Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A Scorpene trial in their own dark minds

Read the articles in the Star here and read it again, if you like, in the New Straits Times here. Both quoted the interview given to Bernama by Yves Charpenel, a French government prosecutor. Mr Charpenel says contrary to claims made by some parties, there is no Scorpene trial in Paris or anywhere in France.

There is only a trial by the media, he said.

And true enough: one such media, The Malaysian Chronicles, pro-PKR to the very core, clutches at straws to save the day for its political masters today in What no trial: French lawyers debunk Bernama report on Scorpenes hearing. 

"Whether Yves was accurately quoted and reported in the right context remains to be seen. However, William Bourdon, the French lawyer acting for Malaysian NGO SUARAM has debunked the Bernama report.
"Yves Charpenel's statement is absolutely contradictory with the current investigations. The Tribunal deGrande Instance has convened a criminal inquiry of which SUARAM has been accepted as a civil party since March 2012," Bourdon, who was deported from Malaysia when he came to brief his client last year, said in a statement released by SUARAM late on Monday night.
"Upon completion of the inquiry will the investigating judge make the decision of whether the case goes to full trial. It's the investigating judge that makes the decisions not the prosecutor. To our knowledge the current prosecutors in charge of the case have not made any such statements as suggested by Charpenel. The two Judges, Roger Le Loire and Serge Tournaire continue their investigations on the Scorpene inquiry”.
In the end, they contradict each other! The truth will prevail, always and in all cases. We have been watching this charade for too long. It is indeed time to end this irresponsible politcally-motivated game of perception that Anwar and Co are playing on all of us.

I'm not advocating we cry treason. No need for that. We know who's lying now. Mr Charpenel is a government prosecutor. Mr Chapenel does not represent the Malaysian Government. He represents his own Government.

Mr Bourdon, on the other hand, represents Suaram. And Suaram does not represent me or you. Who does it represent?


  1. Jasper Bloodstone9:07 pm

    "Treason"? Surely you jest, right?

    The ongoing investigation in France hasn't as yet determined if any offences were committed, and, if they were, who should be held responsible.

    I believe that both the French government prosecutor and the Suaram lawyer are agreed on this, right?

    So, Bru - why are you so anxious to treat this as a non-issue when nothing has been decided yet.

    1. Jasper, Jasper,
      First to comment! Now who's anxious?

      Even there is one, it will be interesting. But until there is one, Tuan Chua and gang should not pretend there is one. It is good that Mr Yves has made absolutely clear about that one.

      Mr Bourdon is even more anxious. This can't be igood for his KPI!

  2. drMpower9:10 pm

    the websites, papers, should do another frontpage. instead of 'No Scorpene Trial', should use 'Suhakam Lied' or 'Opposition B.S The People About Scorpene Deal'

  3. Anonymous9:49 pm

    soldiers of fortune like you will even sell your children away for a few dollars more. guess u can afford some nice whisky now, no rocky?

  4. I knew this from the very beginning ... few months ago a friend of mine who's been residing in France was shockingly surprised when he was asked about report on Scorpene investigation in French daily paper. He saw nothing at all.

    Logically in this information age, any news published by European daily papers aggravating Najib would have been excessively used by pro PR bloggers for political mileage.

    But Rocky ... Anwar's game of treason somehow did work to convince those PR idiots.

  5. "Who does SUARAM represent?"

    It represents all those who have a right to know who ordered the murder of Altantuya, while others benefited from over half a billion dollars paid to "facilitate" Government procurement of two Scorpenes submarines.

    OUR Government, led by PM Najib, coupled with inaction by PDRM, has persistently refused to bring to book these murdering Kingpins, while suspicious lingers about erased immigration records and suspicious handphone calls between our PM and Razak Baginda.

    This we cannot allow to pass, as by government and PDRM inaction, we will be seen as condoning fraud, embezzlement, murder and rogue elements within our elected government.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  6. Anonymous8:44 am


    Regardless of the spin that you and the mainstream media is carrying out..The wheels of the Law in France is turning.

    At the moment it is only in the Investigative stage. When the Full Trial Starts (which is most likely as the Trial will be on the French Citizens accused of taking Bribes), all will be bared in Public! This is where Najib and Razak Bagindas name will be on the front pages of French papers.

    Then, No amount of Spin from you or anyone else will make any difference!


  7. Anonymous9:32 am

    Dont jump the gun and spin it so real...Read the latest...this prosecutor from France is so blurred in his job...he did'nt check what its all about.
    Sorry! nobody believes Bernama....

  8. Anonymous11:06 am

    Alamak, Latuk, lu spin lagi kah ? The prosecutor said "no FULL trial" and you also cannot understand. The investigation is ongoing by two judges, not by the prosecution. I pity you lah, trying so hard to spin for Najib and getting egg on your face....

    BTW, you are not FULLY to be blamed cos you don't understand French.


  9. Anonymous11:13 am

    And why is UMNO so scared of this case if indeed there is no case to answer ? Siapa yang makan cili dialah yang merasa pedas....

  10. Anonymous11:56 am

    I read the "offending" article, written by a certain Stan Lee, Malaysia Chronicle.

    If I were Stan Lee, I'd stick to writing comic books... just like the Caucasian Stan Lee.

    Anyway, the stench of a biased semi-literate wannabe-writer is most overwhelming... coming from the Chinese Stan Lee, that is!

    For example, Yves Charpenel is referred by his first name; whereas William Bourdan by his surname.

    Another example is, ..."Whether Yves was accurately quoted and reported in the right context remains to be seen...

    which begs the question, "Is this Chinese Stan Lee a blogger or a respectable reporter?

    Any self-respecting reporter would first get in touch with the source and get a direct quote... and, not, to rely on second-hand news.

    Unless, of course it's just for the typical-PRick-style propaganda.

    A pathetic attempt to obfuscate the real issue is exemplified by the Chinese Stan Lee's quote from Willie du Bourbon, ...""Yves Charpenel's statement is absolutely contradictory with the current investigations"...

    However, Chinese Stan Lee didn't bother to state the status of the current investigations!

    How could something be absolutely contradictory when there is absolutely nothing to compare it with!

    Although, in an attempt to dignify his quote, our Chinese Stan Lee, saw it fit to immediately add, ..."The Tribunal deGrande Instance has convened a criminal inquiry of which SUARAM has been accepted as a civil party since March 2012"...


    Yes, we are aware that SUARAharaM, financed by foreign funds, instigated this witch-hunt... and, yes, even The Tribunal deGrande Instance must accept this fact...

    ...BUT... and a big butt, at that...

    ...the latter statement doesn't, in the commonest of common-sense, lend any support to Willie du Bourbon's opening statement that "Yves Charpenel's statement is absolutely contradictory with the current investigations"... does it?

    *ooops, sorry Wllie du Bourbon should read William Bourdon... must be all the bourbon I've been consuming to help digest that Chinese Stan Lee's pathetic attempt at justifying a proven wrong!

    ... please excuse me while I throw up!

  11. Does anyone in this whole wide world actually believe that the 500mil ringgit( 1/2 billion) was for legitimate reasons and not a backdoor payoff??
    Suaram aside, this is the rakyats money that the PM , then the defense minister has squandered.
    RES IPSA LOQUITOR... the act speaks for itself.

  12. Anonymous12:01 pm

    blame all for the administration misdeeds, failures n wrongdoings-- blame the east n the west,, blame the cattle rustlers for missing cows n the pirates for the missing billions.. blame n blame-- same story by the same tired singer> for 30 years>>> let change the singer n listen to anew song of HOPE , of a better life. a clean system,, so voters please HELP to CHANGE ..

  13. najib manaukau1:27 pm

    One of the best explanations is for Najib and the defense minister to come up with an account to counter the numerous speculations. Most of all why avoid doing that and besides it is free and they have their lackeys in NST and Utusan to do the job for them.

  14. arizmaya1:43 pm

    anwar's political survival has always hinges on deception, lies and more lies. He lied about the china doll, he lied about the omega watch, he lied about Sept 16th, he lied about the Agong waiting for him to angkat sumpah as PM at Istana Negara, he lied about the army having given support to him as the PM on Sept. 16th, he lied about the Bank Negara's foreign exchange fiasco in Parliament

    So far apa yang dia tak tipu?

    Only gullible morons will take his words as gospel..

  15. Anonymous2:40 pm

    one thing for sure
    PKR will spin this so much that news will be Najib already found guilty,
    PAS will have no clue as usual,
    DAP will ensure that all chinese read this and turn this into race and religion issues.

  16. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Mr. Bourdon represents his own pocket!Does that answer the question? Mr. Bourdon has found a stupid cow with a bigger udder and the milk must be overflowing. Make hay while the sun shines.

  17. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Suaram represent iblis and syaitan. Pas, Pkr and Dap supports Suaram. By mathematical logic, Pakatan Rakyat represents iblis and syaitan.

  18. Anonymous7:41 am

    pakatan is doomed for receiving soros funds including suaram ambiga peliwat tua dan sewaktu dgn nya

  19. Anonymous6:13 pm

    There's nothing wrong if NGOs receiving foreign fund, said one of them when it all came out in the open recently.
    Well just take a look at past Suaram and Bersih activities? what did they do with the fund? their activities were heavily skewed in that one direction; that is to weaken, discredit, destabilize, and induce popular anti government sentiment against the current incumbent.
    Does it ring a bell to you? regime change, anyone? Just take a look on how foreign agents had successfully overthrew government elsewhere around the world. In 1953, democratically-elected Mohammad Mossaddegh, Prime Minester of Iran had successfully been overthrown with foreign-funded coup. At the early stages, there were the usual propaganda activities to make Mossadegh unpopular and sowed the seed of hatred towards his government. It culminated with the massive street protests in the cities across Iran which led to the coup. It dramatically change Iranian political landscape and now Iran is not the same as it used to be before 1953.

  20. Anonymous8:37 am

    You guys can argue like there is no tomorrow but the fact remains that more than RM500M commission was paid and a Mongolian woman killed, her immigration record erased, all related to the case. No matter how you want to spin to clear the culprits, the people's perception is something is not right. Am I right, Latok?

  21. Anon 837am,

    Perception in the Scorpene case has been carefully manufactured. But the truth is staring to prevail and that is what matters. For example, we know now that Altantuya had nothing to do with the deal, and vice versa. She could not have been an interpretor because she did not know her French. We didn't know this before.

    Of course we remember the article by RPK that accused Rosmah of supervising the killing of Altantuya herself. What happened to that perception? Hahaha

    Many Malaysians are gullible. But many more of us aren't.

  22. Jasper Bloodstone9:31 am


    "Anxious"? Moi?

    But, then, who used the word "treason"?

  23. Anonymous9:52 am

    Dear Latok,

    You cannot change perception especially the fact that immigration records can just disappeared in thin air and no one prosecuted when the culprit who did that can be easily traced. Why must that be done if they were that innocent and not involved in the murder? For a few dollars more you will write anything that will please your paymasters but I have a lot of respect for you for publishing all the comments even though they may be against you for what you wrote. For that I tabek you, Mr Rocky.

  24. Dear Jasper,

    Who used treason, indeed? I wrote "I am not advocating we cry treason .." and provided a link to a posting that did advocate it.

    Please re-read my posting.

  25. Jasper Bloodstone1:23 pm


    Let's agree to disagree.

    There was no need for you to mention "treason" in the first place, and then seek to justify it by saying that it's someone else's opinion, but, hey, let's mention it anyway, with a backhanded disclaimer.

    "Treason" is a grave and weighty accusation and is not to be taken lightly.

    How is questioning defence procurements, their rationale and modus operandi associated with "treason"?

    Analysts who specialise in defence and security-related issues, journalists and think tanks do this regularly.

    Offhand, I can cite 3 topics that have been reported on and analyzed extensively - the stationing of US Marines in Australia, India's acquisition of a refurbished aircraft carrier from Russia and the sea trials of China's first aircraft carrier - by local parties in these countries.

    Yet, the Australian, Indian and Chinese governments have not accused these local parties of "treason".

    It's what's called the "free flow of information". With the corollary that the more you try to hide and obfuscate, the more determined people become to ferret out what's real and what's not.

    So, let the investigations in France continue.

    Suaram and the Opposition may land up with egg on their faces.

    Or they may not.

  26. Jasper,

    It is not about agreeing to disagree, I do that all the time with half of my commenters. It is about us makin a stand about something. In this cAse, my stand is I do not agree that we accuse anyone of treason. A lot of people can disagree with me but you have got to let me make that stand known. So if I should not even mention treason in the first place and provide a link to the blog that advocates treason, how was I suppose to make my stand? Please tell me.

    Secondly, it is an investigation or an inquiry into alleged corrupt practices by the French company. We both know there have been too many people claiming and even insisting there was a trial when there is not. You are smart enough to know it is not a trial, Jasoer, but others may not be able to tell the difference. . Some of our politicians have been happily misleading them. Suaram, too.

  27. Jasper Bloodstone2:54 pm


    You could have

    (a) avoided the "t" word entirely or

    (b) state that you don't agree with those who see this as "treasonable", without providing links to the blogs or commentaries in question. Let those who wish to pursue it do their own research.

    Of course, if you believe that "freedom of expression" outweighs all other considerations....

  28. Anonymous5:36 pm

    The Scorpene deal NEVER happened. No Mongolian was ever blown up with C4. No one received any commission. Don't believe ?

  29. Anonymous8:52 pm

    In France, if I make a complaint that Sarkozy took bribe, present a few evidence - akin to making a police report in Malaysia, the govt will appoint an investigative judge to investigate. That is what Suaram has done. They made a private complaint (this was not a case brought up by the French govt itself) about bribery involving a French company, and obviously this fell foul of the EU anti-bribery directive.

    Will this end up in a full trial? If you think that DCNS, owned by the French MOD, fell foul in Taiwan and India, but yet not prosecuted in France will be investigated, brought to shame, by a private complaint, your are just kidding yourself.

    To those Suaram supporters - ever wonder why a complaint was filed in end 2011/12? Razak Baginda case ended in 2008, and it takes close to 4 years later to file a complaint in France. If this is not a political manouvre, I don't know what is then. Still think Suaram is an independent NGO?


  30. Anonymous12:33 am

    Jasper ni nak menang jugak? Bagi jela... hahaha

  31. Anonymous6:33 pm

    jasper ni dah kena kutuk dgn singkies sngapork sebab asyik asyik nak bawa cerita kiasu

    last last kena bambu sebab tu kiasu marah betul dgn sijasper ni

    act macam pandai tapi kita tahu dia bodoh sombong

  32. Jasper Bloodstone1:08 pm

    Anon 12:33 AM and 6:33 PM

    Sorry to rain on your parade, dudes, but I made my points clear.

    Refute them, if you can.

    In clear, grammatically correct English, s'il vous plait.


  33. Jasper,
    I have to agree with your detractors this time, mate. If you want them to agree to disagree with you, you have to be able to do the same.

    As for the rules of engagement, let's leave that to me, the blog owner (or moderator, if you like).

    Bahasa Malaysia or Indonesia is allowed. Singlish pun boleh.

  34. Jasper Bloodstone5:14 pm

    Bru 1:26 PM

    Agree to disagree? No probe there!

    To give as good as you get? Sure.

    But "Singlish"? Nope, gotta draw the line somewhere.

    Thanks, Bru!

  35. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Submarines ? What submarines ? Prove to me where the submarines are.