBeTold4:29 pm

    Readers should also see all the lies, distortions and misrepresentations by Rafizi Ramli on NFCorp in KL Chronicle - A real feast for the eyes. This man will burn in hell.

  50. Rakyat tak sokongan pkr5:01 pm

    Naturally pkr love to attack bn members. PKR is Anwar. Trained by the Jews and the CIA and worked closely with the Jews. The CIA and the Jews don't is hoping that Anwar will be the pm for a long time. The Jews can control Anwar because all the secrets of Anwar is with the CIA. Nik Aziz Dan hadi you think orang kafir cannot rule Malaysia?

  51. Banker6:21 pm

    TruthBeTold, I second your comment. Here's another interesting article from the kl chronicles: