Monday, November 26, 2012

Penang does a slow-mo in GDP, Guan Eng told to buck up

Penang: Never, ever an economic backwater
1.8%. No need to buy new glasses: it is not 18 but one-point-eight per cent. That's how slow Penang GDP grew in the first nine months of the year, according to Deputy Finance Minister Donald Lim. I hope our economists will do a proper analysis on the latest numbers. Is it possible for the state's economy to do so badly so quickly? Just last year Lim Guan Eng claimed that his state had contributed the bulk of FDI into Malaysia. Read his Feb 2011 posting Only 6% of the population yet Penang contributes 36% of Malaysia's FDI in 2010.

And here's what Sin Chew reported yesterday:


  1. Anonymous6:52 pm


    So good of god and so fast of lord jesus christ to return back the prayer nik aziz's brother recite last 2 week?

    ahhh.. not to worry, chinese people will say this is another BN conspiracy and will run to MAMA BETTY to help solve the problem.
    should open 100 Old town white coffee mehh..

  2. Anonymous7:40 pm

    No matter how bad the current Penang government run the state I am sure it won't be as bad as being managed by BN. Especially now GE is around the corner even good things done by PR can be bad. And the great Rocky Bru will play a part to start the fire.

  3. Anonymous10:17 pm

    You expect this Donald Duck to say nice things regarding PR, especially the DAP? These MCA clowns are trying very hard to paint a bad picture of the DAP for their own survival because the threat for MCA to be totally wipe out is very real this time and its real enemy is DAP who will take away most Chinese votes.


  5. Get ready for DAPSTER's counterattack in here pretty soon ~ xD

  6. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Still dont mind if LGE control least other state will get more development ....thanks to LGE.

  7. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Really ? And we are supposed to trust Donald Duck ?

  8. Anonymous10:56 pm

    0018, 8100, 1800,1800,1080, 1008... hah banyak boleh pusing2 ambik nombor ekor..


  9. Anonymous11:14 pm


    basically he's ah boy getting power thru daddy - just like another father & son pair


  10. tebing tinggi11:15 pm

    Conspiracy ! Conspiracy ! Conspiracy !, Hai..ya ! lu atak pecaya ini celita , wa atak sikit-sikit pecaya tapi manyak susah mau telima maa.

    Itu olang manyak cekap itu Lim Guan Eng manyak selupa itu kelipah ,wa tatak ingat apa dia punya nama,tapi manyak olang cekap selupa itu macam loo...
    Hai..yaa...manyak susah mau telima...!.

  11. Guan Eng is revealed for what he is, a lot of hot air, a mediocre politician, a mediocre administrator being propped up by his big daddy DAP Dear Leader Kit Siang.

  12. Anonymous7:34 am

    The Only SLOW MO is Rocky Bru's BRAIN!!

    His Brain is so slow he cannot differentiate between good and bad!!
    Black and White and Crap from Fresh...

  13. Anonymous7:34 am

    The Only SLOW MO is Rocky Bru's BRAIN!!

    His Brain is so slow he cannot differentiate between good and bad!!
    Black and White and Crap from Fresh...

  14. Anonymous7:52 am

    Can we trust the figures the lackeys of Umno have come with when the GE is about to take place ?

    Umno is in control of all the figures that are dished out for the public consumption, please remember the truth will emerge in due time. So any figures given by Umno cannot even be taken with a pinch of salt.

  15. Anonymous9:14 am

    Bro,,,Keluar tajuk sikit,,sekadar nak tanya,,!

    "BETUL ke HASANG ALIQ dan NASAKRUDDIN masuk UMNO this UMNO General Assembly,,???"

    -AH JU BOR-

  16. Roky.
    Sorry bo.BN can dream to capture Penang.We know Guan Eng doing.

  17. Penang denied of oil royalty too?

    Didn't hear Lim Chong Eu cry for handouts back when Penang was an opposition state back in the early 70's.

    He turned Penang from colonical backwater into economic powerhouse.

    The other Lim from a different lineage keep on giving all sort of excuses.

  18. Anonymous11:04 am

    The fact is that the Malaysian Chinese can only excel in the business world but not in politic. You give money to them, they will prosper but if you give them power to govern they will certainly don't know what to do with it...

  19. MalaysiaCrooks ASSociation11:39 am

    Anything New from Bernama News...?

  20. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Donald !
    Why DO YOU CARE ?I'ts not yours to comment.....Why dont you say about BN run states.... definitely not so rosy i guess!Maybe worst than that 1.8 lah!

  21. Anonymous3:01 pm

    What do you expect a wannabe politician just out from under daddy's armpits

    a failed accountant, a loud-mouth, a two-timing husband that got betty chew going on makeover, catwalk gelek, mudpacks, slim torture

    bodoh sombong

  22. damansaraman3:09 pm

    Dear Rocky

    LGE in his blog said BN shouldn't politicize the economic performance of Penang, and went on to ridiculed Donald Lim for not having an economic background.

    Yet he did not gave any economic numbers to substantiate his claim.

    What is the FDI's numbers? What is the Total Re-Investment numbers?

    Wasn't these numbers that he used to self glorify himself one year ago?

  23. Anonymous3:35 pm

    hahaha, let's call the GE and let the people of Penang decide. Nobody is going to believe an MCA eunuch like Lim Siang Chai.

  24. Anonymous4:36 pm


    Political power and do not know whatto do with them? Real Dumno in the well. Malaysians have been envy of the small dot. No rubber, oil, tin, palm oil yet many malaysians travel overseas everyday to cari makan. 2k Sink = 5k ringgit satu bulan.
    Look Obama so happy to see Yingluck. Aquino is making Philippines overtaking us. Soon, our sons and grandsons will take cattle class planes to middle east and replace the Pinoys.

    1. Anonymous2:20 am

      4.36... Malaysian Chinese! Moron...

  25. Anonymous5:14 pm


    Allow me to summarize Anon 7.40 comment.

    No matter how bad DAP run Penang does not matter because they are chinese.

    No matter how good UMNO run Malaysia will never be good enough because they are Malays.

    Its a rasist remark but it does not matter because its ok to condemn the Malay but not the other races.


  26. Anonymous6:38 pm

    What do you expect when Lims emulate the Kims of North Korea in running DAP. Soon the grandson or grandaughter will take over the helm. The state of Penang economic can go down the drain...LGE hails from Johor. He owes nothing and nobody in Penang. Penangites are dumb enough to vote him they can enjoy his company.

  27. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Does growth figure reported mean so much?. Number of cina millionaires are increasing in penang and definitely in selangor too. Unfortunately most are croonies in DAP and PKR. More new business venture created like entertaintment joints, fuc ing cinadolls, gambling joints, illegal dvd peddling and what have you. Cina are happy as long they can fuc hard, gamble hard, drink hard and. ......? Voters get the buckets.

  28. Rocky Bru can you write something about todays headlines in Malaysia Chronicle, such juicy story waiting for your picking!

  29. Rocky write so much fucking shit about Lim Guan Eng ...DAP and Penang.
    How about we take a RM1000 bet?
    I pay half...I take all.
    If you dare are a spinning with no guts.

  30. Anonymous10:08 am

    This Zizou fellow is talking cock. Since when was Penang being managed by a Malay government??? Talking about being racist you are one.

  31. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Ya Rocky!!

    Why Not Write bout Deepak and Rosmah UMNO Scams..

    You might get your Datukship revoked by UMNO Hah Hah Hah!!!

  32. Anonymous12:41 pm


    I would be so ashamed to be in your shoes.

  33. lim kit sial12:58 pm

    monsterbodo..stop showing off your stupidity are so stupid it might be contagious to us here.shoooohhh...

  34. LIM GUAN anjENG1:03 pm

    the chinks who support DAPigs see no evil at all in their cult leaders. they are so twisted. only see evil in others even if others are doing good deeds. i bet you even if they see the cult leaders screw their moms they will still cheer on them.

  35. Zizou is a racist..just like Mahathir...and he talk cock like M too.
    Rocky can spin like a top.
    Tops need strings to make it spin....Rocky will spin when he sees money on the table...written "With love from Najib. Now spin."
    Rocky cannot be a politician.
    He sees money...hear money..speak for money services....very unreliable.
    His brain spins....sign of a weirdo....but he consumes alot of fire water to spin less.
    No fire water...Rocky is like a brain damaged ...6 year old child....good for nothing.

  36. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Being told to buck up, now LGE has a very good excuse to bring back 'Rainbow'...


  37. Keep reading fucked up BN supporters comments...sooooo stupid and have nicks that tells all what shit people they are.

  38. monsterball is bodoh12:09 am

    monsterbodo..u butthurt? i dont think so. your butt is as numb as your brain.

  39. Anonymous4:21 pm

    aiyoyo your balls so monstrous, something has to give

    which is why your brains is midget sized, bird brained

    full of excrement

  40. Anonymous2:37 am


    Tumolow get the Tanjung Apek to buy this number for Penang #8001, this the only way to boost up his Penang's GDP.

    Traditionally this has been the one and only way APEKs became rich in Malaysia.


  41. usual...the biggest idiot of all.

  42. Anonymous8:54 am

    Hahaha Perwira

    the other traditional way for apeks to become rich is to send their ugly daughters for prostitution

  43. Do not insult prostitutes.
    They do not steal and have no choice.
    You will find all races..doing that.
    It's a 2000 years profession to keep you idiots happy and avoid away raping....BODOH!!!