Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An anti-blogger blogs about KJ (and why Kepala Batas should go to KJ)

Thanks to word of "mouse", I know now that Zainudin Maidin, Tan Sri, the former Utusan Malaysia editor-in-chief who had a rather disastrous stint as Information Minister but made it as Tokoh Wartawan Negara while in Cabinet, is today a blogger, just like me. No need to recall the exact words he said of bloggers when he was high up there in the government but, like Khairy Jamaluddin, the subject of his twisty latest posting, Khairy can become PM in his old days, Zam his trying to claw back and no one can stop that. Of course, in KJ's case, Najib Razak can easily stop the young man's clawback.

Except that I don't think the PM should - or would.

KJ and Pak Lah
A lot of people are waiting to see what Najib has in store for KJ in PRU13. Talk is that the Negri Sembilan MB Mohamad Hasan wants to contest in Rembau, which KJ won in 2008, because he has done quite a dismal job in the state and desperately needs an exit. That wouldn't be fair to KJ, of course, but if it does happen then it is an opportunity to set KJ for more challenging tasks during PRU13: field him in Kepala Batas, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's very winnable seat.

KJ is head of Umno Youth and therefore wields considerable power -  he has a huge army of youths under his command and he possess all those qualities Zam has dutifully listed down in his posting. KJ is combatant, willing, and able. In my opinion, there is no better place to put KJ then to head BN's future offensive in the PR stronghold of Penang, where Anwar Ibrahim resides and Lim Guan Eng reigns.

And he is Pak Lah's son-in-law. The former PM has said he would like not to contest in PRU13. I am sure KJ will be welcomed by the UMNO warlords in Kepala Batas if Pak Lah has no objection to the son-in-law carrying on the legacy...


  1. Anonymous5:49 pm

    What do you mean the N9 MB did a dismal job? He did an excellent job of getting N9 to where it is today. I'd rather have him as MB than anyone else.

  2. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Why not KJ service 'zah (you decide senior or junior) then contest in Pmtng Pauh? Both the ladies can lift their skirts up to help him in (or win). Why not BABI contest Batang Berjuntai? His girl friend from Nala's video can contest Janda Baik - as Janda Tak Baik. She might win. The asshole is a traitor with some serious psychological shit messing his brainwaves. He has something planned for us that will cause major chaos. Be warned. Tapi Melayu ni bukan pandai pun.

  3. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Rockbru__ I understand Mat Hassan's interest in contesting a Parliament seat; he owns up to his dismal performance as MB -- UMNO rumbligs that this guy and his family HOG all the NS projects-lkah, unlike shorty Isa Samad who was more "sharing". My understanding is that Rembau BN-MP KJ, that famus SIL, now less famous and NO MORE the second most powerfool man in Msia (honour gifted by international media, you know when-lah! wants to conest a State seat with ambitions to become sext -- oops, Next MB, but both Isa's and Hassan's warlords dont want him-lah! You know I'm a card-carrying PKR member -- so take my feedback with two inches of saly and msg! -- YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

    PS: You knot org BUM2012 ah? You have powderful sponSIRS mah!:)

  4. Anonymous7:00 pm

    If I were KJ, I'd simply quit UMNO after witnessing the severe beating that my father-in-law took at the hands of Mamakthir and other UMNO goons. Then when UMNO implodes, I'd make a comeback.

  5. Olek Skilgannon7:15 pm

    "Florida sues federal government amid voter registration row"

    "The state of Florida announced Monday it was suing the federal government in a growing row over voter registration just five months before the US presidential vote.

    "The lawsuit calls on the Department of Homeland Security to provide Florida with access to an immigration database so that it can check if foreigners have made it onto lists of people eligible to cast ballots." (Channel News Asia, 12 June 2012).

    What a brilliantly simple idea!

    Maybe the Penang or Selangor state governments should sue the federal government here for access to the Immigration Department's database and cross check the names and ID document particulars therein against the electoral rolls maintained by the Elections Commission.

    The Immigration Department has such a database, doesn't it? And it should be up-to-date.

    Because if it doesn't, or it isn't accurate or current, then we are in a s**t load of trouble!

    1. Anonymous1:27 pm

      Dumbfuck. Our laws are not the same as theirs. Stupid fuck.

  6. FaSo La Tido8:45 pm

    Ketua Pemuda tidor layak duduk kerusi PM tidor.

  7. Anonymous10:11 pm

    i've followed kj's infamous chronicle by adlan in malaysia today and his shenanigans with kalimullah and ecm libra. but after watching him taking on rafizi twice (in london and locally) and ambiga, i can see why many people are afraid of him. because he IS good. what he needs is careful nurturing which i think najib is doing. no hurry.

    1. Anonymous1:30 pm

      Although i am not fond of this chap but i do seriously admit that he has what it takes to be PM.


  8. Anonymous10:43 pm

    If only KJ were to stand in our area. Alas we are in FT. If got candidate like KJ sure our votes without a doubt wd go to BN. KJ speaks to us, he's savvy, he's cool, articulate and very intelligent. Watch him debate, the most memorable being KJ vs Ambiga. KJ won hands down.
    We like this Wakil Rakyat cos he knows his facts.
    Our politicians (both sides) all so uninspiring. LKS old, DSAI old (and problematic), Tian Chua (sorry lah) Sabu old and clownish, Rais (please lah!)... fill in the rest.
    Here's to YB KJ. Good luck. One day we hope you will become PM.

    Adi (and 5 other GenY pals).

  9. Anonymous11:57 pm

    I beg to differ!

    KJ should not be given another chance. It is because of him UMNO lost badly in the 2008 elections. He should be cold storaged and exiled to Siberia.

  10. Anonymous12:16 am

    dah dah la tu. please post something that not pro-BN la bru. org mcm kau ni memang tak leh pakai. campak duit berjuta-juta je terus lupa daratan. mangkuk betul.

    asal tak nak publish artikel dari US berkenaan anak mertua najib tipu bapak mertua dia berjuta-juta ringgit?

    kau ni memang bru. dah dpt berjuta-juta duit haram dari rosmah. takpe. org mcm kau comfirm masuk neraka jahanam sama geng ngan najib & rosmah

  11. Ai Rock, wanna fixed up KJ ke? It's not up to Pak Lah.Maybe dia nak pass on the legacy.
    Tapi marah lah Mamu-mamu dan Mami-mami yang nak orang depa tanding sana.
    And you want him to take charge of Penang. Supaya dijadikan ulam oleh Pak Sheikh dan LGE. Kesian my brother.
    And hotlah pulak MCA dan Gerakan who wants to be the ones spear-heading the mission to recapture Penang.
    Ramai juga orang kuat UMNO Tanjung yang setiap malam keluak TV3 nak jadi juara tebus kekalahan dulu.
    It will create a headache for Najib if KJ is also in the fray.
    if you say a seat in Kedah, at least something. It is his mother's home-state and their family is rather influential there.
    But I think Najib will retain KJ in NS. Maybe swap seats with Mat Hassan who will go federal.
    How about Najib giving KJ Mat Hassan's state seat and if he wins, he becomes the MB?
    Agreeable to you?
    If Mukriz is touted as Kedah MB, why not KJ?
    It's time for you to forgive KJ. He's changed for the better.

    P.S. I like that "mouse" part. Haha, naughtylah you. You forgot another word - "that's mean" instead of "that means". Hahaha

  12. Anonymous1:10 am

    and that will mean two seats lost for bn....ha ha ha

  13. Mr Singam9:29 am

    remember pre-March 2008 general election? how easy it was to move people to vote against the BN with a PM like Pak Lah -- weak, slumbering, inefficient. not just that -- people were convinced the country was run my his son-in-law Mr khairy and his friends on the fourth floor -- and that notorious K who fancied himself a media moghul and sutrprise surprise, is now with us.

    Remember how we - sorry, bro, by then we parted ways -- were hoping that Pak Lah continued as PM so that it would be another killing for us.

    Back to pre-March 2008. Khairy was undeserving of the position he held. He was obnoxious, arrogant and shameless. Oxford/Cambridge grad. Hah! That didn't do him any good except for helping him in his oratorical skills. His brain and mindset were banana republic, man. Abusing his position as the PM's son-in-law.

    In fact, in all our campaigns, how his name was easily bandied about and the boos his name invited.

    Has he learnt his lesson? has be been humbled by all that?

    As for his candidacy? Penang was lost to the opposition. That is his father-in-law's state,
    The worst performance of BN - and under Pak Lah.

    The states fell not so much because the DAP, PAS, PKR were damn popular parties. remember how they performed in 2004? Miserably.

    We love the likes of Khairy in BN. Sure, he can talk and out-talk. So can our guys, man.

    But send him to Penang. Send him. because of you, Khairy, because of you....

    Good good...anymore Khairys? The more the better for us-lah.

    hahaha...we'll make mincemeat out the khairys of BN. Talk or no talk.

  14. 2 Problems:

    1 - Hassan is not a winnable candidate so giving him Rembau is as good as giving it to PR. Khiary has already greased the palms of all the Rembau warlords so anyone new wouldhave to fork out a lot more to keep them happy....
    2. Khairy is not from Penang and has no links there apart from being the son-in-law. The warlords in Kepala Batas have their own candidate lined up so won't appreicate an outsider coming in.
    Thus Kepala Batas would have a chance of switching over to the PR. But then myabe that is the strategy to kill off KJ politically?

  15. Dear Nik,

    1. Rembau warlords? Ada ke?

    2. Lim Guan Eng is not from Penang. Neither is Jeff Ooi.
    As for the warlords in KB, they still listen to Pak Lah and not all of them realy fancy the dude who is lining himself up as Pak Lah's replacement. KJ would be more acceptable to all ..

  16. Anonymous11:10 am

    Bitter to the end Dato? KJ is a formidable force no doubt, without his Fther inlaw as PM he is finding his feet, u shld credit hm for that. I for one was suspicious of him, but with his outreach style and new politics, he is a good yung leader...perhaps the only leader in in BN worth mentioning,

    Mo Johan

  17. Anonymous11:15 am

    Youth either with PR or KJ, not UMNO.

  18. Dear Mr Singam,

    Yes, I remember how you guys wanted Pak Lah to remain as PM. Kit Siang was even willing to table a motion of confidence for him! Ha ha. You've got to love Malaysian politics.

    Fortunately for the country, that did not happen.

    As for Pak Lah, despite his unpopularity with Malaysians in general. Kepala Batas loves him. If he stands in PRU13, he will win hands down. But he won't be doing any good, and I think you guys agree with us on that now.

    KJ, on the other hand, has proved to possess strong points that have exposed selected rival politicians again and again. Rafizi is no match for him and till today Chegubard is still reeling from the encounters with KJ. Even Anwar Ibrahim would not be too reckless with KJ, the mistake he did in Parliament recently ...

  19. Dear Desi the card-carrying PKR member,

    Yes, we heard that talk about KJ wanting to be MB. That's just talk lah Desi ... I heard Shahziman the Tampin boy (KJ's cousin, incidentally) is the preferred one!

    PS Ada BUMN2012? saya blur ... But yes I may have some sponSirs who may be interested!

  20. Anonymous12:25 pm


    KJ is only good at talking!!!

    Remember who else is good at that? Anwar Ibrahim!!

    Look at where it got the country....

    Both of them are birds of the same feather....

  21. Anonymous3:30 pm

    KJ loves Rembau and Rembau loves KJ. KJ has certainly put that sleepy town/area on the map. He goes back really often as its only an hour plus from KL. I hope he stays on in Rembau.

    Worih den

  22. Datuk,

    Bukan Tan Sri Zam ni ke yg guna terma "Goblok"...atau sebenarnya dia nak kata "Go-blog"....

    Saya konpius!

  23. Rocky,

    1. Warlords - or should I say key constituency party operatives? The people who do all the ground work for MPs and ADUNs. All kawasan have them and they need to be motivated to work for the candidate via various means. KJ has paid his dues in Rembau and has more credibility than Hassan so would be more winnable than Hassan by a mile.
    2. I take your point re Kepala Batas and having the father in law behind him. But with other's eying the seat nothing can be taken for granted. Internal sabotage is a perenial UMNO problem...

    as for KJ himself I really don't know what he stands for? He's arrogant and tends to talk down to people. At same time he may be intelligent but not that street smart. He took the easy way up to the top and has never paid his dues... Thus for me I'm not sure if he is credible to the rakyat and whether Najib really trusts the fellow anyway..

  24. Anonymous11:07 am

    How fortunate BN or UMNO especially to have KJ as prospect of future leader.It has been awhile we haven't found an exciting young politician in Malaysia. It feels worth to follow his political career now.
    After he floored Ambiga and Rafizi with lethal round of ammunitions in recent debates, everyone now starts to pay attention to him. With astute political skills and multi-lingual prowess, the people in Pakatan are going to have hard times ahead.
    Love him or hate him, he is now a massive force to reckon with.

  25. Dear Nik,

    Agree with you. KJ has to work on regaining that trust.

  26. fackumno11:57 pm

    hey you umno morons!

    kj is bad news not only for umno but for the whole of malaysia.
    this fucker is a chameleon...

    i trust mahathir on this one...

  27. Anonymous10:16 am

    Dear Bru,

    KJ has brought a lot of damage to BN, UMNO and still to this coutry through his goon in Khazanah and now in Petronas. I'm UMNO staunch supporter but i just can't support this bugger.
    So i see your point of putting this person in a very winnable area. Putting him elsewhere would only cost BN the seat.


  28. Anonymous10:26 am

    He is too arrogant to be an UMNO leader and his era during Pak Lah's time especially in the 2008 election has caused UMNO to lose the 2/3 majority.

    We may forgive but we never forget, my friend.

    He is an Anwar's clone and Anwar's closet supporter.

  29. Anonymous11:52 am

    Curry has so much growing to do.

    Oxford boy has to get it thro his head that people aren't stupid or blind to that act - kris waving yet elder trashing.

    Personally I won't forgive him and UMNO disciplinary committee for finding him guilty being involved in money politics yet only given a slap on the wrist.
    And for all his anti-money politics talk, he has no qualms accepting that punishment yet go on to be Ketua Pemuda while others were suspended for years. What a sham !

    You are tainted Curry Boy. On one hand, yes UMNO needs young, new blood with ideas. Its so easy to be swayed by the smooth, shiny veneer. But I'm afraid, this turn of events has shown the real KJ - young, self-serving, opportunistic, lacking principles, no action talk only - no better than any average Pemuda UMNO.

  30. joepliak5:03 pm

    goodness -- KJ PM material because he floored Rafizi and Ambiga. He is an orator, isn't he?

    If oratorical skills make you elgible to be PM, surely that's last century. Have we forgotten what he wsa like when his FIL was PM? That's called abuse of power. And how old was he?

    We hope that he has learnt and grown up.

    I remember thinking he was one greedy boy.

    No no no....he has not redeemed himself.

    People are so supericial. We are in trouble.

  31. Ali Toncet2:31 am

    Last 3 comments same person. Vindictive rage. Akhramsyah perhaps?

  32. Mustapha Ong11:57 am

    Dear Bru,

    My thoughts is still with KJ and there is still hope of him becoming Malaysia's youngest prime minister, but not in the near future under the current political circumstances.

    Khairy is a prime minister material and we should groom him to be our future national UMNO/BN leader perhaps when he is in his late 40s or early 50s.

    I do not foresee any problem for Khairy to be nominated as a potential "winnable candidate" though which constituency he should stand is equally politically important. If I were KJ, I would not stand in Rembau again but rather move to Kepala Batas to replace Pak Lah as part of his future political strategy.Hope Pak Lah and KJ shares my humble view.

    As for Permatang Pauh, incumbent Anwar is locked into his favorite constituency. Hopefully, BN will nominate a potential candidate like the kamikaze iron lady Ummi against Anwar. It's not about trying to unseat Anwar but the match will be an exciting political duel between the Anwar and his arch political enemy, who happens to be Azmin Ali's outspoken sister.