Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Selangor Darul Talam

SHAH TALAM, July 4: As one who will vote in Selangor in PRU13, I was quite interested to read about Selangor's Super RM1 billion deal fiasco and Super Crony, to see if there was any solid details in the accusations, or if it's just political hogwash. You have to admit that the relationship between the Selangor state government and Talam Corporation has been rather mysterious. Talam is the property company that former GLC boss Khalid Ibrahim "rescued" almost as soon as he was made Menteri Besar of the state after PRU12 in 2008. The knee-jerk quick response from the state government to threaten MCA with a super lawsuit for bringing the RM1 billion deal up, however, has made the matter more intriguing. Now everyone is interested to know more.

I have some experience with Talam. Bought their house in Lestari Puchong a few years ago. There were some defects and so we naturally brought the matter to them. Offered pittance so we brought it up to a tribunal, which awarded us a fair sum which was substantially more than Talam had offered us. Haven't been paid a single sen till this day!


  1. Anonymous1:59 am

    Talam is a born again (dont they all..poor mommas have to endure their bastrads squirming back up their cunt to be shat again twice over...hahahahahaha)Christo fuckarse Chingkie outfit now renamed as the very evangelical sounding "Trinity (Son-father-ghost arsefuckfest)" which might make Teresa Cock blush.

    There are several problems with the latest developments:

    1. Cocksuckler MB bragged he will reveal everything in a White Paper (3 years overdue- I guess, this one is stillborn NOT born again) in November 2012. Instead of awaiting his day in the sun to undress Tee Yong, he has inexplicably sought the safe sanctuary of the courts to pursue his vendetta.

    Safe sanctuary?Yeah,lately many decisions have been going for PR (remember Nalla,Sodomy, the Utusan case, UMNO Penang) so in the good old tradition of conspiracy and partisanship, it is alright isnt it for me to deem the Berkemban blindfolded ( must be the prelude for some sadomasochist ritual like a chilly up the cunt or a terung up the arse, a banana down the thraot or something real kinky which catches the pervert's fancy.....hahahaha) Lady Justice holding a dacing as being a biased whore/slut, right?.

    So now we know why the White Paper remains a blank while whiter than a white ghostie of an MB runs to the embrace of Berkemban Lady hankering for a cunt or arsefuck whichever catches the PaRiah's whimsy.

    2. But there is more than meets the eye, so I scooted off to the website ( of a pro-Chingkie moron. You know the puke inducing scumbag munafik type that acts artsy fartsy Islamic but is a devil in disguise.After belittling the BN in the typical asinine PaRiah holier than thou, righteous than you mode, the Pukimak had this to say about his Kepalabutoh:

    "On 10 Nov, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim gave Talam three months to settle the debt, incurred in connection with several properties[3]"

    - which tots up to January 2010. He then brags that:

    "....... the Selangor MB, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim proved his detractors wrong by successfully collecting more than RM50 million in cash and assets from developer Talam Corp Bhd1[4]. “We have so far collected more than RM50 million and we hope to collect the rest within the year,” Khalid told The Malaysian Insider last night

    'Last night' in above was in March 2010 as another opposition website boasted:

    (yeah, u guessed right the cyberrag's vault is strangely empty of the corpse so I linked to the above via Google)

    wherein the MB bragged of collecting the remnants within a year (March 2011 going by the dateline). Cockcrow after cockcrow, moon rise after moon wax and 810 days or approximately 27 months after their party's dear leader's daily arsefucks and nightly twatshags, full recovery is still constipated in the MB's bowels or worse stuck in his shithole. Hence Tee Yong's KHSB annual report show and tell does have a granary or even a bellful of truth to it.For someone must be lying between KHSB or Mr MB? Or was it all an innocous typo after a thorough SELCAT inquiry hahahahahahaahaha

    Warrior 231

  2. Anonymous2:41 am

    No problem regarding the IHH Taiwan Times link yesterday. It is been my pleasure.

    Here is another one :

    No mention of pipsqueak Singapork mind only scums would want to be involved with money-launderers.

    and another two:

    By the way, read this one below about France and fell on the floor laughing. The holier than thou French civil judges should put in more effort into cleansing the local slimepoops from their sewage pipes before embarking on a fishing exercise with crackpots like Suaram who have an axe to grind:

    No wonder no one respects the French nowadays but plenty of respect from all around for our one and only statesman:

    Semoga Allah berkati Tun selalu, Insyallah.

    Warrior 231

  3. Anonymous5:01 am

    Malaysia Darul Selam

  4. Rocky.
    That show that you are dunggu.Tan Sri Chan Ah Chai the man behind Talam.What Khalid did was to solve the messs created by Talam during the BN rule.Is a debt equity swap.Talam give is land inexchange of his debt with state GLC.The deal was approve by SC and Bursar and State govemt enaged CIMB as advisor .Khalid who use to be CEO of PNB should know wht he is doing.

    Les see how desperado MCA spin the story.

  5. Anonymous6:58 am

    ......tiada apa yang menarik disini jika dibandingkan dgn besi buruk bernilai hampir 2 billion.

  6. Bro, this Chua junior is not exactly a reliable guy to back. He talks utter nonsense and goes well above his head in trying to see rats where they don't exist. He most definitely does not understand Corporate matters and basically by anyone promoting his issues makes asses of them. And obviously you are following suit.

  7. Anonymous7:40 am

    Sirs, Talam was the company awarded by previous BN government and had run into losses, how can the state government milk this company???

  8. Anonymous8:31 am


    You really want to go there ? You are no doubt aware who owns Talam, how Talam got their "contracts" under previous administrations, how Talam seldom completed their projects and yet got paid by the previous administrations, how Talam got the West Coast Hiway 15 years ago...and hasn't delivered it. Now Talam has received a boost from the Federal government for the West Coast Hiway courtesy of a 60 year concession, the longest in the history of Bolehland.

    Dig deeper and you will find names like Mike Tyson, Mamakthir, Khir Toyo, and several other prominent UMNO fellas sharing the same well as Chan Ah Chye.

    You really want to go there ? Or are you pretending that you don't know how to connect the dots to UMNO ?


  9. Salam Datuk,

    Guess your Talam experience not unlike the present Selangor State Govt - damaged goods.

    Great header!

    All the best.

    Thank you

  10. Anonymous10:11 am

    Well if no proof , sorry MCA you pay and Khalids right! Why must the Selangor Government to explain that happens two years ago and to defend themselves? MCA could have done something more on the Pulau Indah FIASCO....mostly MCA big shots involved is'nt?
    Doing LKY style is the sanest option.
    Sue them and it will be best to see them defending their gap.

  11. Anonymous11:13 am

    Selangor Darul Talam Dua Muka

  12. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Dear Khalid Gagap,

    By explaining the Talam skandal to rakyat, will definitely kill-off MCA once and for all. U may be gagap but we rakyat still can understand if u care to explain. By hiding behind loyar advise not to explained, is like annoucing that u are indeed a corrupt gagaping man.

  13. Wow... MCA accusing someone of overpaying or is it underpaying (MCA probably don't know..).

    The same bunch of MCA morons who gave us the PKFZ Fiasco and that went into RM 12 Billion

  14. Chua junior does not understand financial statements.He has to depend on others to "feed" him! Cheh!
    I thought he mentioned a one billion dollars scandal!If you want to expose do so
    if you have the facts.You are in deep water chua junior!

  15. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Good One Dato! But pada pendapat saya Dato, Selangor Darul Talam lebeh baik anytime daripada Selangor Darul Toyo!

  16. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Suddenly from RM 1 b fiasco to RM 42 Million overpayment?

    apa sudah jadi Chua?

    kan you accountant?

  17. Bro,
    HaHaHa..shah talam..pakatan new administration capital..rakyat selangor yang vote for pakatan must celebrate this..hahaha..

  18. Anonymous1:13 am

    Isu Talam ini garbage dari era mana, roc? Jgn simpan2 maklumat pula ...

  19. Goatfarter,

    Why should I care if Talam was created by Umno or Pakatan, mate? Why shoud I care if Talam got its contracts from the previous administration (and of course it did, PKR only started to rule Selangor in 2008, mo!).

    And if Talam can really be linked to Mahathir if you dig deeper into your orifices, why then did your MB bail it out?

    Think before you fart. Hehe

  20. Aiyaa, Alex, lu sama dengan itu Goatfarter la.

    Ah Chai sama Khalid kan kawan baik ...

  21. Anonymous11:05 am

    oooo.. isu talam bukan main hentam?

    isu lrt dgn document asal tak comment?

    ingat bru. makan duit haram comfirm masuk neraka jahanam. pegi mekah seribu kali pon belum tentu masuk syurga.

    dah dah la tu bru. kasi balik duit berjuta-juta yg rosmah & najib kasi tu.

    duit haram kasi anak bini makan. memang bagus, nanti bila anak dah besar boleh jadi penyangak mcm kau.

  22. Anonymous11:55 am

    The problem with an ex-journalist like Latuk Locky is that he doesn't understand commercial principles that underpin corporate restructurings. All he can say is "kan Chan Ah Chye dan Khalid are friends".

    Of course, all good businessmen play both sides. Chan Ah Chye has to be nice to Khalid in order to secure the corporate restructuring to get out of PN17. Khalid has to be nice to Chan Ah Chye so that housing projects can be completed, and security taken over the money owed to the State.

    However, we don't have to be that nice to journalists who don't have commercial sense. All will be revealed in the open when Khalid takes MCA to court.


  23. IT.Sheiss3:39 pm

    From the latest reports in FMT and TMI, the Selangor state government took over Talam's assets, liquidated them, took what was the government's due and gave the balance back to Talam.

    That's the right thing to do to get back what's owing, under these circumstances.

    Have you considered whether those parties making an issue over this could be wittingly or unwittingly acting in Talam's favour by politicising the issue?

    In a more authoritarian regime, the government could just seize Talam's assets without compensation and to hell with anyone who protests.