Monday, October 01, 2012

Malaysia questions UN's will to reform

"Human rights .. should be applied without selectivity or discrimination. Why is that when we discriminate against gender it is called sexism; when African Americans are criticized and vilified, it is called racism; when the same is done to the Jews, people called it Anti-Semitism, and laws are legislated to prosecute the perpetrators. But why is it when Muslims are stigmatized and defamed, it is defended as "freedom of expression"?" - Anifah Aman, Malaysia's Foreign Minister, during the General Debate of the 67th Session of the UN General Assembly
Tun Dr M never minced words when he spoke up against the West's discrimination against Muslims at UN assemblies. Back then, we had Razali Ismail, the very able diplomat and Dr M's special envoy, to also say it as it is. Anifah Aman continues the Malaysian tradition of not being afraid to stand up against double-standards (and double-speak). Malaysians should be extremely (not moderately) proud.


  1. wat u call a discrimination, an abused of power by fed govt on the state which is led by opp party thr democracy process?

  2. Contemplative11:05 am

    Here's the deal: UN will make defamation of religion illegal if Muslim countries make conversion from Islam legal.

  3. Salam takzim Dato' Rocky,

    Penganut Muslim di Malaysia memang kebnyakan nya akur dengan pendapat tiadak ada faedah nya bantahan yang menumpahkan darah atau nyawa kerana membantah Penghinaan terhadap Islam.

    Tapi itu satu AMARAN yang tidak boleh di pandang rengan.

    Kalau perlu kami sedia berjuang habis habisan.

    CUMA sebahagian pemimpan2 KERAJAAN dan PEMBANGKANG sahaja yang RELA menelan segala PENGHINAAN itu. Malah bagi merek itu Sangat Manis.

    Tentu ada sebab nya.

    Kekalah dalam perabg UHUD bukan akhir. Kemenangan akan menyusul kalau kita mahu belajar dari kesilaoan.

  4. Anonymous12:48 pm


    Hey Man! You got it All upside Down!!


    Apa lah Lu Ni! Dah Kena Alzheimer Ke Atau UMNOAimer....


  5. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Syabas pada semua pemimpin yang ada bola. Kulit putih tak semestinya bijaksana dan berjati diri.

    Pemikiran yang betul betul sudah MERDEKA!!

  6. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Anifah Aman feather tickling Anwar's friends G spot again


  7. Anonymous3:13 pm

    That's the way. Speak up. As long as BN rules. PKR? The west will lead them by the nose.

  8. Anonymous3:20 pm


    Akhirnya malaysia ada menteri luar yang ada 'standard' untuk berucap ddan berhujah di UN.


  9. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Those community which thrive and manage to gain wealth and power with have the right to determine what they want. The Muslim maybe be one of the largest community in the world but they are plunged with poverty, ignorant, illiteracy and in fighting. This make them a noisy but relatively weak group who have no say in whatever policy of the world. The wealthest Arabs in the world are mainly dictators and oil tycoon who are mainly the Western allied or cronies. They put all their money mainly in the Western world rather than investing in their own countries. Worst, Muslim are good at in fighting, look at what happen in Syria, it is basically a war between Sunni and Shia with backing from their own various Arab countries which suppose to be brothers. So don't start blaming others if the Muslim can't even get their own house in order.

  10. Jasper Bloodstone3:42 pm

    Too clever by half, Bru.

    Why didn't Anifah rail against stigmatisation, denigration and discrimination against Buddhists, Hindus and Christians?

    Freedom of expression vs freedom of religion.

    Even Dr M, for all his blunt out speak, couldn't solve this particular conundrum.

  11. Anonymous5:39 pm

    But why is it when Muslims are stigmatized and defamed, it is defended as "freedom of expression"?"
    sexism, anti-semitism did not bomb implode/explode buildings and cut-off heads of innocent people in the name of God. Where were these so called moderate or whatever Muslims when these things happened? Total silence = agreement!! Now you are crying foul play...duh. What goes around comes around.

  12. Rocky,

    Talking about reform, negara ni perlu bermcm2 reform ...

    Apa Tun ckp ni?

  13. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Will Muslims also do their part? not resorting to kneejerk/blood thirsty violent reactions every time they think they are being offended. And also not to offend other beliefs with their kafir slur and terminology etc. to seriously respect that others have a right to their own beliefs and NO yours are not a superior belief???

  14. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Ah... if only these *moderates* would also dare to comment and are brave enough to show their displeasure at their more extremist bros. perhaps we would be in awe of this guy - berani tegoh org barat aje!! Load of BS!! Cakap tak seruba bikin.

  15. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Aman talk cock!!!!!

    Aman should ask why Malaysian Ringgit makin menurun!!


  16. Anonymous10:59 pm

    have a whisky. better than beer. good for your soul, rocky.

  17. Anonymous2:51 am

    Dato Anifah Aman ROCKS!!

    Pak Lah was a fool for not appointing him as full Minister earlier.

    Good thing Najib saw his potential.

    Hantam sama dia Dato Anifah!!

    I will vote BN just because of this

  18. Anonymous7:33 am


    Quick go run to a new topic and don't post the comments! You'll look real stoopid if you do. Heh Heh

  19. Anonymous7:34 am

    I have read the whole speech by Datuk Anifah, I am not only proud but extremely proud with the speech. Itu baru Menteri punya calibre, ada class punya cakap. Kalau di Sabah itu sudah tup tu, tup bah.

  20. Dear Jasper,
    Anifah spoke for those faiths, too. He's been consistent on the topic of extremists in all religions, not just in Islam. See my Sept 19 posting where I quoted Anifah as saying last year that "The real issue is not between Muslims and non-Muslims but between moderates and extremists in all religions".

  21. Anonymous10:40 am

    yeah, can also stop ignoring death threats demanded by both the moderates and idiot extremist on those who left the religion. Its a subtle message when you don't do anything about it. Religion is a personal choice bila mau bole faham??

  22. Anonymous10:42 am

    Talk is cheap!! Dalam negara sendiri practice double standard!! Hyprocrite!!

  23. Anonymous10:46 am

    Anifah, waiting for you to start talking about the rights of others to leave that religion freely, no need to state religion in ID...etc. joker lah you.

  24. Anonymous11:10 am

    where were the moderate msians when the psycho Talibans bombed the giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan???

  25. Anonymous11:11 am

    Anon 12:48 PM ...

    Can`t blame your comment.

    Must be a real hardcore Fcukatan supporter.

    If you think Malaysia is bad, try living in the West.

  26. Anonymous11:19 am

    Bila buat tak pikir hati perut kepercayaan org lain . Tak tegoh sikit pon bila org yg tak bersalah di hukum. Bila dah kena balik tau pulak nak perasan sakit perit. Kena di ajar - dunia ini bkan utk sesuatu agama aje walopon ko mati2 pecaya ko aje lah yg benar. Asik org lain ajer yg tak betul.Bodoh sombong padah akibat nya dalam agama juga. Nak bersuara dah agak terlambat sikit.

  27. Anonymous11:34 am




  28. Anonymous12:51 pm

    anon @ 3:33 PM

    but the world's wealth in in Muslim lands especially black gold

    this fact is frustrating the western countries that they NEED the Muslims to advance their economy

  29. Anonymous12:54 pm

    bloodystone MUST produce solid evidence of stigmatisation, denigration and discrimination against Buddhists, Hindus and Christians

    just to call the cinapek sepet sengkelet "PENDATANG" also cannot when it is TRUE

    1. Jasper Bloodstone3:53 pm

      For starters, what about the demonstration some years ago in front of a Catholic church in Ipoh over the alleged conversion of Muslims?

      Has anyone been held accountable? Has anyone apologised to the parishioners of that church?

      Nope, nada. It was con

  30. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Anon 12:51 PM, thw West especially the USA purchase the black gold by paying nothing because they print the US dollar at no cost, use it to buy the oil and the best is the Arabs deposit the US dollar back to US and Jewish banks. So in actual fact, the money never leaves USA or the West and the West got free oil.