Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scorpene: Anwar's last hope for a ride to Putrajaya/Death knell for SUARAM

Updated: Blogger A Voice says the Opposition conspiracy to bring down Najib Razak by using the murdered Altantuya and linking her to the Scorpene deal will be the death knell for SUARAM, the Malaysian NGO that's taking the lead. If Malaysians did not know that SUARAM was so closely-linked to the Opposition and their leader Anwar Ibrahim, they now do. In a blow-by-blow, truth-vs-lies Debunking Scorpene Scandal Part 1: Sensationalizing Altantuya, he explains why France will be the graveyard where they bury SUARAM ...

Original posting:

PI Bala and Anwar Ibrahim during surer times
If you are still confused about what the Scorpene so-called trial in France is all about, don't fret. You are not the only one. The confusion is a result of a deliberate ploy, a sophisticated political play that only a few in this world can muster. Fortunately, our blogger Freddie Kevin has come up with a posting that will help the reader untangle the web of deceit and lies, and remind us why we - yes, you and I and a dog named Suaram - are mere victims of a man's political agenda.

A must read ...



  1. Anonymous2:11 pm


    The Scorpene scandal is not about linking Najib to Altantuya. It's about linking Najib to corruption and about linking certain defence ministry people to treason.

    Who paid Terasasi the money in Hong Kong ? We know Razak Baginda and Altantuya did go to Hong Kong and Macau based on the French affidavits. Who gave the "rahsia" defence evaluation document? Why was there no probe on the paper trail for the RM500 million paid to Perimekar ? Should not be too difficult to trace the transfer of funds to certain beneficiaries, right ?

    Where there is a will, there is a way. The charge is simply that this government has no will to investigate itself.


  2. Dear Godfarther,

    The US$1 billion bribe?! Expensive, the price of gullibility these days. Or, oh, the US$114 million commission cum corruption! Heh. The French must be the biggest bribers on Earth! Cheers

  3. Anonymous5:20 pm

    alaa.. standard la rocky. dah dpt berjuta-juta duit haram. artikel pon skang kena publish yg haram punya.

    asal tak comment pasal gambar altantuya kat paris (posted by asia sentinel)?

    ada artikel pasal malaysia bagus je mesti rocky post.

    perut dah besar makan duit berjuta-juta bro.. semoga anda bertemu dengan rosmah dia neraka jahanam nanti. aminn

  4. Anonymous5:33 pm


    Where got US$1 billion bribe ? Cakap lah betul2. We are asking the Euro 40 million payment for the defence document to Terasasi Hong Kong, and the Euro 114 million payment to Perimekar.

    Linking Altantuya to Najib may be other people's agenda, but you as a responsible citizen and blogger must take the high road to expose corruption.


  5. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Dei Rocky Bru Kalathai

    How come you are censoring my comments lately while letting garbage like Godfather's, JB filter through.You are their protector and body guard now, shitworm?

    I am talking about the Ambiga comment in the Thaipusam thread below where I demanded Ambiga be hanged if she is found guilty in a court of law based on evidence adduced in accordance with prevailing legal procedures, that is.

    I know your neutrality has been beyond reproach thus far and I have no qualms bout your non-partisanship nor should I impose on you an onerous demand simply because it aint my blog.But credibility is at stake here, man and better wake up and smell the shit before its too late.

    Strangely of late, you have taken to banning comments from responsible commenters like me while opening the sludge trap to allow cretins like JB, Godfather and other similar slimepoops out to drag the rest of us into their idiotic psycho cages so that these scumbags and douchepacks can use their advantage and experience to browbeat everyone here with garbage as another commenter mentioned the other day.

    Dei pundek, dont shortchange yourselflah by stooping to the darkside lest you get buttfucked and rebutt-fucked by arsewhoring trolls. For Allah's sake, get a grip of yourself and return to that famed neutrality of yours. To paraphrase Alex Tocqueville : 'Rocky is great because he is neutral and Rocky ceases to be great when he is no longer neutral.'

    As for the Scorpene garbage, it is beneath morality and human decency to use hearsay, cocktalk and scraps of useless paper to link innocent parties to imaginary scandals. The French have not dredged up anything new and what they have aint amount to anything as my friend's grandpappy would say: "that don't amount to a whole heap of beans"!

    My take is that they are merely p*****g in the wind, hoping that some of the droplets get to stick.

    How pathetic is that?

    After all in the world of realpolitik everyone shoves something under the table be it wads of SGds in Spork, free cunts and tits for Harry, and son arseholes for those who love them..yeah anything to get a leg up on their business rivals.

    why even lobbying with money and inducement is an acceptable norm in the US as are quid pro quo deals:

    The French got nothing on Malaysia or for that matter Najib except some yellow paper..Get a lifelah Hollande and co. Ur country is going to dogs and you have the gall to talk about others' integrity and with no solid proof at that. seems to me you french cocksucklers will do anything to get your pigs and lapdogs elected just like you wrecked Libya after high-fiving Gadaffi or 42 years.

    Business greases markets with money Anything strange in that unless you are delusional as some trolls definitely are. Even deliberately following IMF prescriptions to bankrupt an economy so that carpetbagger friends can buy the friggin' leftovers on the cheap is corruption. Ask Joe Kennedy or the Chingkie bastards in Spork and elsewhere how they made their millions. Hard work? nah, as my fiend's granma would say : Shit talk by thieves, money launderers, pimps, crack vendors, counterfeiters, whores etc etc. Why even a sovereign like Spork sees value where there is greed, u know as a money laundering jurisdiction of primary concern as attested in a US State Department report recently.

    Warrior 231

    P/s : Remember Rocky, get back to being Rocky before you end up a johnjuicer, a twatlick or worse an arsetonguer....

    While you pull yahself together, i will chill out with a Ballantine and revel in some Melayu bermaruah achievement:

    1. Jasper Bloodstone10:08 am

      Oooh...the poo(sic) warrior feller is feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated.


      See, in spite of his rantings and ravings, his targets ain't going away in abject surrender.

      So, let him dredge up more alleged money laundering accusations as he seems to get his rocks off on them.

      It's good for a few laughs, if nothing else.

  6. Anonymous6:21 pm

    and malaysian are the biggest taker. two hands to clap ma..

  7. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Rocky, if youre suggesting everything is perfect with the submarine purchase, you're probably as stupid as some of your umno assholes.

  8. "The French must be the biggest bribers on Earth!" Bru.

    How true! If not the biggest, then among the front runners!

    Check it out here as the French and DCNS are implicated in bribes running into hundreds of millions of dollars in USA, Pakistan, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Chili and more.


    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  9. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Isu Scorpene bukan Isu Anwar tapi Isu Negara yang perlu diperjelaskan dengan perincian,

    1. Pertimbangan Keputusan dalam pembelian yang besar tapi tak berfungsi. Kapal selam Scorpene yang tak boleh selam dan kos maintenance yg tinggi.

    2. Harga tak munasabah bila bandingkan dengan harga yg ditawarkan kepada negara lain.

    3. Unsur rasuah

    4. Pembunuhan berprofial tinggi tanpa motif

    Kalau isu ini tidak diselesaikan akan menakut dan mengurangkan pelaburan asing diMalaysia. Cuma tambah pekerja asing jer yg sudah tidak boleh dikawal dan diberikan hak kerakyatan melampaui hak kaum bukan bumiputra. How sad!!

  10. Anonymous10:09 pm

    biasalah....putar alam pembangkang

    banyak goreng punya..
    nak tipu rakyat

  11. Rocky,
    How do you explain payment of euro 36 m to Terasasi in HK.Terasasi belong to Razak Baginda and Family.

    How do you explain Najib bodygourd kill Mongolan girl unless they have the blessing from big Boss?


  12. Anonymous11:40 pm

    rakyat is already bored and hate Pakatan for keep making fitnah and stupid reason to win PRU13.
    rakyat will punish PR for being so stupid in managing selangor.kedah.kelantan and penang. lots of bribe and no transperancy.
    good by PR.
    go najib go!

  13. wARRIOR,


    Not sure what happened to your comments, man. But thank you for the Felda link. Soothing read, indeed.

  14. Mustapha Ong2:35 am

    Penghianat bangsa nak ke Putrajaya atau ke Sungai Buloh belum tahu lagi. Muka Anwar yang saya lihat di parlimen hari itu tidak begitu seri jika dibanding dengan Najib.Agar orang yang makan duit "haram" begitulah rupa nya. Bila nak bertaubat?Lihat sahaja Azmin yang telah bertukar wajah beliau dan agar banyak yang sumpah beliau! Di PKR cuma Nurrul Izzah sahaja yang cun male cun!

  15. Anonymous8:36 am

    Warrior 231,
    Remember that we are trying to cure JB, Godfather, Mr Bloodstone etc. Not trying to kill them with foul language - in fact foul language is a symptom of their disease. The disease is AIDS (Anwar Ibrahim Deceit Syndrome. The poor buggers are suffering from it. The disease causes them to see Malaysia is a very bad light - Malaysia is a terrible unsafe country, on the brink of bankcruptcy and disaster, people living in extreme fear of an authoratarian regime, afraid to talk. When Anwar screws a Chinadoll on video it appears to them as an UMNO conspiracy and untrue and when Anwar throws any filth at them like the Scorpene issue it is true despite no facts. Sad but true - only God can help these gullible lost souls. RIP.....

  16. diver9:36 am

    You still believe that "boat" can't dive.. unbelievable *unt..

  17. Anonymous11:59 am

    You know how shit is ? it stains and stinks ! Thats Najib for you....

  18. Anonymous12:06 pm

    They gonna keep the submarines and Lynas issues on the burner and keep them burning en route to GE. That is understandable. Last ditch attempt to salvage anything that could be saved; besides organizing street demonstrations as an attempt to frame the EC as culprit if they do lose seats in the next GE. Just brace yourself for more street demonstrations in the future; even after GE.
    To them, the definition of free and fair elections is..all the seats must go to the opposition.

  19. mazlan2:36 pm

    Aiyoo Rocky,
    With fairweather friends like Warrior - who needs enemies? Surprised you let him write that type of shit about you?
    He makes you sound like you are a DAP loving Anwarista. Just because his comment got lost in the post. Heck - one or 2 of mine have got lost too but I put it down to system glitches. According to him only his views count....
    Anyhow I think you have been pro Najib for a while so can't see what he's getting stewed about.
    As for the subject matter - the Scorpene deal stinks due to the incredible high commissions paid. The issue is that the French Magistrates are following up on bribery issues of DCNS and why they paid such high figures to Malaysian middle men....

  20. Rocky
    Shitworm? Arsetonguer?

    Responsible commentator?

    Need we say more?

  21. Anonymous4:37 pm

    the Goatfarter, whilst perched high and mighty on his Pakatan high-horse, wrote, "...Linking Altantuya to Najib may be other people's agenda, but you as a responsible citizen and blogger must take the high road to expose corruption..."

    I say, Dei, isn't that a form of corruption, too?

    Corruption of the truth is the worst form of corruption, lah!

    Alas, for Goatfarter and his band of gay and merry men - and women too, I suppose - corruption of the truth is totally acceptable because that is the bread & butter of Pakatan, under the leadership of Anuwar.

    A word of caution, though, mind where you spread the butter when ANuwar is around!

    Another funny about these Pakatan cybertroopers...

    ... Kamal wrote, "...How do you explain Najib bodygourd kill Mongolan girl unless they have the blessing from big Boss?..."

    Ah, yes, habits die hard, don't they?

    Undoubtedly, this Kamal fellow wrote from his personal experience and training... in that, all Pakatan-cybertroopers will only act when blessed by their gaiety deity Leader.

    So much for democracy... duh!

    Oh... I say Kamal, what is a "bodygourd?"

    Is it some sort of body armour for men like your blessed Leader?

  22. Relax jangan gaduh2. Jom makan2 dan santai2 kat blog saya tentang tempat2 makan menarik di merata tempat

  23. Anonymous7:27 am

    Actually the pakatan and clan is losing so much credibility due to their desperation to march to putrajaya.

    Their leaders are spouting utter nonsense, never backed by solid facts and data. All their claims are based on fatwas, "reliable source", statutory declarations by the dozens ...

    If they really wnat to provide checks and balance, they have got to OVERHAUL all their "leaders" - too much taint and tarnish (stuttering fools).

    Their efforts is making Najib and UMNO look better every day ... backfired!

  24. Anonymous11:10 am

    Dei Mazlan PeiPundek

    Cant resist butting in eh. Want to drive a wedge between me and Bru, eh, kaniniamah chouchibai of an Anwhore cocksuckler.

    You get it straight here. Rocky is tough and man enough to take the vitroil. Its no skin off his nose as he has been getting countless shitty barbs from people like GoatFucker, Jaspondan Bloodfucked, Dravidian Pundek Parathesi and the rest of the Pakatan trolls. Rocky is man and macho enough to laugh it off as he did above NOT like you fuckshit of a twatwormish pondan scumbag who shrivels like a maruahless wallflower whenever lambasted here.

    Dei chouchibai Mazlan, you are a known PR cocksuckler, aint you so whats the big idea to try to smooch and ingratiate yerself with Rocky.Your carryballing, kotesucking and arsetonguing aint gonna win you any respect, troll. Instead, it undresses you as a johnsucker who sucks!Namby Pamby fucktart who writes in once in a blue moon and claims for dozens of lost comments..get a lifelah pariah.

    "According to him only his views count...."

    Where did I mention that, cuni?Dei chakiliyan tiuniamah you just gave away what type of arsetick you are,cockfreak! Making up stories is the pastimes of faggots as my friend's grandmammy used to say. This blog has been open to all, idiots like you and rational ones like me alike. In fact to follow up that statement of yours with the Najib thingy about Rocky, shows your slimebag mentality. What a pathetic faggot trying to imply that Rocky Bru is partisan? Pundek Shit!So only pro-Anwar views like yours should count, eh? Woi Babi, put on your specks and read with yer brains next time when you troll here to see whether its biased or otheriwise. Oh i forgot, you dont have a brain, only a cranial cavity filled with shit...poor thing

    I was just reminding Rocky that as I lost 3 comments here on the trot. It aint right for idiots like you to gallivant as you like while rational ones are denied the right to respond. System glitches? Hei dont try to teach me craplah, fucker or talk cock here. I aint any swaddling baby in shitstained diapers like JB, get it. Any yeah sure the Scorpene thingy stinks when you have your face on your momma's cunt as you read about it. Sure stink onelah, bodoh. Have you or any of the trolls here asked the obvious question:

    "the socalled scandal of the millenium broke out in early April 2012. Najib Razak was riding a 69% popularity wave with support from Malays and Indians at all time highs and with Chingkie vote slightly up. Why dint he call an election, say for the 24th of April and move on with victory in hand to preempt any negativity if the scandal was to reach him later on? He is that stupid a politician?Any link between Ambiga pariahchee walking the streets and the onset of the French investigations?

    By the way Rocky, you proved yourself a man as I reckon they are lost for good. I raise my Sake tumbler to you. No hard feelings, man as I dont bear grudges since I am a Melayu Bermaruah and Muslim warts and all. That is for pondans and old hags and I aint a hypocrite who sucks up like Mazlan or Niki to get some brownie points. Neither am I a hypocrite who stashes 3 billion ringgit away in properties, stocks and cash in banks overseas and then calls my rival a crooked snake for 114million small change. Even my Holy Prophet Nabi (saw)would cease doing something first before he advises his flock of doing the same.

    But I bet that doesnt apply to munafiks and kaffirs labeled blasphemously as anugerah tuhan by their johnjuicing, arselicking, cuntfucked and buttraped wives and followers.

    Warrior 231

  25. Anonymous12:34 pm


    The Death Knell is not for Suarama but for Najib!!

    As usual with your head in the sand you fail to know what is going on in the world....Cutting and Pasting will get you nowhere in the Jounalistic world...But the..That's all you know how to work...

    Give up writing and go sell goreng pisang...Maybe that's where your talent is!!!


  26. Who is this fellow, kevin!Not an investigative journalist I guess....just an unreliable blogger.Maybe paid to do a job.There are a lot of fellows like that in bloggersphere.They give a bad name to genuine bloggers who blogs on what they know!

  27. Aiyo Mr Lee,

    When was the last time you blogged? 2009! Cows got your tongue (or something else)?

    Hehe. That's for being holier-than-thou. If you socialize a bit with other bloggers, you'd know that our Mr Freddie Kevin is not like those cybertroopers you mentioned, who get paid to post. These people would usually stop blogging after they have achieved something they wanted or if their masters have stopped writing the cheques.

    Btw, when are you going to do your next posting, Mr Lee?

  28. Mazlan1:04 pm

    You never fail to find a 'homo' slant no matter what the angle.
    Methinks you seem to have some latent gayness in you.... The obsession in arsetongueing and buttramming is certainly something Freud would enjoy analysing...
    Anyhow I can't imagine why Rocky would want to censor a reasonable blooger such as yourself.
    Anyhow I really have given up on the Scorpene issue as reading your mind is more interesting - and I hope you stop playing with yourself as you write.
    I probably need to tank down some Malt Whisky to be more prolific in my response

  29. Anonymous6:41 am

    I think Mazlan is a homo himself. It takes a thief to suspect another as a thief.

  30. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Dei Mazlan Pundek

    Transference at work, fuckhead since you are so into psychoanalysis now:

    yeah coming from an arseloving arsewhore, it is pretty definite you would be aiming at the "juicy'' gay portions whilst ignoring all those pundeks, twatlicks, cuntfucks etc. It goes with the territory as they say, gay.

    And those salvoes are directed at your PR types who love it both ways, the backside only, all doable orifices and very few of the cunt only variety. Pretty lame and laughable of you to shift those majority perversions on a naturally inclined, cuntfucking machoman like me. Try harder next time as you throat Anwhore's filthy fender bender of a john even as you finger the wireless keyboard to pen off the garbage you just wrote. Stuff of your gay wet dreams, eh?? hahahahahaha

    Maybe your esteemed leaders sexual preferences must also be aped by his followers to gain complete acceptance, right? what say you?

    Sure you would have given up on the Scorpene, as 99.9% of your ilk dont understand its nitty gritties at all save what dear leader, Arsewhore and Friends feed you off the palms of their hands...what a bunch of petrified buttfucked and throatrammed and cuntraped zombies

    Warrior 231

  31. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Ooooh, the Singapork poof still cannot get it between his ears.

    His gay disclosure of Human Trafficking is alright and all accurate but when it comes to money laundering from the same source...that is outta bounds. How anally puerile can a pig get?

    Must be the end result of all that motherfucking, dad-arse raping and throating the dying old man's john for a living. Cant even sarong his own cock with a condom, I suppose. Illiterate, uneducated, motherfucking,arseraping, twatmunching, cockjuicing son of a maruahless whore and a lousy, lazy, stealing, counterfeiting, cheating, scumbag of a tongkang mali runaway pendatang who pimped his slut for a living to raise this useless pig.

    Warrior 231

  32. Jasper Bloodstone4:33 pm

    Methinks that this warrior feller has a money laundering fixation, given that he has ventilated on this time and again.

    With sweet all as a result.

    It must be galling to his maruah intellect, that in spite of assiduously crying "wolf", the rest of the world persists in blissful ignorance to do business in and with a pipsqueak little citystate.

    And that includes good ole Uncle Sam!

  33. Errr... Warrior...
    what was your point?
    You really need more to drink or myabe start getting laid....
    You sound very sexually frustrated or maybe even sexually confused.....

  34. Anonymous12:14 pm

    The pig is so messed up that I bet it cant even sarong his own cock with a condom, I suppose. Illiterate, uneducated, motherfucking,arseraping, twatmunching, cockjuicing son of a maruahless whore and a lousy, lazy, stealing, counterfeiting, cheating, scumbag of a tongkang mali runaway pendatang who pimped his slut for a living to raise this useless gay pig.

    Folks, since I am just on a lark, the pig's continous denial is laughable, isnt it? As we Melayu Bermaruah say it plain and simple:

    "siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas". After all, 2.50pm dint mention him so why the fluster unless he feels the heat..hahahahahaha. Oh I see, madman just woke up to his reality that he is a PIG and his home is a money laundering sty after all.

    No folks, no one cries wolf except madman. No wonder he has no balls to write a letter to the US State Department upbraiding them for their listing. At least, his government still retains an iota of sense in their brains not to offend Uncle Sam with stupidity like the pig's as they accept the reality of their moneylaundering stink. A stench this guy revealed way back in 2006 and paid for with his cushy job:

    "Actually, Singapore's success came mainly from being the money laundering center for corrupt Indonesian businessmen and government officials. Indonesia has no money. So Singapore isn't doing well. To sustain its economy, Singapore is building casinos to attract corrupt money from China."

    the last part about the casinos does ring a bell as certain Filipinos will confirm:

    Come on Singapork, sue Andy Xie, the Filipinos and the US State Department, if you have the balls but I betcha you do know that chickens will come home to roost if you dont let sleeping dogs lie. 'Cowardliness is the better part of valour' as they would say in this case. That is certainly more realpolitik than a certain pathetically desperate madman rapping garbage through his arsehole to deny the undeniable. What a stupid self-humiliating shameless pig?

    Folks, since a lot of you have been pestering for the US SD link via my email, here it is again:

    Rest assured, I will try to put it up in all my future comments.

    Warrior 231

  35. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Dei Nik Cuni Kaniniamah Chouchibai

    Trying to hitch a free ride on Lan, eh? Oh I see, you are his comrade in arms,both the cowboy and the "horse" ala Brokeback Mountain..aww schucks how romantic and gay. Lan will be pretty delighted with your stroking his ego and probably much more.....hahahahaha. Keep up those mouthstrokes, boy, it will earn you a tidy cum for all the effort.And looks like yer are buttering up Lan really well so that when you shove your filthy cock into his damn shithole, you dont hurt that poor gay ....hahahahahaha

    How is it to be the rider and the ridden in ur obverse kamasutra universe of gays and bisexuals? Pretty shitty aint it?After all, only idiots go around poking into septic tanks dont they?

    With all the "ors" littering your comment, seems to me you are the one confused about ur gender, about the proper role of your anus and about the proper clean place for your cock.Which brings me to the question if you are so in doubt even with yer speculating, what is your fucking point,arseworm?

    You are a proper effing piece of shit, Nik. You know the kind that gets stuck in the toilet bowl and dissolves slowly with each flush. Your type is the bane of our race if ur claim to be Malay, that is. Maruahless, cocksuckling scum who will sell body and soul for a penis, an arse or both, whichever's your pick.

    Yeah, my cock's itching for a fuck, Nik (you guessed that right) but that will be with ur unorgasmised uncocked wifey, your cockhungry mum (if she is still titsy and cuntifully voluptuous that is) dickstarved sis, and pokecraving daughter, Niki boy. You know sort of having my polygamous nature consummated in one helluva of a night of fucking, sort of shagging 4 cunts with 1 cock ala swatting seven flies with one blow. After all, husband, son,brother and father is pretty concerned about my performance, aint he, and I should put on grand show for his viewing pleasure, right?. Now get the hell outta my face, freaking piece of shit!

    Warrior 231