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A heads-up for the still-new NSTP head honcho

More updates, 3/7/12 noon:
In defence of Jalil Hamid, by Big Cat
In defence of Jalil Hamid by Jalil Hamid

Updated 1.15pm xxx This just came in: In Support of the Dismissal of Tan Sri Abu Bakar by ABITW

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I should not be bad-blogging New Straits Times Press, my former employer, but I am concerned that the pro-Establishment bloggers are starting to feel the old itch with regards to the pro-Establishment newspaper group NSTP, especially its Group Managing Editor Jalil Hamid. Treat this as just a friendly nudge for an old journo friend. These guys may be pro-BN but they have proven time and time again to have it in them to be very critical of BN leaders and their machais when they become harmful or useless to the party and leadership.

My advice: Engage.


The days when newspaper editors know best are long over.

Perhaps these bloggers have a point.
Ketua Pengarang NST/BH patut letak jawatan!
KUALA LUMPUR: Ketua Pengarang Kumpulan NST/BH, Dato Jalil Abdul Hamid telah sabotaj persediaan pilihanraya Perdana Menteri merangkap Pengerusi BN dan Presiden UMNO, Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak dan sepatutnya dipecat di atas pengkhianatan ini.
Sabotaj ini dilakukan dengan melaporkan kenyataan bekas Ketua Pengarah Perkhidmatan Awam (KPPA) Dato Abu Bakar Abdullah seolah beliau dianiaya dipecat dari jawatan dan membantu menimbulkan salahfaham dan keresahan dikalangan kakitangan awam. 
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New KSN (m), New PSD Chief (F)
Well if you all recall, the PSD had almost on its own accord engineered the passing and implemention of a new remuneration scheme which was insanely biased towards high ranking Civil Servants. While high ranking Civil Servants were to get thousands of Ringgits in salary increments,  the lowest ranks.were given ridiculously stupid salary increases as low as  RM10.00. This not only caused a great hue and cry but also terribly embarrassed the Gomen and the PM. To the extent that the PM had to flip flop the issue, cancel the silly salary increment   and re-announce another salary scheme which was better received by the Civil Servants, especially the huge majority of lower ranks in the Civil Service.
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  1. LAYMAN4:21 pm

    They say people come and go. I say kudos to the PM for daring to take the drastic but unpopular action. But then again termination is rare in the government service especially after having served 30 over years.

    I really am not sure whether it is termination (without pension or benefits) or retired in the interest of the public (or the rest of the civil servants.)

    Can someone enlihgten us because we do not want to have the perception that his services was terminated but at the same time still drawing a hefty pension with benefits therafter. That would be a better and fair reporting.

  2. Anonymous4:24 pm

    To be fair to Dato' Jalil, I think It is not a big deal after all. The piece in BH just give a room to Abu bakar to get his side of the coin; albeit his take and the manner he aired them might kindle feathers within the inner circle of the civil service.
    I don't think it'd done much damage to PM Najib standing as the bloggers would imagining. The reverse could actually be true since it would showed our newspapers did give space to anyone whom wanted to get heard.
    For the side note, SBPA some timeswas already on the final stage and had waited to be announced by PM in 2011 budget. He played little part in it since he got promoted to the post towards the end of 2010. If it is indeed his undoing contributed to his sacking, then I thought he was part in the series of unfortunate events.

  3. The mamaks are generally more intelligent and crafty than the pure malays!That is the reason why there have been

    many mamaks holding prominent positions in the government (from the post of PM (previous) to ministers(current and previous)) NSTP head honcho( previous and current)are also mamaks.Mamak bloger, Syed Akbar Ali, is also way more intelligent than other bloggers!The current head honcho knows what he is doing!

  4. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Bila pulak si Jalil ni dapat Dato? Bukan ke dia yang buat silap mengenai satu kenyataan semasa kerja di ofis Najib yang menyebabkan dia di kick upstairs ke NSTP.

  5. The man who presented to the Cabinet the self-serving salary revision scheme heavily tilted towards the top civil servants, was the Chief Secretary to the Govt. He surely knew what the traitorous proposal was all about, and must have approved it.

    Clearly it was a proposal to screw 99.9% of the civil service, while people like the chief sec would have seen their salary leap to a ridiculous RM60,000.00 per month (and hence pension on retirement of about $40,000 per month on final retirement).

    How come he has been rewarded for this fiasco with promotion as Chairman of National Oil Co, while Tan Sri Ashburn got the boot?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  6. Bro. What wrong with you and Najib .You cannot even tolerate different viewpoint.
    In the first place,howdo you justify appointent Jalil as Editor in chef NST.He is vary raw aind dont have experience running a newspaer.He only exposure with Bernama and Reuter in not good enough.

    Good luck.

  7. La kata nak tegakkan ketelusan dan kebenaran....bila buka rahsia sikit dah melenting..boleh caya ke

  8. Bro,

    betul-lah kerja editor in chief nSTP untuk menjaga kepentingan perdana menteri, dan menurut perintah PM...

    jalil ni betul ke di pilih oleh PM? aku buat siasatan. Jalil bukan lah wartawan yang di segani atau dihormati. orang tak kenal dia.

    kesimpulan -- sesiapa boleh jadi editor in chief NSTP....

  9. Mustapha Ong6:03 am

    Dear Bro,

    A right move in the correct direction for the future of the civil service. The former JPA Chief made a grief mistake and this had caused his own downfall to assume the KSN post. Instead his junior Ali Hamsa down the PTD rank was appointed by the government to head the civil service.

    For Abu Bakar, it is an honourable exit and with principle as well as an acknowledgement of his fault and responsibility for the hasty decision and payment of the SPBA.

    Congratulations to Jalil Hamid for his comments in the matter which is a moral victory to the entire civil service.In this context, the strong civil service and pensioners are solidly behind BN as the government of the day.We will continue to support BN in winning PRU13 at whatever cost and please do not misjudge our loyalty to the government.

    We do not want PR to rule this government and neither will we accept Anwar Ibrahim as the 7th prime minister. We will give Najib our dedicated and undivided support in PRU13 to ensure the 2/3 majority required.

  10. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Sejarah rocky. Bila Kalimullah masuk NSTP, rocky bantai NSTP. Dia bantai Paklah sebab Kali org Paklah. Masa tu bagai nak gila dia attack Paklah n tingkat 4. Dia attack NSTP. Dia attack BN. Sebabnya, dia tak suka Kali. Bila Najib jadi PM dia support Najib pulak. Now....dia serang Jalil Hamid pula....semua ni sbb apa?

  11. spindoctor2:04 pm

    So wouldn't it be easier if Najib's Press secretary actually edit the NST and let all papers in the country be checked by PM's Office before publication?

    Why bother with any pretense of impartiality or idependence....

  12. Unspinners is really childish to bitch n complain about jalil allowing abu bakar some space to give his views in the newspaper. Ditto to the other bloggers that started tagging along.

    So what? Giving someone to complain is a terminable offense, but blatantly printing lies & slander is ok?

  13. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Sudahlah brader. Bukan salah Jalil pun. kalau lu memang betul orang media macam lu selalu dakwa lu akan tau yang patut dipecat ialah Dato Meor. Dia handle BH direct sebagai Ketua Pengarang tapi buat kerja macam siput.Keputusan tak boleh buat Tapi Tok Mat Talib kawan dia, dan Tok Mat tak suka Jalil jadi la ni Jalil dok kena lah. Padahal orang semua buat2 lupa ttg Dato Meor. Seluruh BH meluat tengok dia pasal takda stand. Have you spoken to him? if you haven't speak to him and you will get what i mean.

    Penanak Nasik

  14. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Oh ya sekarang ni lu blogger semua jadilah lackey Tok Mat Talib belasah Jalil. tapt buat2 lupa Dato Meor ya...Hmmmm semuanya bapak hipokrit semua.

  15. azman3:26 pm

    oi mangkok:
    dato rocky tak belasaah jalil, daa.
    yang belasah jsi jalil to bloggers lain. kau buta huruf, ke?
    Dato Rocky buat teguran saja, bangang.

    anon 12:49pm: bodoh bahalol kau ni laa. siapa yang sokong pak lah zaman dia tidur?
    bukan dato rocky sorang lah yang belasah pak lah.
    kalimullah pulak? dato aocky tak ada sebab nak menyampah kailimullah? kau ni buta ke pekak?
    tak payah lah nak banyak cerita pasal kalimullah. orang macam kau yang bodoh susah nak tahu pun. apatah lagi nak faham.

    kau pikir sikit macam mana BN boleh kalah 5 negeri termasuk negeri Pak Lah???

    Berdosa sokong Najib? Oi, kau ni takada otak.

    Kalimullah tu sekarang tolong Lim Guan Eng dan DAP di penang.. Itu hak dia-lah tapi kita tahu lah manusia apa si kalimullah tu.

    Dato Rocky berani lah bukan macam kau anonymous. pasti kalau depan dato rocky, kau terkencing terkencit.

    podaah lah. semua ni pengecut...

  16. hazizi3:31 pm

    penanak nasik,

    naik kaitkan dato meor, apasal? taiko tu kan Jalil?

    mesti kau ni depan dato meor macam tikus. depan tok mat macam tikus...dalam blog beriya-iya komen.

    tanya lah -- betul ke jalil "can do the job".

    "can do the job" - ada bermacam perspektif.

    1. sebagai orang suruhan putrajaya - sepatut nya mudah, ikut cakap dan arahan saja.

    tapi kalu itu pun tak bisa buat -- i say, susah lah.


    2. betul-betul sebagai seorang suratkhabar yang berpengalaman, berani, berwibawa dan di hormati

    Kalau Jalil fail kedua2...tutup kes.