Thursday, October 11, 2012

MC is for the sick

Sick ex journalists. MC is what you'd want the doctor to give you when you are sick and can't make it to work. For Bujai, it stands for Malaysian Chronicles and he says this MC makes him sick. As a journalist, I try not to go there but it's hard not to smell a stench. 
Harder still is to have the knowledge that an ex-journalist, Wong Choon Mei, is driving the portal.
Bujai, however, is not the first to see through Choon Mei. Hantu Laut fell sick last year and wrote Wong Choon Mei: Don't try to teach your grandma to such eggs.


  1. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Throw a few posts, titles or some money will sure do the trick like what happenned to so many so called principled journalists in Malaysia.

    Money talks. Ask the politicians or any blogger if nobody believe.

  2. And what does Buntutsan smell of? Roses?

  3. FIRAUN10:25 pm

    Don't read la dick head !

  4. if someone whose own blog isn't excatly fragantful and yet able to smell the stench at other sites, it speaks volume of the overwhelming stench he'd brought along where ever he visits!

    hello dud, that's your own stench la...

  5. Anonymous9:48 am


    Too much of sitting in Opulence at the 4 Star Cafe in Bangsar Shopping Center, Rocky is no longer in touch with the Outside World!!!

    Well when you are more enjoying the fruits given to you by your UMNO Handlers, ideas tends to run out...

    Anyway Najib has met Soros Again and now should Maha Dir say if you vote for Najib you vote for Soros?!

    BSC Resident

  6. Salam Datuk,

    Malas nak cakap pasal MC ini. More so that Ah Mei. I would say the worst of the very worst alternative. In a word - diseased.

    Best regards

  7. Badut Nasional11:02 am

    MC = Malaysia Cerpen...
    ehhh Tarak sama kah!???

  8. Anonymous11:23 am

    Pot calling the kettle black.

  9. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Anon 4.07. You are quite right. Even the most principled journalists can make a 90 degree turn if the offer is right. The most powerful tool the current regime have is money. The Rocky of 4 years ago and the Rocky of today are 2 different person.

  10. mustang4:21 pm

    you know, bro -- journalists are like the rest of the world. we have our bias(es).

    it's when we write that will show our professionalism - even if we show our bias -- we should do it "well".. not easy. needs skill. so best thing is to not show our bias in our writing. for Malaysian Chronicles.. the worst ...bias is one thing. shameless twisting of facts.

    of course, in malaysia -- if you're anti-govt and pro-oppostion, you are not are fair and neutral etc.

    so the PR goons will cheer Malaysian Chronicles.

    MC is worse than Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider.

  11. mustang4:28 pm

    bro - whats the matter with some of you commenters?

    you have never been anti-BN or anti-Umno, You have always been critical of BN and well as DAP etc..

    Four years ago -- DAP supporters gravitated to you..befriended you...took advantage of your situation (NST sues blogger got wide international coverage)...buat kawan dengan you... were very critical of the govt under Pak Lah and er...his er...budak2 (we shall not name them).

    Becos you can see the rottenness of DAP and some PKR leaders ...waaah suddenly you have been bought by UMNO, by BN..

    you mean you have no qulaifications, no professional experience as a newspaper editor that you cannot earn your own living using your qualfiications and skills?

    becos DAP and PKR are paying operatives to do things they think you are doing, so they think you're like them...

    Bro, they are angry with you because you are not with them..

    So kalau you support Najib, salah?
    You've known the guys for yonks and never severed ties with him even during those dark Pak Lah days.

  12. angeline5:23 pm


    sir -- with all due respect (your age etc).

    you clearly have issues with the BN and the BN government.

    no..that's putting it mildly. and nicely.

    Sir.. clearly you hate the BN and the BN government.

    Utusan Malaysia may have crossed the line sometimes in reporting on politics -- but so what?
    isn't there freedom of expression. freedom of the press.

    when it suits people like you -- it's not freedom, it's racism or irresponsible journalism.

    utusan is of the view that the DAP is racist and chauvinistic and rotten.

    So deal with it.

  13. Anonymous10:55 am

    MC = Mei's Cocktalk or Mei's Cuntitch or Mei's Clitfilth

    Take your pick whichever, folks. It all fits the same like some used condom or a torn diaphragm.

    Right now, M and Jahabar (from Masturbating Incubus) and Premesh(Masturbating Kelingkoteh) are in deadheat last in the cocktalk, clitlick and cunttonguing stakes just a few yards behind Fuck Mother Today and the Nuts Graph. They are jerking desperately to catch up even as whatever iota of credibility and sense of shame left washes down into the slimepond.

    The Internet afforded anti-Malay, anti-Islam, LGBT commie bastards and whores funded by Chingkpigs and foreigners to emerge from the toilet bowl and rig up portals that purportedly dispense "news" but serve unadulterated shit piping hot from their diseased digestive tracts.

    These are failed journalist, the ones who been to some crap fly-by-night whorejoints masquerading as universities or schools of journalism where old torn-cunted whores and chancre-cocked pimps taught them filthy tricks to go along with the cunttonguing, clitsuckling and johnjuicing sessions.

    In a first world democracy, these shameless scumbags would be classified as losers and would be given short shrift and cast aside as nothing more than inconsequential dead-cock pondans and unorgasmised bitches screaming like crackpots for attention as the world passes-by oblivious to their infantile pranks.

    Warrior 231