Sunday, June 24, 2012

Huffington Post: Look at Malaysia to fight corruption properly (and avert an Arab Spring)

 If the Arab Spring countries and other high-risk nations are serious about confronting their corruption culture, they should look to the innovative model instituted by an unlikely actor: Malaysia. - Anti-Corruption Program in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Approach (Huffington Post, 22 June 2012)

Mr Michael J Hershman is the co-founder of Transparency International, which inspired the birth of the Malaysian Chapter started by Tunku Aziz, once hailed by the DAP as "the Towering Malay" (a title that no longer holds after he openly opposed the politics of Bersih 3.0). Hershman has written an article in the Huffington Post that advises leaders of countries with Arab Spring syndrome to "take a look at the Malaysian model". 

Hershman says There are still imperfections that the government will need to address - but "clear goals and commitments to anti-corruption have been demonstrated in Prime Minister Najib's Economic and Government Transformation Programs. They will and should continue in the months and years ahead, regardless of who leads the Malaysian government".

Not an analysis that the Anwaristas or the DAPsters (to borrow Helen Ang's phrase) would readily acknowledge but an independent take on Malaysia's war against corruption - and against those who are trying to create an Arab Spring in this country - that must be read by every peace-loving and corruption-hating Malaysian. 

Read Why an Arab Spring won't happen h e r e.


  1. Anonymous4:27 pm

    The Huffington Post is the Playboy Magazine of the Political Sphere...Full of Smut!!

    You Rocky only dabble in Smut!!

  2. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Anonymous 4:27

    When one only has smut opinion to give, the next best thing to do is to insult the other guy. Or correct his grammar.

  3. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Yalah Rocky you should know better! And that writer is only referring to the intent of all those programs. nowhere does he says Malaysia has been successful in fighting corruption. barisan does not have the will nor the willingness to fight corruption. 54 years already lah! Kena tunggu sampai bila lagi?!

  4. I read blogs (a lot) but rarely comment. However, I feel very much to say a few words here. Firstly, i would like to say a few words on the credibility of the Huffington Post as follows:

    1. In 2012, The Huffington Post won the Pulitzer Prize in the category of national reporting for senior military correspondent David Wood's 10-part series about wounded veterans, Beyond the Battlefield.
    2. The Huffington Post is 2010 People's Voice Winner in the 14th Webby Awards and is the Winner in Lead411's New York City Hot 125.
    3. The Huffington Post lost the 2010 Webby Award jury prize for Best Political Blog to Truthdig.
    4. The Huffington Post was named second among the 25 Best Blogs of 2009 by Time.
    5. The Huffington Post won the 2006 and 2007 Webby Awards for Best Politics Blog.
    6. The Huffington Post is ranked the most powerful blog in the world by The Observer.
    And many other awards and recognition worldwide.

    Based on the above, i do not think that the post would simply write or publish any statement that will discredit themselves.

    I think we should read and accept facts rather than to follow one's emotion. To move forward, I think being rationale is imperative regardless.......

  5. Anonymous6:11 pm

    ye lah tu from...NOTHINGton Post!!
    Kalo Arab Spring sampai ke Msia, those fat ones, tk kira pembangkang ke Kjaan ke .. are already secured - first to take the plane to their home overseas no worries.

  6. Anonymous10:45 pm

    yo bloodystone eat your heart out ya!!

  7. Anonymous11:16 pm

    I think the first, second and third comment above really bullshitting, ini semua orang banganggg! Yang betul hanyala Lim Kit Siang seorang racialis, anak dia Lim Guan Eng, Anwar kaki buntut, Azmin kaki rasuah

  8. IT.Sheiss1:31 am

    This article would focus on corruption but I'd rather say that it's ultimately the economic well being of the people which results in the possibility of an "Arab Spring" happening.

    If economic conditions are dire and people can see government heads are corrupt and living it up, while they are in deprivation, then the likelihood of an "Arab Spring" is high.

    On the other hand if there is corruption but the people are economically comfortable, then an "Arab Spring" is less likely or probably unlikely.

    Now I don't condone corruption and as the corrupt parties get more and more greedy over time, it can lead to economic hardship of the people and an "Arab Spring."

    However, the bottom line leading to revolt primarily is economic distress of the people.

  9. Anonymous8:27 am


    Let's be rational you say! True.

    Let's be rational and not believe anything anyone prints... Especially those witha reputation for spinning!!

    Still, its possible to buy reputation as in the case of Najib being caught paying to get the BBC to promote himself. (Note! The BBC? is it not a reputable organization?).

    In any case look at the Brand Laureates Created by the Payer's to Promote Themselves?

    Joe Black

    Joe Black

  10. Anonymous10:06 am

    The funny thing is, whatever government did to improve the system or to bring about change via various initiatives, they always met with scorns and mockery. There's always a section who just can't accept whatever you do no matter how hard you try. It is not that there's something wrong with you but to them you're always wrong cause you are sitting on the other side of the fence.
    They are not interested in the changes for the better, whatever that means; but only interested in picking up tiny little detail of any weaknesses and make the most out of it. If lopsided news can't do much damage then they resorted to articles and pieces discredited everything you do from top to bottom. You will never please them. Nothing will ever be good enough. They are having fun by by making fun out of everything. They have never been in a position to run a country but strangely enough they know more what the seasoned incumbent did. They would go around and teach you on how to do things.
    It's like you're playing a game of football. When you're wining a game with 2 nil, they would come out and say 'Oh, you know what,you should've won it by 4 nil cause there's a lot of chances being created..' when all that matters is to win the game.

  11. Anonymous11:02 am

    silly Latuk Locky:

    It says that corruption needs to be fought "whoever is in power". We'll fight even harder with a new regime in Putrajaya. ETP, GTP, NKRA, KPI, all these are nonsense without the will.

    Believe me, Latuk, we have the will to change things for the better without the need for Arab Spring here.


  12. Anonymous11:03 am

    And what the article implies is that prior to all these nonsense about ETP, ERL, GTP, etc, corruption was rife and previous administrations could not fight the corruption. Tell that to Sleepy Head and Mamakthir.


  13. Anonymous2:37 pm


    Interesting to see what the Huffington Post has to say about the Najib-Scopene Affair now that the Court Documents are in the Public Domain!

    Perhaps they may change their mind.

  14. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Nobody is thinking of an Arab spring in Malaysia.What we really want is a corrupt free government and good governance. Right now the present government is found lacking in this department. If the present government can attract more professional and righteous politicians to their side then many people will be willing to give them a chance. All they have now are those half past six leaders that churn out rubbish policies every now and then and flip flopping all over.
    On a lighter note,can anyone tell us what is this Helen Ang's obsession with DAP leaders Hannah Yeoh and Lim Guan Eng. She is like so obsess with them that if you read her blog it's like she have a personal vendetta against them. Reading the way she hits out at Hannah Yeoh makes me wonder if Hannah last time stole her lover.How many times politicians appear in medias depends on who the media support. I dont like some of the BN politicians faces but I see them almost every night on prime time TV.Sometimes many times a night. So how..Switch off la..Nobody ask you to read or watch.That also wanna complain.


  15. Jasper Bloodstone8:02 pm

    Pooh, Bru - you should watch the Fox Channel for it's comments on The Huffington Post.

    No love lost there, I can tell you!

    Seeing as how Ariana Huffington is regarded as a Democrat sympathiser and a vocal supporter of Barack Obama, it's difficult to see how The Huffington Post could be said to be objective and neutral in it's reporting and commentaries.

    Maybe our JJ in Washington D.C. should go talk to the big dogs in the US Republican and Democrat Parties and find out firsthand their opinions about Malaysia and the Najib administration.

    That's what JJ is there for, isn't it?

    He should be doing better than Chan Heng Chee!

  16. Re-SPRING the news9:26 pm

    There is got arab spring in Malay Mail.

    Got Malay Mail people spring out. Then got Sun people spring in.

    Sun people oso spring out.

    no more people how to spring?!?!?!??!

  17. Anonymous9:53 am

    Another heart ache for the dpp, skillgannons the jaspers the dapsters...
    Madani, these guys are just not interested in facts and thruths.
    When they can't argue they just resort to obsecenities, name calling and what nots.
    Just read them in Haris' post on Azmin.
    I dont know whether to laugh or throw up.


  18. Anonymous11:23 am

    Yup Wak, agree with you 200%.

    "the dpp, skillgannons the jaspers the dapsters + the goatfarters, the joe hitams, the minuteballs, the rabbits ..."

    it's a wild wild world

    Syabas Rocky!!

  19. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Anon 11.23 AM

    Don't be scared. We are not like the UMNO hooligans who disrupt ceramahs, beat up people wearing yellow, or torture a guy with RM 2,000 in his account until he had to jump from a window.

    We are very civilised. We will go according to the law. And that's when we may not have enough jail space for all these crooks in BN.


  20. Michael Sim3:18 pm

    Skillgannon aka Jasper are a collective shame to Singapore where I am from. These are probably Malaysian castaway scumbags who are the most blatant hypocrites I have ever seen.

    I have been following this blog for a year or so now and what I notice is that whenever cornered with facts, these scumbags instead of addressing the issue are more likely to throw a red herring and skirt the truth rather than facing it head on like a man.

    You can see from the above comment how Jasper is trying to tar the messenger instead of commenting on the issue. What does it matter whether the HP is democrat, republican or libertarian? And if we use the scum's perverted logic, Fox is a Republican hack as everyone in the US will tell you. So what is so special about Fox tarring HP as such?. Some great discovery by Jasper!

    Essentially, Jasper has evaded issues and perverted the truth while being a shameful apologist for Singapore. We Singaporeans know better. For instance, he challenged Warrior 231 on money laundering while purposely ignoring the fact that Singapore is mentioned in a White Paper presented in the Indian Parliament recently:

    This has gone long enough. Either jasper quit talking like an idiot on Singapore"s behalf or the blogger consider throwing this scumbag out for his obvious trolling. By the looks of it he makes Malaysian trolls like Godfather, DPP etc look like angels.

  21. Jasper Bloodstone9:07 pm

    Oh, Mikey, Mikey

    Wonder of wonders - there's asinine logic and there's asinine logic.

    No prizes for guessing how your particular brand of logic should be categorised.

    Let's see now - didn't Wisma Putra get upset when a Canadian newspaper characterised PM Najib in rather uncomplimentary terms?

    Is that Canadian paper any more or any less objective, accurate, unbiased and reliable as, say, The Huffington Post?

    Gotcha there, Mikey!

    As for the warrior feller's take on alleged money laundering in Singapore, you may recall that I challenged him to name any bank operating in Singapore that has been accused, formally or informally, of money laundering, by any country or central bank or independent prosecutor.

    A quick glance at the website of the Association of Banks in Singapore will give you the names of all the banks, local and foreign, operating in Singapore. There are more than a hundred of them, including Malaysian stalwarts like Maybank, CIMB, RHB and Public Bank.

    What's the response from the warrior to my riposte? Zip, zero, nada, zilch.

    Talking about India, which you have brought up, it's passing strange that Indian ministers, politicians and senior bureaucrats have visited Singapore on numerous occasions for bilateral meetings with their Singapore counterparts. It's baffling why they would want to do this with a country that is allegedly beyond the pale in terms of money laundering, tax evasion etc.

    Maybe realpolitik trumps all!

    Right, Mikey?

  22. Anonymous1:06 am

    Wak, Anon11.23am and Michael Sim

    Garbage is what we will get when toilet bowl shitstains like Jasper, Godfather, DPP and their ilk hijack the thread and try to drag the rational, sane ones amongst us to argue at their idiocy levels so that they can use their inbuilt advantage and experience to browbeat the rest at their own favie game.

    The best response would be not to dignify their idiocy with a response and just scroll on to the next comment and leave these morons wringing their hands in despair and pulling out clumps of their balding pate in sheer madness. Just desserts for illiterate pygmy charlatans passing off as intellectual giants.

    By the way, responding is the lifeblood of these idiotic trolls for they revel in it to salve the infantile egos cowering within their insignificant and inconsequential selves. Cut off that blood supply and watch these moronic attention seekers pen angry inanities guised as deeeeeeep epiphanies in pathetic desperation!!

    Warrior 231

    P/S : Scroll down to here:

    and notice how the sullen silence (wink) to Penembak Babi is deafening. Enuff said....hahahahahahahahahaha (ROFL)

  23. Anonymous9:30 am

    Chan Heng Chee has AGED a lot since taking up the US post.

  24. Anonymous11:58 am

    See Michael Sim, Warrior 231 was spot on.

    The issue to be addressed was Huffington Post being tarred by Fox. Watch how Mr Pig turns it on the head by bringing in the Canadian paper which had nothing to do with Mr Pig's initial boast at all:

    Pooh, Bru - you should watch the Fox Channel for it's comments on The Huffington Post.

    No love lost there, I can tell you!
    Seeing as how Ariana Huffington is regarded as a Democrat sympathiser and a vocal supporter of Barack Obama, it's difficult to see how The Huffington Post could be said to be objective and neutral in it's reporting and commentaries.....(8:02 PM)

    see how Mr Pig is all self-congratulatory with his childish 'gotcha'. Speaks volumes of an attention hungry applause seeking kid in diapers swaddling about in adult clothes. By the way the Canadian paper must have been as objective and neutral as Fox or even the National Inquirer......

    About India, when did bilateral visits ever constitute a cause for not fingering a criminal nation:

    If that perverted logic is taken to its extremes, no one would want anything to do with Myanmar or for that matter even China famed for their human rights violations.

    and surely the Indian government would have warned off their investigators if Mr Pig's asinine logic had any value:

    But Michael, quit responding mate(its pretty useless as W231 rightly said at 1.06am) unless you want to regal us with more laughs as we watch Mr Pig's crazy childish self oinking through its arse again. A sure rock-headed idiot cast in granite.

  25. Anonymous12:42 pm

    We are veering offtopic but allow me to retort to the mindless jibes of a certified moronic idiot who farts more garbage than he talks sense. Note IRS investigations are discreet and thorough thus time consuming as they fashion a water+airtight case. Court papers have been filed in New York against HSBC while investigations are going on in these jurisdictions:

    "The known countries involved in the US government's investigation include Switzerland, Liechtenstein, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Israel. The known banks include UBS, Credit Suisse (Clariden Leu), HSBC, Basler Kantonalbank, Wegelin & Co., Zuercher Kantonalbank, Julius Baer, Bank Leumi, Bank Hapoalim, Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank, Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG, and NZB AG. Due to this widening investigation, more and more financial institutions are agreeing to turn over information concerning their clients to the US authorities, whether voluntarily or by Court order or treaty. Earlier this month Wegelin & Co. announced that certain of its bankers were indicted in federal court for assisting US persons with their offshore accounts. Recently, Credit Suisse advised certain of its clients that it will disclose their information to the IRS. It is also expected that HSBC will begin to provide information about its US clients to the IRS.........

    Tiuniamah, kaniniamah, chouchibai one knows which banks directly under investigation are going to be indicted. IRS is not duty bound to announce its ongoing investigation, stupid!Only a stupid uneducated donkey-pig like you would brag like that.

    But the listing of Singapork as a jurisdiction of primary concern with regard to money laundering by the US State Department is sufficient proof that the Singaporean authorities are complicit whether through want of enforcement, lack of enforcement, ineffective or inadequate legal tools.In Spork's case the lack of enforcement and reporting was cited as the primary cause for it to be emplaced in the primary concern category which by default means, the Singapore government is complicit, get it arsehole? Read it if you got the balls to face reality.

    Again, stupid fucking idiot, SD annual reports and rankings are not about banks but about jurisdictional proprietary and supervision. To put it as simple as possible :

    If Bank A operating under jurisdiction X is engaged in shady deals and Jurisdiction X closes one eye to it, then X is classified as a jurisdiction of primary concern under SD /IRS/Treasury reporting protocols, Get it scumbag?

    The prosecution of Bank A is another issue altogether subject to investigations as happened in the case of UBS, HSBC America etc.

    Now everyone knows Spork has been the centre of moneylaundering here in SEA and Asia in general. Andy Xie spilled the beans in 2006 and paid for it. The Indons have been trying to get their crooks back from Spork and so does the Filipinos. Why Spork condos was even mentioned in a recent national scandal here. It is estimated that up to 60-65% of Spork GDP growth is due to money laundering and thus being emplaced by the US SD as a primary jurisdiction for ML is no surprise at all. The only surprise was it took so long for the US to cotton on but that is where realpolitik kicked in all this while until the US couldnt take it anymore as they did with the Swiss.

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone3:38 pm

      Primary concern, schimary concern....big deal!

      It's so easy to claim "discreet and time consuming...", but as my friend's grandpappy used to say: "that don't amount to a whole heap of beans"!

      So, unless the warrior feller has direct insider knowledge of the investigations conducted by the US Treasury, State Department, Federal Reserve and the anti-terrorism and money laundering task forces under the Department of Homeland Security, he is merely p*****g in the wind, hoping that some of the droplets get to stick.

      How pathetic is that?

      Meanwhile, in realpolitik and the real world, cooperation between the US and Singapore, India and Singapore, the EU and Singapore and Indonesia and Singapore continues apace.

      It's a funny old world when all these allegations of money laundering and tax havenism that are being thrown around willy nilly don't get to stick.

      And it must be causing the US IRS no end of heartburn, hence the need to wield the Fatca big stick.

      Right, Mikey?

  26. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Haiya this skewedmoron that has morphed into bloodystone is actually pining for Home Sweet Home - Malaysia.

    Must have regretted (big time) relocating to Singapore - poor girl ...

    Wonder if she has ripped off her MyKad??

  27. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Righto Warrior 231

    No point in responding to a moron who is as deep as an anal dipstick.

  28. Anonymous4:38 pm


    Fact is no one here quibbled about Malaysia being in the immigration watch-list while someone goes all out to deny another list drawn by the self-same US State Department implicating his favourite of money laundering say a lot doesn't it.

    You can deny the obvious for all you want but that is not going to change the truth one little bit, dont you think so Mr Cojoneless Stupid?

    1. Jasper Bloodstone1:56 pm

      Name names, dude?

      Which banks' Singapore operations have been named, accused or indicted for money laundering?

      Maybank and CIMB have a substantial presence in Singapore. Are you suggesting that a hyper-vigilant Bank Negara would allow them to operate in an alleged money laundering tax haven?

      Ditto for the Fed, the Bank of England and the UK FSA, the Bundesbank, the Bank of Japan, the RBA and the RBI who seem to have countenanced banks from their countries doing significant amounts of business in Singapore.

      It's strange, isn't it, that while the US State Department is coming up with all these lists, the countries' financial regulators are allowing their banks to set up in Singapore, often with regional and global operations in tow?

      It seems to me like crossed wavelengths or a big hoo-ha about nothing, unlike what the warrior would have you believe.

      Hence his angst....

  29. SunMail10:05 pm

    Circulation = shit
    online hit = shit

    very importent = Vienna en route to Donestk for Euro semis. With 100 fans and enjoying @CarlsbergMY hospitality

    MM da best!

  30. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Ariana used to own the Huffington Post, but not anymore, guys! She is just a millionaire lady who cares less about any justice or about the truth. She is just a PR machine which sells its space to the highest bidder. Don't waste your breath for any truth from this so called main stream media outlet. It's just like CNN, FOX, MSNBC or CBS...these so called main stream media outlets are propaganda machines and not NEWS outlets anymore.

  31. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Cojoneless Stupid Bloodstone

    Your persistent denial isn't going to work or change perceptions or suspicions one little mite. You yourself disclosed a State Department list on Human Trafficking and bragged about it. Now how come you can accept and flaunt that list while denying another equally valid list from the same source. Guess, you must be too stupid to see your contradictions, hypocrite. Do a reality check as many of my pals are laughing their heads off at your stupidity and your constant humiliation at Warrior 231's hands.Seems pretty clear to all that you are out of your depth when squaring up to the likes of him.

    The US State Department is not stupid like you to put Singapore on a watch-list if they didnt have any cause to.They are more well-versed in the byzantine games of realpolitik than your stupid self, moron.

    I doubt they would be mad as you to simply throw names without evidence, dumbo. If you look at the list again all the usual suspects who have been on the receiving end of US prosecution are in it.

    Get a life stupid fella, as a US Greencard holder I know what I am talking about, troll.

    Anon 4.38pm