Thursday, July 19, 2012

Talam and why politicians are not cleverer than "monkey"

Shit you need to know
Talam for Dummies ... is blogger SatD's contribution towards clarity. At the end of the posting, you may agree with him that YB Chua Jr. has got Khalid Ibrahim by the balls even though in actual fact the young man is barking the wrong tree. You will definitely agree with SatD that Khalid Ibrahim should be answering some simple questions the Rakyat have the right to ask. The other politicians (and their machais) who have attempted to explain the Talam scandal (and failed) should read The Talam Debt Settlement for Dummies: Questions for Dummies because this posting is really for them.

p.s. "Monkey" is what blogger SatD sometimes addresses himself. Please jump over to the link above to leave comments.