Friday, November 23, 2012

Why Nurul Izzah has already lost

Puan Guru vs Utusan Malaysia. In her suit against Utusan Malaysia, Nurul Izzah said the newspaper had published four articles which contained defamatory words on Nov 6 and 7, words that:
* if understood in its natural meaning, among others, meant that she intended for the Malays to apostatize from Islam and encouraged them not to lead life according to the Islamic way 
* that she held an opionion that Malays were free to choose other religions besides Islam, and that she was a hypocrite leader and could not be trusted
She also contended that Utusan's action to publish the those words were intended to "sensationalize the news, with the aim of gaining profit without caring for her reputation, dignity and pride".

You can read what else she contends h e  r e.

Now, please read what her fellow Pakatan leader Ngeh Koo Ham thinks of her remarks:

Tweeting Ngeh strikes again - Aeshah Adlina's Weblog
YB Ngeh made these comments in the wee hours of Nov 6, the day Utusan is said to have published those defamotary words. Nurul Izzah was tagged in all Ngeh's exchanges with Goh Wei Lang. And, if you read his tweets in their natural meaning, you will find that Ngeh is describing Nurul Izzah exactly as Nurul Izzah contended that Utusan had described her.

Why didn't she correct Ngeh at that point of time if she was that concerned with her reputation?

Nurul Izzah can sue every newspaper in this country but it doesn't change the fact that she said something wrong, or wrongly. The thing to do is explain exactly what she meant and go out there to correct people like Ngeh. Most Malay-Muslims in this country did not attend the church forum where Nurul Izzah reportedly spoke through her ass. Most of us read it on Malaysiakini, Selangor Times and other Opposition-backed or pro-Opposition portals and media.

Usually, I try to talk politicians out of suing my journalist friends. Like seasoned journo-blogger Nuraina A. Samad says, politicians like Nurul Izzah should be fair game. But go ahead and do what you do best and sue the media.*

Read also Malaysia's Anwar Faces Islamic Revolt by Asia Sentinel
Stir Controversy and Face Backlash by Nuraina A. Samad

* Am pleasantly surprised that Derek F hasn't sued as promised over his monkey remarks. Now ain't he a rare species!


  1. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Amanah Raya suffered RM1billion losses in investment? Few executives were asked to leave, but no charges? Government is covering something isit?

    1. Anonymous10:33 pm

      Where you get this info?. Would appreciate if you provide the details.

  2. Hadi or Anwar for PM8:52 pm

    The word "SUE" is commonly used by politicians these days. It's 1 way to shut critics from spreading regardless whether the person who sue really did it or otherwise. ANWAR IBRAHIM is perhaps the best person whom I could identify for regularly doing this 'sue' thingy & I ain't surprised at all to see his daughter (NURUL IZZAH) follow suit. After all, 'bapa borek, anak rintik' would be the best expression to fit this nicely.

    I suspect the reasons why NURUL IZZAH made those remarks are due to the following:

    A) Trying to capture publicity (as usual) despite knowing she isn't the best person to touch on such religious topics. Prior to her making those statements, she hasn't been covered much by the media & she desperately need to say something even if it's a stupid thing just to remind people that she is not dead & is still around.

    2) She's trying to take on a religious role & she's trying to indirectly tell PAS to "FUCK OFF". She's trying to hint to PAS that Pakatan Rakyat doesn't need PAS to bitch about what they claim to know best becos' she thinks PKR & DAP itself are good enough for Pakatan Rakyat (minus PAS).

    3) She might be a Muslim but in her heart she wants to get out of it desperately. Her statements justify that she's trying to buy herself out from Islam once & forever.

    4) She's trying to win back some non Malay votes with such statements knowing well the 'hudud' issue regularly brought up by PAS needed to be kept under damage control.

    5) She hates her father & she hates Pakatan Rakyat. Thus, she is doing the silent damage to them ala 'the internal killing style'.

    6) She's trying to justify although her father (ANWAR IBRAHIM) is a Muslim but her father has the freedom to convert himself to another religion so that her father can continue his sexual romps with this doll & that doll or even that guy.

    7) NURUL knew DAP is the boss of Pakatan Rakyat. Her statements are being instructed by those DAP leaders becos she knew DAP can live without Pakatan Rakyat, while, Pakatan Rakyat cannot live without DAP.

    8) None of the above. Instead...she is just plain stupid & dumb.

    Digest carefully & damn!!! it does make sense.

  3. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Rocky,,,,kamu kena senyap je, nanti Mahathir MARAH oh,,!!!

    By the way,, Arahan telah dikeluaran,,,Persidangan UMNO,,perkara sensitive TIDAK BOLE di kemukakan,,,,

    Macam Persidangan ORANG BISU je,,!!


  4. Anonymous10:25 pm

    As usual RB is parroting what his handlers want him to say.Money talks.

  5. damansaraman4:45 am

    Dear Rocky

    Its a sad episode indeed seeing Muslim brothers quarreling inside a mosque OVER A STUPID DOA

    And this Nurul's statement is another example of how irresponsible statement by a fellow Muslimah could lead to insults towards our own religion

    When shall we learn?

  6. Mustapha Ong7:34 am

    Nurul is a prime minister material. We should not lose her but try to accommodate her in Lembah Pantai Dalam. RNC ants to challenge her but I am quite confident that RNC is no match to her. RNC should go either to Wangsa Maju or Titiwangsa. I have advised NUrul to get out from PKR if she wants to surge ahead and become the next PM after Najib. There is no credible leader in UMNO/BN. Also LGE likes her too but not the twin cousin brothers Ngeh n Ngah, although one of them wants to potong n masuk Islam! What if I also jump ship and join Nurul? UMNO thinks I am useless @ 70 but age is only a number..whether @ 40, 60 or 70 my speech is still consistent.

  7. BanlaSki8:19 am

    Whatever is your spin, Nurul is much more trustworthy and learned than all that garbage Utusan, NST and Locky the spineless, put together.

  8. Anonymous8:58 am

    What's so wrong with Ngar and Goh said? They were only re-confirming what the constitution has written, that is freedom of religion. Nurul have innocently replied to a question asked and all the so-called religious experts are coming for her blood. Utusan and Ibrahim Ali has always been giving very sensitive comments on religions but did you say anything? Please look for more serious matter to highlight lah.

  9. Anonymous10:37 am

    Nurul Izzah files the suit thinking the full trial will only begin after the election. For the time being, she tries to portray herself as a victim of an evil UMNO controlled Utusan.

    Hopefully the court will give an early date for full trial before the election. Let her good friends from Malaysiakini, Ngeh and Siti Kasim gave evidence in court.


  10. Salam Datuk,

    In the political game of chess, the political novice checkmated herself.

    Best regards

  11. Anonymous11:42 am

    Since when is a certain religion mandatory for a person in this world and a person don't have a choice?

    Only in Malaysia?

    Only for Moslems but not for other races in Malaysia?

    Are you sure you know what you are writing about on your religion?

    No test on a person's faith on Tuhan throughout his/her life?

    Are we all turning into robots?

  12. Nurul was trapped and she stupidly answered.

  13. Anonymous1:15 pm

    The Only Person Who is LOST IS ROCKY BRU!!

    Lost in his quagmire of being a Beggar begging for peanuts from the UMNO Warlords in exchange for Pot Shots against the Opposition!!

    Lost in his imagination and delusion of being a hero for the palestinian cause!!

    Lost in his love for the person he is incapable of ever getting for she is better than him in more ways than one!!

  14. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Alhamduillah, Nurul dan Pakatan Rakyat tidak akan mengamal dan mengutarakan kesamarataan agama.

    Mereka akan terus memperjuangkan islam.

    Khabar-khabar mengatakan mereka akan mer-samaratakan semua agama dan bangsa hanyalah fitnah semata-mata.


  15. Anonymous2:49 pm

    What happened to free speech in Malaysia when a newspaper just exercise its freedom?
    For the past several years, How many politicians, be it from BN or Pakatan had gone to court to settle score? Just go and check the archives. Compare the numbers from Pakatan and BN. With the likes of Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng, the DAP guy who had won his case against Khir Toyo and now Nurul Izzah. The numbers are just overwhelming. These guys not yet form a government, but exhausted every avenue to silent critics. We like to believe we are going to live in utopian world where freedom of expression flourished if they do form a government. Well folks, I don't think so. If you want to judge people, just take a good look at their records, not their words.
    They are so critical of our judiciary as well. The very institution they attacking as not independent enough but they wasted no time going there in droves whenever necessary. Some even won their cases.
    There's something inherently wrong when politicians go for suing sprees. Its the nature of their job of attacking and being attacked. They shouldn't be in politics if they can't handle the onslaughts. The English always say, if you can't stand the heat, don't stay in the kitchen. Even Noam Chomsky knows how to put it aptly. He said, if we don't believe in free expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.

  16. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Nurul and anwar are morons, devoid of any rational thinking.

    They are mere tools by the anglophile chinese christians to capture mass votes to putrajaya

    when push comes to shove, DAP will dump both father and daughter wannabes into the LONGKANG

    DAP has lots of anwar's secrets to arm twist the aged sodomite and childish daughter

  17. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Whatever cheating, chicanery & corruption taken place at the ballot box, little Nurul is the moral winner & you know it your heart of hearts Rockeeee!

  18. Anonymous5:51 pm

    What Nurul has said is what exactly the Quran have said said that there is no compulsion in religion & even our constitution allow those freedom & she should defend her statement but instead she is trying to turn roundabout. The truth have been told but sadly the truth did not prevail. How moronic one can be?

  19. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Please stop playing monkees...with your pen as Derek Fernandez was so right about you melayu bloggers who are paid...
    They spin , but nobody buys that!

  20. Anonymous10:13 pm

    The point in contention should not be what the newspapers published out, its what she said and the meaning behind it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what the meaning to her comments were. She should know that her transcripts and video of the whole thing are available everywhere, so trying to cook up stories or playing the blame game is not going to happen. Furthermore, its was Malaysiakini which posted up the very first article about it and what Utusan did was just take the same thing and put in in their papers. In fact, Utusan would be in the best position to counter sue her and settle nothing more than a full court proceedings to give out punishment suitable for this little pampered Anwar princess.

  21. You sure love to quote that schoolgirl from nst. I guess she has a lot of credibility for you to do that. Hence i am so surprised she has been left out in the latest musical chairs at that rag of a paper.
    Guess its quite difficult for swine to appreciate gems. Specially when they tend to whine rather than contribute anything meaningful to the story. Birds of a feather should stick together,no?
    As for nurul, she's got more gumption and bravery than any of the macho types that love to snipe at her.
    Admit it. She represents a Malaysia that is clean and progressive. Unlike the hangers on and parasites that seem to infest the msm's and the wanitas and faggots in the BN.

  22. Anonymous1:00 am

    What i understand from what the commentator here are saying..
    1.most of them (i believe must be from DAP) despise islam and Malay becoming muslim.
    2. They don't actually read the constitution, they only read what they want to believe.
    3. they say muslim fighting from islam right is a petty matter.

    I can assure my self now that if all this DAPIGs and PKR were to govern this country will at all cost ensure Muslim Malay marginalized.

  23. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Difficult to disagree with anon 8.52 pm.


  24. Anonymous1:28 pm


    Tell me why is Utusan so often are asked by the court to pay damages by the hundred of thousands for twisting by report ? These are in spite of the influences and connections their owners have otherwise Utusan would have been liquidated years ago. Or is it they have editors who are 'not well versed' with the laws or half educated.
    Might as well have you appointed as one of the editors or even the chief editor, how about you alerting Utusan of your availability. Or is it they know how skillful you are and might be even be sued more with all your seditious articles !

  25. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Nurul bakal pm pertama wanita msia,tunggu. Sejarah minima 1O tahun dari sekarang.

  26. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Ini puan guru izzah baik bawak pas dengan dap nih berbincang. karpal nih dah bising-bising pasal hudud di kelantan. PRU dah nak dekak niiihhh..

    Apa barang pekerja salon buke isle tak leh potong rambut jante nihhh

    Non-muslim female salon operators cannot potong rambut lelaki ke? Aiyooyoooooooo

    Itu niz aziz... apa sudah jadi karpal???

    Karpal akan beri ayat pendekar dia: "over mah dead body ya dumb ass piece of shit"

  27. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Freedom to choose religion including Malay who being raised as a muslim until he/she reach 18?? Ngeh better tell this to his PAS fellas!!

  28. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Haiya sepet sengkelet cinapeks, you have LOST your golden chance

    just admit, ambiga civil society face and her berSHIT, Buttshake watever, aged sodomite and his whining and tale bearing whimperings was rejected by Australia

    insignificant easy to fleece infantile and plain dumbo daughter also LOST the plot, mummy dried up ikan sepat also scored a big fat ZERO


  29. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Anonymous is clearly you have misread (if you ever read) the Quran. Yes there is no compulsion in religion, but the verse refers to non-Muslims... no compulsion for non-Muslim to embrace Islam. If you read further Allah says your religion yours, my religion mine..this indicates further that Islam is not the same as other religions. Thus religious pluralism doesn't sync with Islam..

    1. Anonymous1:42 am

      Apakah Tuhan bergantung pd agama untuk dikenali? Apakah tanpa agama Tuhan pun mati? Apakah masuk agama baru manusia ingin berbakti? Apakah tanpa agama tiada perlu berbakti? Demikian singkatnya akal manusia hingga tidak kesampaian arti Maha Esa? Apakah Quran & agama pun ingin di Tuhankan?

  30. Anonymous1:24 am

    Katakanlah...Masukkanlah aku dalam agama dgn masuk yg benar & KELUARKANLAH aku dari agama dgn keluar yg benar & kurniakanlah aku dari sisi engkau kekuasaan yg menolong.... Ayat Quran ini adalah bukti akan doa Nabi Muhammad yg telah meninggalkan agama kerana hakikatnya ISLAM sebagai PENYERAHAN adalah universal apabila Quran menyatakan.... Segala makhluk di langit & di bumi sujud pd Ku. Masih tak faham lagi?

  31. Anonymous2:05 am

    Apparently many of the commentators failed to focus on the article and comment on something else. The article talks about why Nurul is suing Utusan and not whether what she said is accordance to the Quran or otherwise. Focus guys!

  32. Anonymous11:11 pm

    nurul is as has-been as anwar and zizah

    the sponsors have picked losers

  33. Pakatahn Rakyat is "a party named Sue".

  34. Anonymous12:00 pm

    nurul has NO ROLE in pru13