Monday, September 17, 2012

Have beens, Could Have Beens, Might Have Beens: The Making of APolitical Dustbin

Orang Kecewa. I feel sorry for my friends in PKR, but like I told @fahmifadzil, I think his party has been bringing in too many have-beens lately and bringing them in with great pomp and fanfare, as if they were great coups. Not much different from DAP's "victory" of getting Aspan Alias and Sakmongkol, but at least those two have never benefited as much when they were deep in the BN "system" nor are they as old and tired as the recent "kataks" in Sabah, although they may be as worthless.

Fahmi said "They are fleeing a sinking ship". I really don't think so. I think they saw a garbage truck and went for it!

The Choice put it eloquently:
This trickle of has-been politicians signing up to Pakatan is deeply embarrassing for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who has thrown his personal weight behind the defection strategy. He probably thought he could bribe BN representatives to switch allegiance, but so far very few have taken the bait. And the ones he is snaring are hardly worth the effort.
It is very clear that Anwar Ibrahim's influence in Sabah, once a favorite playground of his when he was Dr Mahathir's deputy in the government and in Umno, has waned. Anwar is today a magnet for "orang2 kecewa".

Read Anwar's Sabah katak are has beens 
and The Choice's Anwar's Defection Strategy in Borneo not very convincing


  1. Anonymous12:35 pm


    You and Brickhead should know better about Dustbins for thats where you live and scavenge for the Crap that you spin everyday!!!

    Everybosy knows Dustbin Rocky...

    And by the Way..Stop Drinking for everytime you drink and write the crap becomes even more ridiculous!!!

  2. Honestly.... I think all of them...that you've mention including the leader or the Pakatan Kencing Rakyat himself just like Mr. Bean....

  3. Anwar's effort deserved credit. Why not? We need the like of him to identify rubbish and destroy them. Rotting apples are on sale and Anwar is doing the marketing. He is fishing and is using the 'has beens' as bait to lure others. As usual in fishing the baits always end up dead. Anwar himself is a kind of bait to the jews.

  4. Anonymous1:02 pm

    frogs are best eaten as barbequed legs

  5. Anonymous2:43 pm

    That's right, with UMNO the colonist of Sabah, sabahan had been too kecewa with these Malay UMNO tuan. Drastic action need to be done to kick UMNO out from exploring sabahan further!

  6. Anonymous3:41 pm

    It seems they don't learned anything from Perak debacle. I thought they already refrain from doing it. The only party within Pakatan which consistent with its stand on party-hopping is PAS. Thay remain steadfast against it ever since an UMNO man joining PKR that set off a state confusion in Perak. PAS at that time had made it clear via Nik Aziz that he didn't endorse such a move.
    DAP on the other hand try to come up with anti-hopping laws which already being agreed, in literal by Anwar.
    Even within Pakatan, it looks like they don't have a common stand or ground on this. Remember what KJ has said before? Pakatan is a three-headed ancient creature with one body?
    And now,here we go again. The people who at it is none other than Mr. Anwar himself. Let see how it gonna pan out..

  7. Anonymous4:26 pm

    kah..kah..kah.. another "master-piece.....of shit" from Rocky !!

  8. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Rocky very soon you will also be a have beens.

  9. Anonymous7:32 pm

    one thing for sure...Sak has more brain than you, Rocky !!

    small brain like Rocky day in day out talk about people !!

  10. Anonymous7:54 pm

    PKR = Parti Kumpulan Reject.

  11. Anonymous8:34 pm

    UMNO = Rasuah

    Rocky dan kucu-kucunya Support UMNO = Support Rasuah

    WOi Rocky,the Rakyat will make sure UMNO will goes to the dustbin after PRU,Rocky too !!!

  12. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Elo Rocky,,,!!!

    Kita tak tau apa engkau TULIS,,beens,,bin,,,apa ke JADAH tu!

    Yang Rakyat tau that DUSTBIN untuk SEKUTU BN di HUMBAN ke dalam nya!


  13. Anonymous9:58 pm

    if all are has been or expired shelf life... then y so worried about pr.

    surely BN got no problems sending them to the dustbins come ge13...

    y keep hentam pr or bcos there r nothing good to write about bn... izzit ?

  14. Rocky..will a ...has been.

  15. Black Can't Be White.12:16 am

    Good luck to the "Father of All Frogs" whose own members pretended to curse party hopping but their "father" is still going around to woo frogs. Pariah politicians with pariah principles flock together in a pariah group called FAKATAN.

  16. Anonymous3:36 am

    So that means you are benefiting from UMNO then...

  17. Anonymous9:33 am

    kalau berani, panggil lah pru13....kenapa takut kalau cerita2 ni benar....

    shows that bn is on last legs....using spinners like rocky to spin nonsense...

  18. Anonymous9:39 am

    Seems like frog leader has no more clout, no one is following his lead

    poor wannabe PM has been, better listen to kapal sink - bertaubat

  19. Anonymous10:15 am

    Stop being an idiot! Come election time Anuar will be a different Anuar...Remember Sun TSU Art of War ? There must be a reason man! not to be strike by lightning twice or thrice for him ?
    You will think he made a bargain with them? Come only idiots think so !
    With a twO prong attack in Sabah by Star and the rest Will obliterate umno for good!!!
    You all idiots are gnashing your teeth for what? Anuar is creating confusing methods for you umno guys and Najib is still in wonderland..

  20. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Rocky, one day you'll be one too. In fact it may be now since you are writing cock. Enjoy whilst UMNO is still sending you those pay checks.

  21. Anonymous11:43 pm


    and the same goes to the PKR goons like monsterball.. with all the negativity and childishness that he brought...its hard for people to even take what he wrote seriously... and now it is becoming more and more annoying.


  22. Anonymous9:23 am

    Brother, can you sleep peacefully at night ah knowing UMNO is rotten to the core but try to make them smell like roses?

  23. Anonymous3:07 pm

    It's gonna be "Bye Bye BN" soon. We can't wait....

  24. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Takde macam Monsterball lau ren kat sini tak seronok le,he keeps us entertained, lagi kita jolok dia lagi kuat dia melatah!

    Tu la monsterball lau ren, zaman muda2 asyik menari kat BB Park, nostalgia, dah tua terlatah2 mengajak2 semua dance sama dia! Ni pun sat lagi jenuh dia melenting.

    hehaw hehaw opocut!


  25. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Anon 3:07
    Asyk duk "Bye Bye BN" sejak Merdeka tak rasa letih ke?