Tuesday, October 02, 2012

For MAS, life begins at 40

40 years ago
Malaysia Airlines has lost a great deal during the last decade or so. But it has not lost the support of many Malaysians who believe that MAS can still, warts and all, be the best there is. More importantly, the airline and its people have not lost their will to succeed. In just a little over a year, airline boss AJ has steadily brought back some semblance of calm and confidence that MAS is known for, at least for a good part of the last 40 years since the first MH took off on Oct 1, 1972 
AJ hasn't won over all the cynics and the critics but in the short time that he's been there, he has gained the support of many for his integrity. In an e-mail to staff (which his detractors did not leak out, of course), AJ asks them to "move together and in one direction" to keep up with the rest of the world:
"I am cognizant that over the years that while we have seen muchsuccess and many highs, there are also some lows. However, it is soimportant to move forward together in ONE direction or else we will
miss opportunities for our own recovery.  
"While our daily work may seem routine, though it reflects ourprofessionalism built over the years, the world around has changeddrastically. It is much faster, quicker than we would have everimagined 40 years ago. To stay in the running for next 40 years andmore, we need to change; be quick and nimble in order to stay in this
highly competitive and evolving industry."
AJ also reminds us why we wanted a national carrier in the first place:
"We are here to continue to fulfil those 5 national obligations.a.      To provide the people of Malaysia with an efficient and profitableair transport system which enhances the standing of the nation and thepolicies of the government.b.       To develop an efficient domestic service within Malaysia whichalso directly links Sabah and Sarawak with Peninsular Malaysia andcontributes to the economic and social integration of the country as awholec.      To select, train and develop local personnel using the mostup-to-date and appropriate managerial techniques.d.      To provide simultaneously competitive and profitable internationalservices which support Malaysia's trade, tourism and other activities.e.      To contribute meaningfully to national aspirations and foster anorganization which is in harmony with the multi-racial objectives of
Amin. And all the best, MAS!

Take Another Step: MAS' latest, the A380
p.s. I am curious as to how MAS and Malindo will work with each other. Not many people know that MAS and Lion Air, which is the Indonesian half of Malindo, had had advanced talks on collaboration before the ill-dated share-swap with Air Asia suddenly and unexpectedly came into play. Naturally, we can expect MAS and Malindo to take a look again at possible synergies between them, especially after the national carrier's inception into One World alliance with a dozen of the world's top airlines. You can read more about that in Happy 40th Birthday, Malaysia Airlines


  1. Anonymous12:22 pm

    MAS ,life began at 40.SIA life began at one year old.Now MAS at 40 like an old man having cancer,diabatic and high blood pressure.

    Cancer is equivelent to MAS Union.diabatic ls equivelent to poor management staff and high blood pressure is equel to not having enough planes.

    Actually Rocky we dont need National Airline.Just like France or Swiss .Their airline gone.They just let other airline to carried their passanger.

    With the oil price at this level you cant compete with Middle east airline like Emirate,Qatar,Istihad.To them they are buying the oil at deep discount.Now these airline can offer tiket vary much cheaper.Even SIA and QANTAS are having tough time to compete.

    Let the AIr Asia do the job flying tourist and people to our country.Last year alone they have carried almost 25 million passangers to and from Malaysia.

  2. Anonymous1:16 pm

    When MAS which were jointly owned by Malaya and Singapore, at the time when they parted company Malaya did everything possible to retard the growth of Singapore. Yet to date how much has MAS lost and how much has SIA made since ?
    May be the learned Rocky can tell the people what has happened to Brunei's share in MAS !

  3. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Dr. Mahathir Mohamad memegang replika logo Genneva Syariah bersama Presiden Persatuan Persahabatan Malaysia-Arab Saudi, Ahmad Khairuddin Illias (kiri) dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Genneva, Tan Liang Keat (dua dari kanan) sambil disaksikan Pengerusi The Gold Bullion Entreprenueurs Association Malaysia, Datuk Ng Poh Weng (kanan) pada majlis Pelancaran Produk Emas Genneva Malaysia di Kuala Lumpur, baru-baru ini

    Artikel Penuh: http://www.utusan.com.my/utusan/info.asp?y=2010&dt=1218&pub=Utusan_Malaysia&sec=Dalam_Negeri&pg=dn_10.htm#ixzz287L4LBLO
    © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

  4. Anonymous2:58 pm


    TAX PAYER NO 10,001

  5. Roti Jala3:36 pm

    After WAU this, Wow that... still BAU busuk!

  6. MAS is a national treasure. It is older than Emirates and Qatar Airways. The biggest mistakes was to allow AirAsia license to fly. The WAU was just a wayang kulit to save MAS without any structural issue address. Any Joe can come with a scheme were MAS takes the asset and the rakyat aka PMB aka The G takes the liabilities. Theres no room for mistake here because MAS works in very competitive industry. The only solution is to cancel all airline license in Malaysia and let MAS have monopoly. Let MAS take control all the routes and cater all categories of class from budget to premium airlines. MAS need to survive for national security and pride. We ca not have a situation where the people money will be used continuously to support MAS as it is not viable in the long run. MAS can become a footnote in history if not address urgently.

  7. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    Itu Airline Nasional is nothing more than an excuse to rip off the taxpayers for inefficient use of resources. You can't provide a positive return on capital, you should close shop.

    Life begins at 40 for now. In another 20 years, you will write that life begins at 60 pulak.


  8. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Duitsen, the better viable option is to close down MAS and let Airasia use MAS logo. At least this will have better hope that taxpayer money won't be used for bailout again.

  9. Dear Duitsen,
    Agree with you, it's a national heritage and as with all heritage we are duty bound to do our utmost to preserve it. There is no question, of course - taxpayers can't be expected to continue funding the miscues and mismanagement of the people at MAS or Khazanah. I don't think being a monopoly is the answer, though. MAS can still do well by working with other airlines like Malindo. The problem is we allowed some quarters to take away the most profitable routes and sectors from MAS and leave the national carrier with crumbs. That cannot be repeated ..

    Any cooperation with Malindo, therefore, must give precedence to the interests of MAS.

  10. Anon 1.16pm,

    When MSA split, Singapore got the better deal. It had Paya Lebar airport, which had a sizable network, and it had the best of the Malaysians who were working at MSA and those guys went on to lead SIA to great heights.

    You forget or deliberately left out the fact that MAS had to continue fulfilling national obligations in the form of providing air transportation to secluded spots. Places like Long Pasia in Sabah ( yes, remember that name?). Singapore/SIA did not have to do that.

    And yet, MAS is one of the top 10 airlines in the world.

  11. Anonymous5:16 pm

    MAS is like a living dead ! it has been resurrected umpteen times and its nowhere...
    Get rid of those lazy threatening union who feels that the government owes them a living and MAS will see a future....Why can't their workers multitasks like those in AA ?
    Oh! yes we do have alot of lazy workers in any big corporation but susah to sack ...ini lah Mas main weakness..

  12. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Last month, I booked a flight to Perth this coming November on MAS as it was cheaper than Airasia. Managed to save around RM3K for the five of us. Looks like MAS is getting there. Keep up the good work!

  13. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Latuk, your 4.41 pm reply is the typical excuse given whenever people compare SQ with MH. What were the actual losses attributed to MasWings ? RM 50 million on average per annum ? RM 100 million ? why then is the gap between SIA profitability and MAS profitability so great ? or rather, why are MAS losses so huge ? The answer is not blowing in the wind. The answer is that MASwas, and still is, being run by incompetents with the Ketuanan hangover. Are there really no candidates better than Ahmad Jauhari to be CEO ? AJ made his name running power plants. Only thing in common is airplanes also use turbines like power plants. Is this enough to fight against aviation experts ? Nah, it is the melayu thingy. CEO of GLC must be melayu, otherwise where got maruah ?

    Some will say that Tony Fernandez wasn't an aviation guy until he formed AirAsia. But Tony understands the power of consumerism, the power of publicity and marketing. And Tony won't hesitate to whip anyone, melayu or not, into shape.

    Can you show me which GLC has a non-malay CEO ? There are many Cina and Indians working in this sector that you can recruit from Singapore or Hong Kong or India, but these won't play ball with UMNO, would they ?

  14. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Wat has this GENEVA got to do with MAS? Utusan said that RM4 billion hilang atas ayer from Geneva scandal. Rocky shame the world and tell us the story of Geneva before the FAT (and I really mean FAT) lady sings:)))

  15. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Yeah, I like Anon 5:16 has said. MAS has an enemy within which is its powerful and influential union. It's so powerful to the extend of influencing MAS big decisions. In any production, not just MAS, there should be a balance between requests and demands of the workers or.. it will look like the employers are giving in too much too soon to appease them; in which, in the long run could impede its growth and prosperity.
    MAS should know how to strike this delicate balance. Not necessarily taking a tough stance but try to find a way around it by drawing a line in which they shouldn't crossed.
    I think MAS need to look into that.

  16. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Sapa2 yg nak AA pi la kerja sama dorang...saya x suka syarikat penipu mcm AA tu...taik punya TF.

  17. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Yo spinning too bru! AJ still got whacked even in the recent townhall. He got highly paid for being dumb like a puppet. Zero honour begets zero trust.

  18. Anonymous10:09 pm

    MAS is a top 10 airline? Really ? What jaguh kampung or syiok sendiri criteria are you using ? If you have any understanding of economics, you will rank airlines based on profitability such as return on shareholders' funds. MAS is top 10 for gomen subsidy. Don't show me the rankings for comfort, service, etc based on magazines.

  19. Anonymous10:25 pm


    Melayu mana bole terajui Syarikat BESAR-BESAR,,,selalu memening kepala!!!!

    Cuba bagi pada BANGSA lain,,GERENTI Maju,,!!!

    Udah 40years,,,,masih merangkak,,!


  20. Datuk,

    Agree with Duitsen. Malaysians must know. AirAsia flourished at the expense of MAS.

    MAS split from MSA becoz MAS's primary agenda is to serve the nation's needs, first. National integration is still a national agenda, until present day.

    YB Wee did post a new piece on his blog. He praised AJ for the “People Engagement Survey”. Even posted in full AJ’s circular e mail to the Group (Ref. No. GCEO/CIR 028/12), marked “STRICTLY FOR INTERNAL CIRCULATION ONLY).

    I'm not sure he should be doing that in the first place.

    But no Birthday Wish to MAS. He could hv just added a simple line.

    What a pity!

    Anyway, Happy Birthday MAS. Had a lot of fond memories flying with you, since the 70s. Really fond memories!

    Thank you. Pls be there band continue to serve us for the next 40 yrs.

  21. Anonymous11:56 pm


    'Mas is one of the top 10 airlines in the world'.

    Top 10 airlines in the world for what.For corruption,cronism,huge losses and massive bailouts.

    'Singapore had the better deal.It had Paya Lebar airport'.

    Then what do you expect,baby.Singapore to have their national airports in Putrajaya.

  22. Anonymous12:03 am

    The hopeless financial health of MAS is just like BN hopeless mismanagement of Malaysia.

    Some jokers (like this Locky the spanner) may try to give all the excuses that Malaysia is doing very well. Very well my foot.

    Any Joe, Ahmad, Ah Kow, Muthu or even the monkeys could have done a better job using just the half trillions dollars debts only to develop Malaysia. Where has all the money gone to? Real shit.

  23. Anonymous1:25 am

    Duitsen hit the nail on its head bro and inimitably you drove in the point further.

    With no social obligations whatsoever, the pork-run SIA prospered leveraging on the myth of Singapork being an important hub..blah blah blah (when reality screams that it is indeed a hub of some sort..a moneylaundering hub cum tax crooks haven....hahahaha). But the sun is setting on the hub. It is sliding into a technical recession, Euro will kill its banks and sow panic, Qantas has dumped the hub, Dubai is drawing the crowds and soon Singapork will be an inconsequential shitpost straddling the middle-east-far east, australasian route.
    Add to that the fact that the airline of the hub has seen its market value shrivel amidst rumours of its books being fiddled to hide financial blackholes. and a full blown crisis is lurking beyond the horizon..................

    The "hub" aside, the biggest mistake MAS made was allowing pundek kalathai pariah fatty to have his filthy paws crawling over our Malaysian girl. We know the pariah's "business acumen" lies in his sweettalking and weaseling his way in and then setting to work by crippling the host like the true parasitic pig he is. It succeeded with MAS (to rid it off FF) and now the same trick resurfaces elsewhere:


    But ah' reeckon Malindo may have better sense than MAS.His tony cocksuckling and tony arselicking defenders will be here soon as would aviation experts from Singaporkland.......

    MAS could have resurrected Firefly and Malindo need not have materialised but that's an opportunity slowcoach AJ dint grasp. Thus I dont see anypoint the idiot talking about FF after the horse has bolted the barn.He ought to get the boot and someone more proactive and street smart be brought in before the license for AA be yanked away for good as Duitsen proposed.

    Let's see whether pariah chakiliyan fatty has the savvy to survive in the new environment or end up like a dead Kingfisher ala Mallya which is very likely given that great "business acumen" of his in bossing Caterers and Cue Pee Ah.....hahahahahahaha:


    and sacking the dolt would sure make someone look like a plank as one fan put it here, wouldnt it?:


    By the way, a certain blog that purportedly runs down pundekkalathai pariah banned my comments on the account of my socalled filthy words...hahahaha. Talk about sensitive wallflowers!! Masquearding as a pro-Bn outfit, it however failed to mask the obvious that it is an Anwhore cheerleader...a peek at its links will give you my drift....Word is out on the street that Fuckatan in desperation is hiring selfstyled pro-BN so-pos who are willing to doubleteam on the sly for a few extra bucks...Buyers at these blogs better beware

    Warrior 231

  24. trifling-jester4:02 am

    fundamental economics is like fundamental physics. you cannot escape their laws. you protect a company for decades and let it be run by weaklings- you cannot expect it to compete with companies that have pulled their own weight all along. thats why MAS, proton and many GLCs will continue to make bad decisions and get the bad ends of a bargain. you can try to manipulate the current environment by pumping money in, armtwisting competitors etc - but eventually on a global stage these laws catch up.

    you raise your children with crutches, you cant expect them to be champion sprinters. fundamentally we've had it all wrong.

  25. Anonymous4:34 am

    Hello Rocky, why the hell did MAS want to go Long whatever. Just look at the thinking of these CEO's at MAS at that time(and even now). What & where is "Long whatever" now?? Just like why MAS didn't fly to Hutan Melintang ???

  26. Anonymous4:57 am


    Didnt realise its been 40 yrs of MAS. Malaysians should be grateful & appreciative of our national carrier. Our lives are somewhat affected by MAS in one way or another.

    What ever shortcomings or troubles MAS got into over the years, Malaysians should treat MAS as if she is family & do what families usually do; do their best to help her.

    Talk is cheap. Too much talk already. It’s bloody easy to criticise & blame. Try rehabilitate or turn around.

    Yes, things could be better. No doubt about that. But we all should ask ourselves; what hv we done in recent times to ensure MAS as a family member is getting the best assistance each of us could do for her.

    How hv we helped MAS besides talk, talk, talk & more talk?

    P/S: I’m proud to say, in all my three trips this year & also last year’s three trips to Europe, I flew MAS all the way. I’m so proud to see the MAS tail whenever I’m in an airport abroad. Most of all, the moment I step into a MAS plane, I already feel at home. Even tho home is almost 7,000 miles away!

  27. Anonymous9:00 am

    Crew MAS transit menginap di hotel-hotel 5 bintang di dalam negeri dan luar negara. Ini salah satu perbelanjaan MAS yang sangat tinggi.


  28. Anonymous10:14 am

    " ...and it had the best of the Malaysians who were working at MSA and those guys went on to lead SIA to great heights." Rockybru

    Most of the best Malaysians are still alive and kicking. Can talent Corp go and put together a team of ex MSA or ex SIA people and put them on contract to run MAS ? These are the people who won't take shit from the political masters, and will do what is right, not what is expedient.


  29. Anonymous3:11 pm

    "Malaysians should be grateful....."

    The typical UMNO line. We should be grateful for all the shenanigans, for all the billions siphoned off from MAS. We should be grateful the culprit even managed to secure an out-of-court settlement where the terms are chopped "top secret".

    We are indeed grateful for idiots like Warrior 231. It isn't his foul-mouthed tirades that we can't stomach. It isn't his jaguh kampung feelings of might. It isn't his wishful thinking of how Singapura will be consumed by the sea. After all, all the traits of Warrior 231 are due to his incestous origins. What we worry about is people like him continuing to commit incest and then get away with it because he's an UMNO supporter.


  30. Anonymous3:50 pm


  31. Anonymous10:43 pm

    nobody in the board of directors or management want to admit many decisions taken has been wrong decisions. My freind in Mas say Top management sweep things under carpet. Also CEO cannot even come with clear business plan for staff to follow. We investors also want to know when Mas can make money. We want dividends. Staff want bonus. This month loss less than last month mean no profit made. Loss is still a loss ma.

    CEO always talk about new aeroplane 380 and join 1World will make money. When? is 380 full everyday? can 1World make it full? How much is Mas losing every day? What action is taken on this? What is the income when 1World is available? Can anybody answer? Nobody can answer. No wonder Mas share is half prrice under par and staff morale is still low. What a shameful way to celebrate MAS 40 birthday on 1 Oct 2012!

  32. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Ah warrior the in-bred retard really needs help. Rocky care to start a fund to help your bastard son?

  33. Anonymous12:41 am

    "His tony cocksuckling and tony arselicking defenders will be here soon as would aviation experts from Singaporkland......."

    Bru and decent folks here,

    Dint I presciently warn you that the above will materialize in a jiffy.

    Bullseye! as shitworms like:

    anons 4.02am; 3.11pm and 11.42pm

    just crawled outta the shithole right on cue to take the bait and prove me right. The problem with Malaysia is not that there are no smart ones around, the problem is simply a lack of political will or balls to give the go ahead to wipe off these shitworms from arseholes everywhere, if you get my drift...

    and tony cocksuckling....well.....even the toniest of tonies cant resist that one I suppose...especially when yer r shittin bricks and your butt is on the line ...hahahahahahaha:





    Hope Sabah, KLIA 2 and India learn from the adage; "once bitten twice shy" and Malindo disproves the "there is a new sucker born every minute" theory for once......Dont ask Cue Pee Ahhhh fans that though...hahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  34. Anonymous11:26 am


    Have you asked what happened the "greatest and best" corporate restructuring made by Binafikir some years back ? It made Azman Mokhtar and Denny rich, and Binafikir was sold to Maybank for RM 8 million. Of course these characters went on to bigger and better paid jobs courtesy of the gomen. Now the asset unbundling shit has to be reversed, and these people are still reaping the rewards of their ill-conceived plan that cost MAS lots of money.

    There is no accountability in this country. Always the standard "let's be grateful" or "bukan gua bikin" or "we are still better than Zimbabwe Air".

  35. Anon,

    Yes, I believe I have left quite a trail on Binafikir on this blog alone. I have been a "fan" of Azman Mokhtar for a long time, my friend.

    But to start equating MAS with anything from Zimbabwe is an insult to your own intelligence. You know what I think of people who look down on Zimbabwe and other African countries without knowing what they'r talking about.

    Do yourself a favor, stick to things you know, mate.

  36. Jasper Bloodstone8:01 pm

    The warrior is suffering from a bad case of pecker envy.

    It's as simple as that.

    All his vilifications, denigrations and quoting of unnamed "sources" hasn't resulted in the little red dot dwindling into oblivion.

    Indeed, the very existence and increasing prosperity of the said "dot" is a red flag and a standing indictment of him and his racist superiority wannabes in Umno and the blogosphere.

    See, all their piddling theories about tax havens and money laundering, quoting all types of references, haven't amounted to a whole heap of beans, if you catch my drift.

    Which is why my own "sources" say that SIA and Changi Airport will out-run, out-market and out-muscle MAS and KLIA.

    Have you noticed that Malaysia Airports has yet to publish it's benchmarking of KLIA against Changi (and Hong Kong and Incheon Airports)?

    I seem to remember that when KLIA became operational, some big shots then said it would be benchmarked against the best airports in the world.

    Fast forward to 2012 and we are still waiting for the benchmark studies to be made public, unless they are marked "Top Secret".

    As for MAS, the excuse of "national service" is both shoddy and time-worn and is well past it's "sell by" date. That's another topic to be addressed later.

    Meanwhile, the warrior can comfort himself with the fact that his bĂȘte noire dot has positioned itself as the gateway to Asia and as a regional hub. And positioned itself well too.

  37. trifling-jester11:23 pm

    Rocky, its pretty clear anon was not equating mas to zimbabwe air from his statement - what are you on about? why take shots at him for things he didnt say?

  38. Anonymous2:13 am

    ""See, all their piddling theories about tax havens and money laundering, quoting all types of references, haven't amounted to a whole heap of beans, if you catch my drift.

    Dude,answer the Yank guy. The silence was indeed deafening.Folks, get to read it here, the last three comments at the bottom...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..talk about the ultimate comeuppance or a glowing red iron rod up someone's ass that really clammed the babbling squealing pig up for 3 weeks!!!!!!.....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


    Look at how the pondan pig lost its cojones big time and went into speechless hiding for 3 weeks with nary a pipsqueak. Some cockless bastard pig indeed!!!hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...yeah...a chingkie unwashed arse cocksuckling arselicking bastard pig.

    and make sure you strip off your panties and have an eye on your shrinking balls and shriveling cock while you are attempt a riposte...hahahahhahahahahahaha.

    What a shitworm in a shithole of a shitstained pig.

    Shameless lying cockless piglet of a streetwhore and a syphilitic pimp. Chingkie scumbag of a slimepoop...eat yer balls alive..they are useless when you read this:


    Hei pondan cowardly pig..answer the American..I bet he got fed up of waiting by now...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahah

    Warrior 231

    P/s: One more thing: keep taunting chingkie pondan and i 'll have Mr Cousins cut and pasted every time you show yer ugly filthy snout here...now get lost and go burn in hell with momma and poppa pigs.

  39. Jasper Bloodstone4:57 pm

    It appears that the Yankee is still comfortably ensconced in the little red dot.

    Why,prithee, when he has such bad things to say about that place.

    So, dude, there's nothing that I need to answer as far as he is concerned, except to state that he is a shameless hypocrite!

    If he has the courage of his convictions, he would chuck in his resignation, quit the dot and seek his fortune in more salubrious locales. Like, say, Malaysia.

    As for your own views on the dot, the real world sees different. Which means that your bluff is called. Dude.

  40. Anonymous5:20 pm

    A slew of reasons why Singapore is about to be a dead pig carcass in the sewage pond

    1. Dying Chingk pigs (demographics):


    2. Collapsing and outmoded education system:

    3. Soon to burst property bubble:

    No wonder, talk in inner circes in pigland is a Johor invasion masked initially as investment:


    Najib has been forewarned as i am doing now and as i did earlier at RB.

    Stumpy pigcocks South of the Tebrau are shrinking by the day....hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  41. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Dei pondan pig

    Don't write fairy tales. YOU challenged the Yank. He PWNED u easy peasy..fucked ur arse real bad that it hurt for 3 weeks hahahahaha hahahaha

    How many stitches eh pig. Ur arsehole still sticking out..bad case of fistula.."hahahahaha!

    Now ur comment up here confirms his points... You don't deny it for you CAN'T deny it, Babi . U could only call him a hypocrite, how pathetically lame..Chingkie pig! Where is ur famous motor arsemouth ripostes...ur famed peckerenvy and stuff. Unleash that at him, pondan pig if u dare.

    But U know U CAN'T do that for he has fucked ur mouth and brains real hard with the truth as well... So what now can Chingkie slit eyed pig do?Bitch like a arsetorn she- dog to save facelah...adhominem him by calling him names, hypocritelah, pundeklah..blah blah

    U GOT ARSEFUCKED, get it! U asked for it and got it right there...up ur arse....now get lost and go suckle ur momma's shriveled filthy clit! That's all the pacifier you have to salve your hurt, pig!

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    Folks,let's ROFL as we reprise:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha .......oh my cousins...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  42. Anonymous11:55 pm

    yo bloodystone

    the senior leaders are unhappy that you highlight red dot in Malaysian blogs

    you're shifting unwanted attention such that the red dot is put under a microscopic glare

  43. Jasper Bloodstone11:52 am

    Ooh, do tell - your "inner circes(sic)" again!

    Why be afraid to name names?

    It just shows you up for the shamelessly deluded hypocrite that you are......

    And I am sure that Najib has better things to do than listen to your poppycock drivel.

    Now run away and peddle your conspiracy theories and watch lists to the likes of Perkasa and certain right wing bloggers.

  44. Anonymous6:06 pm

    And this is how Singapork Chingk pigs con the world while ensconced in a luxury pad (bought with illgotten gains) at moneylaundering/tax dodgers haven central. Why in cahoots with their tungsten peddling bastard pig brethren from Chingkieland of course. God damn Chingkie pigs!:

    "there is a bullion company owned by a bank in singapore.
    also there are tungsten filled gold bars manufactured in China. Some are already surfacing in Europe and US. Look at it, it even have the Credit Suisse insignia. Think you buy a gold bar, better bite it to test.


    Posted by: BakuGan at Tue Oct 02 15:28:01 SGT 2012

    comment culled from here

    - A SPH owned news portal

    Yet another Singaporkian success story emerging from beyond the horizon as it pans out.......hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhaahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahah

    Harry must be mighty pleased with his hairy legacy....hahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

    P/s: also this for backgrounder :http://www.zerohedge.com/news/tungsten-filled-10-oz-gold-bar-found-middle-manhattans-jewelry-district

    Yep folks...I have embarked on Singaporkian bashing with truth, facts, elan and gusto to boot to counterbalance the fairy tales being spun about a little red dot. Gangway....more truth sewage is coming down them gutters to drown delusions everywhere...especially in Hougang Mental....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahahahahahahahaha

  45. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Zaw Zaw need not worry one iota. Singapork will throw him the red carpet. After all, he is royalty who is about to enter a land of tax dodgers, moneylaunderers, pimps, human traffickers and petty thieves........hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahah


    - a Singapore Press Holdings owned press portal.

    Times have indeed changed! which might just make senile Harry smile for a change knowing his filthy legacy is safe and sound

    Warrior 231

  46. Crooks11:23 pm

    Who created AirAsia? Its not Tony Fernandes.

    It was his benefector Mahathir! Dont forget that.

    This traitor saw the opportunity and gave it to TF.

    Then added with Pak Lah's catering brother MAS was just gold mine for some crooks. When Idris Jala was doing well he was promoted to Minister! When Maybank CEO was not dancing to Najib tune he was also promoted to Minister.

    Just keep up the exposure. Sooner or later their crimes will ctach up with them when the Malays are fed up.

    When the country was promoting lcal holidays, Airasia was promoting outflow cash with foreign holidays?

  47. Anonymous1:50 am

    Crooks is croaking mad, isnt he? Probably he is shitting in envy and pissing with anger when he reads stuff like this:




    Melayus everywhere dah celik akal dah, crooksy Cino babi except what warrior 231 rightly calls as cocksuckling, arselicking, cunttonguing, johnswallowing pseudo-Malay pondans like Anwar and co and their numbers are shrinking by the day.

    As for Singapore, keep the truth and facts coming, brother warrior 231. We sure had enough of lies and fairy tales about its so-called economic wonders!

    As for Tony, Dollah'sand now Anwar's favourite toyboy, 3 alphabets sums up his vaunted business skills : QPR!

    Warrior Fan