Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's the new SC boss waiting for?

Ranjit: Will he act?
The Talam issue/scandal (or whatever you might want to call it) has been going on for some time now. So why isn't the authorities, especially the Securities Commission, sitting on Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim and his corporate buddies from Talam yet, especially in view of allegations that they have misled the SC with regards to some "questionable valuations" on their deal. (source: Stop The Lies). SC chairman Ranjit Ajit would recall that during his predecessor's reign, journalists were hauled up by the SC for much less! 


  1. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Every civil servant and GLC servant is afraid of Ghost of Anwar Ibrahim......

    Sharif Bin Kasim

  2. Mazlan4:03 pm

    I think he is going to be careful about it as I'm sure he does not want to see the SC to be viewed undertaking someone's political agenda. Especially since MCA is taking the lead on this whilst UMNO has been relatively quiet on the whole Talam issue.
    Personally I think Chua Junior is actually making a bit of an ass of himself on this subject.....

    Not that SC has a glittering track record on this sort of thing anyway.

  3. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Hantu dia pun takut ke"
    pelik pelik

  4. Anonymous6:06 pm

    "What's the new SC boss waiting for?"
    and also other misreportings linked to BN's cronies not just this Talam

  5. Kalimulah son6:55 pm

    The Talam deal had nothing to do with.This is a setlement of debt and Alam paid his debt to the state govertment by exchange with his land bank.Sc will come into picture if Talam want o pay his debt by issueing Talam shares.

    The share holders of Talam have approve it and state overtment agree to the value of the land to be swapt.

    Rocky,if you are not sure,dont write.kena jaga standard lah.Jangan busybody.

  6. Anonymous8:19 pm

    An allegation made by stop the lies? Will the wankers behind that blog man up?

  7. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    Kalimulah son must be at least JUSA B TKSU of one the Government Ministry..near pension already...don't want to disturb the water under the bridge...later one cannot cari makan as board of director of GLC, MKD companies...

    Sharif Bibn Kasim

  8. Anonymous10:31 pm

    What the new SC boss waiting for ?

    waiting for Rocky to shaft his ass !

    Waiting for Rosmah approvals !

  9. Anonymous10:45 pm


  10. Anonymous3:46 am

    Kalimulah's son. Your England and spelling teruk-lah.

  11. Anonymous9:10 am

    alamak Kalimulah son, it so obvious lah, the transaction is not right, at first how can value of the land increase so much when 2/3 of the land cover with water?
    and then how can the SIC or MIB guarantee that they will find a buyer of this land to developed it when they already buy at higher price means that there have to sold it at even higher price but before that they have to do something about the 2/3 water at that land, what do you think will happend to that water? MB khalid will use the water for rakyat selangor daily usage is it?

  12. Anonymous9:31 am

    That idiot son of an adulterer will stir a hornet nest lah!
    after that umno will also kena plus MCA and gang!
    Stop sirring shit as its old history this Talam thing....Where there is chinaman there is also melayus lah!

  13. Anonymous9:33 am

  14. Chua Soiled Leak2:43 pm

    ... Toyo and UMNO gang will shits in their pants!

  15. Mat Tyson Toyol2:46 pm

    Dulu Talam, MCA dan UMNO duduk satu meja makan-minum shark's fins soup campur XO tarak apa-apa hal pun... Semuanya OK!!!

  16. Anonymous5:56 pm


    If you are close to those that are within the corridors of power, you better tell them to stop spinning and bringing out these kind of allegations that are quite baseless and the shit will hit them back on their faces..The problem is the perception that the people have on the ruling government and it dont look good.This issue and the water issue dose not make the Selangor government weaker but stronger and infact tells the people how the federal government is bullying the state government. A water crises that comes 3 years earlier then expected with the company's staff receiving such high salaries but doing monkeys work just does not make sense to the people.It really had gone to the dogs.


  17. Anonymous6:04 pm

    The Singh is a keling pariah. U wanna see him taking any action on a fellow infidel, chingk cock...suck...ling pun...dek like khalid and co......dream on.

    Wei mana ada logiklah, Rocky.

    Now off topic, particularly for a shi......tworm Chingk....called Jasper Fuc..... kstone:

    See no mencarut up there to please the censors. Now see whether you put up this comment brother or its get lost in the post....hahahahahaha

    Salam Berpuasa Saudara Rocky dan Keluarga. Semoga segala amal ikhlas kalian diberkati Allah azza wa jalla senantiasa.

    Puasa itu bulan Muhasabah. Semoga bermuhasabah diri agar tidak terlencong ke highway darkside ...ahak ahak..ahak....

    Warrior 231