Sunday, September 16, 2012

Malaysia Day and Anwar Ibrahim's Sabah

Anwar says Sabahans will get the RM2 billion Labuan bridge if ...

To all Malaysians wherever you are, it's 16/9, Selamat Hari Malaysia!!!

It's 16/9 and Anwar has done it again, too! Four years ago, as Azmi Anshar recalled for all of us, the de facto Opposition leader announced that he had gotten enough number of MPs from BN to jump over to Pakatan Rakyat that would enable him to move into Seri Perdana on 16.9.2008. Many of those BN leaders were supposed to be from Sabah (see Anwar's Greatest Bluff Stigma).

Now he's promised Sabahans that he will order the RM2 billion Labuan bridge built if PR wins PRU13, ie if he gets to Putrajaya. Read Pakatan Rakyat akan bina jambatan Labuan.

Really, what does Anwar take Sabahans for?

And who was it again who was so against Dr Mahathir's so-called mega projects?


  1. Yg against mega project to bukan abg kaki tido ke bro? ke dedua ni sama je?

  2. When Anwar announced 16/9 ..4 years ago....that was not a lie. He took the words from those wanting to join his party as gospel truth.
    He was excited and let go the good news to the public.
    You can say...he was also letting Najib knows his time is up.
    When the defectors were packed off to Taiwan under the disguise on some sort of Agricultural studies....they all returned staying put with BN.
    We all know..Najib is famous.."You help me. I help you"...and all Malaysians know... all were bought with stay put.
    Anwar learnt a bitter lesson..and it needs Rocky needs to twist again.
    On Anwar's his recent visit to is his roadshow...his 13th GE plans with PR guys there...and for Rocky to come out and tell all..that Sabahans cannot be fooled by Anwar ...visiting
    Rocky is a master twister..worst that a snake.
    All Najib needs to do is announce the 13th GE settle matters. ..since Rocky has written so lousy PR is.
    Why not Rocky keep pushing Najib to do it...since all his posts are saying PR are a bunch of liars and idiots?
    No need to keep on insulting and down grade any PR politicians reputations.
    You are an excellent bullshit writer.
    With all your non stop insults..half truths...surely you can tell Najib not to waste time.
    Anyway...Najib has will be November....and so Rocky is doing his last bit to swing votes for BN?..fat chance.

  3. hoi Rocky....who fought for Sabahans to have 16th Sept....their Malaysia Day?
    Non other than Lim Kit Parliament.
    Najib totally Sabah join Malaysia.
    Then he declared 16th Sept..Sabah Malaysia Day.
    Who cares and feel for Sabahans more??
    All Najib knows is that Sabah is one of the Malaysian State..his so call security blanket State.
    Anwar went to celebrate with Sabahans.
    Please stop twisting.

  4. Your continuous twisting sucks.
    You think you can get PR voters to believe in you?
    Even BN voters are feeling the many many lies told by umno B politicians and bloggers.
    Anyone can get into your blog...can read internet news...and surf to read from many blogs.
    What happen to your powerful title..."All Blog" President?...which was never officially registered nor recognized.....yet you held to that title for years...with no shame.
    That's why Najib and Mahathir employ you.
    He needs lots of help umno B win 13th GE.
    You think you are doing that?
    So does Hishammuddin...Rias Yatim..DPM...Mahathir and Najib...with Nazri and Khairy swinging here..swinging there.
    You do not read the so many speeches they made in papers..because all were proven lies and deceits.
    If Malaysiakini keeps publishing lies...that blog will be closed by Najib long long ago....or sue Steven Gan..until he is bankrupt.
    Why no suing...when Utusan is sued by PR politicians and won.
    Why no posts on such important news to tell??

  5. Anonymous6:24 am

    I think RPK alleged that some businessman was supposed to bankroll that take over but didn't.

    Doesn't comfort me that it didn't happen just because he couldn't put up the money for it.

    He might have more funds now.

  6. Anonymous7:18 am


    the greatest liar and could be the greatest scumbag too.
    if you can fool your wife, you can fool everybody too.

  7. Anonymous8:09 am

    I think it's time anwar and family work as slaves to their foreign masters.

    He has and never will deliver Malaysia on a silver platter to his foreign sponsors.

  8. Anonymous8:25 am


    Your RED Colored Glasses will see nothing but Same Old Same Old!!

    BN will definitely see a shift in support away from its Pathetic leaders...

    No amount for Bribery, Fear Mongering and Sweet Talk will change people's perception of BN.

    Did not Hishamuddin say that perception is everything?

    Your daily Crap will only make things worse!!!

  9. Anonymous10:35 am

    yess, shame on himmmm..

  10. Anonymous11:13 am

    ...Really, what does Anwar take Sabahans for?...

    Gullible idiots!

    Just like he takes every single one PRick supporter for gullible idiots!

    Let's face it... any non-gullible idiot is convinced Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim lies every single time he opens his mouth... and, yet, the gullible PRick idiot supporters laps it up.

    Need we say more?

  11. Rocky

    Please, please stop honoring Anu-War with any successs. He did nothing for the country.Was not even in the picture when Malaysia was born.
    I feel sad that you are comparing him with Tun Mahathir.
    Tun is non-pareil. That other man is cakap tak serupa bikin. A fake, an impostor, a charlatan, saudagar minyak urat.
    Sometimes said dont want big projects. Most times saying will build mega projects.
    Which is which? Easy to speak because he knows he will never be the PM to be accountable to what he promised.

  12. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Forgive him, he learned from his exDevil demented boss who suggested a crooked bridge to Singapore.

  13. Anon 1113am,

    Thank you for responding to the question. Yes, Anwar thinks Sabahabs are gullible. And he thinks they will jump parties and switch loyalty and camps if the price is right. And now he obviously thinks that building the RM2 billion bridge will make Sabahans feel angry with the Government and vote Pakatan in.

    Anwar got exposed to Sabah politics in early and mid 90s. The exposure was part of Dr Mahahir's grooming, I suppose. He has been using the experience to try and punch holes in BN's formidable armour in that state. So far, he has not gained much ground. Perhaps RM2 billion will do the trick?

  14. For Monsterball to write in 3 comments back to back.. he must have this gnawing feeling that Pakatan will crumble and Rocky to have hit the nail somewhere.

    Basic psychology 101.

  15. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Sabahans and Sarawakiens don't need any West Malaysians to tell who they want to vote nor which of the party BN or PR is better for them.

    They have woken up already from their slumber and to think that money can buy their votes or believe their old old snake charmers within them is a big mistake. To even think that Sabah and Sarawak are still Fixed Deposits is very wishful indeed.

    They have the power now to decide for themselves whether even who should be the PM for Malaysia after the elections.

    So every West Malaysians better start calling them Abang or Kakak instead of adik.

    Still blinking?

  16. monsterball, till this post brader bru has totally ignore your opinion yet u still fishing him to response to you.. but i do understand as u have already admitted ur craving for attention ... come, again i offer u a hug ... lai lai ...

  17. Anonymous2:56 pm

    fucking too many holidays... no nid to works anymore ke ? stupid as stupid does...

  18. Anonymous3:04 pm

    2 billions bridge damn good... better than some nincompoop spending them on shitty unsinkable submarines...

  19. Sunday , komtar dapster cyber squad working over time hari. Wah banyaknya yang menyalak........apapasal? Boss lu orang tersepit telur ka?

  20. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Early 90's when Anwar was Finance Minister, in power and under BN, he tried to meet Sabah top leaders to open talks on coalition etc… this was their reply “ANWAR? SIAPA ITU ANWAR? KAMI TAK KENAL ITU ORANG!”.. They agreed only to meet/speak/discuss with 'Bapa' Ghafar Baba.

    In short, even in power as Finance Minister of Malaysia they don’t want to even speak or meet him, what more now! Malu bah!

    Fat chance Monsterball lau ren, just enjoy isap your curut arwh – Sabah politic is much too matured for you to digest bah!



  21. Anonymous7:52 pm

    to Naz, who wrote, come, again i offer u a hug ... lai lai ...


    translation:rolling on floor laughing my ass off blowing snot all over the place and knocking the furniture over while pissing myself.

  22. Everyone very close to Anwar in PKR lleft him. Not 1,2 but 51 of them. Now Anwar is left with PKR ( Anwar is above PKR ), his wife, his daughter and his jambu (boyfriend ). Does that not show you, how monstrous is this creature named Anwar Ibrahim?


  23. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Anwar has been bluffing his way all through his life simply because he can fool his stupid followers over and over again. He knows how stupid his followers are, so he keeps on promising like Mat Jenin.

    How many promises has he broken? He promised One Azizah on his unblessed wedding that he would not touch another boy after the marriage. But what happened?

    He promised Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, Raja Petra, Nik Aziz, Muttusamy, Sabu, Chandra Mustafa, Ah Chai and hundreds others but never delivered a single thing.

    But, they still believe him. Just like idiots believing in Magic Stones, Snake Oil and Black Money.

    Good luck to them.


  24. No one pay attention to Naz...who is reading his comment?
    He tries to insult me by saying Rocky ignores me..a nobody wanting attention.
    Is that the best you can do?
    Keep it up.
    hahahahaha "Sabah politic is much too matured for you to digest bah" said PERWIRA.
    Bringing grandfather story to insult much do all think PERWIRA know about politics...if not Sabah? This gasbag reminds me so much of HM Hishammuddin.
    Enjoy your last 2 hours for Sunday..go to sleep....wake up...waste time in back...and lets dance the limbo rock.
    Can you all idiots dance?

  25. "Call on all Sarawak and Sabah MPs, whether, BN or PR, to give unanimous in Parliament to proposal for a RCI to assess whether the dreams and aspirations of Sarawakians and Sabahans in forming Malaysia had been fullfilled or betrayed in past 5 decades" said Lim Kit Siang.
    When will Rocky ever learn to crave for the real truth like LKS?

  26. Anonymous10:44 pm

    leader of the pact... goes for babi balls all the time but same time love sucking najis bolas...

  27. Anonymous8:07 am

    RM 2 billion bridge vs RM 7 billion APCs or RM 7 billion patrol boats ? I'll take the bridge anytime. Or submarines, or diamond rings, or visits to Kazakhstan.

  28. Anonymous8:09 am

    As long as the contract is awarded to the LOWEST bidder, not the HIGHEST bidder, I think we can get value for money....

  29. Anonymous10:15 am

    Whats more Anwar suka pijak kepala..pijak kepala Ghaffar to get to the top...sabahan jaga2 bah....

  30. Anonymous10:17 am

    hahaha brader bru monster loosing his layan la ...

  31. Buttercup11:08 am

    Monsterball is a shameless pariah. Hated everywhere. Was a nuisance in Ktemoc's blog. Now he's a pest in Rocky's.
    Ball, consider yourself lucky that pro-UMNO bloggers tolerated you. Give you space for stupid comments.
    If you go to Din Merican's or other PKR blogs and you put down Anwar, you will not even see your name.
    The rabid Anwar lovers will hound you out.
    Dont overstay your welcome here.

  32. Anonymous12:44 pm

    1963 Sabah & Sarawak join Malaya as a union of states. Some sort of autonomy? We in the Peninsular still need passport to enter East Malaysia?
    Back then, is it not the fear of annexation by Philippines & Indonesia respectively that made the people decide to join the coalition.

    If given the option, we the people living at the border with Thailand, would love to celebrate the day that the Siamese relinquish their rule of the northern states.


  33. Jasper Bloodstone3:36 pm


    What are your comments on the Reuters report "Labuan being used as clandestine depot for Iran oil" (SBT, Sept 18)?

    Quote: "Iran is using a little-known port off East Malaysia to hide millions of barrels of oil from Western sanctions, according to shipping data, industry sources and officials."

  34. Jasper Bloodstone8:50 pm

    Under-35 Sabahans and Sarawakians banned from working in Singapore? That created some headlines recently.

    Even Anifah Aman got involved, as did Malaysia's Labour Ministry, in raising the issue with their Singapore counterparts.

    Singapore's Ministry of Manpower denied that such a policy is in place.

    But isn't it ironic that come this Malaysia Day, young Sabahans and Sarawakians still have to cari makan in Singapore?

    It doesn't say very much about job opportunities in Sabah and Sarawak, does it?

    Which, if you think about it, is a judgement of sorts on the policies and achievements of the Sabah and Sarawak state governments post-accession into Malaysia.

  35. That Buttercup's CUP needs screwing!!
    It was a cup...became a CUP...big hole first at Chow Kit Rd...balakang mata at Little India....looking for Afikans and orang puteh only.
    Morning counting millions and bragged he is a millionaire.

  36. Putting out what Lim Kit Siang said seems to trickle more angers.
    First time seeing Buttercup here...furious and angry.
    But this is a no balls man who sell his CUP for a more popular...too old...and like Rocky...all Najib's balls carriers will vanish into thin air soon.

  37. Anonymous3:50 am

    blooooodystone why are you so hung up with that kisau island?

    the red dot citizens also cari makan in china to discover that they are not welcomed with red carpet and vip treatment

    in fact some of them got ripped off by the original kiasu tribes

    US, India and Indonesia are hot on the trail of money laundering offered by red dot

  38. Anonymous2:14 pm

    why people say anwar was bluffing when he failed to get to putrajaya? when anwar asked for emergency session of parliament to table no confidence motion the bn has no gut to allow it fearing anwar cud win after all. pls do not say anwar is bluffing. you can only say that if he got the chance to table the motion in parliament and lost.

    from: matured

  39. Jasper Bloodstone3:53 pm

    Anon 3:50 AM

    Going by what passes for your logic, are you claiming that young Sabahans and Sarawakians are being "ripped off" in that kisau(sic) island that shall remain nameless?

    If yes, then Anifah Aman and the Labour Ministry are failing in their duty to warn these young innocents about the "ripping off".

    And, yet, they still flock to work in the kisau(sic) island.

    Must be crossed signals somewhere.

  40. Anonymous10:35 am

    matured @ 2:14 PM is actually neutered by that peliwat tua

  41. Anonymous11:27 am

    anon 10.35am

    not easy for me to be neutered by anyone. just see the fact i raised. wasn't it a fact that anwar was denied the emergency session of parliament to table the no confidence motion? who is being neutered (by bn)now, so much so that can't see the bloody fact?


  42. Anonymous10:19 am

    immatured @ 11:27 AM

    Anwar says he has secured pledges of loyalty from more than 31 ruling party lawmakers ready to defect, for a majority of at least 113.

    We KNOW that was a bluff that turned out to be a BLATANT lie.

    So why should the world's greatest liar be granted an unnecessary emergency session.

    immatured got to have his brains rewired - too much brainwashing and end up crumpled grey matter

  43. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Anon 10.19 am

    You can never know it is a lie or not until emergency session is held.
    Why so afraid to grant the session. they are so afraid coz msian MPs are like lalang.For all the talk abt anwar's lie why hijack all MPs to taiwan? Hard truth is that they are scared like hell. if a govt is shaky they are afraid of any damned thing!!!


  44. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Monsterballs the way you write tells me that you are one of the troopers under LGE in level 28 right?? Am i correct as i've seen many of gour kind in various blogs and the style of comments is similar (the rapid fire defense of anything DAP) so for me safe to conclude you are nothing more than that team of paid DAP troopers in level 28.

  45. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Anon 10.19 am

    anwar is not asking for the emergency session every day. if the ruling govt looks shaky, then it is only proper that its strength be tested on the floor of parliament (unlike what was done in perak). why afraid of that. it is a good opportunity to kill him off (politically) once and for all should he lose. but the stark truth is that the bn was scared to death despite its outward display of confidence. otherwise why the need to hijack bn MPs to taiwan under the pretext of learning agriculture. they seem to have forgotten that taiwan is now a highly industrialised country and agriculture is no longer their priority.


  46. Anonymous2:08 am

    All anwar had to do was show the 31 MPs names to the agong as prove of a vote of no confidence and need for and emergency blah blah blah...that did not materialized because he called a bluff and cried wolf...