Saturday, November 24, 2012

Because you are in their way, Musa

"The ICAC has cleared me ... What more do they want?". Go to Sabahkini and read Musa Exonerated by ICAC. It was based on the statement issued by Musa Aman yesterday:
"The Opposition made a complaint against me to the ICAC. Under the law, the ICAC is obliged to investigate the complaint. The ICAC has completed their long investigation. The ICAC by their report tabled has dismissed the complaint. The ICAC has in writing confirmed that no further investigative action of the complaint will be pursued.  
From the very start, I have the greatest confidence in the integrity of the ICAC and that I would be exonerated. Now the ICAC has cleared me. That brought an end to the pain and suffering my family has to endure for the past years.  
But Opposition is not willing to accept the truth.  What more do they want?  They are trying again to use the same complaint to gain political mileage. They are rehashing the same old story. 
I think I am entitled to conclude that the Opposition is political bankrupt.  We are entitled to treat their recent rehashed allegation with the contempt it so richly deserves.  
I remain humble, but surely there is a limit to one’s humility and patience." - Musa Aman

It is good to know that the Sabah Chief Minister actually has a limit to his patience but it is also clear, reading the feedback to the article, that most people wouldn't want Musa Aman to spend too much time on the matter, especially since it is fact that the highly-regarded Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) had, in fact, cleared him after investigating the claims made against him.

Many people I spoke to were not aware that the ICAC had actually probed into the complaint and exonerated Musa. That's a blessing. Many thought that the investigation was still on-going!

As for what more do "they" want, well ... we can safely say that they desperately want to win the next General Election, they want to move into offices and homes in Putrajaya despite labeling it Dr Mahathir's mega project, and they all want to be Prime Minister of Malaysia ... and you, Mr Chief Minister, are personally in their way. They know as well as we do that Sabah is BN's so-called "fixed deposit" because Sabahans are happy with Musa's leadership and integrity. If "they" can't change that, they can kiss Putrajaya goodbye.


  1. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Hahaha....the Musang thinks that ICAC cleared him. The truth is that ICAC could not proceed with any investigation because Malaysia refused to cooperate with them. Shame on Malaysia, cakap tak serupa bikin.

    Soon, there'll be further evidence, and then we shall see.

  2. Anonymous5:06 pm

    The Best Chief Minister tag goes to Musa Aman. He has the best interests in timber and real estate. Except that the lights in KK Airport keep failing....

  3. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Rocky comes to defend seekor musang !! kah..kah...kah...

    Woi Musang, apa lu takut sangat kalau tak buat salah ??

  4. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Go On Rocky Support those Corrput ones for you are the Bastion of Corrupters..

    Maybe they will shower you with a few coins that you so desperately crave for!!!

  5. Anonymous7:22 pm

    jEEZZ! you are not joking is it? Come on tell us you are not pulling our legs...So what if HONGKEES CLEARED HIM? How was he cleared?What about that Michael chap the runner?Just because the guilty ones colluded in these game under the MalaYSIAN GOVERNMENT EYES TELLS ALOT..
    Next all sabah politicians aRE SAINTS ....ROCK YOU MAKE OUR DAY!!!! hahahaha!!!

  6. Anonymous8:35 pm

    DAP - Developers' Association Party!
    PAS - the obedient dog of DAP

  7. Anonymous12:50 am

    Musa Aman's 40 million ringgit,PKFZ,BBMB,MAS what the heck.These are all done by politicians of Umno/BN paymasters to Rocky Bru and the likes.

  8. Anonymous8:58 am

    Integrity?? You know I Know.

  9. Anonymous9:25 am

    You still have to explain how hard cash was carried around in briefcase for a poilitical party.

    Is that the way a ruling party conducts 'business'?

    Again - you can see the ant in Hong Kong but not the scheming elephant in your own country.


  10. KrisKringle9:51 am

    Did Musa Aman get a copy of the pertinent ICAC report, or was he briefed by someone who had access to the report?

    This is relevant because the ICAC, being answerable only to the authorities in Hong Kong, does not normally reveal the results of it's investigations to external third parties.

    Of course, this doesn't apply to other anti-corruption agencies such as, for example, the MACC.

    So, who tipped off Musa Aman that he was in the clear?

  11. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Rocky, You are so amusing!

    Najib will announce elections before ICAC starts back its investigations...

    They have reapproached the government for further details on the case and najib sees this as a signal that more bad news will come!

    You have such a short memory Rocky..Remember how you supported NFC? Now they have been Charged!

    The same will happen with Musa's Cronies!!!

  12. Anonymous12:26 pm

    It is pointless to explain to brick brats the meaning of logic.

    It is perfectly okay for an MB to buy a bus. It is perfectly okay to rig their own party elections. It okay to spend all their time overseas. They need not declare assets etc.

    But why are they so eager to take over Putrajaya? Were they not the ones who opposed the so called mega project? They opposed everything but now want to take control of everything.

    Phtooi! if you ask me. They have been caught once too many and only idiots and fools still believe in them.


  13. Anonymous2:16 pm

    The shameless Locky in his last will, is willing to sell his soul to the devil to defend the most corrupted party UMNO in the world from being overthrown by all righteous and conscientious people of Malaysia.

    Hell is where Locky should belong.

  14. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Rocky, from the bottom of your heart, DO YOU REALLY believe THIS MUSA GUY IS INNOCENT??? You can go on pointing you gun at the opposition but I don't think you are that stupid to believe that the RM40M that went into his personal account was election fund for UMNO. Why so sneaky when there are so many ways to get the so-called election fund transferred to the UMNO account???

  15. Rocky is a smart ass to allow FOR and AGAINST comments...and then block all against to make his blog look like all are for...whatever his cynical and cunning character is for.
    Rocky blog sucks.

  16. Anonymous8:51 am

    Reading those desperate comment we can see how desperately they are to move to Putrajaya...

  17. By the way, Rocky, is there anything that anyone in the PR parties can say or do that will be right for you?

    Presumably you are happy with all the moneys that Musa has accumulated in Swiss accounts. And of course you are always thanking God for the riches he has bestowed upon Taib Andak. And you obviously think the Scorpene deal is all kosher...And as there was no records of Altantuya having come into the country that she was ever killed here. Funny lot you guys.

  18. Dr MADhathir12:21 pm

    Anyone who still believes in Main-Main Spin Media Star NST Bernama are real dumbarse!

  19. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Rocky,,or BATU,,,,
    Topic minta tukar sikit,,,,

    SI DAJAL sudah mula MEROYAN,,,kalu PAKATAN memerintah,,,SOVERINITY hilang,,!!!! "dia kata"


  20. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Rocky fear UMNO more than his own God. For UMNO, he can sell out anything.

  21. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Ask about the Sandakan Court, Sabah Politeknik...much money saved that goes to one pocket but to the dismay and safety of the people so called rakyat whose money been reap off to pay to this one so call Sabah leader...

  22. Anonymous5:56 pm

    All the PR goon can only do is lie and lie again. Without no proper evidence story were told worth comparing to folks tale..
    Scorphene has been cleared by the france, Musa being cleared by the Hong Kongs.. They are now lost for lies.. The only way forward is to create new make believe story and hope people buy it...

  23. Those who will vote for change of Govt are not desperate Malaysians.
    Those who want Umno B to govern forever..are feeling the heat and desperate.
    These are the idiotic lazy bum..easy job...easy money....under Umno B and cannot change...for all know..they need to resign from Govt and go back to they are the real outcast..cannot change for the better.
    Rocky maybe flexible...but PR wins...he also need to retire.
    His swinging and spinning days will soon be over.

  24. Anonymous3:18 pm

    That's it! I will vote for BN this coming GE 13. Not because I believe they are clean and of high integrity but because I really hate the hatred, the scepticism, the constant swearing, the hypocrisy and the extremism of PR politicians and supporters. They are like street hooligans. Character wise, BN is relatively better.

    And I've been abstaining myself from voting for too long already because I can't make a decision. But right now, I have the confidence... And I pray to GOD that they will never ever be able to govern this country until they change for the better...

  25. Anonymous10:34 am

    Why u all people hated so much musa aman? Calling him musang. Woi lu orang kena bayar ke? Or your mind so corrupted. I believe u all either org anwar buntut, shafie zahida rafik, or syaitan. U all memang nakkan sabah jatuh supaya senang melayu jstuh. U all pukimak