Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Liow's Righteous Action

BUT NOT SO WWW15E. YB Liow was quoted by the NST as saying that he gave up the WWW15 plate number as it was the "most righteous action". Sure, of course. But what the Minister should have done was clarify instantly. In this Internet age, speed is crucial. I sent him an SMS asking if he had bid for WWW15 on May 28. He did not respond, tak pe lah, maybe he's got a new special phone number, but he or his office should not have waited TWO WEEKS to issue a simple press statement explaining how the WWW15 had gone to him instead of the highest bidder. That's two weeks of damage done.

YB Liow said he couldn't respond earlier because he was abroad: Tiong Lai gives up WWW15


  1. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    Can you clarify the following chronology of events -

    1. JPJ issues list of successful bidders. One of them was Liow Tiong Lai for WWW 15 at RM 24,200.

    2. To submit a bid, one must put up 50 pct of the bid price, i.e. 12,100.

    3. When confronted, Liow said he didn't know about the bid, as it was prepared by his staff at the Ministry.

    4. When questioned who paid for the bid, he said he didn't know but would check.

    5. Liow subsequently said the Ministry paid for the bid. His boss, Chua Soi Lek, commented that it was "right hand, left hand" deal.

    6. MoF clarified there was no allocation to finance number plates.

    7. JPJ official clarified that Liow must pay (presumably the remaining 50 pct) of the bid price since the bid was in his name.

    8. When questioned how Liow was going to pay for his plate, he still insisted he didn't know and will check.

    9. Liow then said he was eligible for the number free of charge. He couldn't explain why if it is free of charge, why would he (or someone else who took his IC) would bother to bid. He also couldn't explain why if it was free, he didn't compete with the Sultan for WWW1 or any other single digit number.

    10. Kong Cho Ha then commented that Liow should have been more upfront from the beginning. Nazri also commented that Liow should explain better.

    The truth is that this is an incompetent minister. He didn't tell the truth to begin with, and he needed to invent stories to cover the lies, which then became untenable. This is the sort of minister that UMNO depends for Chinese support ? Tak boleh lah.....


  2. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Bunch of crap! Diden he say the number is his granpa's number?

    Sure the number is free cuz if it goes onto the official car. (Which will be offered to him when he retires/quits/not re-elected.)

    So here we have a Malay Sultan who paid RM 520k for his number and a Chinese Minister who wants it for free.

    Boy, have times changed!

  3. Anonymous1:12 pm


    Two Wrongs doesn't make one right!

    Wrong at denying what his intentions were, i.e to get the Special Ni' Plate!

    Wrong at Running Away after being found out!

    He should just stop lying and admit to what he did! Shows what kind of person he is.....

    Joe Black

  4. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Righteous Liow ? You tahu ape makna "Liow" ? Habis lah MCA.

  5. RIGHT-eous it seems !?

    u mean someone else has tendered MORE than 24.000.00 !!????

  6. Anonymous2:22 pm

    action must be taken against the ministry staff who used the minister's name without his knowledge when making the application to JPJ.


  7. Anonymous2:23 pm

    If you have tendered for numbers before you will know that when you want to submit your tender you have to fill in your particulars and a photostat copy of your IC.I dont know about VIPs though.If the procedure is the same then there is no way you would not know you have tendered or not unless you just give your IC to every tom ,dick and harry to apply things for you.Didnt they tell us to take care of our IC and not let it fall on wrong hands.Mr Liow can keep spinning but the perception is already set. Anyway what can you hope from him or the party he represents.MCA will be sent to the cleaners in the next elections unless we are voting for best actors and porn stars.


  8. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Gomen kalau nak beri maklumbalas dan ambil tindakan, kerja 2 minggu tu dah kira cepatlah bro..

  9. Anonymous3:10 pm

    MCA is simply content with scraps from the UMNO main table. Shame on your ancestors, Liow and Chua. Our ancestors had more dignity than to "er", "hum" or "ho ho" their way through life.


  10. Apa ni Rocky macan nak deviate kan issue Sultan Hohore je, kawan ekau tu.
    My take is while I am the most loyal Malay Royalist your good sultan should not have done it spending that much money on a registration?
    On a personal note if any sultans in this country show any disrespect to the rakyat will not get my support at all!
    Sultan in macan gran tanah Melayu kalau di lacurkan kan peranan tu sapa pun tak akan hormat dan respect!

  11. Anonymous4:53 pm


    If you remember, several years ago, the Finance Minister of Hong Kong had to resign when it was discovered he asked his wife to buy a car a day BEFORE he announced import tax increases. The amount was around HK$30,000 or RM 15,000 at the then exchange rate.

    You think Liow should remain as minister ?


  12. Anonymous5:24 pm

    LTL, you are a big disgrace to the Chinese, please resign immediately. Can't even be "honest" about this and stop telling us grandpa/grandma cerita now.

  13. Anonymous5:32 pm

    This LTL fella also not very smart. Do like most politicians la, he should have gotten a cronny or ball carrier to bid for him, and all these would not arise. Aiyooh so bodoh punya orang, like that can also be MCA number 2. Sure lose in next GE, bye bye LTL.

  14. The original Pascual5:50 pm


    If Rocky wants to divert the attention away from his friend the Sultan of Johore, he would not have written about the plate number issue at all!

    Your reasoning is so illogical, almost comical.

    I hope it's not true what they said, that you are advising the PM. I dare not imagine it!


  15. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Pasquale ni seorang yang racist.

    Apakata kalau kejadian ini berlaku keatas seorang Melayu, tentu isu ini di perbesarkan dgn kutukan keatas orang Melayu berapi api.
    Jelasnya isu Sultan Johor disensasi.

    Ini lah sikap bukan Melayu di negara ini.

    Bagi orang Melayu pula isu Liow ini diambil mudah begitu saja. Kutukan tidaklah terlalu sangat. Ini jelas orang Melayu di lingkungi dengan kepercayaan menghormati orang, dosa pahala dalam perlakuan, dan amat berlembut hati (kpd bukan Melayu).

  16. Anonymous8:43 pm

    I want to believe him but like everybody else,I just cannot follow his on/off confusing answers complicated by jpj statement.At the end, it's too complex to understand what happened for a simple plate no.

  17. Anonymous8:43 pm

    I want to believe him but like everybody else,I just cannot follow his on/off confusing answers complicated by jpj statement.At the end, it's too complex to understand what happened for a simple plate no.

  18. Hey, where's dat 'tow-bitxx' ? she should shout & fire this mentri why like dat one !!??

  19. Anonymous8:44 am

    check the paper trail... lets see the submission form... come JPJ, be more transparent...

  20. jeremy9:33 am

    and that is why the chinese will not vote for MCA...or Gerakan. The chinese will vote for DAP. For this reason (the likes of Liow) and of course, the CHinese thing about them.
    The chinese can trumpet abour social justice, fair and free and fuckall elections blahblahblah...don't beleive them.
    they just want POWER now...they have the economic power -- yes they do -- but of course they cry injustice and all, bullshit -- now they want political power..
    how sweet the taste of power in Penang, right and briefly in Perak.....how sweet and addictive.

    so...we have chiense leaders like Liow... HOW?

  21. Anonymous10:05 am

    bapaktuhan 12:36 PM,

    1. JPJ issues list of successful bidders. One of them was Liow Tiong Lai for WWW 15 at RM 24,200
    [rm24,200 was the highest bid for that number bukan LTL bid, dia tarak bid, his ministry applied for it]

    2. To submit a bid, one must put up 50 pct of the bid price, i.e. 12,100.
    [there was no bidding by his ministry, they applied, perhaps the process is different]

    mcm2 cerita you tambah lah, berbelit-belit jadi, relax lah bro, get the facts right, attack lah betul2, boring lah berapi-rapi tapi merapu!

  22. Anonymous10:07 am

    ini fake "Pasquale" lah anon ... cuba klik kat nama dia ....

  23. nazri : " ...rm11,ooo.oo for my WWW97
    is NOTHING lah ...bukan 100 or 400 K ma ... dat's TOO much lah !!"

    YES, it's MORE righteous to spend hundreds of K for the POOR !!

  24. Chuah Soil Liat8:10 pm

    Hello, why you all bising bising about this. Left pocket, right pocket mah. Now you all buat my bodoh #2 lieutenant, LTL, geram, he merajuk and reluctantly gave up WWW15. I really want to apologize on behalf of MCA (Mari Cucuk Aku), for all this flip flop and unwanted attention my dumb ass #2 caused. Hopefully we can still rise in the next erection and help BN win big big.

  25. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Latok yg betul disokong yg salh patut????????