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MAS' turning point and a case for a new Malaysian low-cost airline

Updated, 4 July: Perhaps Aireen Omar had not hit Malaysia Airports hard enough, so her boss Tony Fernandes has to take matters into his own hands on his blog today.
Tony: I am proud to be Malaysian and want this country to excel. But an undependable airport operator does no one any favours, not least when our neighbours are taking aggressive steps to tap into the rapid growth of low-cost carriers.
Read Tony's What's with the new terminal?

Original posting
Aireen's pic by BT
AirAsia CEO Aireen Omar's teasing words about the possibility of the low-cost carrier NOT moving to KLIA2 next March [Air Asia has LCCT back-up plan - Business Times, July 2] should not be taken lightly. In fact, the authorities should start thinking really hard about that actually happening, especially so after Tony Fernandes' unexpected move out of Malaysia to make Jakarta his regional hub which, according to Business Times, means lesser role for its KL headquarters

What's our Plan B if Aireen and Tony actually decide to turn their backs on KLIA2? Part of the new airport was conceived with AirAsia in mind, after all. Who will fill the vacuum? Can that void be occupied?

The answer is obvious: air traffic will grow with or without Air Asia, with or without Tony Fernandes. If Aireen decides to move to KK or Kuching, welll and good; if she thinks only "virtual hub Changi" is good enough for her, well, good luck. Malaysia and Malaysians have done so much to help Air Asia grow and be where it is today, a Malaysian-born carrier that went from being bullied to being the bully (or so some say) and on their part AirAsia and Tony Fernandes have enabled many Malaysians to fly by making flying more affordable. 

But let's be realistic: you need to fill up KLIA2. In fact, whether or not AirAsia moves to KLIA2, the country should be looking at giving birth to another low-cost carrier to cater to demand. Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, the former Malaysia Airlines boss, made the suggestion not too long ago, before Tony Fernandes announced the move to Jakarta. Read the forum MAS should venture into low cost airlines like SIA (Tiger) and Qantas (Jetstar). 

Actually, it doesn't have to be MAS. Anyone can start a low cost airline.

Syed Mokhtar, for example, can do that easily. He already has an airport in Senai ...

(Should be continued ...)
Cont'd 12.15pm
The A380 at KLIA from Toulouse

It doesn't have to be Syed Mokhtar, of course. You can stretch a man just so far and wide and that man has enough on his plate, if you ask me. And Malaysia is not short of talents, they just need to be given their windows of opportunity to build on their dreams. Just like Tony Fernandes was given his by Dr Mahathir, but that's an old story...

There is no need to fully liberalize the aviation sector yet, just open up enough for a few more players to take advantage of the rising worldwide demand for low-cost travel. Like it or not, the Government needs to do what it has failed to do for the last decade: protect MAS against unfair competition. It is our national airline. It's worth saving.

I see the A380, which made its maiden flight to London on July 1, as a huge turning point for MAS. So I think Tony isn't the only one who was relieved Najib Razak put a stop to the share swap between MAS and AA [read here]; MAS boss Ahmad Jauhari should be delighted, too, though you won't catch him saying it in public. AJ, who came into MAS AFTER the share swap had been decided by Air Asia and Khazanah Nasional, now has the chance to prove his mettle, without Tony and Air Asia but with the tools, government support and the A380s (MAS is to take delivery of its second plane this month, I was told by Big Dog who flew on the ferry flight  from Toulouse with 90 others last week; read New MH hits the market ...). All he needs now is the confidence of all his staff. With that confidence -  and given a level playing field - MAS can compete with the best of them out there.


  1. Anonymous11:16 am

    Fly Rosmah Air
    $9.99 flights to Ulan Bator

  2. Satrilaut11:21 am

    Dato' Rocky,

    What happened to Firefly?

  3. Fence Sitter Voter12:16 pm

    1. Firefly should be allowed to operate its jet services again.

    2. Issue a license for another LCC to operate at KLIA2.

    3. Grant East Malaysia a special right to operate another LCC making KK or KCH as its hub.

    Dear PM, the RAKYAT would like to seek your kind consideration & immediate attention on the above.


  4. Malaysians will support a truly Malaysian low-cost carrier.
    We should ignore those fair weather rascals who have now moved to a neighboring country after their 'robberies' had been exposed here.

  5. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Yup, revive Firefly! Had a chance to travel KL-KK-KL last year. It was far more superior than Air Asia. Love Firefly!

  6. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Salam Rocky
    Tak payah set up new low-cost airline sebab Firefly dah ada. Let Firefly operate the turboprop and jet, give them the domestic operations, then MAS can concentrate on the international operations, baru boleh compare apple to apple with SIA and other airlines.
    Bukan ke itu plan Idris Jala masa dia jadi MD dulu???

  7. Anonymous1:10 pm

    What are you smoking, Latuk ? I don't believe it's a Havana you have there. If Asia's largest budget carrier with 100 aircraft doesn't use KLIA2, what are we building the RM 4 billion complex for ? So that Syed Mokhtar can park his private jet there ?


  8. Anonymous1:18 pm

    As a Malaysian, i felt a pinch when i read AO's snobby comments about her other options besides KLIA2. Shouldn't AA be working hard with MAHB to complement KLIA2 from the get go? Definitely not a good take off.

  9. Mazlan1:21 pm

    How the hell can Air Asia threaten Not to move into KLIA2??
    The whole reason it was built and millions poured into it was because Tony complained that the current LCCT was outdated!
    As I see it the Government and MAHB has bent over backwards to accomodate AirAsia's demands.
    They don't get this sort of privelage in Indonesia, Thailand or Philippines. There they have to compete on the same level as everyone else and make do with the same terminals that they are given!
    Its time that the Govt allowed more LCCs in and give Air Asia some real competition.

    Rocky, As for protecting MAS I think under the ASEAN open skies policy MAS has to face competition from other ASEAN players.
    Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines have issued more license for competition and so are ready. Its time MAS was as well.
    MAS's problem has been down to mis-management and bad strategy. Khazanah may have had the money but have been clueless how to revamp the airline. There are plenty of Malaysians working with succesful Mid East and other regional airlines that could have been head hunted into MAS rather that the old boys network that Tony and Rashdan bought in....

  10. Charles F. Moreira2:07 pm

    MAS already has Firefly. I traveled on it to Kuala Terengganu in March. The service was good, well at least they provided a free drink and a snack.

    It needs to expand, become even more affordable and competitive, while maintaining integrity - i.e. no hidden charges, greed, arrogance, etc.

    As for KLIA2, besides encouraging growth of more home-grown budget & low-cost airlines, allow more foreign budget & low-cost airlines and charters to use it.

  11. Anonymous2:26 pm

    klia2 should we name its lapangan terbang (budget)tun mahadir or lapangan terbang (budget) tun abdullah, instead

  12. Anonymous2:28 pm


  13. Anonymous3:39 pm

    MAS already have Firefly which is doing a tremendous job out of Subang. Their jet operation was killed at the behest of Tony Fernandes as they were giving Air Asia a run for it's money. AJ should restart the jet operation and compete for the low cost segment of the market. We will then hear alot of howling from Tony.

  14. layman3:57 pm

    Tony Fernandes is a good business man, but he is not perfect.

    I supported the AA and MAS share swap and was looking forward to MAS to be turned around and for me to be proud of MAS again. Tony messed it up by being too arrogant especially towards the old MAS guards, including their union. Business 101 says you will need to engage the union for any "takeover" to be successful. Ask the Japanese when they bought the old GM plants in the US.

    The second error (big one) he made was the comment about growth in Malaysia to be boring. I can understand the business justification of moving his hq to Jakarta, but to use boring on Malaysia is too much for the malaysian in me to stomach. So goodby Tony, I will not fly AA anymore.

    And there is the case of AAX. Do you guys notice the 2 A340s (maybe A330s) parked at KLIA changing color from AAX to just white? I think they are being sold.....another bad judgement?

    Anyway Pak Tony, you will need to start eating tempe. Malaysian like me don't want you back anymore

  15. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Yah Rocky...

    And Syed Mokhtar's Pigs will Fly

  16. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Does Tony Fernandes own the present LCCT? If not he can be evicted from there, or made to pay higher rental. If he refuses and threaten to move out from LCCT, then he will lose a lot of passengers. He won't do that I think, because he can't afford to lose the passengers. This fellow is just sombong bodoh. Call his bluff?

  17. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Well brued Dato Rocky.

    Ali AS.

  18. Fence Sitter Voter4:23 pm

    1. Revive the Firely LCC jet services.

    2. Issue a license for another LCC to operate at KLIA2.

    3. Also issue a license for LCC making KK or KCH as a hub.

  19. YUP...what happen to Firefly??? The name is intriguing enough, perhaps they should be made as a low cost carrier...

  20. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Starting another low cost carrier is kachang putih. Air Asia lost money to London and has taken routes to Down under after teaming up with MAS. How to cater for a third carrier to Down Under? With third carrier, someone will be really become Down under. Not cheap and if seats are empty, you still have to burn money oil and landing charges. Whole history of MAS, they make bananas or kachang putih?

  21. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Even if you create anothe low cost carrier, it might not able to compete with AIrasia but one thing for sure, MAS will die faster and need yet another bailout.

  22. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Protect MAS with repeatedly bailout by using rakyat hard earn money IS NOT WORTH SAVING THE NATIONAL CARRIER. Better make airasia the national carrie and let MAS die naturally.

  23. Anonymous8:04 pm

    I can't wait for the day the shoe is on the other foot and Tony's arrogant ass ends up broke and humiliated with this attitude.

    Ah, the hubris of success - wont be long before they forget who they are and who they owe their success to. The very people who will turn their backs on him the same way he turns his arrogant ass to them - the passengers, the Malaysian government, the taxpayers! TAK SEDAR DIRI, TAK TAU BERTERIMA KASIH.

  24. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Mas compete? Get rid of the umno bloodsuckers first.

  25. arif j9:32 pm

    The problem with AirAsia is that their 'success' has made them arrogant and demanding. MAHB has spent a lot of money which came from taxpayers as well to build them a brand new LCCT - and now they are being bullied and blackmailed by Air Asia.
    Let's see Tony try pulling that shit in Indonesia or Thailand and now Philippines - they will burn his house and airline down!

  26. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Can apek Chinaman have the license for a LCC ah? Now already got Malay in MAS, MIC in Air Asia.

    Why even suggest an Arab?

  27. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Firefly was already a low cost carrier of MAS until the share swap, just like what SIA only recently embarked with Scoop. It was doing very well and AA felt threatened. Revive Firefly jet operations and reinstate Kota Kinabalu as its hub.

  28. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Aku ketawa terbahak-bahak nengok reaksi Lan Pundek lepaskan geram. Going ballistic sungguh siap dengan WTF sekali....hahahahahahaha (ROFL).

    Lan Pundek adalah simbolik Melayu liberal bodoh sombong yang jadi cocksuckler bukan Melayu terutama Chingkie pigs. Dah banyak kali aku dah kata tentang babi bukan Melayu bahawa tabiat semula jadi mereka ialah "get all the benefits without work and them fuck them cocksuckling ingratiating Malays.

    Tak yah gi jauh. 3 contoh cukup:

    1. BN bangunkan Pulau Pinang dengan memeberi bantuan dan input kepada fuckhead Cino Koh Tsu Koon.

    Habih dapat semua (airport baru, jambatan, universiti, FTZ idea Tun Razak dulu, infrastructur yang baik, tanah tebusguna tepi laut dsbnya) Cino babi terus humban BN kedalam laut dan berpesta dengan pukimak DAP.Wat apo lagi? Kebas ajelah sebab silurus bendul dah bagi semua!

    2. AA dibina atas pengorbanan MAS dan ehsan MAB serta sokongan Kerajaan Melayu Malaysia. Dapat semua, bangsat keling tu terus lari ke Jakarta dan balaci Melayu pundeknya pula ugut, betino pulaktu. Ini semua lepas bos shitholenya nak ranapkan MAS dengan share swap. Aku dah kata dah dulu banyak kali jangan bagi barua ni muka,,sekarang padan mukalah. Entah beso luso, hutang piutang dio Petronas keno lunas pulak. Sekarang pun AAX dah lingkup, kawe dio dah mulo meluat dah:


    3. kisah Lee Chong Wei dan Misbun..tak yalah saya cita banyak
    baca sendirilah bagaimana seekor babi pariah melibas jurulatihnya setelah mencapai kejayaan:


    Biasalah ini semua..aku dah banyak kali dok pesan, dok kata sampai oghe Melayu cocksuckler siap panggil aku rasis. Amacam sekarang?

    Itulah seperti oghe tuo kita kata dulu2; Terantuk baru tengadah maksudnya bilo keno baru sedaq diri macam lah cocksuckler Lan dan kaum kerabat liberalnya macae pembuntut Anwar, betino sial Nurul Izzah, pukimak laknatullah Nik Najiz, Hardy Awek dan sewaktu dengan mereko. Itulah Melayu tak bermaruah: bukan main syok hisap batang keling dan Cino babi sampai kena kencing kat mulut baru sedaq diri.Den nak katao apo lagi?Dok geleng kepalo dan gelak ajelah..tengok telatah bodoh Melayu pukimak ini...layu sungguh!!

    Pasai FF aku dah tulis banyak kali dah termasuk terkini kat sini:


    Warrior 231

  29. Dao Eric10:57 pm

    Remember when SIA pilot who happen te a singapore PR treaten to strike because of cost saine measure by SIA,LEE Kuan Yew call him to his office.After giving him a good F..k,Lee ask him to pack his back and leave Singaporre within 24 hours.

    Now he live in Australia and he cant even get a job with any Australian airline.
    I think we are too soft with Air asia.

  30. Anonymous11:35 pm


    forgetting roots

    gigit tangan yang menyuap

    sekarang nak blackmail pulak

    hutang dahlah tak bayar

  31. Anonymous11:50 pm

    We laughed when Pok Nik proposed low cost People Highway between Kota Baru and Macang. . . .I'm laughing when You proposed new Malaysian low-cost airline. . . .

    Nik Rahmoh

  32. Anonymous2:59 am

    I am not a fan of Nazir Razak and never will be but at least he shows a tinge of Melayu Bermaruah here, (which sadly is not pretty often, given his unfortunate tendency to shoot his mouth before his brain engages). Anyway, kudos to him and Khazanah but I think Najib Razak had a big part in this way back in 2010:


    See even the Taipei times is singing praises like others recently in the US.Aint that cool intellects at work?hahahahaha

    Anyway, I couldn't resist this dig the paper aimed at its filthy Chingk counterpart in Singapork:

    "Nazir said he is confident the listing can weather rocky financial markets, which have prompted some companies to delay or cancel IPO plans in Asia, including a proposed US$2.5 billion listing by Formula One in Singapore."

    How the once self-braggart "mighty" pipsqueak has fallen. But then thats just desserts for the skeletons in its closet are finally rattling their bones and giving jittery investors everywhere the shakes. Skeletons? Closet? Yeah, I mean this:


    After all when one is too busy moneylaundering, one forgets that others are watching.....hahahahahahaha(ROFL)

    Warrior 231

    Also am enjoying Virgin's eventual exit from the keling pariah's turkey:

    and unconfirmed Reuters wire reports claim even AA would do the same:


    Makes you wonder whether the inevitable, I have been predicting all this while, is near?

    Elsewhere, time for MAS to either refloat FF as I suggested in ABITW or allow the entry of more players to finish off Keling pariah's pie in the sky:

    "Malaysia Airports managing director and former MAS executive Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid tells CAPA that if Firefly does not resume 737 services another Asian LCC group such as Lion Air may end up entering the Malaysian domestic market."

    But I would prefer a Melayu bermaruah outfit which will succeed anytime over an Indon inferiority complexed vermin. But then realpolitik is also at work in aviation, right? hahahahahaha

  33. Anonymous8:01 am


    You talk about MAS being given a level playing field and then to be protected from unfair competition.

    It's because they were protected in the first place that they continued to operate without concern to what the industry was doing like invest in more efficient aircraft and reduce costs.

    Protection means that they can lose their pants without worry because there's always the rakyat of Malaysia to bail them out, yeah?

  34. trifling-jester8:46 am

    dei rocky. enough of protectionism la. this is the same reason we still have bumi policy. protect protect until cant even walk. instead, grow a pair and welcome to the real world bitch

  35. Anonymous9:47 am

    I can't fathom why you guys are so mean to uncle Tony. He's such a nice guy. Mr Tony has done wonder to the aviation industry that wort to be emulated. This guy is already an icon in this part of the world. You can't really help the whole MAS losing money kinda thing cause somebody else lose will always be someone else gain. Live with it.
    I think we could expand MASWings operation which currently cater routes in the interior of Sabah and Sarawak. I don't know how it gonna pan out business wise; with the whole routes, number of jets and fuel prices kinda stuff, the prospect of the market itself but is worth to be pondered upon.
    The people who use them mostly government officials, journalists, some tourists and rich chaps doing business in those remote places. If we could get more people on board to go those places, or other places which yet to be identified, maybe the whole idea is not really far fetch after all. Just saying..

  36. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Set up a new lo-cost airline? We already have firefly for that.

    The elephant in the room however is MAS poor performance. Give a couple of fin quarters and the whole thing will bungkus with the incompetent mgmt

  37. Anonymous1:59 pm


    Yes anyone can set up a new low cost airline...

    But does anyone has the Gumpft that Tony has??

    No Handouts

    No Freebies

    This is not the business for Melayus who depend on Govt support to survive in Business (and that Includes Syed Mokhtar!!)

    Maybe Rocky wants to setup one?
    Having Failed in everythin else in Jounalism perhaps he wants to be an Airline Tycoon??

    Heh Heh Heh

    Joe Black

  38. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Just shut down MAS pronto! It's fares are expensive (Mas surcharges & levies ie hidden fees) are more than AirAsia total fares on AAX. I have a lot of enrich points that I can redeem on MAS, but paying full fare on AA is still sheaper than MAS...the service and food on board MAS is nothing to shout about. Just issue new AO licence to whoever wants to start a new Carrier instead of continually babysitting MAS.

  39. Anonymous4:09 pm

    KLIA would be the 3rd airport expanded on behalf of air asia. before this was Ipoh then Batu Berendam all expanded bcoz Air Asia said that they would use the airport. Then when the time came they never did.

    When will Malaysians learn that Tony Fernandez is a blady conmen.

  40. Warrior 231,

    Thanks for the link to the Taipei Times. Worth a posting ..

  41. dua sen4:23 pm

    Please don't divert from the REAL issue !

    What's with the new terminal?

  42. Anonymous4:58 pm

    The economic reality is that if you are not efficient, your leakages are out of control, your people become more racist and less secure, you will be left behind.

    No need to call Tony F a pariah, he wants to build a business that can withstand international competition, not a jaguh kampung.

    KLIA2 is the typical manifestation of this administration where contracts are awarded to the highest bidder and not the lowest bidder. And then the way to recover the huge cost is to pass the burden to the poor rakyat. Same modus operandi as our tollroads, IPPs, LRTs, etc. Tony F is right not to be part of it.


  43. 2 points to consider:

    Tony F is a bit of an arrogant and annoying dick nowadays.
    He conveniently forgets the support he got under TunM and Pak Lah (especially when he was buddies with KJ and Pak Lah's son...). And he forgets that in the other ASEAN countries he has to face more competitors and has no help from their airport operators, as much as he has had here.

    2nd point - I do want to know what the hell is actually going on with KLIA2. Why is the cost rocketing up and why is it taking so long.
    The Minister needs to get his act toegther and get MAHB to provide clear and transparent answers.
    For the cost to and time to deliver to double needs some answers....

  44. Anonymous7:34 pm

    fuck you Tony.

    bloody hell blood suckers. my first trip with Air Asia, Penang JB. delay from 11 am till 2.30 am....

    no more air asia.

    becoz of you now, no more direct flight frm JB to KK and Kuching by MAS ..

    anti-everything Tony

  45. Anonymous8:28 pm

    MAHB needs a reform


  46. Anonymous9:53 pm

    The Labu fiasco - when it would be much cheaper and saner to expand KLIA and that would have cost us more than the 1.6b bomb what with dedicated road and rail links to nowhere thrown in):


    and the sordid mudslinging in last December, both succinctly show which party has been primarily to blame, Keling!.

    And who the fucks imagined KLIA2 to be your grandpappy's sole playpen. KLIA is expanding and will soon displace pipsqueak Changi with its avergae 5 year growth being 9.4% compared to Changi's 6%. Melayu Bermaruah, man for when we put our chiseled Mr Atlas torso to the wheel we blow away Chingkie garbage anytime anywhere...get it Keling.:


    (the writer's cock talk about Changi aviation hub aside, read and understand where KLIA is heading)

    and Bashir has always been talking about the National Aviation masterplan which aint something alien or non-exitent as your wild imagination concocts:

    "Bashir said the plan to build the new LCCT near the main terminal was part of the National Airport Master Plan for Malaysia to strategically develop all 24 airports in the country over 50 years."

    read everything here (including 45million which your own 'rapid growth' above makes it pretty self-explanatory) to see how far yer are behind the curve:


    Just because your tongue is naturally twisted does not mean other people's brains are similarly crooked.That's not a given law of biology. And on which fucking calculus does your unpaid taxes, and fleecing of AA passengers jive in with the spineless, tonguetwister of a cocktalk about "competitive":


    Oh yeah, I forgot that Australia debacle that so embarrassed us all Malaysians as petty cheapskates:


    that was dismissed as a computer glitch!Seems to me that those tricks are ok for pie-in-the sky but heaven forbid, yer every desire and wish crossed, eh fat arse?

    It is this blase taking people for granted and uncouth treading on their good sense that has made Fat Boy and his livery such hated figures. What about the crap regarding Batu Berendam and Ipoh, and for that matter, MAS Sabah Sarawak interior air services when starting out penniless oh not so long ago.

    Fuck and finger youselflah, pariah when you resort to pulling patriotism outta your threadbare kitbag.Guess, yer have no inkling that scumbags, slimepoops and douchebags like you that had once made a famous man say:

    "Patriotism is the last refuge of scounderels"

    Yeah, soooooo patriotic indeed that running beyond the Sunda is a much better balless patriotic option than staying and fighting for cherished principles and ideals like any true blue patriot with real balls would. Bah......pathetic humbug!

    By the way, where did you get the frigging fuckin idea that KLIA2 (at 4B) is more expensive than KLIA (10B) itself!!


    Pretty much sums up the shit under your baldy pate, fatso. For in the end,you need to understand one thing to get all others right: quit thinking the majority are arseholes who can be led by the nose down any garden path to hell at your bidding. Learn respect first before oinking off like a demented pig. After all, endpack (when supposed to be "midpack') Caterham, almost relegated QPR and AAX speak volumes, dont they?:


    Close the door on the way out will yah, for we aint want any banking bluster blowing the roof down after you leave. By the way 'good riddance to bad rubbish' is an apt takeaway, dont you say?

    Warrior 231

  47. Anonymous9:59 am

    Just my take! Alot of bloody jealouse green eyed monsters here!
    It happens that Tony is an indian thats all! Do you think you can name any bright spark to bring AA AS TODAY? Come on you guys please wake up and be fair...its because you all dont find a melayu that can revolutinise air travel and its so sour to you all guys.
    He runs a business that hires and fires that's all!Look at MAS still baby treatment with golden gloves ...How many times it begs to be bail out and thats where our fcuking tax money goes !
    Sheesh! all those bright sparks who comment big here....well you can seperate the boys and the men here ! Ask those poor village melayus how thankful they are off Tony and AA WHEN THEY CAN FLY CHEAPO...AROUND THE COUNTRY instead of wheels.
    Want another low cost carrier by a melayu is it? Another round of forcing those bankers to loan big deals FOR TOWERING MALAYS ?

  48. kah kah kah kah

    eleh waria 231 anak babi... ko pikir engko lebih baik ke?

    itu MAS sudah nak mampos yo, sudah "technically bankrupt"

    The airline that gave most Malaysians their flying experience is now technically bankrupt.

    "Currently, MAS remains in business even though it is technically bankrupt due to assistance from the government because the company is a national pride," said an investment strategist who declined to be identified.

    "But this time around the government has to do it right," he said when referring to plans to turn around the airline as the government is its major shareholder.

    MAS has tried to make many turnaround plans in the past whenever it faced falling revenues. However, its entering into a share swap with AirAsia was aborted after strong protests from the premium service airline's employee unions and some sections of the public, as it was perceived that MAS was getting a raw deal.

    Read more: 'MAS employees should help with turnaround' - Latest - New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/latest/mas-employees-should-help-with-turnaround-1.95722##ixzz1ziIDY62O


    Tu la... mula2 orang "bermaruah" macam T.R. bangkrapkan syarikat, kerajaan bagi bailout, kemudian ambik semua CONsultan dan croni masuk buat ini buat itu, bagi projek masyuk kepada kroni... akhirnya mampos jugak.

  49. Firefly11:16 am

    5. List of other LCCs:

    Batavia Air
    Indonesia AirAsia
    Lion Air
    Mandala Airlines

    Jetstar Asia Airways
    Tiger Airways

    AirAsia Philippines
    Airphil Express
    Cebu Pacific
    South East Asian Airlines
    Spirit of Manila Airlines
    Zest Airways

    Republic of KOREA
    Air Busan
    Eastar Jet
    Jeju Air
    Jin Air
    T'way Airlines

    AirAsia Japan
    Hokkaido International Airlines (Air Do)
    JAL Express
    Skymark Airlines
    Skynet Asia Airways
    Jetstar Japan

    Jetstar Airways
    Tiger Airways Australia
    Virgin Australia

    AirAsia ?
    AirAsia X ?
    Firefly (turbo prop)?

    So folks, judge for yourself whether Malaysia need more LCC for healthy competition!

    My answer will be YES...Yes.....Yes!


  50. Anon 959am,

    Not nice lah you racialize things. Tony's partner Kamarudin Meranun is a towering Melayu, not a sleeping partner. In fact, some say he is the brains behind Air Asia whereas Tony is just the mouth. Din also brought in the money into the business.

    Don't be racist lah. Tony is a Malaysia - a proud Malaysian, by his own admission. Doesn't matter if you're a Jawa or Iban or Minang or Cina, if you run down another Malaysian or another Malaysian institution just because you can no longer get your way, you have to expect other Malaysians to run you down.

  51. Anonymous12:02 pm


    That's really putting things in perspective. So Air Asia has been enjoying a monopoly as a low-class carrier all these years and all the while was eating into MAS' cake as well!

    Say yes to Low Cost Carrier, No to Low Class Carrier

  52. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    So the son-of-an-incestous relationship jerk who calls himself Warrior 231 and spew his hate-filled comments in your blog is "NICE" ? Calling Tony a pariah is "NICE" ? I notice you have been licking the goon Warrior 231 for some time, but your last comment about not being nice was laughable.


  53. Bru.

    You're right about Kamarudin. He pumped in a lot of his own money into AA and was the organisational brains behind the company. He did so quietly and consistently.
    Tony may be an annoying and arrogant dick - but he has always employed the best Bumis he can find and is no racist. Majority of AA staff and management are all Bumis.

    However you are very unfair to just call out Anon 959 for being a racist.
    Just look at Warrior's comments and that is just pure non stop racist ranting. Time to call him out as well and take a stand.

    There can be no hyporcisy on who and who isn't a racist....

  54. bourne identity8:17 pm

    Shall we dare MONEY TONY to sell off QPR and his motoring businesses and build a really low cost carrier airport on his own?
    Keling TETAP keling...even though he tries to speak like an englishman and uses an english name....
    MONEY TONY only concerns filling up his pocket..simple as that. MONEY TONY bites the hands that bit him... and do you think he is REALLY concern about passengers getting raw deals from AA's regular fuck up delays?
    He is after all.the biggest motherfucker ever to con Malaysia!

  55. I would love to propose a new airline call "AirofAsia.com" .

  56. Anonymous12:02 am

    it is upsetting people do not appreciate and give back to their own country, after making it big from her support(and nonpayment of money dues whatever justifying circumstances may be used)

  57. Jasper Bloodstone4:13 pm

    So, what's stopping our valiant entrepreneurs from setting up budget airlines/LCCs in Malaysia?

    Any Ismail, Ah Chong or Muthu, with a sound business plan to set up a Malaysia-based LCC can approach the banks for financing and the Civil Aviation regulators for an Air Operator's Certificate.

    Then source for aircraft, recruit pilots, cabin crew etc, set up the support infrastructure and it's open skies ahead.

    Heck, there's money to be minted, competing with the dastardly AirAsia!

    Even a "pipsqueak" like Singapore can host 3 LCCs, what more Malaysia with infinitely more resources and capabilities?

    The ethos of "Malaysia Boleh" should have this country hosting at least 3, if not more, LCCs.

    Then Malaysia Airports wouldn't be beholden to the likes of AirAsia for justifying KLIA2!

  58. Jasper Bloodstone5:13 pm

    "Budget carriers cruise past giants in brand reputation" (Singapore Business Times, 6 July 2012, www.businesstimes.com.sg)

    "Asia-Pacific budget airlines AirAsia Bhd and Qantas Airways Ltd's Jetstar overtook full-service carriers in a brand-reputation survey as more passengers in the region turned to cheaper options amid a global economic slowdown.

    "Singapore Airlines Ltd (SIA) and Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd, among the world's 10 biggest carriers by market value, were ranked below the two low-cost travel operators, according to the report ("Campaign Asia-Pacific 2012 Asia's Top 1000 Brands") compiled by Nielsen Holdings and 'Campaign Asia-Pacific', a marketing industry magazine.....

    ""It's an economic reality," Therese Glennon, managing director of consumer insights for Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa at Nielsen, said on Wednesday. "As the demand for budget travel increases, as the economic situation deteriorates, you see a lot of these bigger airlines adjusting their business models.".....

    "AirAsia shares rose 0.3 per cent to RM3.71 as at 2.53pm in Kuala Lumpur, set for the highest close in almost five months. Qantas climbed 0.9 per cent to A$1.11 in Sydney....."

    It's interesting that AirAsia is ranked higher in brand reputation across the region than SIA, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and Korean Airlines, according to this survey.

    Or, maybe, ranked even higher than MAS!

  59. Jasper Bloodstone7:02 pm

    The warrior is good at ignoring numbers when they inconveniently contradict his beloved theses.

    Such as the outright fib over the passenger numbers and international connectivities of KLIA and Changi Airport.

    How many passengers did KLIA and Changi handle in 2011?

    How many airlines operate flights to KLIA and Changi?

    How many international destinations are serviced by flights from KLIA and Changi?

    It seems to me that the "pipsqueak" has a story to tell, whereas the people running KLIA are scrambling to get their act together, operating in Changi's contrails if you will!

    And all the stats purporting to show growths in passenger numbers don't amount to much, at least to the hardheaded business persons who run international airlines and who are not overly influenced by maruah agendas!

    Which is why international airlines, both full-service and low-cost, will continue flights to Changi while casting a sceptical eye on the siren calls emanating from KLIA!

    Tough titty, ain't it, to confront the realities on the aviation ground?

  60. Peter Tan2:52 am


    We all know who is lying about facts and figures,look in the mirror.

    And please dont pass off yourself as an aviation expert or anything approaching one.

    Now that will do.Thank you.

  61. Anonymous1:01 pm

    The shameless pig which was once batting for AA is now tripping over its forked tongue and talking about 3 LCCs.

    It cannot accept the reality of the data so much so it will call a linked article a lie but cut and paste from any that catches its selective fancy.

    Worse the shameless lying pig can no longer brag about its once mighty Singapore Airlines, another example how Singapork the pipsqueak is getting more irrelevant by the day!

    It is so pondanful that it does not have the courage nor the integrity to own up to facts. It conveniently hides the fact that Changi is 32 years old while KLIA is 14 years old. Old granpappy cocksuckler playing second fiddle to kid upstart. Who cares how many airlines are serving the shed? As my friend's grandpappy would yap "for all I care, it could be Air Papua or New Guinea Airways or even Nauru International Airlines with a fleet of one plane".

    The shameless pig is so trapped in its delusional state that the only shit it can repeatedly shit is "cool maruah" "piquant" etc. Need to visit the dicktionary for more garbage to spout. Poor shameless motherfucking Pig son of a whore and pimp.

    But the selfsame hypocritical pig who repeats ad nauseum selfmade shiity mantras and make false claims that others are fibbing to show off its low intellect, will raise a storm when confronted by reality:


    If its is soooo insulted, Pig and Singapork should sue the US. The fact that Singapork dare not do so speaks volumes of its guilt. Better keep quiet than be exposed as a liar in public. At least the Singapork government has got more sense than cowardly delusional Mr Pondan Pig. Realpolitik, ur mother cunt!

    What is soo funny is that the pig is sooo stupid to be unable to differentiate between 'private bank operating in a sovereign state' and the 'jurisdiction that polices the private bank' and it is the jurisdcition that has been fingered in the report as being complicit in the criminal money-laundering activities of the banks operating in it. Reason being: closing one eye and not taking action at all.

    The above truth, the pig selectively and conveniently hides. But then again it must confuse the two for that only way it can lie to the others here to save the shitty honour of Singapork.

    What a goddamned cocksuckling, lying, twisting, hypocritical, son of a slut of a pig! Kaniniamah! As they say "born of a shameless whore live like a (male, pondan or otherwise)honorless slut"

    Warrior 231

  62. Anonymous2:46 pm


    Let the pig be and pretend whatever he/she aint.

    After all, its public display of its idiocy/stupidity/moronity is giving free laughs at no expense.

    Many of my friends cant help but double over in laughter at how stupid its garbage reads and sounds. A stupid racist Christo-Chingkie scumbag par excellence....hahahahahaha (ROFL)

    Warrior 231

  63. Anonymous4:30 pm


    You call that idiot an aviation expert. Come on.....

    Changi : 1981 age; 31 years
    KLIA : 1998; age : 14 years

    Based on 2011 Airport Stats

    :Average Growth per annum

    Changi = 46543845/31 =1501414 p/a

    KLIA = 37670586/14 = 2690756 p/a
    source for Airport Stats:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World%27s_busiest_airports_by_passenger_traffic#2012_statistics

    Average growth over 5 years:

    KLIA = 9.6%

    Changi = 6%


    No I cooked up those figures........hahahahaha.

    Reality is Pig cannot take it. Changi and SIA have been reduced to irrelevant pipsqueaks and fast receding from the radar in as much as Singapork is only fit for money laundering.

    Note Pig in his selective delusion ignores the IPO rankings where Malaysia is the tops in Asia:


    and to add salt into wounds:

    1.Formula One IPO is Singapork dumped

    2.Worse, Temasek records declining profits:

    while in one deal, Khazanah makes a cool RM5 billion:

    Moral of the story: Fibbing, cheating, lying, counterfeiting and money laundering can only take the arsefucking Chingkie race so far (if no US investors had come into Taiwan, China and HK, they would have remained pig sty backwaters while Singapork has always been a smugglers, prostitute den now a money launderers' paradise.)

    Hand it to the Melayu Bermaruah, anytime to put the stupid, unwashed arses, motherfucking, pa arse raping and cocksuckling Chingkies in their proper place.

    By the way, we all know how Chingkies ruined the Malaysian economy that contributed to the May 1969 event whenthe shitworms HS Lee and Tan Siew Sin were helming the Finance Ministry, dont we?

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone1:07 pm

      The warrior, in his haste to score points, ignored my challenge to quote the connectivity statistics for KLIA and Changi Airport.

      So, let me repeat the questions for the benefit of his limited perspicacity:

      - how many international airlines service KLIA and Changi Airport respectively?

      - how many international destinations are connected by flights from KLIA and Changi Airport respectively?

      These are specific numbers, with no room for fudging.

      Right, Petey?

      Oh, btw, Changi Airport claims to be the "world's most awarded airport with more than 400 accolades".

      How many accolades has KLIA chalked up since it commenced operations?

      Ditto for MAS and SIA.

      So, who are the pipsqueaks and parvenus here?

      Any answers, Petey, since you seem to be shilling for the warrior feller?

  64. Anonymous11:05 am

    And the clown who calls himself Peter Tan isn't from the "arsefucking chingkie race" ? And you aren't the son of an incestous relationship between your father and mother ?

    Pork, pork, pork, that's all you can think of.


  65. Mazlan12:25 pm

    So Warrior and Jasper should debate whose dick is bigger?

    I am so sick of comparisons between Singapore and Malaysia.
    One is an island city which lets face it is still a one party ruled state where debate is killed off and anyone who dares stand up to the LKY family gets fucked big time. Sure their success is built upon a single minded government whose focus on finance and transit hub has worked. But its not something easily replicated here in short term.
    Malaysia is a large nation which is made up of 13 states with a very diverse popultaion and culture where even Malays are culturally different (compare Kelantanese to Johoreans....and lets not even compare those with the eastern states).
    Democratically we are way advance than Singapore although very flawed.
    Also when Malaysians do stand up for their rights we can be succesful - just look at how succesful Bersih was.

    My point is that we can be succesful in our airlines if we are open to more competition and focus on getting the best Malaysians running MAS and MAHB.

  66. Josephine ngan ee huah11:32 am

    Malaysia truely new another low cost carrier to compete with Airasia and to give malaysian a choice.
    Why can't make make a low cost carrier and be successful? it is a no brainer , maybe everyone is afraid of Tony Fernandez.

    Josephine ngan ee huah

  67. Anonymous11:36 am

    Jasper Pig

    As my grandpappy would say:"who cares about connectivity and that whole hogwash. After all it could Air Papua or Pitcairn Airways flying in with a passenger load of 2 (the pilot and his resident cocksuckler, Jasper Pig) on a once a month flight schedule."

    Awards are like dime a dozen, worthless garbage just like transparency indices...all perception based hogwash rubbish. As my granmammy would say "you may have a perception problem cos you have an attitude problem,wash yer mind off that snotty soot and you will see things a whole lot better"

    The ultimate, objective data is passenger arrival stats and they never lie:


    seems to me pipsqueak's boy cannot accept his reality that he got pee wee smally dick, after all. A good 17 years senior (31 years vs 14years) and trailing an adolescent by a million (2.69Million vs 1.5million) and calling itself a regional hub to boot !!!!....hahahahaha


    Bastard son of a whore who has got no shame talking about race when he himself is the uber racist pig:

    "All I know is without the chingkies, the racist bastard will still be in his kampung, wearing his sarong, and smoking his home-made joint."

    You want more Goatfucker? Let the games begin...Folks, mosey over to the link above and observe whether the pondan goatfucker can take it like a man. Some macho mafiosi name he gives his poor lil-cocked pondanish swinish self!

    I reckon his incestous fixation stems from his frustration of not being able to fuck his mother on the account that the bitch took one look at his underdeveloped short stumpy cock,puked her innards and told him straight to his face:

    "Go play with it somewhere far far away, outta my sight, you bastard effing cockless goddamn shitarse! The gumption of wanting to fuck me! Gila ah you? U cant even hold IT up to your bruder's, shameless bastard.How dare you think my shredded cunt will fit that small teeny weeny thin stick you call a penis nice and pat! Are you crazy, moronic idiot, kaniniamah, chouchibai!"

    And thus humiliated to tears and denied the honours of fucking his mother's filthy cunt, Goatfucker had no choice but repress his goddamn lust on account of a short stumpy cock and take his angst elsewhere.Ah, the angst of being trumped by lil brother...sibling rivalry, kinda like Cain and Abel. Oedipus or anything like "As You Like It" ....hahahahahhaahaha:


    And where else to pour out that incestuous fixation for his momma's wormy cunt than at Rocky Bru via transference:

    "the redirection of feelings and desires and especially of those unconsciously retained from childhood toward a new object."[2] Still another definition is "a reproduction of emotions relating to repressed experiences, especially of childhood, and the substitution of another person ... for the original object of the repressed impulses."[3]


    and even as brother bloodies his (goatfucker's) mum's twat with repeat and rerun fucks. Ah! the sexual frustration of a goatfucker. Folks, keep your nanny and billy goats penned lest those poor things get fucked by Goatfucker. But I bet even those animals will run away bleating after taking one look at some small shriveled twig hiding from underneath a matty tangle of tousled filthy pubic hair,and trying desperately to peer bravely at the world beyond....hahahahahaha (ROFLMAO)

    Warrior 231

  68. Peter Tan11:48 am

    Got it wrong, Godfather. I am half Indian half Chingk and hate the Chingk part more.

    Thank you.

  69. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Warrior....really? Oh my gawd. I was thinking along the same lines regarding that fixation until u took the words outta my tongue.

    Great work, man for showing us the kind of perverted beast mr mafia wannabe is. Yah, a sex starved , mother fuck denied small cocked vermin who can only massage his infantile ego by taking petty shots at Rocky etc. Poor fiend, indeed!

    "And you aren't a son of an incestuous relationship between your father and mother?"


    Fell on the floor,laughing at that one. Since when father-mother sex morphed into incest? Confirms the sicko pervert we have here in our midst!

  70. Jasper Bloodstone1:22 pm

    Interesting, the warrior frothing at the mouth. Again. A symbol of helpless rage while the "Singaporkians" blithely go on their way, unworried and unconcerned over being tagged as "a jurisdiction of primary interest".

    (and Mazlan - appreciate the point about dick sizes, with the unmentioned Freudian implications thereof. Note how the warrior, in his postings, invariably tends to denigrate his adversaries' mothers. That is sad, given that honouring our mothers is big in any religion, and says much about his mindset)

    Try as I might, I can't find any evidence that Air Papua or Pitcairn Airways operates flights to Changi.

    But Lufthansa, Qantas, British Airways, United Airlines, Delta, Air France-KLM, Swiss and SAS do, along with the usual suspects - the Asean "flag carriers", the Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Middle Eastern and Indian airlines.

    Now how many of those airlines service KLIA?

    To this day, Malaysia Airports hasn't come up with credible reasons why British Airways and Qantas pulled out of Malaysia and set up their regional hubs at Changi, along with Jetstar.

    As for awards, they may be a "dime a dozen", but I seem to recall that both MAS and Malaysia Airports were quite pleased with some of the Skytrax rankings back in the day.

    It's a bit like graduating summa cum laude or magna cum laude from Harvard, or with First Class Honours from Cambridge or Oxford, isn't it? Either you have it, or you don't. No room for what-ifs or fudging.

    And, in any case, why should MAS and KLIA take umbrage against being ranked and rated against their competitors? They both have ambitions to play in the big leagues, don't they?

  71. Anonymous12:58 am

    Dei Pundek Pig
    Address the issue U raised first. You dissed me for the numbers, even called me a liar.

    When data is produced to show up your cocktalk, u quickly shit to connectivity, pariah pondansmallcocked pigboy. Go fuck your mother for only a whore could have brought scum like you into this world.

    You think dissing my mindset is gonna damage me and put u in good light. Podah pundek thaioli kaniniamah chouchibai of a filthy lanchiau. You have lost so much integrity and credibility, a bank would have declared you a pathetic bankrupt years ago. And that is way more important than dissing other people's mindsets, LYING PIG!!!!!

    Gather some gumption and address the numbers instead of talking about taxis services ferrying people to stadiums.

    And about awards, arent you, shithead the first to talk about awards. Remember Senai, how that got your goat.

    Dei pundek, you get this straight between them ears if you have any in there, that is: GIVE US THE NUMBER OF PASSENGER ARRIVALS. then spew, whatever cock you want about those taxi services which aint nothing to fuss about, crackpot motherfucking pa arse raping, and mouthfucking piece of Chingkie racist Christian shit!! Kepala Butoh PUKIMAK.

    To recap. i ONLY talked about numbers to which Singaporkian Pig had this to yap:

    The warrior is good at ignoring numbers when they inconveniently contradict his beloved theses.

    Such as the outright fib over the passenger numbers and international connectivities of KLIA and Changi Airport.

    How many passengers did KLIA and Changi handle in 2011?

    Jasper Bloodstone (The PIG)
    Timestamp; 7.02pm

    Who is talking the TRUTH now and whose MINDSET is in Question, pukimak?

    Warrior 231

  72. Anonymous1:55 am

    One last word on the pig

    "Note how the warrior, in his postings, invariably tends to denigrate his adversaries' mothers...."

    Response; Hey Pig how come it becomes an issue when I denigrate mothers and Godfather gets away with his shitty incestous ad nauseum reruns.

    Reckon your racist bone couldnt withstand the cold chill of another Chingkie pig (Godfather)being upbraided right. What that bastard does is alright in your arsefucking Chingk universe.Moreover, his childish dissing is a bonus, right? After all, it is directed against a Muslim Melayu Bermaruah who you hate and fear in equal depth, aint it Chingk pig....come on piggy..own up, 'zlan cant stall forever from cocksuckling, can he?

    Come out and say it loud and clear that you are a RACIST pig so the world can move on instead of wasting time dealing with closet racists hypocrites and liars like you, scumbag Christian Chingk pigshit.

    Warrior 231

  73. Jasper Bloodstone6:27 pm

    Since we are talking statistics, here are the figures (with attributes).

    Passenger traffic at Changi Airport (from Changi Airport Group website):

    2008: 37.7 million
    2009: 37.2 m
    2010: 42.0m
    2011: 46.5m
    2012 (Jan-May): 20.6m

    Quote: "Changi Airport serves some 100 airlines flying to over 220 cities in about 60 countries and territories worldwide. Each week, more than 6,300 flights land or depart from Changi..." (from CAG website).

    A quick look at the Malaysia Airports website shows that MAHB operates 5 international airports in Malaysia - KLIA, Kota Kinabalu International, Kuching International, Langkawi International and Penang International.

    The MAHB website shows passenger traffic at KLIA as follows:

    2008: 27.5m
    2009: 29.7m
    2010: 34.0m
    2011: 37.7m

    Note that MAHB doesn't segregate the numbers for domestic and international passengers separately. One would assume, therefore, that the numbers reported for KLIA are TOTAL passenger numbers (i.e. domestic and international).

    So, in each of the years from 2008 to 2011, Changi Airport handled more passengers than KLIA.

    I look forward to seeing KLIA's passenger numbers for the January-May 2012 period, when MAHB posts them on it's website.

    Incidentally, MAHB's website shows that KLIA is connected to 113 destinations (I assume this is an up-to-date number).

    113 destinations from KLIA, 220 destinations from Changi Airport. Not much room for fudging there!

    Let's now look at statistics in the Airports Council International website.

    In 2009, passenger traffic at KLIA's competitors were:

    Hong Kong: 45.5m
    Bangkok: 40.5m
    Singapore: 37.2m
    Jakarta: 37.1m

    In 2010:

    Hong Kong: 50.3m
    Jakarta: 44.3m
    Bangkok: 42.7m
    Singapore: 42.0m

    (ACI has not posted the statistics for 2011)

    However, if we look at the fine print in the ACI website, which is international passenger traffic numbers ( where "international" is defined as traffic between a designated airport and an airport in another country/territory), the figures for the January-March 2012 period are as follows:

    Hong Kong: 13.4m
    Singapore: 12.0m
    Bangkok: 10.0m
    Kuala Lumpur: 6.6m

    For the 12 months ending January 2012, international passenger traffic numbers were:

    Hong Kong: 53.9m
    Singapore: 46.8m
    Bangkok: 35.5m
    Kuala Lumpur: 26.3m

    In both cases, Jakarta airport does not figure in the list of top 30 airports worldwide, based on international passenger traffic.

    It seems to me that Changi Airport is doing a pretty good job against the likes of Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, KLIA and Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta, given Singapore's population of less than 6 million, compared to the teeming numbers in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

    But here are the figures that stick in my mind:

    KLIA: 113 international destinations
    Changi Airport: 220 destinations

    Score one for connectivity!

    Maybe, just maybe, British Airways and Qantas knew what they were doing when they decamped en masse from KLIA in favour of Changi back in the day!

  74. Anonymous12:13 am

    Part 1

    “The world's busiest airports by passenger traffic are measured by total passengers (data from Airports Council International), defined as passengers enplaned plus passengers deplaned plus direct-transit passengers. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta has been the world's busiest airport every year since 2000; with all airports combined London has the world's busiest city airport system by passenger count.

    For consistency, the ACI's annual figures are always used in the final presentation and ranking, even where figures given by airport operators or authorities differ.”


    Let the above bear witness to what follows.

    Warrior 231

  75. Anonymous12:16 am

    Part 2

    There are horses for courses and there are liars for whores and a bastard scumbag called jasper the Pig fits the latter category nice and pat.

    In desperately trying to hide Changi, Singapork’s embarrassment he even twisted that ACI has no figures for 2011!

    "(ACI has not posted the statistics for 2011)"

    And that blatant lie is varnished with more and more layers of shellac to give the pig’s twisted version of truth a shiny patina that is as every bit as false as the false cock Mr Pig screws on over his stumpy twig.

    Folks go here and see for yourself who is lying:


    So malu was Pig by his aviation hub’s eclipse by Jakarta that Pig even ventured outta his way to trash Jakarta for a change,( after all he loves to cocksuckle themabangs elsewhere):

    “In both cases, Jakarta airport does not figure in the list of top 30 airports worldwide, based on international passenger traffic.”

    Why? You might be scratching yer arse after being swindled by Jasper the Pig’s blatant lies. Well, the answer is super duper First Changi is trailing below Sukarno-Hatta….hahahahahaha

    Rankings by passenger traffic (ACI): 2010
    Hong Kong : 10
    Dubai : 13
    Sukarno Hatta ; 16
    Suvarnabhumi: 17
    Changi: 18

    Rankings : 2011 (ACI)

    HK : 10
    Sukarno Hatta :12
    Dubai 13

    See that is the reason why Jakarta is dumped conveniently. The pig then has the gall to falsely claim tha Changi is doing well vis-à-vis Bangkok, HK, Jakarta, Malaysia. Well, there is a shocker for him for even in the hub stakes, the above rankings (figures as you will see) show the other two hubs: HK and Dubai well ahead of Changi which is as usual dead last of the 3…..hahahahahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  76. Anonymous12:30 am

    Part 3

    As for KLIA, ACI ranks it 41 in 2009. In 2010: it is outta the top 30 but lo behold it has steamed in from nowhere to 28th by 2011. Not bad for a non-hub 13 year old (as 2011 that is) airport, isn’t it. And the data here dovetails with the fact as reported by the Edge:

    “KLIA is expanding and will soon displace pipsqueak Changi with its average 5 year growth being 9.4% compared to Changi's 6%.”


    Why, data from the Wiki site clearly show that Singapork has stagnated around the 18th spot since 2007….hahahahahahahahahahahaha (ROFL)

    Connectivity? You will note right from my first comment I never mentioned connectivity which is a false indicator and of little or no consequence. I even sarcastically joked that you can have Pitcairn Airways flying in with the pilot and his loyal cocksuckler Jasper the Pig being the only beasts onboard. So why Pig keeps harping on it?

    Because that is the only last crutch with which he can keep his flaccid cock from drooping in public.A 'save water-face' copout!!! Using connectivity he can brag about beating KLIA. How pathetic for a 31 year old adult to make fun of 14 year old kid on how many pals he has…hahahahaha. Maybe the kid can turn and say 14 years= 113 airlines so 28 years= 226 which beats your shortcocked 220 destinations hands down, anytime. But dare the cockless, shameless, maruahless, fuckedup Jasper Pig the Liar accept that logic?

    So desperate was the Pig to save face, he twisted everything outta shape, even redefining the definitions for passengers…hahahahahahahah…pathetic loser of a lying Chingkie pig.

    Reminds me of those schooldays when pigsmelling chingkie louts tried to hoodwink the Maths and Science teachers with asinine logic and being shamed in public for their whore-gened behavior. What a fucking bastard filthy unwashed arse of an ethnic!

    Warrior 231

  77. Jasper Bloodstone10:10 am

    Sorry...the phrase in my post should be "...teeming numbers in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia".

    Not "Singapore"!

  78. Jasper Bloodstone4:21 pm

    It's strange indeed that the warrior hasn't acknowledged the fact that 2011 passenger numbers aren't available on the Airports Council International website.

    Go ahead and check the website.

    Even the Wikipedia listing of the world's busiest airports states clearly that 2011 passenger numbers are "preliminary".

    Busiest airports are defined by total passenger numbers? Well, duh - that's stating the obvious.

    Where's the merit in that?

    You can ramp up passenger numbers by getting every other Ahmad, Ah Chong and Muthu to fly in-country short-haul hops. By that criterion, China, India, Russia and Indonesia will, sooner or later, have the busiest airports in the world.

    But is that the criterion to define aviation hubs?

    How is it that Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore are aviation hubs when their populations are smaller than their neighbours?

    Aviation hubs are defined by connectivity. Nothing less.

    And that's where Changi, Hong Kong and Bangkok beat the likes of KL and Jakarta.

    Tough s**t, ain't it, when hardboiled airline executives are not seduced by the siren calls of KLIA or Soekarno-Hatta, opting instead for the tried-and-tested Changi, Chek Lap Kok and Suvarnabhumi?

    Oh, wait - there's Incheon and Narita in the mix too.

    Maybe KLIA is the "pipsqueak" here.

  79. Jasper Bloodstone5:20 pm

    The warrior misses the point that KLIA Sepang didn't just spring into existence out of no where.

    Nope, no sirree.

    Before KLIA, there was, as some old codgers may recall, Subang International Airport (known affectionately as "Subang Airport").

    According to Wikipedia, Subang Airport was opened in August 1965, replacing Sungei Besi Airport.

    By end-1997, Subang Airport had handled 15.8 million passengers.

    KLIA Sepang was opened in 1998.

    In 1998, KLIA had a passenger volume of 6.5 million. It handled 37.7 million passengers in 2011 (according to Wikipedia).

    Singapore's Changi Airport's predecessor was the Paya Lebar International Airport which was opened by the British colonial authorities in August 1955.

    Changi Airport was opened in July 1981.

    In 1981, Changi Airport handled 8.1 million passengers. In 2011, it handled 46.5 million passengers (Wikipedia).

    The percentage growth in passenger numbers is self-evident.

    Interestingly, Wikipedia describes KLIA as "one of the major airports of South East Asia", while it calls Changi Airport a "major aviation hub in South East Asia".

    Careless phrasing? I don't think so.

    Just to complete the picture, Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (opened in 1985) had the Halim Perdanakusuma Airport as it's predecessor.

    And Hong Kong's Chek Lap Kok Airport had Kai Tak Airport as it's predecessor.

    Indeed, I have fond memories of flying into and out of Kai Tak, Subang and Halim back in the day.

    As for KLIA, it inherited the passenger volumes and client airlines from Subang. What it did to grow them since then is open to conjecture.

  80. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Jasper pig : mad, filthy arsed liar who will fuck his mother when she speaks even a shred of truth

    Warrior 231 : facts with extra kicks.

    Last word on KLIA(13yrs old)/Changi(30 yrs)without twist and turns

    Changi: 46million international passengers (as of 2011:ACI)

    KLIA : 25 million international passengers (as of 2011)

    Changi : 45/30 =1.5million per annum

    KLIA : 25 /13= 1.9 million

    Both in total passengers and international passengers, KLIA triumphs.

    Who is lying? Pretty obvious to all
    Why?Go figure.

    Truth Seeker

  81. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Jasper pig : mad, filthy arsed liar who will fuck his mother when she speaks even a shred of truth

    Warrior 231 : facts with extra kicks.

    Last word on KLIA(13yrs old)/Changi(30 yrs)without twist and turns

    Changi: 46million international passengers (as of 2011:ACI)

    KLIA : 25 million international passengers (as of 2011)

    Changi : 45/30 =1.5million per annum

    KLIA : 25 /13= 1.9 million

    Both in total passengers and international passengers, KLIA triumphs.

    Who is lying? Pretty obvious to all
    Why?Go figure.

    Truth Seeker

  82. Jasper Bloodstone4:06 pm

    World's Top 10 Airlines 2012 (Skytrax)

    (1) Qatar Airways (2) Asiana (3) SIA (4) Cathay Pacific (5) ANA (6) Etihad (7) Turkish Airlines (8) Emirates (9) Thai Airways (10) MAS

    It's surprising how 3 Middle Eastern airlines have climbed the ranks within the last few years to rank within the world's top 10 airlines, with Qatar Airways at #1 in the 2012 rankings.

    Guess all those petrodollars come in handy sometimes!.

    Truth be told, MAS did pretty well, coming in #2 in the category "Best Airline Staff Service in Asia", beating the likes of SIA and Cathay Pacific. Kudos to them for achieving this in spite of ageing aircraft and inflight amenities.

    In Skytrax's rankings of the World's Best Low-Cost Airlines 2012, AirAsia pulled off 4 in a row to secure the #1 position:

    (1) AirAsia (2) Virgin America (3) Jetstar (4) AirAsia X (5) easyJet (6) WestJet (7) Jetstar Asia (8) Southwest (9) Azul Airlines (10) Indigo Airlines

    (I must confess that I've never heard of either Azul Airlines or Indigo Airlines. Still, they must have their admirers to score within the top 10 rankings).

    It seems that Tony F and his colleagues have done somethings right with AirAsia and AirAsia X, as far as Skytrax is concerned.

    Now, can Skytrax be rubbished because MAS only came in at #10, while an unheralded Qatar Airways took the #1 slot and "arch competitor" SIA the #3 slot?

    Or making a big deal about AirAsia, while ignoring the likes of firefly, Cebu Pacific, Lion Air and Tiger Airways, or even Virgin Blue?

    Maybe MAS could have done much better if it had gotten it's restructuring, routes rationalisation and refleeting done much earlier, instead of limping from crisis to crisis.

  83. Jasper Bloodstone4:10 pm

    Truth Seeker

    What is "truth"?

    ACI figures? Skytrax rankings? IATA observations? Connectivities?

    Stick to your interpretation of the data and to your understanding of what goes to make an airline hub.

    Let's see, 5, 10 and 15 years from now who has done a better job - MAHB or CAG.

    You can't get more basic than that, can you?

  84. Anonymous11:05 am

    The ASEAN open skies policy, effective in 2015, will open up the aviation industry in Malaysia to competitors from all over ASEAN. Meaning that Garuda or SIA can start serving routes which do not originate, layover, or end at their home country. MAS will definitely have to come up with a low cost carrier solution by then if they wish to compete with the likes of Tiger Airways and AirAsia.

  85. Jasper Bloodstone1:06 pm

    See, come ASEAN Open Skies in 2015, we will see whether MAS can meet the competition.

    By then, the ASEAN aviation market will be fair game for all ASEAN airlines, both premium full-service and LCCs.

    MAS has had enough advance notice that the ASEAN air travellers' market is going to play by new rules and new paradigms.

    And traffic will inevitably gravitate to established business and financial centres.

    That means Changi and Singapore, not KLIA and KL, not Soekarno-Hatta and Jakarta and not Suvarnabhumi and Bangkok.

    "Total passenger numbers" notwithstanding!

  86. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Woi shutulah, stupid pig. You can spin your grandma stories about ASEAN skies to your equally moronic mama.

    On International Passengers alone data:

    KLIA= average 1.9million per annum

    Changi = 1.5 million per annum

    pun Changi is kongked whatmore total passengers as revealed by W231 above.

    Dei shameless lying pig go and answer this guy as you finger yourself dry, liar.


    Truth Seeker

  87. Jasper Bloodstone3:46 pm

    Truth Seeker

    "per annum"?

    You sure got that right?

    If you can't get the basics straight, then what else can you obfuscate about?

    Changi vs KLIA? Bring it on. But don't let MAHB make with the excuses when their rankings, connectivities and passenger numbers are busted!

    As for me, I am perfectly happy to join the increasing numbers of Malaysians transiting at Changi to catch their international flights.

    Tough titty, dude.

    As for the Balding guy, I don't know what he's trying to prove. Whatever it is, he apparently doesn't have the guts to come out and make his claims in clear, unambiguous language, choosing instead to dance around the periphery, togged in academic verbiage.

    Do you want to make the claims on his behalf, so there's no misunderstanding? Or, if your courage fails you, you can call on the warrior feller to step once more into the breach.

    Which, seeing as he has a perpetual and priapic hard-on for Singapore, should be a task right up his alley!

  88. Anonymous11:17 am

    I think everybody forgot that firefly base in subang airport and i would love it stayed there.. convinient..

  89. Anonymous10:14 am

    Good fact there Jasper, for 2011:

    Changi: 2011: 46.5 million

    KLIA: 2011: 37.7 million

    Consider there's only 1 airport in Singapore (the other Seletar is used for general aviation & chartered flights), and all flights to and from the city-state are international.

    Whereas KLIA is a mix of domestic & international flights. Clearly Changi > KLIA

    Pity some so called truthseeker and his satrap are unable to grasp the fact, the degenerate into mouth-foaming spattering creatures.

    : )